Blacks and Crime: An Examination

Repost from the old site.
Note: This post has been accused, as usual, of racism. See here for my position statement on racism.
Black crime rate in the US is approximately 8.1 times greater than the White crime rate. It is about 36.8 times higher than the US Asian rate, which itself is 4.6 times lower than the White rate. It is even 4 times higher than the US Amerindian and Polynesian (mostly Hawaiian) crime rates. It is also 2.4 times higher than the extremely high Hispanic crime rate.
These rates are particularly disparate when one looks at such things as rape. For instance, in 2005, Black criminals raped 37,460 White females, while between 0-10 (they don’t even keep records below 10 rapes) Black females were raped by a White man. There is also a suggestion that about 10,000 of those 37,000+ rapes were by groups of more than one Black male (gang rapes).
Figures like this just drive White nationalists up the wall. You know these White racists have always had a thing about “Black men raping our women”. Despite all the lynchings of often-innocent Black men, it appears that they were onto something.
However, these figures also leave out that Black women seem to be about five times more likely to be raped by Black male rapists than White women are. As usual with Black criminals (and this point is lost on White nationalists) the truly victimized are Blacks themselves.
Whites get off easy. Any given White woman is five times less likely to be raped by a Black man than a Black woman is. She should thank her lucky stars she is White! And if anything, those figures give the lie to the notion that Black criminals preferentially prey on Whites (a favorite, feverish and mad White nationalist obsession).
These frightening statistics scream out for an explanation. Where can we look? Society? Poverty? Discrimination? Racism? Racism and discrimination have declined tremendously since the 1960’s and the Black crime rate rocketed upwards. It’s hard to believe that anyone is poorer and more deprived than US Amerindians, so why is the Black crime rate four times higher?
The IQ’s of US Blacks (88.3) are about the same as those of US Amerindians (88.5) and US Polynesians (87.5), yet the Amerindian and Polynesian crime rates are 4 times lower than the Black rate. IQ’s of US Hmong (84 – probably artificially low due to poor English skills) are even lower than US Blacks, yet the Hmong crime rate is probably 18 times lower than the Black crime rate.
Blacks have become much wealthier in the US since liberation in the 1960’s. Rising income and declining poverty hardly offer poverty as an explanation for Black crime.
In short, all of the standard liberal explanations of Black crime (poverty, racism, discrimination) do not hold water. The White racist explanation (low IQ) does not appear to make sense either. Something is driving Black crime, and it’s not poverty, racism, or IQ.
So what is it?
Let’s look at the question in depth.
First of all, Blacks have a high crime rate all over the world. This implies that there is something in Blacks, genetically, as a group, that is causing a lot of crime in modern societies. African village societies often had developed strict cultural mores along with ferocious punishments that kept Black crime at a low level. With the movement to the cities, Black crime in Africa has generally gone through the roof.
Most Caribbean nations have very high crime rates.
Blacks in the UK have a very high crime rate. Only 2% of the population commits fully 20% of the homicides and the vast majority of all gun homicides.
Let’s take a look at the UK.
Jamaican immigrants came in the 1950’s – there were few before. They were relatively hard working and law abiding. Their kids are a disaster. Black gang and gun culture is new to Britain and has nothing to do with poverty at all. In the near past, Whites in Britain were much poorer, such that they were often malnourished, but they were not as depraved as this new Black Jamaican culture, the children of low-wage immigrants.
Now let’s take a look at Blacks in the US.
Fully 50% of black women are overweight – so clearly whether or not US Blacks live in poverty, surely they are not starving. This is a serious point, as capitalist countries all over the Third World cannot seem to figure out how to give folks enough food to eat, and rates of malnutrition are extremely high in the capitalist Third World.
Poverty? The average Black in the US has an income the same as the average Swede – so much for that. Black neighborhoods were safer 50 yrs ago, but in the meantime, blacks have become richer and better educated, yet the crime rate has gone through the roof. A suggestion that genes may contribute to crime comes from reports that criminal parents tend to have criminal kids, even when the kid is adopted away.
Steve Sailer suggests that Blacks, in particular Black males, are big, strong, aggressive and have higher numbers of of testosterone receptors in their bodies, so they have access to more testosterone or they react more to testosterone in their bodies.
I would like to point out that Black crime is often associated with young Black males, and that Black males around 30-45+ have often got it figured out, no matter what they were like as kids. If they settle down, have some kids and own or rent a home, they often relax and are fairly peaceful and easy to deal with.
I say this because my car has broken down a couple of times in the heart of the Los Angeles Black ghetto, and both times Black males around this age came out and worked on my engine to try to get it going again.

