What Is White Culture?

In the comments section, Alpha Unit asks, “What is White culture?” I’m not sure what the answer is, but I will try to partially answer that question. I don’t know how to put this into precise words, but as a general rule, a city over 9 I have lived in these places all my life. The places I lived in had almost no crime. You could walk up and down the street at 3 AM. Indeed, I would would see attractive teenage girls walking on the street alone at 5 AM. Sure, they look at you when you drive by with a possibly worried look on their face, but they are out there walking. I used to see that quite a bit as a matter of fact. In a recent book by Robert S. Griffin, Living White: Writings on Race, 2000-2005, one man described the 9 Whenever a tree fell, an Irish guy would come and plant a new tree. Everyone had white picket fences they maintained in the same way just for appearance sake. There was almost no crime. No one was afraid to walk the streets at any time. Further, when people added onto their homes, they did so all in a manner that was consistent with a “style of the city” that the city had developed. There was active civic life. The schools were good and safe. There were no gangs. The drug problem was controllable, at least, people did not stand on the corners and sell dope. The cops were so bored that it was almost a problem; they harassed teenagers because the police had nothing else to do to fill their time. There was little trash or littering. If someone littered, people yelled at you or gave you dirty looks. Then the place started turning. It wasn’t that big of a deal until it hit the proverbial “tipping point,” which is often around 30-4 The city is still 5 Thefts are very common, and there have been some muggings and of course, the rapes. Perpetrators are young Black males. The cops are quite busy. The Irishman is gone, and when a tree falls, no one bothers to plant a new one. Civic life is shot. Everyone knows this story, but people don’t talk about it that much. There’s a reason why Whites, even White liberals, prefer to live in White communities. Even Blacks prefer to live in White communities. They’re a nicer place to live than Black communities, and any Black with a brain has figured that out. Problem is that a certain percentage of Blacks moves in (the tipping point varies), you don’t have that nice White town anymore. You have the beginnings of a Black town, which is frankly what those same Blacks were fleeing. At some point, the place is almost all Black, and it’s more or less a ghetto, at least in parts. Even the Blacks want to move on. I call this process “Black flight.” And so the process begins anew. The Hispanic tipping point is a lot higher than Blacks. Instead of the 15-4 It’s not the same. The process is much slower and not nearly as marked as what happens when a city turns Black, but you would have to be an idiot to say that what took place was not a general decline. Even at 6 There is trash everywhere – Hispanics are notorious litterbugs. There is an increase in crime, most noticeably theft, often petty theft or minor theft. There are a lot more drugs around. There aren’t that many rapes, and women are fairly safe, but there is an increase in sex crimes. There is a lot more drunken driving, and drunken Hispanics start crashing into your cars. Here in California, we are even seeing “Hispanic flight.” The Hispanics with the money sometimes start fleeing to Whiter towns nearby, but they are embarrassed to admit it. Whites? They just keep running. I’m not sure if this has much to do with money. I’ve lived in a poor White town and a poor Hispanic town, and the White town was vastly better. I can’t imagine what a poor Black town must be like. It sounds horrible. Of course, this whole thing is grist for the White separatists, but they are still a tiny minority. Most Whites are still not buying and never will. They will just keep running and running until there’s no place left to run. One solution is integration. I wrote about my old friend Avram Davidson recently. He was a great writer, but he was a bit of a racist too. He used to say, “A Black a block. Spread em out and civilize em!” That’s sounds nasty and racist, but realistically, how can you call an integrationist impulse racist? A few Blacks in a largely White or Hispanic area seem to do all right. Even the ghetto types seem to try a lot harder. Around here, I think some of the Blacks try to compete with the Whites and Hispanics to out-succeed them. I am convinced that these same folks would be ten feet under in a ghetto. Detroit was still a very nice city at about 15-2 Now look at it.

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79 thoughts on “What Is White Culture?”

  1. I appreciate your post, Robert.
    The White towns you talked about seem to be very civilized places to live. That’s because everyone shares the same values and agrees on what the rules are. Also, everyone understands the importance of upholding the rules and the necessity of penalties if the rules are violated. And so the community lives in relative peace and security.
    I would submit, however, that there is nothing particularly “White” about this mindset. The same mindset is found in “primitive” cultures, as those who study human cultures will tell you.
    The idea that certain things are forbidden and certain things are mandated, and that for the common good everyone must obey these rules (or else) exists in even the most primitive, non-White cultures. And the people in such a group would probably report living a relatively peaceful existence as well, as long as the status quo is maintained.

    1. You are exactly correct. I know precisely what you are talking about, AS. Even in rural Africa, even in rural Nigeria, such systems were in place. There was little crime or pathology in these villages up until about 1960 or so. It was based in part on an intense system of social shaming along with a feeling that if one messed up, you ruined it for your whole family. Further, there were very harsh punishments for misbehavior.
      In many cases, for repeat offenders, there is simply banishment from the village. In primitive cultures, that may well be a death sentence. A Nigerian fellow I knew said that in his village in Nigeria, they gave you one chance. After that, they just killed you. There was little crime.

    2. Yeah, I’d read about some isolated villages in West Africa where thieves are damn near killed by the village if they get caught, so little theft happens.
      I agree with Alpha, these values can be seen in many nations, including non-white ones. I think when there’s the feeling of “we are all in this together” and there’s that sense of cultural/values commonality, it’s easier to have that type of society.
      I grew up in an area that turned almost completely Hispanic. Before it hit the tipping point number, it was a fairly diverse working class area, but still okay to live and kept clean. By the time we left there were gangs, graffiti, we had to put up with mariachi bands in neighbor’s backyards at 2am when we were trying to sleep, people painting their houses bright colorful shades of paint, people painting the bottoms of trees white as is the norm in Latin America. The latter two things are bad things per se in the context of Latin American society, but it’s not really the culture here to do that so it causes clash. The neighborhood became more rundown, more poor looking women pushing strollers around. There was almost zero non-Hispanic children anymore at the local elementary school. Few people would be heard publicly speaking English. It just felt like it became a colony of Mexico.

