IQ Population Genetics – Not So Simple

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IQ Population Genetics: It’s Not as Simple as You Think. That’s the title of a very nice paper by Gerhard Gerhard Meisenberg, a professor at Ross University, in the Caribbean nation of Dominica. Meisenberg previously worked on a study in Dominica that found a massive 18-point IQ increase over 35 years on this small, almost all-Black island. It was published in the Winter 2003 issue of the Mankind Quarterly.
I believe that the Mankind Quarterly is run by the nefarious Richard Lynn, but in between the racist horrors, there is a lot of great academic work in there that you often can’t find in other places. Meisenberg in particular is an interesting scholar, fully open to genes for intelligence that vary by race but also a strong proponent of the Flynn Effect of strong environmental effects on IQ.
First of all, Meisenberg notes that IQ correlates fairly well with race, religion latitude and economic development. Other variables such as head size, type of economic system and history of colonialism do not seem to have much of an effect.
Most of the text is about IQ and genes, which I am not much interested in.
He does, however, uphold the supposed “Lewontin’s Fallacy”, which hereditarians love to thrash.
First of all, Luigi Cavalli-Sforza has proven that 85% of genetic differences between humans is within races, 10% between races and 5% between ethnic groups within races. What is interesting is that Arthur Jensen, uber-IQ hereditarian, agrees with this assessment. He found that 15% of IQ variation in humans in his studies was between races. But this added up to a significant figure.
Skull shape has similar figures: 79% between individuals, 13% between races and 6% between ethnic groups within races.
So for genes, skull shape and intelligence, Lewontin’s analogy makes sense, and there is no need to conjure up “fallacies” about it. In terms of intelligence, Lewontin’s analogy ends up showing a significant Black-White differential.
In contrast, skin color is almost totally racial: 88% is between races, 3% is among ethnic groups in races and 9% is between individuals. There was very strong selection pressure for skin color due to the needs for Vitamin D and protection from UV waves – skull shape underwent no such rigorous selection.
This paper shows a substantial increase in the size of cranial vaults in the US from 1850-1975. The probable cause is general nutrition. Although the Flynn Effect has been ridiculed on the basis that we could not possibly be smarter than our grandparents’ generation, if our brains are bigger than theirs were, it makes sense that we could actually be smarter than previous generations.
The head size increase was consistent in both Blacks and Whites and males and females. This gives the lie to the hereditarian notion that the Black IQ has been a flat “85” for the last 100 years. Clearly, Blacks today have much larger heads and are much brighter than Blacks a century ago. Black skulls showed no change from 1850-1900, but after 1900, their size began expanding dramatically, an increase that is ongoing.
In particular and amazingly, Whites and Blacks in the late 1900’s had skulls that were closer to each other than either was to their ancestors! Especially, US Black skulls are now dramatically different from African skulls.
This study looked at Black and White skulls in the US through time. Colonial Black skulls looked very African. By 1900, they looked less African, though still retaining strong African characteristics. In both races, there has been a trend towards decreased prognathism and a receding lower half of the face.
Meisenberg also questions whether or not IQ actually drives economic development. If so, then why did the Industrial Revolution take place in Europe rather than in Northeast Asia? He questions the notion that genetic IQ differentials among races take thousands of years, shedding doubt on Lynn’s Ice Age Theory. Meisenberg suggests that the Asian advantage over Whites in IQ may have evolved in only the past 200 years or so.
There are problems with the latitude effect on IQ as a variable. For one, it has no effect among Africans. It seems to have had little effect in Amerindians either. Latitude also correlates with brain size and Meisenberg gives us the first data I have seen on head size in SE Asians. Malays have quite small heads and IQ’s of 92, whereas Koreans have much larger heads and IQ’s of 106.
Meisenberg also suggests that genetic intelligence and head size rises may work much faster than skin color changes due to complexity of the traits. Intelligence is probably acted on by many genes, whereas skin color is only controlled by a small set of genes. The greater the number of genes controlling an effect, the faster evolution can occur.
Meisenberg comes out strongly for a high standard of living as having a positive effect on IQ.

The massive rise of IQ that took place in many countries over the past century shows conclusively that environmental effects can have a powerful effect on the average intellectual level of large populations. Presumably one or another aspect of “standard of living” is responsible for this secular trend: education, nutrition, health care, mass media, or, most likely, a combination of all of these.Together with the Flynn effect, these results suggest that the causal arrow points both ways. High intelligence produces a high standard of living, which in turn raises intelligence even more. Thus intelligence and economic development are mutually reinforcing in a positive feedback loop.
This feedback loop explains two of the greatest mysteries of our time: the rapid progress of science, technology and economic development during the 20th century, which is indeed a major historical anomaly; and the rise in mental test performance that has become known as the Flynn effect.
This feedback loop between intelligence and standard of living can explain the great magnitude of the IQ differences between nations.
It predicts that even in cases where genetic differences affecting mental ability are small, the observed phenotypic differences become amplified because the slightly more gifted populations achieve a higher standard of living which raises their measured intelligence even more, which in turn raises their standard of living yet further.
Similar “amplifier effects” have previously been proposed as explanations for the Flynn effect.