Studies of psychopathic personality
(broken link) have found that in the US, Blacks and Amerindians have the highest rates, then Hispanics, then Whites, and last Asians. These approximately follow crime rates, except that Amerindian crime rates are far lower than would be predicted by their sociopathy rates.
However, other large-scale studies (broken link) find no difference in Antisocial Personality Disorder by race. They also found no consistent racial differences in traits closely associated with psychopathy, such as sensation seeking and psychoticism, and, contra Richard Lynn’s studies, the Psychopathic Deviate scale of the MMPI.
Neither are these negative results on sociopathy by race compatible with Rushton’s r/K theory of evolutionary selection, as claimed by Lynn, because Native Americans and Hispanic groups are of Siberian Mongoloid origin in the case of the former and mixed Central American Amerindian and Spanish Caucasian in the case of the latter.
Steve Sailer points out that whatever the sociopathy rates really are, Blacks are simply more aggressive than other races (I would say primarily younger Black males). Blacks have .3 standard deviation excess in aggressiveness across surveys (actually, that is not a tremendously elevated rate of aggression), including Interpol.
Sailer points out that there is no discrimination involved in higher black suspension rates in schools. I would agree with that, and add, as a former teacher who taught in Black inner city schools for years, that the only discrimination is probably that far fewer Black students are suspended than ought to be.
I would also add that Black 11th and 12th graders, even in the ghetto, are exceptionally well-behaved, all of the idiots being out of school, in jail, juvey or boot camp, or dead, by then.
In death row sentencing, Sailer notes that the only bias is towards White inmates and this applies even to the South. What Sailer means by that is that Whites are actually more likely than Blacks to get the death penalty for the same crime, even in the South. Obviously, the days of White racist hanging juries are pretty much through in this country, even in the South.
Gene Expression (not my favorite blog at all), quoting Le Griffe Du Lion (not my favorite White racist academic at all) on violent crime:
Le Griffe messes around with some figures and comes up with a .84 correlation of % of Blacks and Hispanics in a neighborhood and violent crime rates. That’s incredibly high in social science, and is almost a perfect fit. The more Blacks and Hispanics in a given neighborhood, the more violent crime, period.
I must point out that Le Griffe Du Lion is an academic lab coat racist, and a true White Supremacist, with a stated agenda of getting rid of all civil rights and anti-discrimination laws in the US.
Yet Black crime rates are not adequately explained on a global basis merely by presence of Blacks.
For instance, the Miami Herald (dead link) quotes the World Health Organization saying that Latin America, with a mixed Caucasian-Amerindian population, has a higher homicide rate (27.5 per 100,000) than even Black Africa (22 per 100,000), lily-White but organized crime-overrun Eastern Europe (15 per 100,000) and Industrialized nations – generally speaking, the West (1 per 100,000).
Furthermore, other studies show that the mixed Caucasian-Amerindians of Latin America, with only 8 percent of the global population, account for 75 percent of the world’s kidnappings.
Clearly, there is something other than pure genetics at work in high Latin American crime rates.
I know it’s heresy in these free market times to mention this, but perhaps, could an insane gap between rich and poor, among the worst on Earth, have a might bit to do with this?
Gini coefficient map for Latin America.
Oh no, of course not, capitalism doesn’t cause any problems, and all societal problems are caused by too much socialism. How do I know this? Wikipedia told me 10,000 times so far, and Wikipedia is God, you know.
Shall we end this on a upbeat tone? Please do.
Given the genetics that Blacks bring to the table, Black crime rates can either be relatively higher or relatively lower, depending on societal variables. A recognition that Blacks bring a different genetic set to the table, which may make them more susceptible to crime, is essential in devising societal actions to reduce Black crime.
What works for other races with different genetic sets may not work for Blacks with their own mental toolbox.
This is why race realism or racialism is so important.
One suggestion I would like to make as a socialist is that socialism seems to dramatically reduce Black crime.
Dominica, an island in the Caribbean, has a homicide rate 50% the US rate. Dominica is a country that is almost 100% Black, and the US is merely 13% Black. Dominica is a country characterized by a relatively equitable distribution of wealth. Most don’t have much, but they tend to all be poor together, and that may be easier for Blacks to take.
In Mozambique in the 1980’s there was a Communist regime under one of my heroes, Samora Machel. The crime rate was almost nonexistent. They were all poor together. According to a resident, anyone, male or female, native or foreigner, could walk across the all-Black capital city, Maputo, in the middle of the night, with scarcely a worry.
Abiola Lapite, one of my least favorite human beings on Earth, does note that there is a tribe called the Dioula in Burkina Faso who have a homicide rate of 1.3/100,000, nearly as low as Japan’s rate of 1.1/100,000.
Why don’t we get some Western criminologists over to Burkina Faso to study the very Black Dioula? Until there is a recognition of the existence of race as a salient variable in human diversity, and that races may differ genetically and biologically on behavioral outcomes, this will never occur.
Genetics provides the clay. Culture or society is the sculptor.
No Black population anywhere is doomed to an insane crime rate. If the Dioula can do it, so can any Blacks anywhere.

