Black Crime and Intelligence: An Intrepid Investigation

Repost from the old site.
Note: This post has been accused of racism. See here for my position statement on racism.
Black crime is a real thing; let’s not gloss it over, and the Black crime wave is a relatively recent occurrence, mostly since about 1960 or so, which just so happens to coincide with sky-high rates of Black illegitimacy, Black males being raised without fathers, etc. Around this time many Blacks moved from the South to the North. But many more Black females moved north than Black males.
So there were more females than males. In such a situation, many males will tend not to marry and instead will just play the various women, father children, not support them, etc. In the opposite situation, more males than females, males will compete aggressively for females, quickly marry any available females and tend not to leave them.
Since the 1960’s, there has been a massive loss of manufacturing jobs in the North. All of this has pretty much wreaked havoc on the Black family. It’s clear that those Black males frequently being raised by poorly socialized Black females, without fathers, have a higher rate of sociopathy. In fact, this formula may produce sociopathy in any race.
Much of the analysis in the preceding three paragraphs comes from The Antisocial Personalities by David Lykken. While heavy on the psychological jargon, I found it a great read. It’s one of the best books ever written on sociopathy.
Robert Hare, one of the world’s top experts on psychopaths, also has a great book on sociopathy, Without Conscience, The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us. Hare’s book is much easier to read and is a must for anyone interested in the subject.
The recent explosion of Black crime shows that it is not just Black genes that cause Black crime, which itself is real: Blacks have a 9 times higher crime rate than Whites.
I admit that the town I just moved to has a reputation for a fairly low crime rate. The reason given to me in whispers is that, while heavily Hispanic, the town also has few Blacks. Hence less crime.
Demographics trumps all for many Americans when deciding on a place to live, or especially to buy a house. For decades now, Whites have been fleeing areas, particularly inner cities and exurbs, as they turned Black.
Now they are fleeing Hispanics, and in towns in the South San Fransisco Bay Area, namely Cupertino, they are even fleeing Asians! There, White parents complain about heavily Asian schools where the Asians out-compete their kids, where sports, arts and music and either poorly funded or simply not supported at all, where all the emphasis is on math and science.
For their part, Asian parents have decried the over 90% Asian demographic there as not representative of the reality of US society, in that Cupertino does not prepare Asian students for the real world.
The Whites flee and flee and run and run. One gets the impression that at some point there will be nowhere left to run.
Yet we now have something called “Black Flight.”
To understand this, first realize that Black society has become two-tiered with the liberation Blacks experienced since the 1960’s. Increasingly, a Black professional, middle and upper class reaps the fruits of American society, while a Black underclass continues to fester in the worst pathology.
In places like northeastern New Orleans, middle and upper middle class Blacks are fleeing the pathology of the Black Inner City in New Orleans to create a relatively upscale Black neighborhood, which undoubtedly has less pathology than the danger zone they are fleeing. Labeling middle class Blacks with the problems of the Black underclass is immoral, irrational, rude and just stupid.
Yet this is what the Hal Turners do.
Nor should we decry all “flight” from blighted neighborhoods as “racist,” as the Left is wont to do. Since Blacks themselves are engaging in “flight” from blighted Black neighborhoods, it seems silly to regard flight from blight as a racist move.
Even with that reality of high Black crime, why be racist? Any given individual Black person may quite possibly, and often does, possess the moral character and decency that one wants in a friend or acquaintance. Therefore, Blacks in general should be treated respectfully as individuals as long as one feels they are good people and lacks evidence that they are not.
The White racists also say that Blacks are stupid. There is a White-Black variance in IQ that has lasted for some time now. I will not go into the debate around that variance except to say that I think it is real.
But it is not so devastating as one thinks. First of all, we are not taking into account the Flynn Effect, whereby the IQ’s of all people in the Western World have been rising for decades now. A couple of recent studies have also found the Flynn Effect in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and rural Kenya, of all places.
There is much debate about the cause of the rise, but it is real, although there is evidence that it is petering out.
Flynn is also the author a study showing young Blacks reducing the Black-White IQ gap in the US by about 5-6 points since 1970.
Since IQ is always renormed around an average of 100 for Whites, the rise is not noticeable. That is, a 100 nowadays is a considerably higher score than a 100 a few decades ago, since IQ’s continue to climb while the scale is constantly renormed to mask the changes. So, Blacks have been getting smarter for decades now in America (and in Brazil and Kenya at least, also) along with other races.
At some point, if the trend continues, we can hope for various groups in (at least) the West: brightest, brighter and bright. If different races compare differently along that scale, it should not be a tremendous matter. Further, as Black IQ continues to rise with every decade, it becomes more and more difficult to call Blacks “dumb” in the face of rising Black IQ.
Nutrition is the main reason given for the Flynn Effect; technology, video games and an increasingly intellectually stimulating modern environment are others. Blacks probably still do not eat as good a diet in the West as Whites, so there is probably room for more improvement here. If Blacks follow Whites in enthusiasm for video games and personal computers, there is probably room for further improvement.