Excellent stuff, huh?
First of all, let us elucidate who exactly those opposing the Flynn Effect so strenuously are. Other than hereditarians like Jensen with a deep career and theoretical investment in hereditarian views, the most vociferous opponents are almost all Whites, mostly Northern Europeans, creepily enough (Aryans anyone?). Almost all of them are racists.
Even Southern European White nationalist types tend to poo-poo IQ fetishism more than the de facto Nordicists.
Race realists seem more interested in the Flynn Effect. An environmental effect on IQ will mean that differences between races are not fixed by the genes, and these racists have a strong need to believe that Blacks, Hispanics, Amerindians, etc. are hereditarily inferior to European Whites in intelligence, and that no cultural variables can change this.
If environment effects IQ, then presumably Blacks or others could start to close the gap with Whites, and they want to maintain their superior position.
One of the principal arguments against the Flynn Effect is that we have not seen the expected Second Renaissance in the arts, sciences, etc. that we should have seen. Nor should we be seeing people railing about school failure and the ignorance of high school and college students. But these criticisms fail to understand the Flynn Effect.
The effect has been mostly on culture-free areas like abstract thinking, and much less to none on areas affected by schooling such as mathematics, vocabulary and general knowledge.
With school learning skills flat and many more poor students staying in high school and even trying to go college (students who would have dropped out of high school or never gone to college in my Mother’s generation), we should expect disconnects between expectations and scores.
On the other hand, Meisenberg suggests that the supposedly nonexistent Renaissance has in fact occurred. As he notes, the rapid progress of science, technology and economic development in the 20th century is historically anomalous. I would argue that it was a Renaissance, and would add that it took place in the arts also. Look at the explosion of creativity in literature, music, art and architecture in the 20th Century.
And he notes that this explosion in intellectual and societal development nicely mirrored a concomitant rise in both intelligence as measured by IQ and head size.
Further, the deniers of the Flynn Effect have a hard time explaining away the growth in head size in the last 150 years, which eerily parallels the Flynn Effect. If the Flynn Effect represents no real increase in intelligence, as the hereditarians insist, why did it parallel both a major technological and intellectual revolution and a striking increase in head size itself?

These scores are taken from this paper, and indicate varying scores for IQ tests and semi-IQ tests taken over about 30 years. As you move down in each individual row, you move into revised versions of the tests in more recent years.As you can see, White adult IQ (age 25+) in the US is now 102.9, or 103 rounded off. Black adult IQ (age 25+) has increased in recent years to 89.1 or 89 rounded off. There remains a 13.8 point gap between Blacks and Whites. It is no longer appropriate to say that Blacks have an IQ of 85.

A Flynn Effect and growth of US Black skull size explain nicely the relatively high IQ’s of US Blacks. By White percentages alone, US Blacks should have IQ’s of only 72 (native IQ of 67 plus 17.5% White IQ of 103 gives 67 + 5 = 72). With Black adult IQ (age 25+) in the US now at 89.1, that leaves 15.1 points of US Black IQ unexplained. Meisenberg’s theories laid out in this paper explain this well.
At the same time, there have been similar rises in IQ for immigrants from East India and the Caribbean to the UK and for North Africans to the Europe. Hereditarians such as Richard Lynn desperately try to explain these increases away as either selective immigration or increased miscegenation among UK Jamaicans, but given the parallel experiences of US Blacks, it seems we are dealing with a Flynn Effect in Europe also.
Meisenberg has an interesting take on contraception. In terms of selection for intelligence, widespread contraception use is dysgenic in advanced societies and eugenic in developing countries. Over time, population differences in IQ should narrow, something we socialists like.


Beals, K.L., Smith, C.L. & Dodd, S.M. 1984. Brain Size, Cranial Morphology, Climate, And Time Machines. Current Anthropology, 25:301-330.


Dickens, William T. & Flynn, James R. October 2006. Black Americans Reduce the Racial IQ Gap: Evidence from Standardization Samples. Psychological Science.
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Meisenberg, Gerhard. Winter 2003. IQ Population Genetics: It’s Not as Simple as You Think. Washington, DC: Mankind Quarterly, Volume XLIV, Number 2, pp. 185-210.
Truesdell, Nicole D. May 2005. Secular Change In The Skull Between American Blacks And Whites. MA Thesis. Baton Rogue, LA: Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College, Department of Geography and Anthropology.