      1. I so can relate to your experience. This is exactly, and I mean exactly how my neighborhood became. It was once very diverse and maintained itself. Then one day, as so it seemed, it was majority Spanish. The signs on the stores were written in Spanish first, then English. Very few spoke any English, which makes it difficult not only for them, but for me as well. Years ago when I worked in a meat market, I had a customer who was a regular, ask me if I spoke Spanish. I told her I did not so she asked me to get someone that could. Mind you, this woman spoke English, she was Caucasian, her husband was Hispanic. What bothered me, was that I had to find someone to do my job, because I speak the American language. I was very bothered by that. I moved because my neighborhood turned into Mexico. The neighborhood I moved to was a nice area where the police officers, paramedics, and firefighters lived because they worked in the city. It was great, we had block gatherings, roasting pigs, eating good, and enjoying our community. We also had neighborhood meetings to keep the area safe or to look out for our elderly. It was pleasant for all. Then that sweet day, we had a foreclosure! A black couple moved in, him a drug dealer pounding music all hours. He had no regard or respect for his neighbors. That was the beginning of the end. For sale signs hit lawns like Babe Ruth hitting the ball. Many people walked away from their homes due to more and more blacks moving in. One family moved here because it was mostly white, she was black with 4 daughters she was raising alone. She even left because of the new crowd. Now my once nice neighborhood is filled with empty boarded up houses, people using the street instead of the sidewalk and looking at you like you are an idiot for driving down the street because they don’t want to move. There is also home invasions, car theft, drugs being sold. Its really sad. I always hear how the white man keeps em down, when in reality they are keeping themselves down. I am currently moving away as well. Its really sad.

  2. Blacks can’t seriously compete with whites. Also, I don’t think blacks want to be spread out so that they will have no contact with other black people – they actually like being black. Simply enforcing racial separation makes the most sense.

    1. It won’t work. First of all, it’s illegal. Now, you could change the law if you had the numbers, but you have no White support for your side. I’ve never seen a poll, but I doubt if even 5% of Whites support White separatism. If you bring it up to your average White person (and I have brought it up to many) they look sort of disturbed, and then they usually start laughing.
      Blacks don’t want segregation. We tried that. It didn’t work. Blacks want to live with Whites. They don’t want to live in all-Black areas. Not only is it dangerous and unpleasant, there is excellent information coming out that shows that segregation for Blacks is actually deadly – it kills them. Blacks have to be nuts to be Black separatists.

      1. Robert I understand your frustration with integration and the way things are, but you have to understand that once the civil war ended and after the reconstruction era begun many blacks had communities like rosewood and the black wall street in tulsa,oklahoma (you can Google them)where all the businesses were black owned they even had their own airports, it took a month or more for a dollar to leave the community, crime was relatively non existent and mainly because everyone was on one accord as far as religion, tradition and cultural values. What happened to these communities which is the Same thing that happened to most prosperous black communities during this time is that they were surrounded by poor white communities that blamed them for their social and financial status, so they burned these towns to the ground and ran these people off, which is why today you have so many blacks in major cities or surrounding them. The civil rights era was not about integration as much as it was about equal rights, many blacks served in combat during every American war since the revolutionary war, the first American to die for this country was a black man named crispus attacks. Yet these same blacks couldn’t sit down in a public diner or send their children to a good public school for education, all I’m saying is blacks were happy when we were segregated, it wasn’t until whites started rioting and lynching these communities that they really started to fight for what whites got naturally.

    2. I don’t know about that. There is some evidence that blacks fared better under segregation in certain ways. I remember my mom telling me how “in the good ol’ days” neighbors all knew each other and looked after one another’s kids. That people actually left their doors unlocked in her neighborhood(which is mostly black). You had the black middle class and the poor class living side by side. You had self-reliance. Black businesses, black stores(rather than Korean stores in black areas). The crime rate wasn’t nearly as high as now and the out of wedlock birth rate was quite low compared to what it is these days. Poor black kids had middle class black integrated with them and they had more role models. Blacks were making music that was some of the best stuff that ever came out of America, stuff you can put on for your family and it was clean, and about topics all people can relate too. There was no gangsta rap back then or any music that glorified the ghetto mindset.
      What integration did was basically the same thing that emigration is doing to Africa now. It was a brain drain. Middle class blacks who were an asset to their community left and the only blacks left in all black areas were the underclass. Most blacks don’t live in the inner city, I think about 60% of blacks live outside inner cities either in the suburbs or rural areas(in the south mainly). The middle class drain of the black community, I’m not sure that was a good thing for blacks overall. Because those are the blacks that had most the best values that integrated well in western society. When they left, all you had behind were the worst ones, and in that rotting core left behind is where you get all the problems that people call “black problems”, which I’d rather refer to as “black UNDERCLASS problems”. High crime, high AIDS rate, high out of wedlock birthrates, little value of education, little interest in reading or intellectual matters, crime, glorification of the gangsta lifestyle through music, etc.

    3. You’re right, I’m black and like being black! But you know what? all of you sound like racist bigots to the worst degree!

    4. You’re right, I’m black and like being black! But you know what? all of you sound like a bunch of racist bigots to the worst degree!

  3. Polls, shmolls. White people parrot all the usual bullshit about diversity, but want nothing to do with it in practice. In practice, the vast majority of whites are racial separatists. Obviously nobody is going to want anything to do with your silly forced integration scheme. That shit’s been tried, and nobody with any sense wants to try it again, even the most lame-assed liberals.

    1. We don’t need forced integration. Blacks can go anywhere they want in the US. It’s now a free country and housing discrimination is at its lowest level ever.
      You guys keep saying you can sell White separatism to the White masses. Well, go for it. I tell you, you bring that up to a White person, and they usually start laughing out loud. There’s no support for it and you know it. But hey, go for it, by all means.
      Whites have no problems whatsoever living with some non-Whites, as long as there are not huge numbers of them. So Whites are not really racial separatists at all. Whites just don’t like it when things get too Brown or Black.
      Speaking of already been tried, Whites separatism has already been tried. It’s called sundown towns. It’s through, gone. That era is dead, or fading fast. And no one wants to bring it back.

  4. reader: “White people parrot all the usual bullshit about diversity, but want nothing to do with it in practice. In practice, the vast majority of whites are racial separatists. Obviously nobody is going to want anything to do with your silly forced integration scheme.”
    Yes, that is exactly right. Many Whites love to talk about how great “diversity” and “integration” is yet they contradict themselves because they always prefer to live in a safe/clean White neighborhoods, send their kids to good White-majority schools, and so on.
    However, the amount of damage done by Blacks, Hispanics, and other troublesome groups pales in comparison to the damage done by the nation-destroying Jews. Blacks/Hispanics/Asians/Arabs/etc might give White nations a ‘cold’ or even sometimes the ‘flu,’ but being infested with Jews is like having terminal cancer.