As is, video games are probably played by Whites more than Blacks and many poorer Blacks still do not own a PC or have internet access.
Furthermore, as IQ’s have risen for decades now, the rationale for setting mental retardation at 70 IQ becomes harder to sustain. After all, an 85 IQ today is higher than an 85 IQ 30 years ago.
Racists conflate Black IQ with Black crime, and do the same with Hispanics. This argument is interesting and not entirely without merit.
However, there are some problems with the analysis, yet, at the same time, if true, it offers some hope.
First of all, as noted, Black IQ, along with all other IQ’s in the West, has been rising for decades.
The low IQ-crime link is especially seen at the lower end of the IQ range, which is where the Flynn Effect is having its greatest effect. I.e., the average rise noted by Flynn is mainly accounted for by reduced numbers of scores in the lowest range of IQ’s. As the number of persons scoring at the lowest end of the scale becomes fewer and fewer, if there is a good IQ-crime link, then we would expect crime to fall in tandem.
Looking at average crime rates between Blacks, Hispanics and Whites, we can see that more than IQ is accounting for the differences.
Hispanics have a crime rate three times that of Whites, and Blacks, as noted, have a crime rate nine times as high. Average Black IQ is about 89.8, Hispanic IQ is about 92 and White IQ is 103. The IQ-crime link is quite imperfect.
If IQ alone accounted for the differences (going by the White-Black spread), Hispanic crime would be 6-7 times the White rate, not 3 times higher. So Hispanics are committing crimes at a much lower rate than would be expected by IQ – 50% lower. Something about Hispanics, possibly Hispanic culture, is lowering the Hispanic crime rate.
If we take the White-Hispanic IQ spread instead, the Black crime rate would be about 4-5 times the White rate, not 9 times higher. So Blacks are committing crimes at double the rate expected by IQ. Something about Blacks besides IQ, possibly Black culture, is inflating the Black crime rate.
Clearly, while there is some IQ-crime correlation among groups, there is a heck of a lot more going on with crime than merely IQ.
It is here that we probably enter into the wilds of a place called culture.
Racists like to say that Black pathology is due to Black genes, and as such is hopeless. Blacks are stupid and crime-prone, it is in their genes, and nothing can be done about it. It is important to take this on in a logical manner instead of just hurling the racist moniker at those voicing this argument.
Let us look at Cuba for instance. Cuba is a state that is about 63% Black and mulatto – 11% Black and 52% Mulatto. Also there is a significant percentage of Amerindian genes in Cubans along with small portion of Chinese mixture.
A fascinating look at the variety of lineages visible in the Cuban people is here – it seems they have every possible mixture you could think of. Considering the 63% Black and mulatto population, we should expect to see high levels of pathology, since we are told that all Black/mulatto nations produce high levels of crime and pathology.
What do we see instead? In Latin America, Cubans have the second longest life expectancy, are the best educated, have the lowest infant mortality, and have the highest standardized test scores in the region. Cuba, with 2% of the population of the region, has 10% of the region’s scientists. The nation is a world leader in biotechnology and medical research.
They have the highest percentage of agronomists per capita of any country on Earth and the highest doctor-patient ratio (1 doctor for every 169 patients). Cubans, far from starving as capitalist propaganda says, are among the top 5 nations in Latin America in terms of caloric and protein intake. The rate of malnutrition is so low – 2% – that the UN recently declared that Cuba has wiped out malnutrition.
Further, the rate of street crime, especially violent crime, is quite low. Opponents of the regime quickly retort that “there is nothing to steal in Cuba.” Surely there is plenty to steal, and if not, there are always other humans to commit violent crimes against.
Haiti is vastly poorer than Cuba, surely has much less in the way of stuff to steal, and has an out of control crime rate. Racists quickly point out that Haiti is all Black, hence ridden with crime. Yet Cuba is also majority Black and mulatto.
Havana is often regarded as the safest large city in the Western Hemisphere, and Cuba is regarded by many travelers as one of the safest countries in Latin America. A majority-black and mulatto country and big city the safest in an entire hemisphere – imagine that!
A typical rejoinder is that Cuba is a dictatorship and therefore there is little crime. Hey, if it takes a cop on every corner to control crime, I say go for it.
Furthermore, the penalties for breaking the law are really far worse in other Latin American countries such as Venezuela, Peru, Brazil and Colombia, where the prisons are utterly Hellish and where police death squads roam the streets slaughtering petty criminals and street kids at an astonishing rate.
Where there are a lot of Blacks, there is often quite a bit of social pathology, low educational achievement, crime, especially violent crime, etc. Some racists have also implied an association between Blacks and rape. The more Blacks, the more rape. All of these statistics are interesting, but taken to their racist logic, lead to discrimination.
For instance, many Blacks are upstanding folks who play no role in any of this pathology or crime. By associating them with their brethren who do, and discriminating against them, you commit an immoral act.
Further, as the Cuban example shows, majority-Black and mulatto nations are capable of amazing achievements, in the Cuban case beating many majority Mestizo and even some majority White nations on a variety of metrics.
One way of ameliorating of the problems of Black pathology laid out above could involve looking at those nations and locales that seem to have the highest rates of Black achievement and the lowest rates of Black pathology. This could be seen as an environment to “bring out the best in Blacks”. The Cuban example shows that Black genes are not destiny and there is a way forward, out of the cave of genetic determinism.