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39 thoughts on “IQ Population Genetics – Not So Simple”

  1. I agree with part of that Rob. I’ll add to it a bit though.
    I love to find out I’m wrong about something – I see it as an exciting new opportunity for insight and knowledge. Soooooooo,…. take everything with a grain of salt – even what I write! ; )
    In the light of our great (and very recent) advances in fMRI technology and similar technological advances in 1/2 dozen other types of brain scanning processes, most of that kind of (brain size) research and data is now viewed as neuro-myths.
    Brain and skull size have very little – almost nothing – to do with intelligence. Also, the current IQ test being used today has been proven to show cultural and income differences, but does not measure intelligence, nor the varying mental capabilities that can predict future life success for any given person. Environment, yes. An enriched or unenriched environment can increase intelligence. We now know that there are many ways to increase intelligence. This concept alone – was thought to be impossible even in recent years. Increase IQ? – impossible scientists would say. Now there are so many ways to increase your intelligence – at any age – even if you are a senior. Because our recent ‘leaps and bounds’ in brain scanning technology are still largely unknown to the average teacher and parent, this will seep into general society slowly. And even more slowly than neuroscientists are comfortable with, brand new (more accurate) ‘IQ’ tests will be incorporated into the mainstream.
    What is most amusing about many of these studies on intelligence, is that none of them (that believe brain size is correlated with intelligence) can explain why Einstein’s brain was 70% smaller than the average human. They also cannot explain why savants have genius abilities beyond the scope of an average human’s mental grasp. This fact alone shows how entirely useless our current ‘IQ’ tests is at measuring general or specific mental ability. Is ‘IQ’ a measure of racism? Yes, that is more likely. Savants are found in all races and ethnicities. Some savants (like Daniel Tammet) are gifted without any deficits in general intelligence (not at all retarded.) Savants are probably the reason why we started painting in caves, discovered fire, began calculating astronomical projections and advanced far beyond other animals, tens of thousands of years ago.
    The brain is ‘plastic’ – Blacks, Whites, Asians and everyone else have ‘plastic’ brains – google it. Well, except maybe for some of those racist researchers who …just… can’t …. seem… to break the mold and expand their minds. lol!
    There are almost no differences – genetically – between Whites, Asians, Blacks and other ethnic groups. The greatest genetic differences – ten fold – are between different African tribal groups (all African and Black) from different parts of Africa. Because of this, some of the most genetically diverse humans (Outside of different African tribes intermixing with another) are African Americans (who are often mixed with the European-African descended group – as well as tribes from West Africa – as well as Native American and sometimes Asian Immigrants.)
    Being racist – means literally – the greater likelihood of the ‘dying out’ of your ethnic group. The Moors takeover of Europe – greatly helped so many European families – including the royal family. DNA tests of Leonardo da Vinci’s hair (lots of it is in his numerous paintings) now shows that he was mostly African. Many Germans have records showing that Mozart was part African. This is probably why these men had the advantage of genius, which occurs more often with hybrid vigor. Because African ‘traits’ show more ‘vigor,’ having any mixture of added African traits (usually) shows a genetic advantage – according to all current geneticists. An Afro like Einstein? I just wish I was that lucky! Inbred populations tend to express more recessive alleles than outbred populations. Outbreeding tends to foster hybrid vigor, a form of heterozygote advantage. You lose that vigor – well,… you lose the intelligence and health of your people.
    The Greener Side of Things:
    Far more valuable than anything they can learn from us, Africans, Blacks, New Guineas, and all dark people living an ecological lifestyle can teach us the methods – and most especially the potential – we abandoned long ago. And as we struggle – desperately to return to sustainable living – frantic to learn again how to live “green” like a South American, Native American or African ‘tribe’ – in harmony with the earth, we see plainly how we have failed what most Africans, Brown and Black people do naturally and consistently over time (except in the occurances of colonialism) – through their basic respect of our earth. Just look at a map showing the “lit up – electricity having- parts of the world.” Perhaps our current ‘IQ’ test only really shows – a correlation of how much we can pollute and destroy our only home – planet earth.
    Advice: want to increase your intelligence? Meditate on peace and loving all people, of every color, every race and every religion.

    1. Sorry, I just don’t agree with most of this stuff that you wrote. However, I must say, I really wish that you are correct.
      I have an article on brain size and IQ that I will republish in the future from the old blog. Vietnamese have the smallest brains on Earth and have IQ’s of 99.5. Masai have larger brains than Italians. Masai IQ = 67. Italian IQ = 101. There are serious problems with this theory!
      I refuse to comment on whether or not IQ differences between the races are due to genetics and therefore irremediable absent genetic therapy or eugenics (both of which I support!), however, I have some very deep suspicions, and actually, worries. You see, as a Leftist, I so deeply want to believe that you are right. But more and more, I am not sure. Can Blacks ever close the IQ gap with Whites? I very much hope they can. But I am fairly certain that when I die in 30 years, the gap will still be very large.
      But do see my most recent article on Mexican Americans closing the IQ gap with Whites by 8 points over 25 years. Amazing! They gained a full 10 IQ points.
      I disagree that IQ tests are culturally biased. Maybe they are biased against dumb people? But I have heard of folks who worked with Papuans and Khoisan, and the researchers felt that neither group was stupid. They felt that they were intelligent. Each group scores catastrophically on IQ tests. It is certainly possible that different races have evolved different genetic IQ’s. Why not? But it remains to be proven.
      For me, all that matters is that IQ differentials exist. I don’t care if it’s due to genes or culture or this or that. They exist, and they matter. End of story!
      I regularly correspond with James Flynn, a seminal researcher on IQ who coined the “Flynn Effect”. Heard of him? He is a socialist, and he believes very much in IQ tests.
      I doubt that adding Black genes to one’s genetic line increases IQ, or much of anything really. Maybe extroversion, acting and sports ability, and ability to pick up chicks and laugh and have fun…
      Societies with greater amounts of Black genes almost invariably tend to have lower IQ’s. Look it up.
      I would also really like to see some data that Da Vinci was mostly Black.
      A bit of Black does not seem to be disastrous though. Arabians have about 13-21% Black genes, and their societies are orderly, crime free and wealthy. The IQ’s are not so great though. Sicily has populations up to 9% Black, and Sicily is a beautiful 1st world country.