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54 thoughts on “Blacks and Crime: An Examination”

  1. How can it be that India has such a low Gini coefficient when they have so many extremely rich people living alongside so many extremely poor? Is the Gini really that accurate or does it miss a lot of important data?

    1. Yes I saw that. I think maybe the vast majority of the people are just dead poor. There are not that many of the people you describe as extremely rich. The whole place is dead poor. It has a PCI of ~$1000/yr.
      OTOH, I do not understand gni coefficients very well.

  2. Mr. Lindsay has discovered that blacks are genetically inferior. Now, if he can only figure out that socialism doesn’t work and that Nazi “gas chambers”are a hoax, he will have it made.

    1. I forget.
      That was posted a long time ago on the other site. After a while, every time I got accused of racism, I started sticking that tag on, and linking to the racism explanation piece because I got tired of explaining to everyone why this or that piece was not racist.
      They usually come from White Leftists or liberals or sometimes from Blacks or Hispanics. Black Leftists are probably the most insane of all on that charge.

  3. “…a tribe called the Dioula in Burkina Faso who have a homicide rate of 1.3/100,000…”

    The Dioula (or Dyula) are one of the Mandé ethnic groups of West Africa. The Mandé originated in Central Sahara and dispersed throughout West Africa as traders.

    As you can see, they are not very Black.

    Interesting fact, though. That they have such a low homicide rate — and a low rate of left-handedness.

    1. In the original article from The Economist (which is behind a subscription wall, unfortunately) as quoted on the Foreign Dispatches blog to which you linked:
      “Raiding and warfare are central to Yanomamo culture. The murder rate is 4 per 1,000 inhabitants per year (compared with, for example, 0.068 in New York). And, according to Dr Faurie and Dr Raymond, 22.6% of Yanomamo are left-handed. In contrast, Dioula-speaking people of Burkina Faso in West Africa are virtual pacifists. There are only 0.013 murders per 1,000 inhabitants among them and only 3.4% of the population is left-handed.”
      Look at the left-handed rate of the Yanomamo! Maybe there is something to the old idea that lefties are sinister…. 😉

    2. Another interesting fact I learned about the Mande tribe from an anthropologist here is that the older “glyph” (written ) version of their language was used to decipher the more ancient Olmec writings just discovered recently. I went to the see their “anthropology find” with some of the excavators and translators yesterday behind the Peabody Museum. The paintings of these olmec people don’t look anything like Chinese people – more like the Mande picture you show in your link. Why is that? I didn’t realize that the Olmec were a civilization that existed thousands of years before the Aztecs and Mayans inherited their pyramids and calendar. Why do the Olmecs look different from Chinese and North American Indians as well as those red tribes that live in South American jungles today? Did the Olmecs die out & we just don’t have DNA for them? I’m sure Lindsay has answered this already somewhere – but I never saw his first blog.

    3. In general, the Afrocentrist theory of the Olmec is not considered to be any good. No one knows why those statues look like they do. I have never heard the bit even about the Mande having any glyphs at all. I assumed that sub Saharan Blacks had no written language at all. OTOH, I do not know much about the theory, other than that, in general, it is rejected. I am not even sure when the Olmecs lived!
      Further, it appears the SSA’s never developed the technology to go more than a few hundred miles in a boat. I don’t see how they could have gone to Mesoamerica.

    4. Yes, I think the Olmec folks are interesting, but without any DNA, we will never know where they came from – though they look fascinating with their colorful clothes and leopard skins & all.
      I did see a book published recently on African scripts (glyphs, written language etc,..) written by Saki Mafakundawi (sp?) It had many written languages in there that Western & European history books had never bothered to research or acknowledge. I think it made sense to past Europeans to ignore though, since it was a big disadvantage to their slave trade to say “Oh, yes, and we are enslaving these people who have a written language.”
      You may have already answered this question already, but how did the original Hawaiians get to those islands? If people somehow got there on boats, perhaps they also made it to America. Maybe the Hawaaians are related to those long lost Olmecs. They definitely look similar (dark brown skin, wooly hair, African-like features)

    5. No, the Olmecs were just Amerindians. There is no good evidence whatsoever for pre-Colombian African presence in the New World. There were no written scripts in SSA. The Vai script was only invented in 1830, and it looks like it was derived from Cherokee which was brought by a White explorer. The features on Olmec statues are not really African looking.
      The faces are very flat, for one thing. Africans have marked prognathism. Also the faces have epicanthic folds typical of Amerindians. Wide noses are also found in Amerindians who live in the area.
      Polynesians did end up in Peru, but I am not sure when. Maybe around 1300 AD or so. They did not stay long.

