An Easy Way to Raise the IQ's of 100's of Millions

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Get rid of iodine deficiency. Amazingly, even moderate iodine deficiency causes IQ declines of 10-15 points if it’s in a pregnant woman or an infant. It looks like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, India, Ethiopia, Sudan, Guinea, Senegal and Sierra Leone all have moderate to severe deficiency.
It would be interesting to see a better rundown of the severity of the deficiency in each place so we could figure out how much collective IQ could go up with iodine supplementation. In India, 500 million (50% of the population) get too little iodine, 54 million have goiter (severe deficiency) and 2 million are cretins due to extreme deficiency.
Yet another failure of Indian capitalism to provide for the very basics in human needs in India, and one more reason I support the Maoist revolutionaries in that country.
Many other nations have mild deficiencies. I don’t know what a mild deficiency does to your IQ, if anything. 16% of the world’s population has goiters, which are apparently caused only by iodine deficiency. That’s ridiculous. 1/6 of the world’s population.
International Council for the Control of Iodine Deficiency website.

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7 thoughts on “An Easy Way to Raise the IQ's of 100's of Millions”

  1. I’ve seen goiters on multiple people in some of the areas of the Philippines… in Leyte they were pretty common.
    Given the wide gulf in performance of Filipinos in American society as a whole and Filipinos in the Philippines… I am wondering if being raised with a good diet and a relatively non-corrupt makes the difference.

  2. The Filipino IQ rises from 86 in Philippines to 94 among their offspring raised in the US, so I think you are onto something.
    I suppose there is also a some selectivity… a fairly high percentage have to have some valuable skill to immigrate here.

    1. The IQ rise is seen in descendants, not immigrants. See the most recent post about rising Mexican-American IQ, vis a vis Mexican immigrant IQ. 10 point Flynn rise among Chicanos versus new immigrants solely from living in the US. Chicanos may now have IQ’s of 95. The Hispanic IQ is driven down to 90 by mixing 95 IQ natives with 82 IQ immigrants.

  3. The IQ rise is seen in descendants, not immigrants.
    Yes, I understood that… but I doubt the IQs of Filipino immigrants to the US are being measured.. only of their descendants and the people in the Philippines. I have to believe that the US gets Filipinos, who on average, are in the upper half of the IQ range, and more likely in the upper fourth.
    Hence the smarter Filipino immigrants will likely have children who outperform the Filipino average. (in the Philippines..)

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