      1. The problem with your reply is that you fail to see the falacy of the IQ testing. This test is over 100 years old and hasn’t changed much. We know far more about the mind than we did then.
        Which Arab societies are you taking about? Palestine and several other Arab societies are hopelessly backwards. Women are killed if they are raped and they are in constant war with each other. In Europe, Arabs are the equivalent of African-Americans in terms of socioeconomic issues. The majority of France’s prisons are filled with Arabs.
        Sicily has a high murder rate and most mobsters in the US come from that particular group. As the saying goes, “Sicilians do the crime and Italians do the time.” Please do your research, we have Google. You don’t have to refer to your ancient encyclopedia anymore.
        Of course, you’re going to find countries that have large black populations in relative disarray. You forget about colonialism, installed dictators, the IMF, and deliberate underdevelopment and trade barriers against those countries. Do you expect them to become magically first world? Look what just happened to Libya under the guise of humanitarism. The country went from the first world to the stone age.
        Mexicans are closing the gaps primarily because although the face discrimination, they face a lot less of it than black Americans do. Also, Mexicans have quite a bit of African ancestry, it is thorougly mixed into their population. There are very few pure Mexican Indians.
        Give me a break dude! You’re really not interested in facts!

        1. Well, well, a Jewish guy opposed to IQ tests! What a surprise that is!
          Mexicans have little Black blood. On average, a Mexican is 3-5% Black.
          Also I am banning you Mr. Jew. Hostile tone.

        2. Arabs who immigrate to Europe are from North Africa and not the Middle East. They are Berbers who are more similar to Sicilians than they are to a Kuwaiti living in a London penthouse.
          I’d compare Moroccans in Holland or Turks in Germany to Mexicans. They form their own communities, tend to dominate drug gangs, do not integrate.
          Italians attribute Sicilian behavior to Arabic genes, which could be true, but mainland Italy has its own fearsome mafias, though not in the North.

        3. African countries are intentionally underdeveloped by Humanitarian AID because Europe wants their teeming masses swarming on their Southern shores.
          Absolute nonsense, that.
          Libya was run into the ground by Ghaddafi long before it collapsed, despite oil reserves that were considerable.
          I’d have to agree that removing both Colonel Ghadaffi and Hussein was a huge mistake because their tyranny kept the populations under totalitarian control.
          That is typical Western naive idealism in its belief that democracy is what those countries actually want, which they do not want at all.

        4. What surprised you about his comment, Lindsay?
          He checked all the tick boxes.
          1) Arabs are bad
          2) Blacks are fantastic
          3) IQ is a lie.
          You can guess everybody’s ethnicity by seeing what they state about this small array of topics.
          Public, online and offline, discussion of such topics is a farce.

  2. The initial investigation begins:
    Ah! so Mona Lisa may be an Egyptian (what they mean by ‘Oriental’) Black slave? Isn’t that interesting as well ; ) Why am I not at all surprised. She looks mixed with Black to me.
    A friend of mine who researches art history just told me about the hair/dna information. It is being strongly rejected by the Italian community right now, but I hope it will be soon confirmed publicly – as it is science, and Black people should know. I heard that the hairs were matched hairs in his paintings as well as some of his sculptures and many of his manuscripts.
    There are many facts like this that are ‘covered up’ because White people just don’t want to accept it. Audobon was also Black. Though you won’t see this on their website.
    Lincoln? Well, it would be hard for me to imagine that that man is not part Black.
    When I spent time in Agrigento, I see people there similar to Americans – all mixed with African – some look very White, some look very (dark) Black with African features and Afros. All are native Italians. I recommend going to Agrigento – quite beautiful. Large Greek ruin there that is unforgettable.

    1. Yes, Sicilians are approximately 5% Black, I believe. In a few cities, it is more. Mona Lisa is not Black. Maybe she is some kind of an Arab. Da Vinci is not Black either. His Mom may have been Arab, or may not have been, we don’t know. Audubon may have been part Black. His Mom was a Creole.
      I don’t know where you are getting all this Afrocentric stuff, Pahdri.

