Yet Another Visitor Record On Robert Lindsay

The site’s popularity, inexplicable given its bizarre and seemingly self-contradictory POV, continues to grow. On July 7, we set a new record for second highest number of hits in a day of 4,018, breaking the 4,000 mark for second time. Including 177 visitors on the old site adds up to 4,195 hits. This broke the old record of 3,111 hits set only two days before on June 5.
Much of the traffic was coming in from the Patrick Burris Gaffney Serial Killer case, but quite a few were also coming in to read offensive jokes about Michael Jackson.
High traffic is a very sleazy game. You can probably either try to high traffic, or you can write about the important stuff you want to write about. Like most things in capitalist society, success generally means sleazing out and sacrificing your principles to one degree or another and turning into somewhat of a dog in order to grub in the mud for the cash with the rest of the snorting bovines.
Once again, thanks to all of my readers, especially to my new readers!

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4 thoughts on “Yet Another Visitor Record On Robert Lindsay”

  1. I agree with what you said about “sleazing out” and traffic. The more bizarre and shocking a site is, the more visitors it will have, usually.
    However, bloggers like Steve Sailer and others can’t seem to break 6-7k a month, and they have been around for quite a long, long time. Michelle Malkin, has a lot of visitors, but then again she has TV to plug her.
    If a blogger like Sailer were to sleaze out to get traffic, he may get more visitors but he would not get donations (granted he also gets paid for selling his articles). So it comes down to higher traffic with sleaze or donations that you could get from people who view you as the starving, idealistic writer? I would say that there is room for both, but to make money in sleaze you have to have a ton of traffic to get ad sales.

  2. “It was a sweet, vivacious time: California’s children, swarming on all those new playgrounds, seemed healthier, happier, taller, and—thanks to that brilliantly clean sunshine—were blonder and more tan than kids in the rest of the country. For better and mostly for worse, it’s a time irretrievably lost.”

    That better time has been “irretrievably lost” because Hispanics took over California. Surprise, surprise.
    Also, I hope that with the higher traffic/success of this blog you aren’t going to ‘sell out’ and start restricting freedom of speech here. Otherwise, congrats on your increasing prominence in the ‘blogosphere’ – your ideas and writing deserve it.

    1. Some people have told me to do that, including people associated with this blog. However, I am not going to do it. Theory was that people like you are freaking out a lot of potential commentators and making them not want to comment. Perhaps, but that is not important in terms of traffic. If anything, you guys are driving up numbers of sheer traffic.

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