    6. Oh, fascinating.
      Well there are now hundreds of publications documenting the previously undocumented Sub-Saharan African ancient languages. Very little effort was made to acknowledge them before the last decade, but it is well known now.
      I went to the Theban Tomb in Africa to see the 1400BC script written by the Sub Saharan African People. It is there – you should check it out.
      Meroitic script, from an Egyptian tomb painting from the Theban tomb chapel of Sobekhotep. It shows Nubians presenting exptic gifts to the Pharoh Tuthmosis IV (1419 – 1386 BC)
      Well, what about the Kushite people and their Meroitic written language? They are Sub Saharan African & it looks like they have the one of the earliest forms of written language in the world – so old it is hard to decipher.
      “In the first millennium BC, the kingdom of Kush flourished around the two great bends of the river Nile between Abu Simbel and Khartoum, in what is now Sudan. The Kushite (or Meroitic, after the capital Meroe) civilisation was one of the most important early states of sub-Saharan Africa.
      In 712 BC, Kushite kings conquered Egypt and were accepted as its 25th dynasty. The “black pharaohs” ruled for nearly 70 years until war with the Assyrians forced the Kushites back to their homeland in 656 BC.
      The Meroitic hieroglyphs (see image) date from after this defeat: the Kushite pharaohs used Egyptian hieroglyphs, but from the 3rd century BC these increasingly appeared alongside a new, indigenous script. As in African’s Egyptian script (for example, on the Rosetta Stone), there are two forms of this script: hieroglyphic, which was used on monuments and had essentially pictographic signs, and everyday cursive, or joined-up, writing.
      There are 23 symbols in each form of Meroitic. In that respect it resembles a modern alphabet – unlike Egyptian hieroglyphics, which use hundreds of symbols. Around 1911, Francis Llewellyn Griffith, an Egyptologist at the University of Oxford, deciphered the phonetic values of both Meroitic scripts from inscriptions that record a text in Meroitic and Egyptian scripts. Both these peoples are from Sub Saharan Africa.

    7. Not bad, but they are not SSA’s. They are Saharans. Heavily influenced by Egypt, I might add. Not bad though. They are Black, but they are probably more like 50-50 Black/White.

  4. 37,460 rapes (ca. 10,000 gang rapes!) is not “getting off easy”. That was a very insensitive comment.
    I wouldn’t even say the 0-10 Black women raped by White men got off easy. 😐

    1. I just wrote that to piss off the White nationalists. They go stark raving freaked out bats when I say stuff like that. They act like they want to come track me down and murder me on the spot.

  5. “Wow, that’s really weird! Thx so much for that…I ought to do a post on it.”
    It is weird. Never knew.
    In any case, since the “outlier” Dyula Black group are not really all that Black (they certainly are partly Black since they have intermarried over the centuries with indigenous West Africans), you need to correct your original post. 😉
    I agree with you, btw, that economic circumstances affect how people behave — as does the environment in which people are raised. But, don’t overlook the genetics. The genes are the fundamentals here.
    The way I think of it is that an individual’s (or group’s) genes offer a finite range of possibilities that are then affected by the environment.
    Think of, for instance, the height of Chinese people. I dunno what the average height of Chinese people is, but it’s obviously shorter than the average height of Nilotic peoples.
    Genes are “dictating” this — but obviously there is a range of average Chinese height which can be affected by nutrition. Improve nutrition for Chinese children –> get taller Chinese people. But, like I say, the range is not infinite. Chinese people, even if they get the best nutrition, are not going to be as tall on average as Nilotic peoples.
    Hope that made sense!