  3. My study partner is a hispanic male.
    Before that, i used to study with a black classmate.
    The black partner seemed lazy and simply dull.
    Although this hispanic classmate is not a citizen, he sure as hell has a grand vocabulary.
    I am quite shocked that a non-citizen would know more words than a fellow citizen(black).
    We took pseudo-I.Q tests online.
    Ravens matrices type: I scored a 120(superior Jew I.Q), my hispanic classmate scored 115; when i got my former (black) classmate to take it, i was left flabbergasted. My former (black) partner scored a 90 on the ravens-style test. is the site we used.
    I do not understand…. such a low i.q, yet he is here with the rest of us (asians, latinos, jews, whites) studying in a prestigious college.

    1. I wouldn’t make much of this honestly given that your sampling data in this anecdote consist of one individual.

  4. Yes, you have a point…however, i forgot to mention that (since i would have been accused of being racist) most blacks act the same way.
    It is as if they are anti-intellectual and only go to college to party and get a free pass to a degree because of their sport scholarship.
    Have they not done mass testing on this?
    Blacks score the lowest on Ravens matrices.
    Although it might have been an anecdotal example of ONE person….it is still correlated with other examples of black people doing very poor on the Ravens matrices.
    I’m not racist. We are all used to thinking that if we say the word ‘black’ or ‘african’ and then throw in a word such as ‘bad’ or ‘low intelligence’ somehow we are racist.
    Just what i see in college everyday, nothing else. Bye.

    1. Yeah but what’s interesting is that Black scores on Raven’s have been going up like gangbusters for about 80 years now…everyone else’s scores have been going up too though.
      I do get your point of course. We’ve all heard these stories so many times. My brother is in college right now and he says the Blacks show up late all the time, or simply do not show up, don’t study, seem to be there to have fun and not do any work, and eventually either flunk the class or drop out. The Hispanics drop out or fail en masse too, but not with the same party hearty mindset. The Black women are the best students; the Black males are much worse.
      But then when you get to IQ 140 or so, you have like 7 Black females for every Black male. Isn’t that weird?
      I never believed any of this stuff for many years and I spent 15-20 years studying it off and on. I always believed all the liberal lies until I finally decided that my liberal theories about IQ (I tried them all on for size) were shot down one by one. Around 15 years ago, I came around fully to the realization that there are IQ differences. Weird this is my Mom used to work for a psychologist who did IQ testing. I printed out a paper on race and IQ by Richard Lynn for my Mom and she showed it to this guy, a PhD. He said, you know, I’ve been wondering about this the whole time I’ve been doing this. This is exactly what I have found in 20 years of testing. He also said that the Asians and Jews usually scored pretty high and he would always ask them if they studied a lot and a lot of them just said, no, not really. And they were getting straight A’s. So he had to shoot down the “studies real hard” myth. He also said that White Mormons were very nice people, but they were not very smart.
      He gave me an IQ test. He didn’t give me a score, but he said it was “very, very high.” He said he had given 600 tests or so in 20-30 years of testing and mine was in the top 10-15.
      I used to teach school and it really hits you over the head when you teach whole groups of Blacks, Hispanics, Polynesians, Filipinos, Japanese, Chinese, Jews, Whites, on and on. You’re dealing with huge groups of people, often 150 people a day, every day 150 new people and the differences become quite apparent. That’s not to say there are not bright Blacks, even in the deepest heart of the ghetto. But even the smart Black males did not appear to be trying very hard.
      Some of them broke my heart. I remember one guy in Compton. I could tell he wanted to do the work but he just wasn’t really smart enough to follow. In the heart of the ghetto, I taught a Chemistry class, and it was almost 100% Black females and they were not stupid at all. Hardly any Black guys. My Dad used to teach in the ghetto and he said when honor roll came around, it was always “all girls,” as he put it.

    2. A score of 90 on Raven’s is not really “poor.” It’s the world average. Your average human has a 90 score on Raven’s. It’s not that great for a US college student though. I’m not sure how this guy is going to get through college with a 90 Raven’s score…I think he may have some problems.
      To put things in perspective, I know a guy who scored 97 on an IQ test recently and he was pissed. He thought he was way smarter than that. You would think he was too. He’s White, 50 years old, and an intellectual of sorts. At some pt. IQ doesn’t matter that much if you have “extra-IQ factors” which unfortunately, I think a lot of Black guys do not have…

    3. Well, let’s look at your methodology. You are the one who wanted to take the test to prove something…a bias you admit you already had. What was in it for the African-American student? To confirm what he has been “trained” by society to believe that he is somehow, inferior? Would you also contend that you’re “smarter” than Tiger Woods for example, who spends more money on golf balls than you will earn in a year? How does your “superior” intelligence help you find a satisfying, high-paying job? Live a long, healthy life? Find a person you are willing to spend the rest of your life with? Even Einstein was divorced once. Malcom X once said, that in America, “n” with a million dollars, is still a “n.” Prophetic? Why aren’t the most intelligent people running this country? Why aren’t the most intelligent people the wealthiest? Why aren’t the most intelligent people, breeding successive generations of intelligent children? Because the superficial construct we call “intelligence,” at the end of the day, has little to do with how we live out day-to-day lives. The reality, is that we are a culture of “outliers and exceptions.” Some of the smartest people in this country aren’t wealthy, and many “below average IQ” people, Mike Tyson for example, become enormously wealthy. Being more intelligent doesn’t offer you any more protection from being killed in a head-on collision or a heart attack, than it does for you to have a guarantee to live happily ever after.