  5. Well, there’s a problem with Avram’s slogan – “A Black a block.”
    Blacks are nearly 15% of the population, and as you mention, that’s the percentage where they begin to effect schooling. So if they were spread out, all non-blacks would be effected by their anti-eduation culture.

    1. Actually, it’s 13.7% to be exact. The fallacy of your assumption is that all 13.7% are problematic. You are forgetting that of that nearly 14% blacks, most of them are middle class, have professional jobs and behave no different than you do in their day to day life. Now if all 14% were thugs, you might have a point, but that’s not the case.

  6. What’s the deal on diversity in advertising? It’s really getting carried away with itself. Am I blinded by prejudice, or has advertising tipped? I don’t see many Whites pictured in anything anymore, especially municipal pamphlets and utility bill inserts. Public transportation ads, bank ads and ads for clothing sales all feature less and less White faces. It used to be a “token” minority face you’d see in these spreads. Now it’s the “token” white face. The hardware chain store in my neighborhood sends out seasonal ad sheets that feature more Black and Hispanic faces than Whites doing really White things like painting picket fences and trimming hedges. Indeterminite mixes seem to be preferred when the ads are niche marketing to twenty somethings. I often can’t tell what race the models in these spreads are. They’re inevitably toothy, tan and frizzy haired with Asian eyes. And, of course their designer leisure wear hangs off their perfect ballet dancer bodies just right. Same with TV, but not so much the radio yet. Everyone on the radio sounds the same except Tavis Smiley and Blacks who sometimes get through to the talk show hosts. Listening to speed talker Michael Medved slow himself down for ping pong with a laid back ebonics speaking Black caller is entertaining. He always tries to camouflage his impatience and disdain (even for those who agree with him) with extra concern and friendliness.

  7. You know, Robert, I’ve been reading all of this and I am no closer to knowing what White culture is. Maybe no one can define it. In order for something to be a “White” cultural trait, it would have to originate with Whites.
    If you say, “Human consciousness operates independently of race” or “Culture is not a product of race,” someone will jump up and scream, “Leftist! Marxist!” Either there are cultural features exclusive to a specific race or there aren’t. Ideology has nothing to do with it.

    1. Why do black women in the US dye their hair blonde, use hair extensions, and straighten their hair?

      1. White women have been wearing hair extensions long before black women and they also have been known to “straighten” their hair with an iron, you know the kind you iron clothes with. I hope you are not trying to insinuate that black women desire to look like white women! Reverse, why are white women pumping collagen into their lips and behinds? Better yet, why are they wearing “false” booties and spending money at tanning salons, buying tanning beds and almost burning themselves to death and risking skin cancer , do you know the answer or do you want me to tell you?

        1. “Better yet, why are they wearing “false” booties and spending money at tanning salons”
          I always laugh when I see a black write something like this. Get this through your heads black people: YOU ARE NOT TAN! When a white women tans it may be said that she is trying to look more meditteranean, but not sub-saharan african. If she wanted to be that dark she’d douse herself in gasoline and set herself on fire.
          “Reverse, why are white women pumping collagen into their lips and behinds?”
          Wow, a few rich women with a bad self image and a lot of time on their hands. Most white people laugh at these types.

        2. I always laugh when I see a black write something like this. Get this through your heads black people: YOU ARE NOT TAN!
          Thank you, Wade!
          Blacks are not tan in the slightest. I agree. When whites go for a tan, they want more of an exotic mediterranean or other kind of look.
          They don’t want to be sub-saharan African. The few who do are ridiculed by most whites.

    2. The answer is obvious. Long, straight, blonde hair is a White cultural trait. And like so many others, it is worthy of emulation.

    3. To me, straight hair on Black women looks great. I love it. I have to admit I am not into Black women’s normal Afro hair (on their heads anyway). OTOH, it’s kind of weird that when Black guys straighten their hair, it looks stupid. So Black guys look better with normal Black hair. Or cornrow it or dread it. Check out James Brown? Doesn’t that look lame? Weird how straight hair looks great on Black women but lame on Black guys.
      Not that many Black women dye their hair blond. Many groups of women dye their hair blond: Japanese, Jews, Argentines, US Hispanics, Whites, Blacks. I would say that Black women dye their hair blond way less than White and Hispanic women do.

    4. I think the closest thing to a pure American white culture is the stereotyped image of 1950s WASP nuclear family America and its cultural norms of the time period.
      I don’t know who close that stereotype was to reality for most people as I didn’t live back then. But that image to me stands out as white American culture as it’s most pervasive and influential.
      As for black women’s hair. Well, black women have been doing that since the days of slavery. For the same reason black women used to use skin lighteners. They were ashamed of their African features because they were taught by society that it’s something to be ashamed of. In some places, like the Dominican Republic, blacks are so ashamed of their African ancestry that they simply deny being black altogether and claim they are “Indians”. As for African Americans, the black power movement of the 1960s made it fashionable for black people to stop straightening their hair and using skin lighteners and they began to start embracing their African features for the first time. I think it’s a good thing that more black women are proud to wear Afros and dreadlocks. Btw, blacks who take strong pride in their African heritage are some of the least likely to be out committing crime, so this should be something whites encourage.
      Unfortunately though, a black woman wearing an Afrocentric hairstyle is not accepted in mainstream white society. If Michelle Obama were to stop wearing a white hairstyle, and instead wore a short afro or dreadlocks, whites would probably be uncomfortable. Given that she’s already dark-skinned, she would just look to Afro-centric for most white’s comfort. There was already some rumblings when one of the Obama daughters wore her hair in twists and people were saying that hairstyle is not appropriate for a first family. Most blacks looking at her hair would’ve thought it was adorable. Just one way in which white and black cultures can clash.

    5. Let me also add in the greater context of what I said about blacks embracing their African heritage. I think the main reason for crime in society is lack of social consciousness. Or a lack of awareness of how you are part of the whole and how your bad actions that lead to short term gain screws yourself in the long run and society as a whole. Criminals either don’t understand that or simply don’t care. They are not socially conscientious. Anything that makes people socially conscientious will lead to less crime and social deviance. Show me a person who throws their trash out the car window and I’ll show you a potential criminal. It’s no coincidence that safe neighborhoods tend to also be very free of random garbage in the streets. And ghettos tend to have trash everywhere. I think if kids can be taught from early age simply why it’s wrong to throw garbage on the ground instead of putting it into a garbage can, they will have social awareness instilled into them, and such kids are less likely to do other things that harm society.
      As for Afrocentrism, the good is does is that it makes black people socially aware and socially committed. And socially aware people tend to not commit crimes. So I think in that sense, it’s a positive thing.

