Patrick Tracy Burris is the Gaffney Serial Killer

Update 3:06 AM EST: My sources tell me that Patrick Burris had a woman with him right before he committed the Tyler Home Center killings. No one yet knows who the woman is. I have found the rap sheet for Sharon Stamey. You can see it here (Sharon Stamey rap sheet). She is just a doper and a petty thief. The name of the Gaffney Serial Killer was released in a press conference that occurred from 8-9 PM EST June 6. His name was Patrick Tracy Burris, age 42. The press conference said they had no address and he seems to have been something of a drifter. However, my sources found his most recent address at age 42 living at Reidsville, North Carolina. That is north of Greensboro near the border with Virginia. However, in recent days, he was said to be living in Lincoln County, just north of Gaston County where he was shot dead. For details on his shooting by Gaston County police, see here. His Reidsville address was about 120 miles northwest of Gaston County, where he was shot, and 150 miles north of Gaffney, South Carolina, where he committed his murder spree. He had committed many crimes in many different states, in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Maryland and Virginia. He was wanted on a warrant for being a habitual felon at the time he was killed. He had a 25 page rap sheet for multiple robberies, breaking and entering, burglary, possession of stolen property, forgery and traffic offenses. Quite a bit of his rap sheet is available on the Net (link to Patrick Burris’ rap sheet). Here is a link to a 2001 news item about Burris being arrested in Wentworth, North Carolina and charged with five counts each of felony breaking and entering, felony larceny and felony possession of stolen goods. Burris was accused of breaking into three residences and five outbuildings on Price Road, Price Grange Road, Snead Room and Settlement Loop Road. It was probably for this set of crimes that he served eight years and was just released. Wentworth is near Reidsville. He was living on Thornton Road in Eden, NC at the time of the 2001 arrest (map here). That’s about 1 mile south of the Virginia state line. Burris was released from prison on April 29, 2009 after serving eight years in prison. That is only two months before he went on his murder spree. There is apparently evidence, presently unreleased, that puts Burris in the Gaffney area during each of the three shooting incidents. The caliber of the gun is not being revealed in the press conference, but my sources tell me it was a .25 caliber pistol that was used in all three killings. My sources also tell me that Burris was found with a rifle that was stolen during the killing of Kline Cash. In addition, witnesses, possibly including Mrs. Cash, noted that the driver’s side door could only be opened from the inside and could only be opened from the outside. The driver had to roll down the window and reach outside to open the door. This is one of the details that the police were not releasing. Apparently the vehicle in Gaston County also could not be opened from the inside.

Photo of Patrick Tracy Burris, the Gaffney Serial Killer.
Photo of Patrick Tracy Burris, the Gaffney Serial Killer. Compare to the sketch of the killer below.
Here is a photo of the sketch of the suspect for comparison.
This is the second photo released of the Gaffney, SC serial killer. I assume he is still a White guy.
This is the second photo released of the Gaffney, SC serial killer. Compare to the photo of the killer above.
Here is another photo for comparison.
Another photo of Patrick Burris. Compare to the artist sketch.
Another photo of Patrick Burris. Compare to the artist sketch.
Here is the sketch and the photo together so you can compare them.
A photo of Patrick Burris placed alongside the composite sketch of the Gaffney Serial Killer. Compare the two.
A photo of Patrick Burris placed alongside the composite sketch of the Gaffney Serial Killer. Compare the two.

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9 thoughts on “Patrick Tracy Burris is the Gaffney Serial Killer”

  1. Very interesting. You have details I have not yet read here in the local paper (I live 5 miles from where Mr. Burris was killed). I am very anxious to see what else come out about him and the people he was last seen with (part of the profiler in me). Everyone here is extremely relieved but many people are definately a lot more cautious now. For the record it sounds to me he was a spree killer and not a serial killer, but depending on what the details provide I could be mistaken. Also, yes Mr. Burris has a long rap sheet and many people are screaming why he was even out on the streets. If you look at his rap sheet they could not keep him for the things he did. They may be felonies but he has not been conviced of murder or rape in the past so why would they keep him for more than a few years. The fact that he served 7 1/2 years is just because of the habitualness of his crimes. He has been in and out of jail for years, everything he learned he learned in jail/prison. That is what is wrong with the criminal justice system, no rehabilitation just a chance for criminals to perfect crimes.

  2. I think the sketch has subtle similaritied. It is very hard to remeber what a person looks like and portray the likeness to someone else. I do not personally think they are very reliable, they just give a broad view of someone.

  3. Believe it or not, Kline Cash is the extremely distant cousin of Johnny Cash! His wife, is the distant cousin of the wild child Susan M. Wiley, director D. W. Griffith, and also my schoolbus driver!

  4. I also believe he is a spree killer, not serial. There would need to be more information released to change my mind. He does have quite a long history of preying upon the elderly, but that is common for those who commit b&e’s, home invasions. Then the father and daughter weren’t elderly. As for him perfecting his crime technique in prison, he wasn’t out for very long and he was caught rather quickly for a serial killer. It sounds more like a very jaded, deviant man living with nothing and looking to score quick and get out. If people are going to be put away for extended jail terms (and rightly so) to be released after spending such long periods of time without “normal” interactions, jobs, etc., it would seem prudent to manage their transitions back into society. How much help? It would be difficult to say and many would abuse it. They have already burdened taxpayers/society heavily. The crimes themselves, court costs, cost of housing, food, Federally mandated cable(?), etc….. Prayers to the victims families who are left with the cost of his crimes and to his own family who must ache knowing what he has done and what he has cost so many over the years.

  5. Patrick Tracey Burris was the grandson of the NASCAR racecar driver! They would have said: OUR HEARTS GO OUT TO THE VICTIMS OF THIS VERY DISTURBED NASCAR DRIVER’S GRANDSON…

  6. I knew him personally before he served the last 8 years in prison and if they had not put his name on the drawing I would have never figured out it was him. For one thing this man was heavier than the drawing appears to be. Patrick was about 6′ 8″ tall and weighed about 300 pounds. This man was huge. But I have no idea what happened to him. I never knew him to be violent. I guess it just goes to show that you never really know what someone can be capable of doing. I hope the families can find peace now that earthly justice has been dealt with for Patrick.

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