  6. Interesting statistics. It might be interesting to look into why, if Blacks are up to no good, then why is it that most of the US serial killers (or maybe all of them?) are white middle class men.
    If you are talking about being “good” or “bad,” Good genetics are nearly not as powerful as positive, enriched environments. Genetics have little to do with behavior and nothing to do with intelligence, except some races are genetically more capable of evil than others. This can be scanned and seen in the brain. Small amygdalas with poor functioning between the pre-frontal cortex (the cause for having little guilt or compassion for hurting others) is more prevalent in White men. This is also directly correlated with the long list of all white serial killers (sans Blacks) in America (and Europe.) Even in Africa, the serial killers are almost 99% White.
    Cortisol, bias, discrimination and stereotyped behavior, (all residues from slavery) are the greater causes of Black crime. The culture of slavery, which continued here for over 600 years (legally and illegally) becomes imbedded into society, molding each and every group within it. The United States is still molded by this toxic “code” of functioning. This can’t be denied. Electing Obama has not changed the fundamental interactions between different races within America. In some situations, it has become worse. On our campus, the hate crimes of Whites on Blacks and Whites on all groups of color skyrocketed after Obama was elected president. Maybe those Whites are angry.
    Maybe Black crime is prevalent because Blacks are angry. They have a good reason to be. If you’re black and don’t sell drugs, you don’t have too many choices job wise – educated or not. I don’t think the pilots flying those planes carrying tons of cocaine from Columbia are Black pilots. No. And those imports are not dumped in the White/Asian, etc,.. neighborhoods for Whites to sell. No, 99% of it is dumped in Black neighborhoods for Blacks to sell. The White buyers are rarely arrested – but they snort to their hearts content. This racist cycle as well as Black profiling is the main cause of Blacks being incarcerated. When you’re hungry, when no one will hire you, you do whatever you can to survive. And, I don’t know anyone around here who would hire a Black person, no matter how smart or good-tempered or experienced they were.
    Hiring a Black is going against the Bias, you become an outcast in your community. It’s a silent thing – no one will say anything anymore – the 60’s are over. That one black “quota” person is always researched, checked out to be “docile.” That’s because of White guilt and White fear. Why would a White person never hire a Black person who might speak out, expose the system and make Whites feel guilty? Because of guilt and fear. It’s the same reason why when Blacks are hired, it’s a Black woman nearly 90% of the time. It’s seems easier to keep a woman dominated and “in control.” What does this mean for all the Black men who are not hired? They can’t be supportive “fathers” to their boys. The only way to assert their “masculinity” is to sleep around, or more often, get hooked on drugs or dissapear. Their sons then grow up without that needed supportive, nurturing father who could have helped them see right from wrong. They’re mothers are always gone at work, at jobs where they are treated demeaningly (from racism) and stressed out. Their children do not have two parents, only one parent that is continually emotionally battered.
    This kind of racism used to be open and transparent before the 60’s. It was labelled on the drinking fountains. Back then, Blacks had their own neighborhoods and gave their men jobs. They had enough control over their neighborhoods to keep out most of the the drugs and alcohol. Black neighborhoods back then were more quiet, peaceful and productive, happy. That changed when they started getting burned down. Schools for Blacks were burned down as fast as they were built. Churches too. Black churches became so strong and positive and healing for the Black community, their presence still creates great fear in the hearts of White men and women. Black church burnings have been prevalent, especially in the 1980’s and 1990’s.
    Everything is institutionalized now. This bias remains from Slavery. This society is so biased that even Blacks often prefer to hire Whites instead of their own people. There are very few neighborhoods in America that are any different. Okay, yes,…. sometimes you see the one, black person in the class or at a job – and you know that is a quota thing. We all know this – it’s everywhere – just like most American restaurants have White folks at the counter, but Mexicans cooking your food in the back for 1 cent. Those menial jobs used to be the only jobs Blacks had – now they are off limit too because of abundant illegal immigrant workers. Hey, I would steal too if there was no other way to feed myself.
    Check out Ray Rist’s 30 year report and follow up on Bias in education & reflection of society ( HER Classic Reprint – Student Social Class and Teacher Expectations: ):
    If yor are really interested in learning about this, take this course: The Science of Learning, Behavior, and Health: Implications for Social Policy
    Jack P. Shonkoff

    1. “…why is it that most of the US serial killers (or maybe all of them?) are white middle class men….”
      Most serial killers in the U.S. are White because the majority of the population is (still) White.
      However, Blacks in the U.S. are serial killers at twice the expected rate (given their numbers in the population).

    2. Blacks are twice as likely to be serial killers in the US as Whites. The “most serial killers are White” thing does not hold up.
      With all due respect, I just don’t buy it. Black behavior has uncanny similarities in the Caribbean, South America, Africa, Canada and Europe. Many of those populations were never enslaved and it appears to me that they act much, much worse than US Blacks.
      Studies show that controlling for IQ, a Black male of 113 IQ has a better job with a higher income than a White male with the same IQ. Black females make 99% of what White females make.
      Black schools, churches and in general, neighborhoods, starting burning down in the 1960’s, continuing to present, because Black people keep rioting, destroying them, and burning their own cities to the ground. There has never been a proven racial link to the recent church burnings. The arsonists were burning down both White and Black churches.
      Black females may be hired because, if you have noticed, they often act much, much better than Black males. They are probably a lot less likely to have a criminal record too. I think few, if any, Blacks are stealing just to buy food so they can eat. It’s well-known among homeless people that you can get food just by begging outside a 7-11, or as my homeless brother used to do, walking into a 7-11, grabbing a burrito, saying, “I’m homeless and I’m hungry and I’m stealing this,” and walking out.
      If White males are really conscience-deficient, why does sociopathy of varying degrees seem much more common among Blacks than among Whites? Further, the Black violent crime rate is fully 8 X that of Whites.
      I have a hard time buying this legacy of slavery stuff. Institutional racism is an interesting thing, but I think it is overrated. It’s clear that racism and being treated like shit to one degree or another hurts Blacks. We ought to knock it off. They have enough problems as it is.