      1. You really need to start thinking in statistics. In a multi-factorial system there will be exceptions to every tendency, that however does nothing to disprove the tendency. IQ is positively correlated with a whole range of things, including higher degree of employment, earning, health, etc. It is one of the strongest predictors of future success. That doesn´t, of course, mean that every person with a high IQ will be successful, but as a group people with higher IQ will be more successful.
        Also, intelligent people do tend to have intelligent children. The heritability seems to be somewhere 0.6-0.8, which is remarkably high.
        So no, IQ is not a superficial construct. That does not mean the concept has no problems, but no one can seriously argue it isn´t relevant.

  5. Robert, what do you mean specifically by “extra IQ factors”?
    Even though I have a well above national average IQ score, I don’t think I scored quite as high as I thought I would, given that I can usually hold my own pretty well in debates with people that have IQs much higher than mine. Unless debate isn’t a heavily g-loaded function.
    I have to admit though, I’ve never really excelled in math and it was always my worst subject. I’m not sure if I was like the guy you described above who just couldn’t cut it, or whether I just wasn’t interested. I tended to do best in theory and logic classes that didn’t involve math and I found those the most interesting. I excelled in critical thinking, essay writing, science classes that didn’t involve too much math and such, but I just couldn’t do math. One of my elementary teachers had a talk with my mom. She told her that she thinks I am very smart but am not working at my potential. I was the archetypal smart kid that just didn’t give a shit about homework or working hard in school. I preferred to come home and watch Mtv and play video games. The teacher decided to put me in the school’s gifted program anyhow. The teacher really like me and seemed frustrated that I wasn’t putting in as much as she thought I could. She told my mom how good I am in understanding science, and that I have the potential to be a scientist, but that I am not good in math and that you can’t be a scientist that can’t do math.
    Now that I am older and more mature and better understand the value of education, I’d actually love to get math a second try. Just to prove to myself whether I can do it or not, or whether I was bad at it for inherent reasons, or because I just didn’t give a damn about paying attention in class.

    1. I’m pretty sure I will AU. Also, some of my work involves programming and I while I sometimes use some lower level math for calculations, I would like to be able to utilize higher level math for more complex functions.
      After I finish learning Spanish and Portuguese I think I’ll move on to studying math on my own in private.

  6. ps – The part about Mormons is hilarious. But that’s selection bias at work. You almost have to be dumb by definition to believe in Joseph Smith’s story.

  7. I remember watching the CNN report “Black in America” that was on earlier this year and they ran a special about this magnet school in Connecticut that is majority black and Hispanic and is performing pretty well under the strict leadership of this one charismatic principle with virtually no dropouts and sending many students on to college. It was way outperforming other minority schools.
    Here is the link to an article on the school:
    Here are some of the schools testing results:
    The results are far and above what you’d find in a typical school mostly populated by blacks. The verbal tests seem to be equal or surpassing the state average. The math however is a bit below state averages. Which makes me wonder if there is some inherent reason that blacks don’t excel in math. Nonetheless, the blacks here do way better in math than blacks in other majority black schools. I had wondered at first whether this was an expensive private school where there could be some selection bias of wealthier(thus higher IQ)kids, but since it’s a public magnet school so that shouldn’t be an issue.
    Here is another article in the NYT about blacks getting their kids out of failing schools and sending their kids to independently run schools:

    Nobody can argue with the results. On fourth-grade math and reading tests, more than 90 percent of Trey Whitfield students meet state standards, while barely one-third do so in the nearby public schools. Graduates go on to boarding, Catholic and elite public high schools, often having won scholarships. While in eighth grade, all Whitfield students are required to collect information about colleges. The assumption, not the hope, is that they will attend.

    When I read things like this, it confirms my belief that black kids could be doing MUCH better in school than they are and that I don’t think the main reason for black’s problems is low IQ. We need to figure out why these schools are working and why the public schools are failing for blacks. Maybe blacks would be best off it they went to their own schools led by strict black(well he’s mulatto) principles like the guy in the first link above. Whatever they’re doing, it’s working.

      This study also backs up what I’m saying. Vouchers are good for black students but show no difference in improvement for white and Hispanic students.
      This leads me to think that perhaps one liberal race realist policy would support voucher programs just for blacks only. Because for whatever reason, public school is just bad for black kids. I don’t know why. But it just is looking at the numbers. Rather than education money being dumped into failing public schools in the inner city, we should just hand black parents vouchers to put their kids in independently run black schools like the one in Connecticut in my previous post. They do much better in situations like that. That would seem a more efficient use of tax dollars.

      1. I would agree. The issue here, is that urban, inner city schools are generally compared with new, suburban schools, and no one should be surprised by the stark differences. Desegregation promoted human rights and human dignity, but it also created a “brain drain” in minority communities. If you live Detroit for example, and have to be concerned with day-to-day survival issues, and you are only eight years old, learning math is pretty lo on your list of priorities.
        From a social reconstruction perspective, we have to begin, by “destroying” the toxic environment that surrounds these schools, and return them to the prominent status they once had in these communities.

