Most Evil Movie Ever Made

Sure, there are lots of contenders. Night of the Living Dead is one of my favorites. But one of the ones that most seared my brain was Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986).
The movie is about serial killer, Henry Lee Lucas and his partner, Ottis Toole. No one knows how many people they killed. Lucas was eventually convicted of killing 11 people. He confessed to 600 murders, but most are said to be false confessions. Controversy swirls around the case, as Lucas died in 2001.
Toole also confessed to many homicides and was suspected of many more. No one knows how many Toole killed either. He was convicted of six homicides and authorities stated after he died that Toole was the killer of Adam Walsh, John Walsh’s son. John Walsh is the host of the TV show America’s Most Wanted.
I rented the movie when it first came out.
I was visiting my folks at the time, and everyone had gone out. My sis came home at home point and went upstairs. She heard the evil movie and came downstairs looking disturbed. She moved gingerly into the living room, and squeaked out a question, “What is this?”
The audio sounded bad, but what was on screen was worse. Henry and Otis were whooping it up, massacring a whole precious family for no damn reason at all other than sheer good times.
“It’s Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer.”
She looked at the screen, then looked back at me, sitting there, with a blank look on my face, head cocked sideways, strange, glazed look in my eyes, mouth slightly agape. She looked like couldn’t decide which was scarier, me or the movie. She left the room real quick and never came back.
When I say this is the most evil movie ever made, that means I hated it, right?
Of course not. Actually, I loved it.
Rent it sometime, unless you’re chicken.

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12 thoughts on “Most Evil Movie Ever Made”

  1. I totally agree. I normally like nasty, violent movies but this one really stuck with me. The low budget aspect contributes to this, I think.
    Gacy sucks. Saw most of Dahmer and liked it but it was mostly about a twinky kid that is into murder, kinda Dennis Cooper-esque actually but pretty creepy. The recent Zodiac movie is also pretty cool and creepy. But nothing compares to Henry.

  2. Yeah, the Dahmer movie is kind of like those indie movies with a Matador records soundtrack and some cute young people looking rather melancholic except it’s about a serial murderer who cannibalized his victims. I enjoyed it anyway.

  3. house of 1000 corpses and the the devils rejects watch in that order the devils rejects is the sequel to house of a 1000 corpses

  4. The movie “Helter Skelter” (70s version) scared the crap out of me, as did the book. But yeah, the Henry film was probably sicker and more twisted.

  5. HENRY (As indelibly played by then Alabama decorator/painter turned-great-character actor Michael Rooker) more or less sums up life at the bottom for poor white people in North America.
    Henry, his roommate Otis and Becky white trash from the South who now live in Chicago.
    This might be the original “White Trash Horror Film” about how white trash become serial killers.
    Otis is a towering redneck from the South and Henry a seething and laconic muscular Appalachian both of whom were raised in sexual hot houses of incest and prostitution-both men are oversexed rapists and perverts as a result. One is openly bisexual, Otis, while Henry is a sex killer. Sister Becky is a stripper whose father and brother raped her.
    Henry is the son of a truck driver and prostitute from Appalachia.
    Otis sells drugs to high school kids and Henry is a petty thief (He kills his fence eventually) in addition to being a prolific serial killer.
    Henry is preying on other whites from the margins of society when Otis joins him in a Mansonesque killing spree that reaches the suburbs.
    Its the seminal white trash horror film about how a combination of bad parenting, sexual abuse and exposure to prostitution, violence, drugs, prison and above all poverty lead white trash to become serial killers.
    Above all it is a very accurate reflection of white trash and their descent into violence. Poor white women have no choice but to strip or sell their bodies and are always at risk of being assaulted sexually or murdered.
    The entire film sums up the horrific cycle of low-income whites: males who are raised by prostitutes grow up to kill prostitutes and other whites on the margins of society.
    HENRY has no supernatural elements but it is the most realist insight into white trash you will ever see-the cheap motels, the dingy little apartments, the endless card games and cigarettes and cheap beer and pot, the tenuous employment.

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