    3. I think the perception that blacks aren’t serial killers is because the most sick and sensational cases are typically white males. Up until the beltway sniper, I couldn’t even name a black serial killer. I don’t think anyone could. Even I am shocked to find that there is any significant number of black participants. I simply hadn’t heard of any, and hardly anyone has. We all know about the gangs and drug dealers that murder in the ghettos. But the whole shit with eating and having sex with victim’s decomposing bodies and that sort of thing. We tend to think that’s stuff only whites do. I’m willing to bet when it comes to the more sick and shocking of the serial murders, it’s still disproportionately white.

    4. Your got owned. Your Afrocentric hate is on a NAzi level of lies.
      Tytpical “serial killler line” when blacks are over represented in reality.
      And more blacks kill women and own slaves in 2012(look at the more caring africa. lol)
      Hypocritcal racist are the most evil hate filled jokes on earth.

    5. The cycle is rather simple to understand. Live in the past and you’re doomed to repeat it. There seems to be an acceptance for the lack of responsibility by groups of people (black people as you refer to) ‘because of the suffering of the past’ that certain behavior is ‘understood’. What about entrepreneurship over the thinking ‘well some other race group has taken my job, so its ok for me to resort to crime…’?

    6. Many ethnic groups came to this country dirt poor, many could not speak a word of English. Jews were persecuted in Europe for well over a millennia by the Catholic Church and the peasantry, and then the Protestant church, culminating in Nazi Germany. I don’t see Jewish ghettos throughout the U.S., I don’t see Jews engaging in mob attacks of innocent people or destroying their OWN homes, stores and neighborhoods because a court decision didn’t go their way. I don’t see Irish, Italians, Germans or Asians creating gang banga wastelands from Compton to Harlem.
      No one ever gave me a freaking thing, nor my parents or grandparents who came here 100 years ago. I never owned a slave, my people came to this country several decades after slavery ended and I have no desire to own a slave. I have no White guilt and I don’t owe you a thing, except to leave you alone in peace as I would expect you to leave me alone in peace. Living in the land of Oz by denying that there is a gargantuan problem in Black communities throughout this nation will only contribute to those problems never being addressed and consequently, growing ever-worse.

        1. Thanks. I wish it wasn’t so. I’m not too hopeful for the future of the U.S. at this point. I would never say that all Blacks are dysfunctional, because that is obviously untrue, but for whatever reasons, it seems that many are. Groups like Black Lives Matter is only making things worse for EVERYONE. Sorry for taking so long to reply, but WordPress has never gotten back to me (until today) to allow me to reset my password.

    1. Blacks have higher testosterone levels than Whites or Asians. This is why they have increased physicality, e.g., denser bone structure, increased musculature, than Whites, which leads to Black domination of sports. It also leads to increased aggressive and violent behavior. This is why they always commit more crimes, especially violent crimes like murder and rape, no matter what country in which they reside. Blacks ARE different.

  7. So this part right here
    ” I must point out that Le Griffe Du Lion is an academic lab coat racist, and a true White Supremacist, with a stated agenda of getting rid of all civil rights and anti-discrimination laws in the US.”
    Cracked me up! This post does not at all seem Racist to me. I think you’re just being very honest. And Mr Thames I do not think Mr Lindsay here is saying that Blacks are inferior. I believe the point he made was that Black Young males are generally a bit more aggressive among other things.

  8. A Really insightful blog. I’ve spent decades behind bars with Africans in South African Prisons. I intend to spend a lot of time reading over your blog. You have some interesting views. I have views of my own, but still trying to get the hang of the Blog thing. Keep on writing until they burn you my friend. need more like you … and in the end who’ll get burned?

  9. Curious how the facts that many white people in america have strong samplings of African DNA and the majority of african-americans have significant proportions of european and ameridian DNA in their mappings would effect your conclusions. As a black male, I think the fact I was pulled over by cops on average about once every two months when I was in my teens and twenties, versus maybe once every 3 or 4 years now that I am in my late 30’s must factor into this equation somewhere. It’s not that we (black males) get smart and figure it out but rather we survive past the age that people assume we are engaged in criminal activity. As for the IQ crap (mines is 137), there is clearly a slight gap which appears in young children which increases over the life span suggesting that there is an environmental factor at play (even supposedly “all things being equal”).
    Fortunately for me I am a black male and I get to have the whole seat on the train to myself.