  8. Why do you two (AU & RL) want to integrate blacks with whites? What is so special about whites? Why not try to integrate blacks with Asians?

    1. Race is not first and foremost to me. Civilization is.
      I’m not interested in integrating black people with anyone. I’m interested in civilized people being integrated with civilized people. I don’t want to be anywhere near uncivilized people of any race, and I don’t want to live anywhere near an uncivilized community–no matter what race the inhabitants are.

    2. I already read that article. I’m a subscriber to Amren, you know. Jared gifted me a sub. He’s a friend of mine.
      In response to the article, Blacks get a lot more civilized and easy to deal with as they get older. Even by university age, Blacks, even males, are seldom a problem. Of course, you have to be pretty smart to get into university, so that weeds out most of the Black idiots. Black kids are really difficult, especially the boys, I agree. I’ll never teach Blacks again, and I taught them for years. I’m a former teacher, you know.
      Depends on how you deal with em. You need to try to treat them with respect, even if it’s difficult sometimes. There were two occasions when I just up and walked right out of my classes and went home though. I still can’t believe I did that. I just said fuck it and went home.
      By 11th or 12th grade, even in the ghetto, Blacks are very easy to deal with. All the idiots are dropped out, in jail, in the hospital, or dead. The only Blacks left are the ones that want to be there. They cause no problems whatsoever. They won’t do any work, but they cause no discipline problems.
      I did not have a lot of problems with Blacks fighting Blacks in my classes. I’m pretty psycho and I just start screaming and yelling. Plus I’m really good at looking as cold and evil as the worst serial killer that ever lived. Blacks respect that, and if you look like that, they often won’t mess with you.

    3. Thanks for the article. I never would have known what black kids were like had I not read it.
      Your point was?

  9. “Of course, this whole thing is grist for the White separatists, but they are still a tiny minority. Most Whites are still not buying and never will, and they will just keep running and running.”
    I hope you agree that that’s a really sad way to live your life. Running all the time, without any ultimate control over your own destiny.
    It’s quite remarkable what’s happening. We are in the process of a century long decline. It began in 1964, and anti-racism in the form of forced integration and immigration marches on destroying neighborhood by neighborhood, city by city, county by county. By 2042 whites will be a minority but there’s nothing magical about that year. In 2064 the elites ruling over a third world wasteland will celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the immigration act and how far we’ve come. They’ll point to gaps in test scores and point out we still have a long way to go.
    Hopefully one day some great Chinese historian of America will tell the whole story.

    1. What you speak of has been happening since the dawn of time. Native American tribes displaced other Native American tribes. The Spanish came in an displaced the Aztecs. Their mestizo descendants then became Mexico and displaced Native Americans to their north. American whites moved west, displacing more NAs, then those whites displaced the Mexicans living in the southwest, now Mexicans are once again displacing the whites that have been living here since the 1800s and it will go on and on. This same story can be told on every habitable continent on earth, over and over again. It’s nothing new. The world adapts to new realities and moves forward.
      If I was a white nationalist, I’d wouldn’t be advocating for whites to keep running. Eventually that’s not going to be feasible, not because whites are running out of room to run, but because energy prices are going to trend upwards(due to increasing global population and many 2nd tier nations with huge populations growing their economies like China, India and Brazil) and it’s going to become increasingly unfeasible to live in commuter towns far from the cities.
      WNs should number one, stop complaining about their shrinking numbers. The main reason whites are shrinking is because they reproduce below replacement rate. That’s not the fault of any other race if whites would rather have 1 kid so they can spend their remaining income on plasma TVs and luxury SUVs. And number two, rather than running, they should confront the problems head on. Crime can be eliminated anywhere if there is the political will to do it. During the riots the national guard came in. Guess what, crime in south central dropped to zero at that point. Now I’m not saying we need to put the national guard in high crime areas, but if you need to have more cops patrolling these places, then do it. If you have to build more jails, then do it. If you have to pass more 3 strikes laws so we can toss criminals in jail and throw away the key, then do it. While Al Sharpton may complain about it, you’d probably have a silent majority of blacks who live in these neighborhoods that would be glad to have more police presence and more criminals locked away for good.

    2. Yes, it’s happened forever. But usually it’s been an objectively superior race doing it to an inferior one. The sad part here is that its a coalition of the less worthy that are doing it.
      “If I was a white nationalist, I’d wouldn’t be advocating for whites to keep running. Eventually that’s not going to be feasible, not because whites are running out of room to run, but because energy prices are going to trend upwards(due to increasing global population and many 2nd tier nations with huge populations growing their economies like China, India and Brazil) and it’s going to become increasingly unfeasible to live in commuter towns far from the cities.”
      Yes, that is the dream of you losers. Whites forced to live around you by circumstances. It’s not going to happen. Whites in Latin America have been running for hundreds of years. Increases in energy prices will be set off by increasing productivity. If not, whites will take the economic hit to live away from the unpleasant, violent, unattractive nonwhites. I did so in my life and others will too.
      “Really interesting article that touches on this topic:
      The Chinaman who wrote it reminds me of you. Being split away from his native culture he has nothing to look forward to but the cultural and genetic destruction of those he envies. “The people of color” are a sad bunch. Resentment is all they have.

    3. “Yes, it’s happened forever. But usually it’s been an objectively superior race doing it to an inferior one.
      Really? So were the Visigoth barbarians who overran the Roman Empire were objectively superior?
      “The sad part here is that its a coalition of the less worthy that are doing it.”
      There is no coalition of anything here. White America is disappearing because whites choose to reproduce below replacement level.
      “Yes, that is the dream of you losers. Whites forced to live around you by circumstances. It’s not going to happen. Whites in Latin America have been running for hundreds of years.”
      You don’t know what you’re talking about. Latin American cities, being older are more like European cities where the wealthy tend to live in the city, rather than it is America where the wealthy live way outside the city and have a long commute to work. Even in Rio de Janeiro, probably the most crime-ridden major city in Latin America, the wealthy white brazilians often live literally right across the street from a favela. I’m not exaggerating here. I could show you photos I’ve taken of favelas literally right in the middle of a bunch of wealthy estates.

