Do the Races Smell Different?

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From a very interesting discussion over at American Renaissance in an article about how the Pill disrupts women’s sense of smell. The article itself is interesting. Females have an evolutionarily developed sense of smell that makes them prefer males who differ in a set of genes called the major histocompatibility complex (MHC), which governs the immune system.

When they choose men with a different set of MHC genes, the offspring gets a complementary set of MHC genes or the best of both parties and has an increased resistance to disease. However, women on the Pill lose this preference. Researchers worried that women on the Pill might lose interest in their boyfriends or husbands while on the Pill.

But the comments were even more interesting. I have been wanting to write for a long time about the notion that some Whites say that Black people stink or smell bad. There did not seem to be a way of writing about this without sounding like a racist asshole, so I put it off.

A relative told me that many Whites say that Blacks smell bad. He even said that they are called “stink bugs” by some Hispanics here in California. I said that I had been around Blacks most of my life, including having Black girlfriends, Black best friends who I hung out with every day, and teaching whole classes full of Blacks every day for months on end, and I never noticed it.

It’s not really known what Blacks smell like to those who say they are stinkers. Some say they smell like sweat or onions, but a lot say that they just flat out stink, period.

There is also evidence that Northeast Asians find the odor of Blacks particularly offensive, perhaps moreso than Whites do. Asians also say that we Whites stink too, but not as much as Blacks do. They often say that we smell like red meat. Some of this may have to do with diet. But one White Vietnam vet said that Vietnamese could hardly smell Blacks at all but could smell a White a block away.

Even Hispanics are said to be stinky by some Whites.

So far, this post sounds pretty racist. Black folks are getting screwed like they always do. The other races think they’re stinky, and there’s no hope.


But there is hope for Black folks. It seems that a lot of Blacks say that we Whites stink too. Equal time! In the comments to the article (which Amren will not keep and I could not get Google too cache), commenters noted that Blacks often refer to Whites as having a “wet dog smell.”

There is supposedly even a type of spray called “Wet Dog” that you can spray on yourself to give yourself a scent that Blacks hate, though this may be an urban myth. What a way to keep people away! Along the same lines, a female commenter said that a Black woman told her that Black females can’t stand to take showers with White women in gymnasiums or at school since they think White women smell terrible when they get wet.

Even other Whites say we Whites stink. A White woman said that White men often smell like corn on the cob. A White man said if you get a lot of White guys together in a locker room, they smell like rotten peppers.

I’m a little upset that in yet another lineup between the three great races, those darned cunning, inscrutable Oriental despots come out on top, smelling like a rose even.

But alas, all is not lost.

It seems that some Whites say that foreign-born Asians and FOB’s (recent immigrants) smell bad. It’s something like sesame oil plus old socks with a drop of rice wine. It’s subtle, but one woman described it as almost nauseating. A White man who served in Vietnam said that he could smell differences between Vietnamese and Chinese (the Chinese stunk worse), so there may be national variations in stinkiness. I’m happy that some folks think Asians stink too. All’s fair.

I supposedly have a great sense of smell, but I’ve been missing out on all these stinky races. I can’t detect any racial or ethnic differences in smell, though I used to work with this nice older White woman who smelled horrible for some reason.

But I find it amusing that in this area of dictatorially enforced anti-racism that so many Blacks, Whites, and Asians all think the other races stink.

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652 thoughts on “Do the Races Smell Different?”

  1. Whites smell different among blondes, brunettes, and gingers. The gingers are the worst and the brunettes smell the best. They have this strong sweaty smell – idk where it comes from. Moreso the males than females. It think it’s down to hygiene and water intake.

    Blacks don’t need as much water as Caucasians. Therefore their sweat can be stronger. Up the water intake and both races smell the same.

  2. I date Black guys. As a White (British) woman I haven’t noticed that they smell bad. In fact I like their smell/pheromones.

    I dated a guy from America whose family are Caribbean. He said White American women smell different to White British women.

    I get this whole smell thing. I don’t think it’s so much smell as it is pheromones. Someone who finds a particular smell nice is drawn to them and vice versa.