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36 thoughts on “Black Crime and Intelligence: An Intrepid Investigation”

  1. Hi, P. Lewis, you don’t get to talk to me that way on here. I deleted your post and if you continue to post like this, I’m going to ban you. I don’t care if you’re a famous author.

  2. “Around this time many Blacks moved from the South to the North.”
    The migration of blacks from the south to the north started well before the 60s. I’m not sure when it started but I know it really picked up steam during WW1.

  3. “Labeling middle class Blacks with the problems of the Black underclass is immoral, irrational, rude and just stupid.”
    I’ll agree that there is now a two-tiered black society. The middle and upper class black people who have made it and the ones who haven’t.
    I have heard of relatively small suburbs in places like Chicago and Atlanta that are almost all upper middle class black families and are supposedly very nice places to live. I haven’t visited these places to I don’t know.
    However, my experience with black flight is quite the opposite. I’m from Metro Detroit and a city called Southfield was once a very prestigious place to live. It also had a major Jewish population. Over time black people started moving in and white people (including Jews) started moving out. Although it isn’t as bad as Detroit (yet); Southfield is going down hill every year. More and more crime and schools that keep getting worse.
    The same is happening in southern Warren. It was once a nice white working class community and now black people from Detroit are moving in. They stay up into the night and drink 40s on the front porch. White people are moving out.
    I also am familiar with Price George’s County in Maryland. It was once a sleepy white suburb that became more and more black as middle class black people moved out of dangerous Washington DC. In the news media today, PG county is touted as the most well off black majority county in the US. Well, the reality is that the crime is out of control. They have murders in certain areas but the biggest problem is theft. No one I knew in Maryland had anything good to say about PG county and it was usually the butt of jokes. Each year it gets worse and worse. The area around U Maryland is OK as long as you lock your house up at night but I fear it will only get worse. Keep in mind that the media is making PG county out to be this great middle class black majority county. The reality is that it is going downhill fast.

  4. “Clearly, while there is some IQ-crime correlation among groups, there is a heck of a lot more going on with crime than merely IQ.”
    Individuals with a particular variant of MAO- are also more at risk of developing anti-social/aggressive behaviour if maltreated during early childhood (Moffitt) . MAO-A allele frequencies appear to vary substantially between different worldwide ethnic groups.
    “In this article we have provided statistically significant evidence that allele frequencies of the “functional” variant (MAO-A30bp-rpt) are different in Māori compared to Caucasian. We have provided further evidence supporting the notion that MAO-A in Māori has been shaped by ancient episodes of positive selection and genetic bottlenecks, and we suggest this was due to both environmental pressures during the migrations and behavioural characteristics of Polynesian voyagers. Through studying the evolutionary history of MAO-A we have gained valuable knowledge for conducting large-scale, robust association studies of drug response traits in New Zealanders with the aim of developing more personalised disease treatments based on MAO-A genotype.”