    4. “Really? So were the Visigoth barbarians who overran the Roman Empire were objectively superior? ”
      I said *usually* it’s the objectively superior who are the winners. When it’s not, it’s a tragedy. That’s why the fall of Rome was a bigger tragedy than the fall of the Nubians and why the end of white America is a bigger tragedy than the end of Tibet.
      “There is no coalition of anything here. White America is disappearing because whites choose to reproduce below replacement level.”
      No, it’s because of immigration. The Japanese have one child each and they’re surviving as a distinct race because they’re not letting themselves get overrun. White America would be fine if left alone.

    5. The Japanese actually are having some internal debate about whether to expand immigration, for the same reasons Europeans are. Their society has become too top-heavy and they need more workers to support their social system.
      Eventually they will import more immigrants. They will have no choice. Either that or start having more kids.

    6. What you’re saying is complete BS. Quality of the population matters more than quantity. Mexicans, Muslims and blacks destroy every first world institution they infest. This lie about needing immigration comes from race denying leftist creationists. Nobody who makes the argument is a serious person.

  10. Your post is deeply mistaken. Grozny, Russia, is virtually 100 % white but remains as one of the world’s most dangerous cities, whereas some entirely black places like Ghana are relatively safe. Violence and crime come with poverty rather than through race, that explains why places multicultural places like France and the USA are safer than some all white countries like Albania or Georgia.

    1. In the US, even poor White towns are quite safe.
      Anyway, the thing is, wherever you have lots of Blacks, as a general rule, you have tons of crime, often violent crime. Going to import lots of Blacks into your country which has no Blacks? You will only end up with them committing tons of crime, probably way more crime than your natives. Why would any sane nation do such a thing?

  11. I just saw this thread (wasn’t reading this site when it started) and while I’m not sure if campaigning for enclaves is the best ultimate strategy, the first step is to end eqalitarian multiculturalism and admit that white culture is the superior one. Intelligent Negroes (Robert’s term for American blacks) see how much better white communities and civilizations are to black ones, and emulate them. Almost all legal immigrants came here to live like whites, not like blacks, Hispanics or natives back home.
    The ultimate societal loss is the mainstreaming of ghetto culture. After spending 12 years in public school, kids have absorbed Big Brother’s lesson that cultures are equal and that one shouldn’t prefer ones own, just because its familiar. The endgame is students believing that dealing drugs and giving birth at 16 are mere lifestyle choices no inherently inferior to studying and getting a fulfilling career.
    “[Author Cora] Daniels, who is 35 and black, worries about a downward cultural spiral where suburban boys work as pimps, middle-class girls aspire to dance like strippers and dropping out of school is often seen as a badge of honor.”

    1. Unfortunately, I really do think that you are onto something here.
      I would like to check out that book by Cora Daniels.
      Just getting people to admit that White culture in the US is superior to Black, Hispanic or Polynesian culture in the US would be amazing.
      I don’t have a problem with any Asian cultures in the US. They are not really too problematic. Further, East Indian culture in the US is not much of a problem. Nor is Arab culture. None of these other than the Asians have any numbers anyway, and for all intents and purposes, they are just not a problem.
      However, if you go from a White city or area to a poor or low income Hispanic, Black, Amerindian or Polynesian area, the decline is quite obvious. All of these groups seem to be emulating the street gang culture of the Blacks and Hispanics these days.
      I’m not too worried about the mainstreaming of shitty ghetto culture to White communities. Even poor White communities generally adopt a very scaled down version of it that one can very much live with. For one thing, communities adopting this often have extremely low crime rates and White boys just don’t join street gangs.
      Adoptation mostly consists of White kids who think ghetto attire and music is cool, but that’s about as far as they go. Their bad behavior involves usual White pursuits such a drinking excessively, DUI’s, fist-fighting, etc. Along with the usual dope, but that’s not a ghetto import anymore.

    2. “[Author Cora] Daniels, who is 35 and black, worries about a downward cultural spiral where suburban boys work as pimps, middle-class girls aspire to dance like strippers and dropping out of school is often seen as a badge of honor.”

      Let’s not get carried away here. The majority of blacks don’t even aspire to such things.
      As for society admitting that “white culture is superior”, such statements only make sense when followed up with “superior in what sense or to what aim?” It’s like saying Pit bulls or Greyhounds or superior. They may be superior to one another in some particular aspect such as fighting or speed, but unless you define in what way, the statement makes little sense.
      Who was more superior? Taino Indians or the Spaniards? The Spaniards were technologically superior, but the Taino were morally superior since they greeted the Spaniards with open arms only to become slaughtered by the very people they welcomed.
      There are certain things I like about black culture and don’t like about white culture and vice versa. I think it’s more effective to talk in terms of strengths and weaknesses rather than blanket statements like “we are superior to them” which do nothing but lead to bigotry and ethnocentrism. Not to mention that many of the things people hate about black culture can be found in any culture to some degree. I don’t think I’d want outlaw biker gangs as neighbors anymore than I’d want the bloods and crips.

    3. That stuff Daniels is talking about is called “ghetto.”
      Now, from my perspective, I’m going to say that I like White culture better than Black, Hispanic, Amerindian or Polynesian culture here in the US.
      The problem is that everywhere in the US you have lots of low income Blacks, you seem to have the sort of stuff that Daniels talks about. Now, you mention percentages tulio. I don’t know about percentages. But you will have that element, probably in spades, really.
      I mean, we have only 2000 Blacks in this city here, and this is not even a ghetto of any kind. Yet I assure that Daniels’ element is here to a quite large degree.
      Some examples. Blacks are only 4% of the population here. Yet almost all of the pimps and prostitutes here are Black. I mean the streetwalkers and the call girls both. The girl upstairs from me was part time whoring and so were two of her friends apparently. Her ex bf was a pimp. There was another guy who hung around the complex who was also a pimp.
      You really don’t see any Hispanic pimps and whores in this town. I don’t know if they exist or not, but that’s just not something that the Hispanics seem to do.
      As far as admitting that White culture is better than the others, that’s clearly not going to happen, as you note.
      Now, to me, it’s normal for Blacks, even ones like tulio, to like Black culture. People tend to like their own culture. But to a lot of us Whites, Black culture is more or less a horror. Just too much stuff like Daniels talks about. To us Whites, well, we clearly feel that White culture is better than say Black, Hispanic, Amerindian or Polynesian culture in the US. Surely the majority of US Whites feel that way.
      Let me point out that ethnocentrism is normal, and thinking your own culture is better is the hallmark of ethnocentrism. So, really, most people of all groups think that their own culture is better. However, coming out and saying so is not PC, as tulio alludes.