    I dated a White guy once who said that he found gingers smell awful and he really didn’t like their smell.

    1. Well, don’t blame yourself. A lot of obese British women date anything because their sense of smell has diminished, plus if you smell worse, then usually you are not too discerning.

  3. This site certainly has direct opinions which make a change from “Political Correctness” and such hypocrisy; far better we all know what we all really think.

    I don’t believe it is “racist” in a pejorative sense to make distinctions between the races – to pretend we are all exactly the same is ridiculous. As for smelling different all I can say is that at a gym I once used, some of us White guys agreed that Black guys DID have a different odor, even immediately after a shower!

    Genetic, dietary, whatever, but we all used soap. I can confirm that Asians often smell of garlic, but whether this is in the clothing from cooking or just sweated out is a moot point.

    One thing is sure – some smells can be very unpleasant, and ethnic ‘minorities’ probably have no idea how life-spoiling endless horrid cooking smells can be to those who don’t share their tastes. It is just one of those things that results in White flight and why my capital city is now Londonistan.

    1. Len, you are obviously unaware about how working class White people actually smell then. Either because you live in an upper class society or because you have become so desensitized to the “White musk” that minorities agree smells like wet dogs, cigarettes, and dog poop.

  4. I live in rural Northern California, and the majority of people here are Whites, Mexicans, Blacks and Asians. But mostly White.

    I’m going to be as honest as possible.

    The Mexicans here rarely smell, and if they do, it’s of too much cheap cologne or burnt tortillas.

    Same with Asians, they hardly smell, but the ones that do have this weird food scent, kinda fishy and curry-ish. I have a lot of friends and I’ve been to many Mexican and Asian homes here, and both people are very clean – they obviously value living in a clean environment.

    Blacks tend to smell like hair product or weed.

    Now, White people are a whole different story. I can’t stand their nasty scent. I’d say that about 70% of the Whites here smell like a mix of wet dog, old microwaved processed food, poop breath, musky old man scent, and cigarettes!!

    I am not at all exaggerating, I have White friends who also agree with me, and they think that the white population here is extremely embarrassing (they don’t know it, but some of them also smell really musky and like dogs – I don’t have the heart to break it to them), but yeah, White people smell really fucking bad around these parts.

    It’s like they don’t shower, they don’t brush their teeth, they don’t wear deodorant, and they sleep with wet dogs while smoking ten packs of cigarettes.

    5/10 White people I see at stores are always in their pajamas or nightgowns, and 7/10 White homes I’ve been to are really dirty (especially the fucking bathrooms and their rooms), and they own like a million dogs and cats. It’s disgusting.

      1. Spicy food creates a stink. I bet Mexicans out-spice and thus out-stink many. Curry is like a stink bomb.

        Of course Black women smell like hair product. Chris Rock made a movie about their hair obsession.

        East Asians are the best smelling.

        Maybe the more testosterone the person has, the more stinky they are. There’s a tribe that eats food out of poop. I think it’s in Africa. The best-smelling person would be a freshly lei’d Japanese woman that eats mostly pineapples on a pineapple plantation in Hawaii.

        1. It’s true. I was roaming the streets last night. I could only see the Whites of their eyes but the Blacks smelled like street criminals. Real Indio looking Mexican smelled like maybe a criminal or bum. I consider most Mexicans White but when roaming last night I didn’t see the White ones. The one White guy I saw smelled like prey. He just looked soft, like a homosexual pussy.

  5. I think I agree with this article. I’m Black and back in Africa, all the Americans I knew had a peculiar smell that offended me, but to my amazement when I traveled to America, I got the same smell from Americans. I think it’s from the hair and breath. I’m not surprised if any race thinks the other race stinks. The differences I guess are from food and sweating.

  6. I’ve had sex with both men and women of pretty much every ethnicity; without fail White men have had the worst odor from any and every part of their body when compared to other men. White women don’t particularly smell worse than other women but usually have very stinky feet and foreheads (hair oils?).