  5. I think the problems of the Black Race stems from their being the “oldest race on Earth”. What I mean is this: Old race = Old genes. Old genes are tired and the glaringly obvious fact Is: Most Blacks on Earth, have a Low IQ. The “in your face” attitude of Blacks stems from their academic failure and Blacks externalize their failure by calling everyone a racist. I agree with the black teenagers that all say “I can make a pocket of money selling drugs instead of handouts by working for McDonalds”. Most blacks cannot learn enough to become qualified in traditional types of employment. This jive is no lie!

    1. The 86-87 IQ of Blacks in the West is not particularly low by world standards. It’s just a bit below the world average and right up there with average IQ’s of Arabs, Polynesians, Micronesians, Filipinos, Amerindians and Melanesians. In fact, it’s a bit higher than East Indians.
      However, the Black IQ in the West i still lower than that of most other major groups. So it’s a relative thing. If there’s a tiger after me, I don’t have to outrun the tiger, I just have to outrun the guy next to me.
      I don’t see how an 86-87 IQ should prevent you from functioning in the 21 Century.
      However, the IQ of Caribbean and African Blacks is frighteningly low, so low as to make one wonder how well they can function in the modern world.

    2. I think the problems of the Black Race stems from their being the “oldest race on Earth”. What I mean is this: Old race = Old genes.

      Aboriginees are the most genetically distance race from negroids. Yes, caucasoids are more closely related to negroids than australoids. So if your theory had any legs to it, Aboriginees should be the most advanced race on the planet.

      Old genes are tired and the glaringly obvious fact Is: Most Blacks on Earth, have a Low IQ.

      Well, to Ashkenazi Jews, or Japanese, EVERYONE has a low IQ, including gentile whites. Of course I don’t make any assumptions that most the gap between IQs of various population groups is entirely due to genes. We’re talking about radically different environments, nutrition, parenting styles, cultures and wealth. Genes only make up part of the big picture. I’m sure there genetics does play a role and I doubt the bell curve is distributed exactly the same across all population groups, I just don’t think the true gap is as wide as we think it is. I don’t think the typical black kid from Africa, if adopted at birth and raised in the west is going to end up with an IQ of 59. Sorry, I just don’t buy it. I don’t know if anyone has done adoption studies of African kids adopted by affluent western families, but I’m sure you’d see a huge jump up from 59. It may not jump up to 100, but I believe it’d be closer to 100 than it would to 60.

      The “in your face” attitude of Blacks stems from their academic failure and Blacks externalize their failure by calling everyone a racist.

      Maybe society is racist. Did that ever occur to you?

      I agree with the black teenagers that all say “I can make a pocket of money selling drugs instead of handouts by working for McDonalds”.

      Yeah, “all” black teenagers say that. What the hell is *your* IQ, btw?

      Most blacks cannot learn enough to become qualified in traditional types of employment.

      Well by your logic, the black employment rate should be close to zero. You’re a fucking moron.

    3. I think the problems of the Black Race stems from their being the “oldest race on Earth”. What I mean is this: Old race = Old genes.
      duh. Africans have been evolving from earlier Africans at the same time as people in other parts of the world were evolving.

  6. Robert mentions computer games and the internet as possible boosters of IQ. And tulio says, “I don’t think the typical black kid from Africa, if adopted at birth and raised in the west is going to end up with an IQ of 59.”
    Probably true.
    However, it’s interesting that the Amish, who deliberately refuse some ‘advanced’ technologies, have an IQ that is slightly above the American average. The Amish are of Swiss-German stock.

  7. My point was that the Amish probably disprove the idea that modern, hi-tech society is necessary for a 100+ IQ. The Amish have an IQ that is practically identical to their non-Amish German cousins.

    1. Could also be that the Amish still have an intellectually stimulating environment. I’ve also heard the Amish aren’t as isolated from the world as people think. Many of them leave for awhile and then come back.