      1. “So, really, most people of all groups think that their own culture is better. However, coming out and saying so is not PC.”
        PC should be called VICD (Verbally Inforced Cognitive Disfunction).
        ; )

  12. What about Asian cultures and their integration into white communities? Have you any observations on that?

  13. This is the best blog I’ve ever read. I won’t be the black guy who rants but, do you realize after the history of this country, you are expecting a physically and psychologically (and legally) abused group to be PERFECT and conform to all “norms” of this society. We still are studying how minor things affect human psyche, now imagine a world where you are “feared, abused, and constantly lied to”. Why do Black people support government, cause government stopped White Christians from killing Black Christians etc. The room for growth and existence without judgement has never been there. You can’t constantly consume in bulk and live in fantasy worlds. Ah doesn’t matter. I’ll let you guys get back to your world. Enjoy! Blacks this, blacks that, damn.
    We human beings get trapped in mental funks and never admit truths. There aren’t massive amounts of books out there from others cultures detailing and poking at European history. How gentle a history, so kind to the world and accepting of moral boundaries.

  14. Although a lot of this was painful to read as a black male in my mid 30’s, I must admit I have come to some (not all) of the same conclusions. I do live in a predominantly white (95%) middle-class neighborhood and it is a dream-come-true in many ways. It’s quiet, clean and very safe. It’s the kind of lifestyle that I am happy to provide for my family. I have yet to see a predominately black neighborhood with the same to offer (which was why I picked this neighborhood).
    Here are the problems as I see it:
    1.Our original African culture was stripped from us during slavery and what has replaced it is young in age, inferior and has been exploited by others under the banner of capitalism (liquor stores, gun stores, etc…) which contributes to keeping it in a weakened state unable to grow/evolve. The refusal to acknowledge this is the single most frustrating thing to me about Whites.
    2.The people originally responsible for stripping away our culture ARE NO LONGER ALIVE. THEY’RE GONE. Whites alive today do not feel responsible for this and I don’t blame them. If my distant relative living years ago whom I’ve never met exploited someone, I would not necessarily feel obligated to solve the problems of that person’s son or grandson or great grandson, not while I’m busy trying to keep my own family above water.
    3.Racial issues are simply not the priority for Whites. While it is everything to Blacks because it holds us back in so many ways, it’s a very small part of life for the average White person. Their priorities are providing a safe and quality life for their family. That happens to be our priority as well. It’s just that we cannot achieve it without dealing with the issues of race in school, employment opportunities, etc…
    4.Minorities will forever have to assimilate into the culture of the majority while finding a way to maintain our own culture in private or discrete ways in public. That’s just the way it is. No one is under any obligation to understand or even tolerate each other’s culture but if you want something from someone else of a different culture (a job perhaps) you have to find a way to make them feel comfortable with you, especially if they have an option to give it to someone else. This is why making issues of racially insensitive things and calling it racist (which is really a different thing altogether) ultimately hurt blacks because at the end of the day, it only alienates whites, and blacks simply can’t afford that due to the power structure in this country.
    5.There are no traits associated with any race because that would mean that everyone in that race would have to exhibit said trait. There are some consistencies though that I have noticed and do like about the White culture:
    i.White’s have the ability to build coalitions and work with people they do not like for a common cause big or small. In other words they tend to be diplomatic. This is the one of the thing I admire most about them. It is very productive when you think about it. Blacks tend to not have the ability to build coalitions with people they don’t like, which hinders progress in many ways.
    ii.White’s seem to know how to prioritize very well. They tend to understand that being able to support their family is more important than any disagreement or position at the office and will not sacrifice their means of supporting their family just to be right on a meaningless position at work (or on the street for that matter). Very smart.
    iii.White’s tend to put peace before truth (especially in the work environment). Black’s put truth before peace. This is reflected in conversation style as Whites seem taught to not state the obvious (particularly if it embarrasses someone in the room) while Back’s take pride in “telling it like it is” which can be off-putting to the White culture I’ve found. As I’ve gotten older, I must admit I’ve leaned toward the peace before truth approach. In the longer run, it just makes for better relationships with people around you.
    6.With that being said, no one culture is superior in every way. I could also list a bunch of things I love about the black culture. Saying that one cultural is superior across the board would be like saying one culture’s food clothing, music, hobbies, conversation style, etc… is better than another culture’s respective things. It is obvious that much of this is subjective and based on personal preference/habit.
    The absolute hardest part about dealing with Whites is that they judge you by their cultural standards without a way of allowing you to even learn those standards. They expect you to already know it because they think (as most people do) there’s only one way to do things so you must be choosing not to do it because you are uncivilized. So it becomes trial and error, losing opportunities to better yourself and your family along the way. Civilized people all really want a lot of the same things but I feel locked out at times. This world really is about who you know and that’s where blacks are at a tremendous disadvantage. We tend to not know people who can make things happen and we are not given many opportunities to do so because we are pre-judged and not let in the club, because of the “if you let one in, you’ll soon be overun with them” mentality as if we were roaches or something. I remember this even back in college when nobody wanted to be on my team for group projects because I was the “lazy black guy” even though I ended up graduating cum laude. I was always stuck with all the losers. All the other teams were always “full”. Who known’s, probably could have been magna or suma if I could have been regularly part of one of the better teams!
    This was why I was looking for an explanation of “White Culture” from the perspective of a White person. In a world where the majority sets the rules, this seems to be the most effective way to proceed as a Black man with one life to live. So can someone White please, please, please be kind enough to explain what is White culture, how it behaves, what makes you comfortable, etc… so that I can understand it better and build more positive relationships with Whites? Even a recommendation for a good book on the topic would be appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Wow, this is a really good comment. I’m glad you’ve found a good area to raise your family. I wish I could give you a good ref for White People 101. I have a feeling you’re doing everything you can, though.
      The thing is, the white people who are uncomfortable with you now will probably be that way no matter how you act.
      The absolute hardest part about dealing with Whites is that they judge you by their cultural standards without a way of allowing you to even learn those standards. They expect you to already know it because they think (as most people do) there’s only one way to do things so you must be choosing not to do it because you are uncivilized. So it becomes trial and error, losing opportunities to better yourself and your family along the way. Civilized people all really want a lot of the same things but I feel locked out at times.
      You’re right; if we want people to assimilate then we have to be clear about what is expected and then judge people as individuals once they do it. It’s shitty to keep moving the football like Lucy in Peanuts.
      Your points are well taken, especially 1 & 2. Contrary to what some CRT types insist, I don’t feel personally responsible for American slavery or feel western culture is intrinsically evil. However, African-Americans did have their culture taken from them and haven’t been treated fairly since. I personally think the solution involves democratic (economic) socialism, but I think even the so-called left has given up on that.
      I wish I had some of the recommendations that you asked for, but that’s all I’ve got.

