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Repost from the old site. Link. From American Renaissance, a very problematic website due to its racism, but one that I nevertheless check out regularly. Why? It’s the only place anywhere you can see frank talk about race. The Hispanics have learned to wield the race card like every other liar and huckster in our society. I’m almost sorry we campaigned against racism 40 years ago because we created this horrible Racism Club that every reactionary ethnic activist and nationalist on Earth is using to beat up anyone critical of their petty little group. It’s almost an honor to be called a racist nowadays in PC America. All too often, it just means anyone speaking frankly about race in any way whatsoever. I assume that the insane PC hate speech laws come next, and I get threatened with jail. The piece above, among other things, quotes Francis Galton as saying that after observing various races for a long time, he concluded that they had the following personality characteristics:

  • Amerindians display taciturn reserve
  • Blacks have a talkative impulsiveness
  • E Asians are placid

That strikes me as just about right, and it’s interesting that those personality traits are observable in the youngest babies. I am not trying to draw any conclusions from that, but only to note that on average, Blacks are more extroverted and Asians are more introverted. American Indians are somewhat different, but seem to be more toward the Asians. It’s also interesting to note that Asians are the latest to mature and Blacks are the earliest to mature. How maturation rate fits into introversion/extroversion, I am not sure. I am convinced that some the pathologies attributed to Blacks are due to their simply being more extroverted. Even in Whites, the more extroverted folks are much more criminal, hate school because it’s no fun, are more sexually active and even promiscuous, are more emotionally volatile, have more problems with drugs and alcohol, and in my opinion, tend to be a lot less responsible and more manipulative. They are less responsible and more manipulative because they just don’t care about others’ feelings the way that we introverts do, and they are self-centered and feel entitled to use others to get what they want. Most introverts are horrified by the idea of openly using or manipulating a human being in a grotesque way to get something for yourself and leave the other person high and dry. Extroverts seem to regard this as a normal part of life like eating and sleeping. That Indians display a taciturn reserve is well-known to those who spend a lot of time around them, and fits in with the old stereotypes about Amerindians. Indian babies are said to be like rocks. It’s not uncommon to wonder if they are alive or dead, and often they don’t even cry much. However, they are said to be quite alert. Alert and silent – this is the stereotypical Indian baby. It’s interesting how this fits in well with the stereotype of the silent yet alert Indian hunter, waiting in the woods for hours with his bow and arrow for the game to come into view. Fine, so races have different temperaments. Now. What about this? I’m not sure I’m even going to there for now, but I will say that different ethnicities do seem to have different levels of morality. Comparing poor Hispanics, poor Blacks and poor Whites, the poor Blacks and Hispanics tend to behave vastly worse. In the Hispanics’ case, it’s mostly the young males, who are an absolute disaster and a menace to our very nation such that we really need to consider importing fewer Hispanics until we can figure out which ones are going to do all right and which are going to degenerate into this Hispanic Underclass catastrophe. In this neighborhood, it is the little things that you notice. Poor Blacks and Hispanics do seem much less cultivated and civilized, and you notice it with the little stuff. As soon as I step outside, they will badger me for “loans.” You’re insane if you ever loan most of them one dime for anything. They never pay back any loans, and then they have the nerve to still come around! They come into your house and immediately start demanding things like wine, changing the radio station, this or that. They point at nice things in my house and ask me to give the thing to them! Many of them are will just try to openly use you and manipulate you in any way they can do get whatever they can out of you. That boils down to an all take and no give relationship. They also engage in petty theft as soon as you turn your back on them if they get into your place. They also tend to be rather disrespectful of your property. They just more or less act like animals. Now, I can’t see myself as engaging in any behaviors like that. I would never go to someone’s place just to see what I can get out of them. I would never demand anything on entry to someone’s house, much less suggest that they should give me some of their property for free. I don’t owe anyone outside my family one nickel, and I’m 51. If I never paid back a loan, I would be ashamed forever. I never ask anyone but my Mom for money, and I would be humiliated if I did. Now, the worst actors for all of this are young Hispanics who are enamored of the gangsta thing. Most are not employed or in school, and I am starting to wonder if they will ever work one day again. Many spend every nickel they get on marijuana. Most live off their stupid girlfriends, who give these worthless idiots money every day. Since most of the Hispanics grow out of this a ways into their 20’s, one wonders if it’s really genetic. We are creating vast armies of sociopaths in our cities, and I am convinced that much of it is due the males being raised by single females. The male children of single Moms all too often are just criminals. With the Blacks, they don’t necessarily grow out of this ghetto mindset at all. I know Blacks in their 50’s who still act this way. I am convinced that it is so because many Blacks seem to have a lower level of morality, even on the “little stuff”, like throwing trash on the ground or strolling across a crosswalk after the light has already turned, that so many Whites have a problem with Blacks. Most Whites have a revulsion to little stuff like that, whereas many Blacks may very well think it’s perfectly normal. Now I know quite a few Blacks who are assimilated to mainstream society and don’t act “ghetto” at all. Blacks are really split into two different groups:

  • An Underclass of varying degrees that shows varying degrees of “ghetto” and more or less uncivilized behavior.
  • An assimilated group that has left the ghetto behind or never joined it to start with, and whose behavior is in general more or less respectable or at least tolerable.

The second group is increasingly washing its hands of the problems of the first group, but the truth is that nowadays, there is substantial overlap between the two groups. There are Blacks who have crawled halfway out of the ghetto but are not quite assimilated yet. There are plenty of others floating around between the two groups, or moving in and out of either group. Nevertheless, the distinction should be made, and it’s one that almost all racists never make. I see Hispanics as increasingly splitting into an Underclass and an assimilated group in the future also.

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