  8. I have a post on my site – WARBYIQ.COM – that addresses some of these issues. See my paper “The IQ of Italian Americans and Impications for Nuclear Weapons.” As populations begin attrending school, the bell curve becomes visible.
    R Peppe

  9. That’s an old entry, but I just stumbled upon it, and it deserves one small correction. Lynn believes strongly in Flynn effect and that it has environmental causes. Lynn always said iq is 50% genetics or so, the rest is environment. In fact Lynn proposed decades ago, that the cause of the Flynn effect is better nutrition.
    So the rant about Lynn’s desperately trying to explain this by genetics is missing the point.

  10. Cognitive pschologists are in disagreement in the exact definition of intelligence. Even if they did have a consensus, would it be valid? Should it be used to decide who should get an education and who shouldn’t? I have a simple question for the white supremacists. If the IQ is objective and valid, are you willing to subordinate yourself to Asians because they have a higher average IQ? Moreover, are you willing to subordinate yourself to a black person with a higher IQ? Any intelligent person already knows your answer. Racist proponents of the IQ don’t really care about objective criteria, but will use anything to further their reprehensible beliefs.
    The idea of measuring intelligence is absurd. In sciences outside of psychology (a weak science), analogs of IQ testing have been shot down. Alan Turing proved through the “Halting Problem” that a program cannot determine whether another program completes or runs forever. In the same vain, IQs tests are essentially algorithms claiming to perform far more complex tests on other the human mind, a vastly poorly understood set of vast complex algorithms. In physics, measuring is a neboulous concept as shown by Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.
    Combine all these issues with IQ testing, and you’ll come to a realization that if society was truly interested in objectivity, we would have thrown these tests out in the trash a long time ago. Binet, the inventor of the IQ, was deeply troubled when he discovered his tests were being used to measure intelligence because he understood these issues and the damage it would cause to society. Interestingly, the basic format and types of questions in the IQ haven’t changed since Binet and that was in the early 1900’s.

  11. A number of errors in this research . First, let’s start with your own perception . What do you see ? Blacks are now equal to whites ? Watch the entire population to find , observe behavior , musical tastes , the way you walk , all this relate at some point with intelligence . What do you see ?
    Blacks as intelligent as whites? No.
    Of course, if you have black friends , there is a huge chance that they are above average than their peers. But confusing selection bias with the rule is a primary error .
    A funny thing . At one point you say that the skull size is not particularly important in terms of IQ . Elsewhere you say ” the skull of the average black African Americans is approaching the average skull of Euro-Americans and this is a sign that THEY ARE GETTING MORE INTELLIGENT ”
    You need to choose between one thing and another , please.
    In addition , a small sample of skulls would not be able to show us the big picture of this supposed evolution .
    I never understood what this can do flynn effect , but I fully believe that it is impossible , without the occurrence of other REAL cases (like mixing race ou selection to more smart), that the intelligence of black people from the Caribbean island of Dominica grow in the coming years to the same level as the white population of Miami. The flynn effect as I understand it is based on a panacea of factors , often completely indifferent to each other , such as malnutrition and technical improvement and sophistication of psychometric tests in the first half of the twentieth century were not of great quality.
    Another problem that seems to be extremely applicant in hbd community is dogmatic obsession with respect to IQ . It seems that we have come all the answers regarding the human intellect and is not so simple . An interesting example would be the nations that have very low IQ scores or even individuals who themselves do not score above average but are functional in society .
    Personality is a key factor that may explain why the Indians generally have lower intelligence ( around 90 ) are much less prone to crime than blacks and that Ashkenazi Jews are more likely to commit crimes white collar , despite its alleged super high IQS ( or an asymmetric intelligence with strong verbal component ) . One of the most fundamental factors for cognitive functioning human being is the relationship between your personality and intelligence . Most blacks are unfavorable following two main components.
    I read that the actual increase that the flynn effect could do would be a maximum of 5 points of IQ . The science iq is looking like the economy , figures and abstractions that claim to prove the reality that your eyes can do a million times better.
    I think when a company improves quality of life , selection processes as they happen a greater emphasis on selecting the most intelligent ( and not the healthiest ) . Education has a eugenic effect because it divides the population into groups and socio – cognitive creates cultural microcosms based on intelligence . As a result , the brightest of a nation ( not counting those that are natural dissenters of any hierarchy and in my opinion , are the real geniuses of every nation ) , regardless of their social status , are grouped in the same environments , making the chance for mating high IQS much more likely. Another explanation for the improvement is that good politicians and administrators improve the quality of life . The poorest people fail to emphasize the survival of day-to – day and can increase even timidly , your genes for complex intelligence .

  12. This is my big objection to the Alt-Right.
    These people;
    are causing a genoicide of White genetics?
    The guy that could be on Jersey Shore?
    The fact that there is NOT an imaginary line seperating European master race types from Muds does not even occur to these people.
    How they can profess ‘realism’ and great knowledge on a subject when they know they have not even typed that subject into the google search bar is truly mind boggling to me.