  8. Tulio, Don’t be so negative! Yes, Blacks have a low IQ, however, they can still perform menial tasks such as janitorial, restaurant work, basic secretarial etc. According to Rushton and Jensen, Black IQ Average’s 84 in USA ( since Blacks have 20% White genome), however, 16% of Blacks have an IQ at 100 or above. Thus, there are Black professionals.
    African IQ is between 60 and 70, depending on the nation. Most are Mentally Handicapped and live a
    miserable life commensurate with their IQ.
    You asked about my IQ and I usually do not publicly disclose it but I will. I test at 130.
    African IQ is what is holding up their progress…

    1. First of all, I think the Black IQ is presently 86.8, not 84, if we set White IQ at 100. In reality, White US IQ is now set at 103, so Black IQ is 89.8, but that confuses people. Many nations in the world have IQ’s of 87 on average. This includes Latin American countries, Melanesia, Polynesia, Micronesia, the Philippines, Indonesia and the Arab World. Actually most of those have IQ’s a bit below 87. There is nothing about an average IQ of 87 that should prevent a people from creating a modern nation as in Latin America, the Philippines, or the Arab World. It’s simply not that low.
      Also, please understand that the Black IQ of 87 today matches the White IQ of 102 in 1959. That is, Blacks of today score the same as 1959 Whites on IQ tests. 1959 Whites built up a great country.
      The 13% White in US Blacks is not at all sufficient to explain a 20 point IQ gain over African Blacks, or a 16 point IQ gain over Caribbean Blacks. Caribbean Blacks have IQ’s of 71 with 9% White. Genotypically, the 13% White in US Blacks should have only elevated their IQ’s to 72.5 or so. Yet their IQ’s are 14 points higher than that. The extra 14 points are hard to explain, but have occurred in the past 100 years. At the same time, US Black head size has increased dramatically.
      Possible reasons for the extra 14 points in US Blacks:
      Better nutrition in the US.
      An all-around better environment in the US.
      Eugenic selection among Blacks for higher intelligence in the past 100 years.
      I believe that all three are operative.
      African IQ is what is holding up their progress…
      I completely agree with this statement, but the US Black IQ is not that problematic really. US Blacks are certainly intelligent enough to create a prosperous, low-pathology society in the US. That they cannot do so is mysterious, but I don’t think IQ has much to do with it, really.

    2. People like yourself derive their self-esteem from IQ. I absolutely understand why IQ is so very important to you…it’s all you are, if that is your true IQ score but I highly doubt it.

  9. Gee. I really hate it when i stumble across this type of thing on the internet. Honestly, I believe the whole problem is based on upbringing and nurturing,and culture, rather than genes.
    I say this as a black female with a tested IQ in the 99th percentile. My mother always emphasized education and made sure to provide me with reading material. Honestly I think that any impoverished people with the serious cultural problems and setbacks the black community has would end up with a de-emphasis on learning.
    I am incredibly grateful to my mother for making the effort, because you have just demonstrated the kind of thing that the black community is up against all the time; the well entrenched idea that we are less intelligent and less evolved than other races.

    1. I appreciate your thoughts…I am unwilling to defend Whites against the 24 MRI studies that agree that Asians have an average brain mass that is 1 cubic inch greater or that their IQ score is 5 points ahead of whites…Or the statement from the American Psychological Assoc. Task Force on IQ that found that “the heredibility of IQ in whites is .40″… Culture only is untrue and our brains result from our ancestors and Yes, Applied Concentration to learn, improves IQ score, Yes! So I believe in IQ differences in races but I believe Everyone deserves respect and consideration and they may be a highly intelligent black standing before me or addressing me from the internet, thank you!
      I address people as individuals, and not as a race.

  10. I found this post as a reference in a Wikipedia article listed as an unreliable source and read it out of curiosity more than anything else because it had something to do Cuba.
    I think your choice of Cuba as an example to support your point was not a very wise one. Most of your sources are no longer available and the ones that are still online are… let’s just call them unreliable. I don’t doubt Cuba has lower crime rates than other countries in Latin America and in the rest of the Third World but things are not as pretty as you paint them. Most crimes are not reported by the press. People usually find out about them through word of mouth, and the statistics published internationally usually come from the Cuban government. The cops are not in every corner to watch for the citizens’ safety but rather to watch the citizens’ themselves.
    Most tourists go to Cuba on guided tours. They are usually taken from the airport to the hotel in some beach where they remain for most of their stay.
    The “achievements of the revolution” are not what they used to be. Longevity, infant mortality, literacy rates are possibly true but again reported by the government and not easily verifiable by anyone else. Health care and education have lost most of what made them good in the last decade or two. Education especially is going downhill very quickly. Cuba has participated only in carefully selected international tests as far as I know and it’s not exactly among the top countries.
    I thought Cuba was majority white but apparently the official figures published by the Cuban government are as unreliable as everything else so you may be right about it being majority black.
    Regarding the rest of the article… I can’t say much about genes because honestly I don’t know much about the topic but what I think separates crime levels in any country is education.
    Asians’ “higher IQs” are not the result of their genes, they are the result of their educational systems. In most Asian countries the school days and year are considerably longer that in other parts of the world and other factors like families’ attitudes towards education and teachers’ preparation have a lot to do with that too.

