Settlers are Not Innocent Civilians

Retrospectively, I support the American Indians for heroically defending their lands against the White settler-colonial imperialist invaders. Defending the homeland against the invaders of all types is the sort of nationalism that is progressive and that everyone should rally around.
Not only that, but it is acceptable for the nationalists defending their homelands to kill the settler-colonial fascist invaders and colonists, including the so-called “innocent civilians” in their midst.
So it was right and proper for Amerindians to kill White adult settlers, for Uighurs and Tibetans to kill Han adult settlers, for Palestinians to kill Jewish adult settlers, for Sarahwi in Spanish Sahara to kill Moroccan adult settlers, for West Papuans to kill Indonesian adult settlers, on and on. I leave child settlers off the target list since they don’t have the ability to leave and go home.In this framework, settlers are not “innocent civilians” at all.
The Chinese fascist regime deliberately flooded Tibet and Xinjiang with Han settlers, who colonized these lands, monopolized the economy, relegated the natives to minority status, and oppressed the natives. This is sheer ethnic warfare of the most barbaric fascist type and it is what was behind the recent ethnic riots in Urumqi, Xinjiang, in China’s West.
The situation with the settler-colonialism of the fascist Jews in Palestine is well-known and needs no elaboration here.
Fascist Indonesia invaded the sovereign state of West Papua in 1965 after the Dutch colonists fled. Since then, they have committed genocide against the natives, most of whom are Melanesians or Papuans and are ethnically unlike the Malays of Indonesia. They have stolen the resources and flooded the land with fascist Malay settler-colonists.
The West Papuans are very poorly armed, often defending themselves with bows and arrows. The West has supported fascist Indonesia to the hilt in this conflict, probably because big US corporate interests have made alliance with the Indonesian fascist elite in plundering the land of West Papua for valuable natural resources.
Spanish Sahara was decolonized and immediately declared its independence in 1953. It was immediately invaded on very hazy and spurious grounds by Morocco. This blatant invasion and conquest of territory by armed imperial force, similar to the case of West Papua, has been supported to the hilt by every single US regime ever since.
The implication is that 65 years after the Great War Against Fascism, fascist regimes the world over continue to find a warm and fuzzy place to call home in the corridors of Washington, DC.
This is due to the fact that monopoly capital will always support fascism, and any state dedicated to monopoly capitalism as the US is will always support fascist regimes around the world, and probably has no choice about the matter. As long as monopoly capital rules the US, we are probably stuck with fascist-lovers in the White House.
The Algerian revolutionaries (I get a lot of my ideology from Frantz Fanon) targeted the pied noir settler-colonialists, and most of them fled.

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10 thoughts on “Settlers are Not Innocent Civilians”

  1. RL: “Defending the homeland against the invaders of all types is the sort of nationalism that is progressive and that everyone should rally around.”
    So this means that you support the Germans of the 1930s-40s who tried to rid their country of the Ashkenazim who ‘colonized their lands, monopolized the economy, stole their resources, and oppressed the natives’? What if American WASPs were to also oppose the fascist Ashkenazi plutocrats who also colonized America and seek to monopolize our economy as well as oppress us?

    1. No. The Jews were not colonists or invaders. The Jews were in fact indigenous to the land, sons of the soil as it were. That was a conflict between two different groups native to the land of Germany.

      1. “. The Jews were not colonists or invaders. The Jews were in fact indigenous to the land, sons of the soil as it were”
        Utter philosemitc trash. The jews are middle easterners of Palestine. They don’t belong in Germany. I support both zionists and arabs. I like watching them kill each other, and it gets the jews out of Europe. Hopefully, it will get more jews out of the USA. For anyone to even suggest that those parasites are indegenous to any part of Europe is utterly disgusting.

  2. Ah, sympathy for the overwhelmed culture in foreign lands… how heroic…
    “The Jews were in fact indigenous to the land, sons of the soil as it were.”
    That’s disingenuous. They were not sons of the soil to the same extent as ethnic Germans. Neither were they deserving of genocide. I would like to know what your solution to the ‘Jewish Problem’ would be in 30s Germany. I’m talking about monopolization of business etc. I’m interested in a sensible solution, not histrionics. My respect for you is dependent on your answer. Are you a Schachtist?