    2. I say just be yourself but I could be simplifying an important issue. But in my opinion, seeing people try to be something just because its what we are all supposed to do as defined by the average is depressing because it is taking the life out of a human being. I think everyone should be who they truly are and you’ll go where you’re supposed to go based on that.
      Also, I appreciate your points 1, 3, and 4… they are things most white people really should understand and thank you for your patience in being willing to even explain this.

    3. I really liked your post. It was not only informational, but it had some truths. I am white, I grew up in Southwest Detroit my whole life. My parents never talked about race, or dating outside of ours. My area was quite diverse, many different cultures surrounded me. When you live in such an area, you learn a lot. One of my college classes was Family Dynamics, where we was placed in quads, (groups of 4) for the whole semester. We had to learn about each others culture and way of life. I had 3 black people in my group, and myself. What we all realized was that we are the same. The way we grew up, some of us came from broken homes, some from dual parent homes etc. For some reason most black people I encounter, that get to know me, tell me I am not white, I’m black. I’ve ad some tell me that I came out of the oven to soon and didn’t get to brown. What I think that’s all about is that upon knowing me, it wasn’t hard to see that I grew up just as hard, in a poor neighborhood, broken home, livingo on public assistance, getting my butt beat with whatever my mom could grab, and much more. After me telling my story, my color was no more. I come from poverty, I once was the statistic of my neighborhood, but I chose to change that. I dropped out of school in 7th grade because I could, nobody cared. I feel like we all have choices, we can either sit around and complain about what we don’t have or we can get off of our asses and go get it. I went to school with ablack boy, who went to college and made a life for himself. He has worked for Jay Z and now has his own music group called black violin. People refer to black peoples neighborhoods as the ghetto, well white people have the trailer park. Some people don’t want to live around blacks, some don’t want to live around white trash either. The issues are on both sides, it’ll never end. But I will say that the only people holding themselves back is them, not anyonee else. That is just an excuse for people who want handouts. I didn’t want that life, so I got off my ass and went to school. Currently completing my bachelors degree. School is a real struggle for me because I dropped out so early. For the record, I have all loans, no free rides so I’m paying for what I want.

  15. Black people do not want to live around whites. They want to live in a peaceful environment. Typically, these are environments with white people in them because obviously, some white guys obtained the land centuries ago. There is nothing wrong with this. Stil, if Africa was like the United States of America but all black, we would all leave this continent and never return. You can have it. It isnt you we want to be around, its what you have. Capital. For example, The Chinese and Mexicans dont want to be around you, they want to be you. Replace you. Have your nice things, not share your company. I hope this helps friends. You guys are cool but sometimes you act a little more important then you really are.

    1. Thank you very much Mr. Black Man and welcome to the site. We try to be Black-friendly here, and we want to encourage as many Black and especially pro-Black posters as possible to stick around. I enjoyed your post and if you would like to stick around, we could welcome you.

      1. It isnt you we want to be around, its what you have.
        Spoken like an honest black man.
        When blacks say they want “integration,” that’s what they really mean. They don’t support integration because they like white people or want to be around them. Hell no.
        They just want access to nice white schools, neighborhoods, malls/facilities, etc.

    2. @Mr. Black Man
      What do you think about the “gangsta” black culture that emerged in the late 80’s and 90’s glorifying gang culture, drugs, etc.
      We know that during the 80’s the Reagan regime to fund Contra terrorists let the CIA distribute drugs into the black communities in the US.
      Do you think that was social engineering on behalf of the regime to break apart the black community in the US just like Planned Parenthood was brought into the black community to tackle the “epidemic” of black illegitimacy at the time 30% during the 60’s I think it was to break up the black communities and enforce population control basically turning them into mini-Mexico’s?
      @Bay Area Guy
      ”Stil, if Africa was like the United States of America but all black, we would all leave this continent and never return. You can have it.”
      I don’t think Mr Black would be to keen to emigrate to the new South Africa.
      South Africa’s Rape Crisis: 1 in 4 Men Say They’ve Done It
      “South Africans received a horrifying measure of just how bad their country’s rape crisis is with the release this week of a study in which more than a quarter of men admitted to having raped, and 46% of those said that they had raped more than once.”

      1. South Africa? No white people there. Shows how Africans act when there aren’t any white people….wait a minute….
        Sweden is a good place to get raped, so is it a blond thing?

        1. Sweden is a good place to get raped, so is it a blond thing?
          Well, considering that the vast majority of rapes in Sweden and Scandinavian countries are committed by non-white minorities, I’d say no.

        2. Ah, but John, don’t you realize that the U.S. is in fact part of the conspiracy to usher in the coming of the anti-Christ?
          The U.S. supports “genocide” in Mexico because we want to bring in more hapless Mexicans, create ripe conditions for their conversion to Islam, and then have them meet up with the Chechens to violently overthrow the current government, thus establishing the anti-Christ, Islamic NWO.
          Brzezinski told me so over the phone.

        3. These same people would also point to the fact that Israel supported apartheid South Africa after it’s supposed African allies adopted the Palestinian cause. Pathetic.

        4. LOL BAG
          Of all the weird things he says, the US backed genocide in Mexico is undoubtedly the most strange of all his fantasies.

        5. @Bay Area Guy
          Nah they don’t want to convert Mexican to Islam as Muslims have high birth rates they just want to kill them and have them be lorded over by Mexican drug cartels similar to how they supported the early Bolshevik takeover of Russia. .
          America is the leading anti-Christ force in the world today waging death and destruction across the planet in their policy of Full Spectrum Dominance. An overthrow of the government is long overdue.
          Time you stop being a white supremacist and take a trip to the Museum of Tolerance.
          Henry Kissinger wrote a strategic paper National Security Study Memorandum 200 under the Nixon administration in 74 targeting nation states for depopulation specifically highlighting Mexico which later through US trade agreements Mexico was de-industrialised and its domestic industry and agricultural sector as well as banking were taken over by international global corporations with predictable results.
          Coupled with the fact that during the 80’s the CIA and MI6 were organising and leading the global drug trade network running CIA drug flight operations out of Florida and US controlling the drug cartels in Mexico highlighted with the latest ATF operation of shipping weapons to Mexican drug cartels who are massacring hundreds of Mexicans.