  11. It boils down to structure and building self esteem and respect for other people.
    They need to get over the perpetual victim mentality promoted by black leaders to maintain power.
    This negative view eliminates self responsibility and creates a culture of justifiable sociopathy.

  12. The Minnesota Adoption Study of Race, discovered that white parents that adopted ill fed Korean children and negro African children, in spite of nurture, love and academic tutoring, IQ scored “nearly” the same as their racial counterparts: Korean=105 and negro African=75… Remember there is a 10 point spread for “normal intelligence”: Whites 90-105=normal, Negro Africa=65-75. Below 80= Slight Retardation, below 70=Serious Retardation. In the USA, we have “Special Education” for “Learning Handicapped below IQ 80. Educational experts also acknowledge “that in spite of the best effort at remedial education, these children can function in US society with the assistance of local community support”. Africa suffers the same dilemma. In the USA, without assistance, the Special Ed kids would duplicate African society and live poor, unsanitary and die at a young age compared to societies that have an average IQ in the 90th percentile or above…

  13. I’ve live in an area which is a white majority area. This african girl moved here from zimbabwe and at the beginning of year 8 in high school and could barely speak an ounce of English. But a year later i can honestly say that she was intellectually superior to many of the other girls in the top sets and much more superior to the boys. At the end of High School she got 4 A* 5 A’s and 2 B’s. I was in most of her classes and we spoke a lot to each other and told me that she came from an extremely poor background and was only able to move here due to loose family connections. I can say that i don’t believe in the average IQ test score given to africa.

    1. You clearly don’t have a grasp of staistics. There will always will be black geniuses. They are talking about averages…. Pointing out one example to make a point is ludicrous. I wish blacks did have equal intelligence, but unfortunately cultural imperial evidence and studies suggest otherwise. With the population of whites shrinking and minoriites increasing, the future of the planet for both blacks and whites is bleak.

  14. I think that in this society an IQ of 85-90 is a problem. The manufacturing/blue collar jobs are quickly drying up that used to provide a livelihood for people with a strong back and a weak mind. Finding a living wage job is increasingly becoming dependent upon having above-average intelligence. Also, having a Bachelors degree as a minimum requirement is becoming the norm. The mean IQ of Bachelors degree holders is 115.
    The 85-90 IQ crowd is finding it increasingly tough to survive in the post-industrial world. Let’s not forget that 86 represents the IQ of the “average” black person. So sadly there are many blacks who fall below that measure.
    Before I lived and worked in an area with a huge black population, I used to believe in absolute equality of the races. I can’t say that anymore. I have worked and known some great, intelligent, trustworthy, hard-working, well-mannered blacks, but they are about 10% of the black population that I deal with.
    What I see alot of in blacks is poor social skills, poor problem solving skills, a lack of critical thinking ability, laziness, rudeness, extreme selfishness and materialism (even more so than in the mainstream culture), racism, and dismally poor work ethic.
    I work in an organization that employs a de facto affirmative action policy with regard to hiring blacks. The result of that is we have a lot of people who aren’t in any way capable of doing their jobs, and that causes alot of insecurity and stress for them that makes them lash out. It’s also difficult for those of us who have to deal with the brunt of their bad behavior and the weight of carrying the workload that they don’t have the brainpower or work ethic to handle themselves.
    Bottom line is there are some serious problems with black cognition, culture, and communities and as long as everyone bows down at the altar of political correctness, we will never even get a chance to talk about it openly without being shouted down as “racist”.

    1. What I see alot of in blacks is poor social skills, poor problem solving skills, a lack of critical thinking ability, laziness, rudeness, extreme selfishness and materialism (even more so than in the mainstream culture), racism, and dismally poor work ethic.
      This is what perplexes me most. The materialism. It’s not restricted to blacks, it’s a “ghetto” thing. The bling…living beyond one’s means in order to portray a lifestyle quite at odds with the reality which is that you’re just a temp making a small salary, and doing a very bad job at it as well! If you’re rich and want to scream it at the world, good for you. I don’t know why poor ghetto minorities need to do this because they are fooling no one.