  7. In my experience, Asians smell the least. Hispanics come next, then Whites and Blacks. Middle Eastern and Indians smell the most. They can be quite STANKY. But here’s the thing, as a man, I don’t give a fuck as long as your pussy don’t stank. I’ll lick and eat’em all. Love pussy from all ethnicities. Good pussy is good pussy.

  8. I grew up and lived around many different races. Blk American females do have a musty scent and vaginas have a sour fishy foul odor.

  9. I think you wrote a very good article on this subject. I am African-American and I don’t think it was racist at all.

    1. Like the bear hunter who was repeatedly sodomized by his quarry despite an ever increasing lethality in his arsenal, I suspect that you are not here for the intellectual discourse. While most choices are valid, I suspect you will find bestiality to be an empty choice.

  10. I am White:

    My lady friends tell me I have a strong scent. They love to smell my neck and temples. They also say my penis and testicles have a strong smell…no, not dirty and unwashed smell but one of definite manhood. I am amazed how they go crazy once they smell my penis and testicles! They’ve said over and over they love that smell, my smell!

    I believe them, as when they get close and closer, I can hear them sniff and breathe in all the while they are kissing and licking.

    Then they go limp and tame and coo and ahhh and insist that they smell me some more…and that I help them finish…

    1. You should bottle it. Just dip ur cock and balls in delicious oil or vinegar and you can call it an infusion!!

  11. Whether somebody “stinks” or smells “wonderful” depends on what you were taught as a child and what the people you live with consider right or wrong smells. Body smells depend on what you eat. That´s why Chinese people smell different from Europeans, Africans or Americans. If you eat like a recently washed American, probably an Eskimo will consider you stink and vice versa.

  12. I’m very into smells. To me the worst smelling is American Black men. Most of them smell the same to me.

    I’ve never noticed smells from Asians or Latino people.

    The most pungent smelling, but not a stinky smell, have been Middle Eastern and Indian people. I believe it’s food related, but I do like the smell.

    1. I get a whiff of all types taking the bus.

      The worst was a Black guy that smelled like poop.

      East Indians are the worst when it comes to smelling like their food. They reek of curry.

      Mexicans often smell like Mexican food, non-Hispanic Whites do on occasion.

      I’ve not smelled bad-smelling Middle Eastern folks but I could see garlic-heavy dishes having that effect.

  13. The wet dog, spicy Italian, and so forth and so on are clearly predominantly from diet/health/cleanliness and perhaps body products. I’d say pheromones play a role, but you’ve got to be up on em to be smelling that!! My two cents: all y’all are some stinky mofos.

    1. I know a skinny Black that wears cologne, but I can smell his ebony essence through that. I used to wear an Old Spice deodorant that drove some women wild.

      I can tell the food smell vs race smell.

      The food smell is obvious, you can smell what they last ate.

      Race smell is deep down to the core, there’s no hiding or getting rid of it. I smell it most in Blacks, but maybe I’m just more accustomed to the smell of Whites. Asians put forth little race smell but are fully capable of smelling like what they eat.

      1. How much of that cologne do you put on? I’m always worried that I’m going to put on too much of the stuff.

        1. Not much, a dab’ll do ya. I can’t wear any at work. A coworker would have attacks.

          I had bourbon body wash I tried recently, and a girl said she smelled eggs.

          Had better luck with deodorant. I had women all over me when I wore Old Spice deodorant. Even a relative found the smell irresistible. I should wear it again if they still make it.

          A Bosnian coworker smelled very good with Chanel perfume.

  14. I live in S. E. Wisconsin due to circumstances. There are an abundance of both Black and White alcoholics and crackheads here. All stink horribly. While some Blacks do have an odor different from Whites, soap n’ water seems to stifle this.

    Immigrants? I find most immigrants cleaner & more odor free than born and raised Americans, who are all too often filthy & live in squalor.

    I lived in Europe for an extended period,& hygiene issues due to particular water constraints was sometimes a factor. But even then the odor was minimal compared to many I encounter here in U.S.A.

    I’m no expert but I would assume what we consume or how and how often we bathe plays a pivotal role, i.e., eat crap, bathe seldom or in nasty water, and you’ll enhance the natural biological differences.

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