  10. To Marcus:
    Curious how the facts that many white people in america have strong samplings of African DNA ..
    Well not really.. at least according to the data that I could find:
    In a recent study, Gonçalves et al. 2007 reported Sub-Saharan and Amerindian mtDna lineages at a frequency of 3.1% (respectively 0.90% and 2.2%) in White Americans of European descent.[42] In another study, about 30% of all White Americans, approximately 66 million people, have a median of 2.3% of Black African admixture.
    I don’t find the above figures that significant.. especially if you compare those figures to Europe.
    (Where there is also Black admixture, yet until recently, not a substantial population of Blacks…..)
    the majority of african-americans have significant proportions of european and ameridian DNA in their mappings would effect your conclusions.
    Well yes.. :
    Much more so European than Native American..although it is more fashionable to say one is part Native American.
    But that shouldn’t be surprising considering there are now 40 million self identified Blacks in the US.. the vast majority of who came from 350,000 African slaves. (and to a much lesser degree indentured servants..)
    There was quite a bit of mixing at first among Black slaves/indentured servants and White indentured servants until it was outlawed… (state by state..) but even those laws varied substantially as to their application and when they were enacted.
    One could be 1/4 Black and still by law be considered White in most states before the Civil war. (The one drop rule mostly came into existence after the Civil war..)
    What is more unusual is how little mixing went on….as compared to places like Brazil or Mexico.

  11. A recognition that Blacks bring a different genetic set to the table, which may make them more susceptible to crime, is essential in devising societal actions to reduce Black crime.
    What works for other races with different genetic sets may not work for Blacks with their own mental toolbox.
    This is why race realism or racialism is so important.

    You’ve landed upon a profound insight on racial realism that 95+% of the HBD crowd is simply incapable of grasping. Bravo! Although human ethnic groups are each different genetically, with profound psychometric differences present from birth, and with the most profound differences lying between Eurasian and sub-Saharan African populations, a social context that may reduce crime rates among white youths may not do the same for blacks, and vice versa.

  12. so it’s only 37,460 White females raped by black savages each year then. oh yes they got off lightly didn’t they? in the name of God, what planet are you on? hope you are their next victim.

  13. I up too bull shit up to my knees if the shit gets any higher im going to die in bull shit just white people making up excuse for crimminal behavior.White men are genetically more intelligent its taken centuries to get there .Take a look around all the inventions white men invented .Black people like to dance ,play blues,party drink do alot of drugs .White man in his laboratory working on a new invention .

  14. Couldn’t it be as simple as dysgenics? Certain environments select for violent crime, often selecting for athletic ability at the same time. Tribes facing constant belligerence from other tribes would be expected to have a higher violence quotient than isolated tribes. It would be interesting to look at athletic ability and crime amongst the various tribes of Africa. I’d guess the abilities would be of a certain type: quickness (not just running but hand/arm speed), vertical leap, balance but violence might negatively correlate with endurance and fine motor skills. Whites were not as tribal it seems – there were the Picts, Celts, whatever – but these were very large and had little interaction or at least co-mingled long ago (black tribes are still around). Anecdotally, violent criminals are usually of an athletic build regardless of race.