  3. It certainly is true. Jews had been in Germany for maybe 1000 years. They were absolutely native to that country. There is no such thing as one group was more native than the other.
    I don’t have a solution to that question, sorry.
    Monopolization of business can be a problem with native groups when there are more than one of them. One group may outcompete the other. The Jews clearly outcompeted the Germans, they were just superior in many ways. The situations I was talking about are unfair, a new group moves in and with the help of the state takes over the economy and relegates the natives to second class status.
    That’s not what happened in Germany. Jews were only 1% of the population and all of their business success and whatnot was completely legal.
    This is a conflict between two groups native to the region. One superior group, Jews, outcompeted and bested the inferior group, Germans. It was all fair and square and on the up and up.

    1. “One superior group, Jews, outcompeted and bested the inferior group, Germans. It was all fair and square and on the up and up.”
      Oh please. I’ll admit that the jews are good at networking and paper pushing, but they’re not superior to the Germans by a long shot. Are they’re any jewish Beethoven’s? (Don;t say Mahler or Phillip Glass) Even Einstein’s work was a mere, but signifigant, development on the work of Poincare, Hilbert, and Lorentz. The real jewish success field is banking, which figures because their’s money involved and the jewish soul is a bank account.
      The other thing I find funny is how limited people’s concept of competition is. Couldn’t one see the holocaust as just another type of ethnic competition? How much did jews own in Germany in 1933 and how much do they own now? One would say that the holocaust was immoral, but then one could also say that jewish theft via “financial system” was also immoral. One could also say that jew involvement in the slave trade was immoral. I oculd go on, but the point is that refering to morality when defending the jews is a non-starter because if the jews had any morality or sense of right and wrong they would no longer be jews. At the very least they would be the stereotypical self-hating jew becuase they realized what they are.

  4. Dear Robert
    First, most Jews in Germany in 1930 were immigrants from Eastern Europe or descendants from Ostjuden that migrated Westward in the 19th century. This was also true for the Jews in the Americas and other West European countries.
    Second, by no means did Jews in Germany have a monopoly of big business or the intellctual professions. They were overrepresented by a factor of somewhere between 10 and 20, but since they were only 1% of the German population, there could be no monopoly.
    Third, today’s settlers are tomorrow’s natives. We can’t really say that a 15-year-old Israeli who has lived all her life in Israel is a settler. It is a knotty problem. On the one hand, settlement imperialism is often the worst kind because it tends to make the natives foreigners or second-class citizens in their country, and on the other hand, children should not be punished for the sins of their parents or grandparents.
    It is a situation for which there is no easy solution. Suppose that thePalestinians regained control of all of Palestine again, what should they do with the Jews. One solution could be to expel all Jews who had arrived in Israel after 1984 and are still under 55. Once a large number of settlers has arrived, injustices will be committed no matter what is done.
    Regards. James

    1. I support killing the adult settlers in the Territories, but not in Israel proper. Many have been there since 1917, and they don’t exactly have anywhere to go back to. Further, they have been there so long that they are in a way natives themselves. My position is that all the Jews can stay.
      The situation with the Han in Xinjiang and Tibet is different. They could very easily take off and go back to China. No problem. Same with the settlers in West Papua. Go home to Indonesia.
      You are correct that settlement imperialism is one of the worst kinds of all for the reasons that you stated. Furthermore, it often destroys the natives demographically through genocide, swamping or intermarriage.
      My post noted that minor settlers should be spared for the simple reason that they lack the ability to take off and go back where they came from.

  5. Interesting blog. I would like to add a remark.
    Papuans should be supported in their struggle for survival and self-determination. But they should not be supported in killing adult settlers. That will only add to the mess, but not help find a solution. The settlers in Papua are not fascist Indonesian expansionists, who dig up the Papuan gold (these are westerners) but farmers moved by their government. They are victims of a transmigration policy. (Papuans and settlers should and can co-operate to fight those who steal the Papuan resources.)
    The same goes for Western Sahara where the settlers have ethnic roots close to the Saharawis.
    Also the Chinese settlers have been sent by the government. The criminal intent of genocide is governmental and not to blame on the settlers individually.
    In contrast we have the typical Israeli type of fanatic and armed settlers, who hate the indigenous and want to see them destroyed, and who are out of control of their own government.

  6. Killing 300,000 armed individuals for narrow historical perspectives? good luck with that. maybe chavez will spare a few tanks for the cause.
    I really hope some idiot tries a trick like that since it might be the little rubbing pressure that will cut this whole web of agendas down and hopefully a lot more stuff too to a more malleable state if were talking war.
    You could also argue for dinvestment , in europe a lot of totally non imperialist people are pushing it everywhere they go rather loudly . I assume if the israeli “fascist” public was divided on left and right this will probably align the lines and certain people will have to work to compensate , or leave.
    so yeah . I will be saving this article.

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