Yet Another Traffic Record Set on Robert Lindsay July 11

Incredible as it sounds, yet another traffic record was set on Robert Lindsay yesterday, July 11. This time a new 3rd highest traffic record was set of 3,300 hits/day. The previous record was probably set on June 6. Saturday is traditionally a slow day, and things slow down a bit in the summer, as people are running around having fun instead of dicking around on the Internet.
The surge can be chalked up to a huge pulse form East Indians researching They are looking at a few pieces, especially The Major and Minor Races of Man, The Peopling of India and The Birth of the Caucasian Race.
These East Indians are very polite and quite intelligent, a good summary of their race. Most of those coming in were young East Indian females, mostly from South India. They were trying to find out if they were Blacks (Africans), Whites (Caucasians) or Asians. To be honest, I got the impression that they wanted to be Whites.
I know White Nationalist idiots insist that all these folks hate White people, but I am serious, these East Indians, I mean, man…they really wanna be White, ok? European is like tres cool over there. They love being associated with Europeans, especially with European features and in particular light skin.
This is a long-standing fetish over in India, and it mostly applies to the females. They don’t hate White folks at all. Like all cool people everywhere on Earth, they want to either be White or act White. As an ethnocentric White man, I say, “Right on!” White is a club with a welcome sign out front. You look White and you act White and you are White, come on in, and by the way, that was mighty White of you.
In the midst of the endless onslaught against Whites from the PC hate-Whitey crowd, it’s heartwarming to see that there are all these folks out there who want to claim White like the most die-hard gangbangers want to claim MS.
Shout out to all the East Indians out there. You’re Caucasians, just like us, and welcome to the (country) club.
Many of these poor East Indians are confused. Afrocentrists tell them that they are Black. Tragically, they don’t want to be Black. They have no experience with Blacks, and racism against Blacks in India is like 1940 in the US, or worse. To pile it on, they have their own caste system that devalues dark skin. They are not Black. They’re as Black as a Chinese.
A few are Australoid by skull shape, but not many. They look different from European Whites because they are such an ancient White tribe. They are fairly dark due to melanin protection in the hot clime.
Going back 39,000-52,000 years, the East Indians helped to birth the Caucasian race. A large group of them are part of the same Indo-European spurt, originating in Southern Russia and going east and west, 8,000 years ago, that gave rise to modern European phenotypes in both East India and Europe.
The East Indians are part of our White and European heritage, whether we wish to acknowledge it or not. We say, welcome aboard to this great and ancient culture.

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9 thoughts on “Yet Another Traffic Record Set on Robert Lindsay July 11”

  1. lol, I have seen East Indians claiming that they are black people because some of them are brown.. Honestly, Indian people look like Middle eastern people to me !

  2. How did you find out East Indians were an ancient tribe of us caucasians? I knew East Indians are caucasians.. They do look like dark/brown/olive skinned caucasians to me because of their Caucasian physical features.
    But, Is there any evidence that they gave birth to the caucasian race? Can you provide me any sources?

    1. Yes, see the post above, The Birth of the Caucasian Race.
      More properly, India gave birth to the Caucasoids. From 39,000-52,000 YBP, the Caucasian race was formed. The main birthing grounds were in the Middle East, India, Caucasus and North Africa.

  3. Why are East Indians classified as Asians if they are really caucasians? Is it because India is in Asia? They really don’t look like orientals to me.
    I think The US govt should classify East Indians as caucasians as well just like Middle easterners and North Africans.
    Indians are one of the most polite people I have ever met. But, I have never gotten the impression that they wanna be white. They are very friendly people.

    1. Well, they like to be classified as White. I am quite sure of that. I know because I suggest it to them and their faces light up real big. I agree that they are very friendly and around here, they act really good. They are immensely civilized folks, here in the US anyway.
      I agree that the government should classify them as a subgroup of Caucasians. It should be:
      Middle Easterner
      North African
      South Asian
      East Asian
      Classifying them as Asians is idiotic, though a few East Indians ARE Asians, those are not the ones you are thinking of.

  4. They want to be included as White, let us put it that way. If you tell them that they are related to Europeans, they are very happy about that. Among females, a premium is placed on Euro features and light skin. The Indians who live around me act very, very good. They act way better than most of the Whites around here. Forget the Hispanics and Blacks, no contest.

  5. Its all true, but some, particularly South Indians, also have bit of East Asian in their DNA. And a few also have Austro features.
    In northern India, people look more Caucasian but some also have Mongol admixure due to proximity and invasions from the Central Asia (Central Aisans are Caucasian but many also have Mongol admixture such as the Turcic) in the relatively recent past (in the last 2000 years or so) and proximity to Tibet-Burma towards the East.

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