  15. It’s a very fashionable explanation to explain black overrepresentation in crime by an overdose of testosterone inside their bodies. But that wouldn’t explain why over the last years black crime dropped at a higher rate than then white rate.
    Using data from FBI-SHR we find that between 1991-2011 the black murder rate dropped 53% while the white rate dropped 41%. That goes for other violent crime too, UCR arrest data shows that for the period 1995-2012 the black rate for burglary, aggravated assault and robbery respectively dropped 39%, 50% and 56% while the white rate dropped 27%, 30% and 37%. It also seems that crime, with age, declines faster among black than among whites. SHR data shows that in 2011 the murder rate for young blacks (18-24) was 52.13 while for black seniors (50+) it was 2.99, this represents a 94% drop while the difference of rate between young whites and white seniors (8.32 and 1.50 respectively) represent a 84% drop. Another point is the male-female gap which is higher among blacks than among whites: black men and black women’s murder rate is 30.27 and 2.47 that’s a 12.22 gap while white man and white women’s murder rate is 4.81 and 0.74 which is a 6.5 gap (notice that black women have a murder rate lower than white men !)
    I find three major causes for black crime:
    The black illegitimacy rate is actually 70% which is extremely huge. Some of these black babies are born to mothers who themselves were illegitimate and were raised without fathers. This creates an environment where a child is much more indisciplined, works far less than average student, drops early at school and end up fast in prison. Larry Elder and Heather Macdonald have explored this very succintly in their columns and articles.
    -Black victimhood ideology
    We often talk about White Guilt but we should also about Black Victimhood, the other side of the coin. Most blacks in the USA are being constantly told that every disparities between blacks and whites is due to racism and discrimination, that racism pervades every facet of american society from the justice system, to police officers and teachers. That for years they lived in the USA only as oppressed people and that whites have only done bad things from them. This encourages blacks not to take responsibility for their own actions and always blame their failures on others and take a rebellious attitude toward american society as a whole. Racial hoaxes coupled with the rabblerousing of demagogues like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan had (and still continue to have) devastating results on the mindset of young blacks the most damning of all being race riots, most of them since the 60’s have been perpetrated by blacks and the cause of them is mostly to be found on police incidents.
    This ideology can also be the cause for racist crimes:
    * In 1999 an ethiopian immigrant named Neuss Zeleke went on a killing spree and shot one of his co-worker before committing suicide. In a letter he detailed his financial and jobs problems since coming to the US in 1989 blamed them on white racism.
    * In 2005 Bryan Nichols went on a killing spree because he thought the justice system was unfairly targeting blacks
    * In 2011 Nkosi Thandiwe shot to death Brittney Watts and paralyzed Lauren Garcia. He justified his acts saying: “I was trying to prove a point that europeans had colonized and as a result of this we see a lot of evil today”.
    -Criminal Rights Legislation
    One of the reason crime began to soar in the 60’s and reached a level never seen before in the 70’s and 80’s is because back in those days. Social scientists were very much inforcing the idea that crime is caused by poverty and that the justice system was too racist, these ideas influenced many policymakers who enacted many ‘rights’ that made it much harder to arrest and prosecute criminals, the most famous being the miranda right “you have the right to remain silent”. Prison as a mean to fight discarded, instead jurists and judges had to find alternatives in order to ‘rehabilitate’ criminals, the imprisonment rate was purposefuly dropped and as a result criminals were free to seed rampage over the country.
    People will talk to me about Britain, I would say that blacks in UK exhibit the same pattern of victimhood and fatherlessness that plagues blacks in the United States. When examining the 2011 riots we find that they started over a cause very similar to the 2005 riots in France, for the first case a black man, who already had a criminal record, was shot in a fight against the police but for the second two teenagers, one black africans and one north african, both muslims, fleeing the police, took refuge near an electric transformer and died electrocuted triggering weeks of riot with many cars burned. The difference was in the ethnicity of the rioters, in France they were mostly north africans muslims while in England it was mostly black caribbeans. It’s interesting to see how similar was the ghetto sub-culture of the perpetrators, in terms of clothes, manners and rap music. Lindsay says that ghetto culture is quite recent in the UK, probably because it didn’t start to flourish until the 60’s. Here’s a picture from 1948 of three jamaican immigrants who are described as ‘smartly dressed’ (the one on the left at least got his belt unlike too many youths these days)

  16. It is probably that high income inequality ”encourages” violent crime, however: I just read an article about crime rates in the USSR (and Soviet bloc). It was noted that in 1980s the crime rate in Bulgaria was considerably lower than in Sweden. And Sweden is a rather equal society and people as a whole were considerably better off than in Bulgaria (which was also equal, but ”equal in poverty” like it’s usual in communism – I was born in the USSR ;)). The author of this study suggested that crime rates tend to be low in totalitarian/authoritarian regimes of surveillance and limited freedom. I find this argument convincing.
    Also, as far as the USSR is concerned, in the Baltic states.crime rates were consistently higher than in poorer republics such as Central Asia, with one explanation being that the the former were more modernized and latter were more ”traditional” societies (in the grassroots level so to say).

    1. Look Estonian, I know how much you hate Communism and socialism. I get it. But this is a socialist blog, and if you do not stop this line of commenting right now, I am going to ban you.

  17. I’m sure you have noted that during the slave trade era, approximately 12 million were shipped, approximately 10.5 million survived, and of that only 4 – 5 hundred thousand landed in North America. The rest were shipped to somewhere in South, Central, or Islands in the Americas. Additionally, the Spanish generally did not bring their women with them, so they tended to intermix with whatever locals they could find… My point is that the admixture for South and Central America for African genes is larger than that of North America. We also know that North Americans tended to have taboo against inter-racial admixtures as compared to their South and Central American counterparts. My point is that if crime rate is indeed related to genetic predispositions, then that would help explain why African American crime rates, being so high compared to other groups, is closely followed by Hispanic crime rates. I’m no expert, but this might have some relationship.

    1. What about poor whites? They’re are tons of them, and a lot of them are hooked on dope, producing one parent homes, doing everything poor Latinos and blacks are doing?
      Are you sure that a lot of this crime stuff may have less to do with genetics, and more to do with “being tough”. In other words, guys want to look tough. That’s why they join gangs, smoke tobacco, do drugs, beat their women etc.. Also, you have to factor in poverty, so obviously being tough is a survival mechanism in tough world.

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