  13. Cost of living is decimating white demographics-try convincing a white woman to have 5 children with you and throw over her career, standard of living, hobbies, interests and goals….good luck. One kid is enough.
    Less educated, poorer white women will have more children because their sexual impulses of the ID override their Superego.
    Third-World people will of course reproduce without as much thought to consequence do to lower IQ. Of course they outnumber white births.
    Therefore, they have no alternative but to seek welfare and shelter from prosperous societies of higher IQ people with better grasp of consequential thinking.

    1. K-selectivity loses;
      increased lifespan works linearly, while increased birthrate works exponentially.
      One guy got chimped out on AmRen on the “Planet full of Niggers” article.
      It was kind of funny listening to him explain such to people with 85-90 IQs.

  14. Asian and White women seem to have some genetic instinct against reproducing with socially inadequate men who will clearly not have any ability or interest in supporting their offspring.

  15. Who buy Dildos and porn? Black women rarely buy a Dildo or vibrator whereas every Asian and many White women own one.
    Eurasians will delay or divert their sexual instincts in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy.
    K-strategy has worked well in Africa.

    November 1983 Hans Nordstrom in Denmark finally reproduces with a female after a long courtship. She is a Belgian architect. Both have IQ’s of 110. Two children result from this prior to a divorce in 1995. Children college-educated and follow their father’s footsteps to become engineers in the 2000’s.
    “Moy” has his sixth child with a second Mali woman. He names Kiko. Kiko is raised in violent shantytowns. He fathers 4 children before arriving in Italy penniless Sicily in 2013 at the age of 30 years old.
    Tariq Moussa is the 4th child born to the second wife of Salim. His father produces 7 children.
    Four flee to Germany in 2014.
    You see my point.

    He looks pure South Filipino Malay to me.
    Which Chinese family association does he belong to?
    Filipino women become impregnated easily by anyone so it is hard to keep track of paternal lineage but I would be surprised if he had 5% Chinese blood.

  18. At the end of the day, it is very clear that we simply have no idea what are the underlying mechanisms that foster more or less intelligence. We seem to understand that there are a few correlative factors (heritability, perhaps not simple genetics.. skull size, perhaps not absolute volume..etc), but we don’t have any smoking guns, and it appears likely that this will be true for a long time, considering the nature of the topic.
    This is, to put it simply, why we need a self selected, not a planned, society. Until we can correctly and positively identify all the factors around IQ, as well as health, and so on, we will be stuck with meritocratic strategies to allow us, as a species, to properly thrive.
    If we instead go on half or less understood theories, and try to plan societies around those, we will always end up with consequences that we didn’t plan for, and, like The Black Swan, they could be innocuous.. or they could be civilization destroying. This is, by definition, too great a risk to take with too many human lives. It is not a stretch to say it is totally irresponsible.
    Logically then, we should choose self selected over planned, as nature doesn’t require us to understand it in order for meritocratic strategies to work. That is, after all, how we evolved in the first place.
    In other words, until we actually know what is going on, which we do not, we should stick to a self selecting, assortative, meritocratic system. When we actually hit the Singularity, we can plan as much as we like. I am a big fan of Iain Banks “Culture” series, but that is only possible when we have a great deal more knowledge and awareness of human nature and the Universe than we currently do.

    1. After writing this, I realized I had one clarification…
      Yes, I do realize that a purely meritocratic system would lead to unequal outcomes. That is the entire point of using fitness to drive society forward. Unequal outcomes are impossible to avoid if we genuinely want to drive progress towards a system whereby we can actually, totally eliminate unequal outcomes. Right now, we have barely scratched the surface, and it would be hubris to believe we can succeed using an equal outcome strategy of any kind.. at this time.
      We’re not ready. There are too many people who still think the earth is flat, aliens have abducted them, and that resources are infinite.

  19. I am latina and my boyfriend says I smell like nocha and I am so glad to find feed back on the topic I get men of all racial backgrounds that ask what’s that smell or ask my man dude what’s that smell ,my mother is the white woman that said white men smell like corn and I agree ,I hung my. Shorts in my ladies room for a cook out at my apartment in California ,and I lose my panties Everytime I have company it is not a exaggerated syatement my shorts have been named the little stinky ones if anyone out there have any information on my little stinky ones please contact thumper in merced and if you can’t find me Taco Bell gotten me that woman violated my constitutional rights by her racist ,DISCRIMINATORY PRACTICES in merced and she has a lot of nerve exploiting and violating my rights at least I don’t smell like Chinese food you little snot ,your manner is disrespectful your professiolism lacks character and you work ethic stinks Cochina kai is going to tell you off I can’t believe you can I justify your statements you little pervert Taco Bell needs to respect the customer is always right statement because that was not right I’m going to sue the pants off your little investment private owner don’t mean shit you keep in touch stinky I wouldn’t recommend your astonishment to anyone at least until I run the place and train you monkeys on conduct in the work place by leading as example for your entire staff

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