  15. I find these forums hilarious and eye opening. It shows me that people will go to whatever lengths to believe what they want to believe about a particular group of people, and it shows the racism of this society. People on this forum will claim that I’m playing the “race card” because of black failure but that’s not it. My view of America and the world is greatly different from many on this forum. I see a world in which my grandfather didn’t have the ability to graduate middle school because he had to work in the fields to feed his family, and had to look at the ground when a white woman passed him by on the street. A world in which my grandmother possess such immense self-disdain that she would bleach her skin and was hostile towards her grandson whose intelligence was burgeoning. I see a world in which more pressure and fault is placed upon black people that perform poorly at some task than others. Where our competence is constantly judged, and at knowledge of this many people give up. I’m not saying that all failures of blacks are based upon racism…no there are other problems as well. But I remind myself that the way the world is is not how it will always be. I guess I’m disappointed in my people for not doing more to disprove these beliefs or theories but I understand why they don’t. Fighting against racial supremacy is a hard thing to do, it’s very hard to disprove that you’re not genetically inferior as a group because people will not associate my successes with being black, but will surely associate my failures with being black. But there is nothing I can do about it, because white people are convinced that they possess the power to categorize and criticize the world and box people, who are not the genetically similar btw, in to one monolithic group and label them. I wish I could have been born in a different time, in a time when I didn’t have to put up this constant stress, and felt like I did not have to prove something to some people. But someone’s gotta do the math…someone’s gotta shut you fuckers up for once and for good.

  16. I know its late, but you may want to consider making a retraction to the above article. Your argument is based on false facts. Read below:
    You claim Cuba as a shining example of where a black majority country can give rise to successful blacks. One fatal flaw. Cuba is NOT anywhere near black majority. Blacks are about 10 percent in Cuba. Mulattoes about 24 percent. Whites are the majority. Go fact-check.
    Cuba therefore cannot be used as an example of where blacks can successfully operate in a country on their own without the possibility of cooperation or assistance by whites or mulattoes. In Haiti, blacks have had such opportunity and have failed.

    1. He said majority-Black and Mulatto nations, but yes there are more whites. but some Mulattos call themselves white I don’t know how many, I personally think the Haiti people would rather be alone than ruled by another race

  17. This is an example of how to make something more complex than it is. Lets step away from the books for a moment and actually learn something first hand, shall we? Here goes…In a typical city, there is a “black” section or neighborhood. But even in the most segregated towns, there are always a few white people who live in the black section. Many years ago, I worked with a group of troubled young people who were white and from the black part of town and had adopted neo nazi ideology. I quickly learned that NONE of the young men could read. Apparently, the schools in the black part of town routinely and systematically failed to teach it’s students to read.
    Because the town (Albany, NY) was so segregated, the blacks had no idea just how bad their schools were compared to the white’s neighborhood schools, and both groups, sadly, just accepted that the unemployment, drug addiction, crime and depression suffered by black was just a symptom of blackness. It was and probably still is (I moved away long ago) a well kept, evil secret. The truth about things is usually staring us right in the face. It’s our cloudy way of seeing the obvious that conceals the truth. When somebody tells you how something is for them. Hear those exact words as if they were spoken from your brother, your wife, you daughter, and NOT one of “them”. You are them.

  18. A casual observation of our society could lead one to conclude (understandably) that blacks are more primitive-minded than whites. Poverty is often blamed for black crime, but poor whites don’t commit crimes and acts of violence anywhere near the amount that blacks do. It seems like 2nd nature for many, young, urban, black men to react with violence to relatively slight things, and to have little qualms about being violent. In some of their culture violence is outright celebrated. Maybe only with the small niche of biker gangs is there a white culture that approaches this type of lifestyle. Abroad you see the savagery of blacks in the Congo, in Somalia, and other African lands where chopping off limbs is a mere gesture of putting someone in their place. The establishment of Nigeria was suppose to give blacks their own nation, but they can’t govern and lapse into depravity. Around the world blacks are the victims of modern slavery in the form of the drug trade, to other blacks. The few places where blacks aren’t war like in their community are destitute and conjure up images of women carrying water on their heads. Why can a black man or woman only get rich and civilized in the white man’s society? And why can’t blacks do so without straightening their hair?

    1. It’s not so much the violence as the complete lack of forethought about the consequences of that violence.

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