  16. Gay State Girl: I don’t get it. Sorry?
    re: Sweden, women are raped and blamed for it. The government is responsible for its policies in creating a rape culture.

  17. John UK
    Time you stop being a white supremacist and take a trip to the Museum of Tolerance.
    Notice the irony of putting tolerance in a museum johnny boy? =p

    1. @Dota
      When I am walking down the street on a hot sunny day with my top of exposing my toned body and get call whistles from passers by I might consider that sexual harassment and intolerance.
      After all it is not my fault god endowed me with such good looks.
      “Notice the irony of putting tolerance in a museum johnny boy? =p
      Might by like Madame Tussauds were they have wax work statues of people of intolerance like Hitler, Osama Bin Ladin and BAG on display.
      There is always that risk of a Nazi government coming to power again in Germany as to my knowledge Tom Cruise was unable to find the phantom farter who let one rip during moment of silence on the set of Valkyrie to the films hero during filming.
      Allegedly the entire crew members were rounded up a put in a detention centre for 3 hours and spoon feed cans of beans with Mossad and CIA sound specialists using sound recording and analysis equipment were unsuccessful in matching any of the farts to that in the footage recorded during the moment of silence.
      Security experts fear there maybe cells of Nazi farters ready to strike at public venues in Europe and in North America at Holocaust memorials, Museum of Tolerance venues, etc.
      A no-fly passenger list similar to that imposed after 9/11 is rumoured to be established listing individuals at high risk of being potential Nazi farters.

  18. This is a two year rant back and forth over politics and procedures that will never be resolved to satisfy everyone’s opinion. Lmao…
    Well i guess if you’re going to argue, it might as well be over something that will never be a matter of fact?
    Also, as far as the article, where is the white culture aspect, i didn’t seem to catch it. Just looks to me like you were comparing our lack of culture to other races crime rates, and in a nut shell, saying we (whites) follow the rules. Seems as if you missed the point of your own article.

  19. It is often said that the actions of the many, can negate the actions of the few and visa versa. Many psychologists and educators involved in analyzing racial biases fail to take in account the fact that certain biases can be learned and created as a result of the consistent behavioral patterns of a particular group. As a result of these behaviors, those who are intolerant to unfavorable activities will insulate themselves from the offending group as a protective mechanism. Often, this insulation is misconstrued as empty hate and or prejudice. This type of isolation is not only learned by the parties attempting to insulate themselves, but also earned by the offending parties through the practicing of bad behavior, or behavior that is otherwise deemed unacceptable to the social norm. As a direct result of unacceptable activities by the majority, an unfortunate label is often forged and the few who act appropriately often share the shunning as well as the label.
    With direct respect to White Americans, a new and disturbing form of disenfranchisement has taken form which is a dirty little secret that no one will address on a formal level. Whites are increasingly being pushed out of recognizing their own culture for fear of being described as racists. If whites had an all-white college, an all-white television network, or a white history month, they would be ostracized as racist bigots. The hypocrisy lies in the fact that many races and creeds enjoy the right to their own learning institutions, the celebration of days dedicated to specific heritage and race, and the right to profess power and pride in their race. All the while, the culture of whites erodes and is ignored and to profess pride in being white is to commit social and or political suicide.
    What is white culture as I understand it? It is a firm handshake, a hard days work, it is looking a man in the eyes when you speak to him, it is telling the truth, and your word is your bond. It is wearing your clothing so that it covers your ass, it is respecting women and taking care of your children. It is hunting and fishing, and handing down the moral and ethical teachings of your forefathers. This represents my white culture, and sadly we are a dying breed.

  20. wtf! how did this end up with how a different race lives eats commits crimes etc.? i’ve lived in usa from 1992, & all of u whites & african american are problems to ur country. if its the blacks,gang banging, or the whites serieal killings. u all are americans, we look at u guys bad people. only maybe christines, but not the junkies.im proud to be of a nation who fought against all odds, for thirty dirty yrs. over here u fight drug wars, back home we fight for lands real estate, lol. just like our anscesters been doin for thousands yrs. this robert guy is right on most things though, african american youths are very hard to deal with. they are very pride full. when i was young & new to usa, i always thought whites were very nice, but now as i grow up to know their f**up. i thought livin next to whites would be great, but once they relise ur from diffrerent country they seem rude. why huh..why is it that im at stores on my moble phone,talk my language they stare so damn rude huh?. i never have these problems with orientals, mexicans, blacks etc. so now i dont even look at them, becuase of things like that. i have more asian friends, then i do with whites. & this is suppose to be a white majority country too lol…anyways, i didnt expect this from whites to be arrogant, but now i dont even look at them, i lose so many respect. i thing asians are more smart, well mannered, discipplened, just like my people. our country doesnt even do business with western countries anymore, their played out!

  21. I am a white woman and I agree 100%. I am canadian since 1630 but I do not like multiculturalism one bit. Its not that I hate other races. I also have nonwhite friends who agree with me who came to canada 25 years ago and respected our rules and tried very hard to fit in, particularly in speaking english at all times on the streets (the new immigrants no longer do this and I find it insulting). I also feel very unsafe and there are many gangs in our cities now. Why is it the whites cities do not have gangs and have lower crime rate- even white cities with higher unemployment. Women are treated horribly under this new system that was forced on us. Its highly unfair. My friends all agree with me too……..I wish I could leave canada its ruined now. There is so much race hatred here now its sickening I see it every day! And being white and beautiful I come home in tears some days at how I am treated by nonwhites (the women tend to be very jealous and the some of the men mistreat me as well as they think they are superior to me when in fact they are not!!)>………..

  22. Clearly, Robert Lindsey is just as racist as his friend, as has absolutely no understanding of race, racism, or even history. Which would explain this hot, racist, ignorant, generalized, uneducated written mess generously called an “article”.

  23. Oh my flying Christ, I thought that this article was a hot mess, and then I read the comments…literally the most dismal peices of literature I have ever read in my life. Have you people any education on the construct of race and the systemic racism that exists in American institutions? Am I really the only white person reading this and calling it complete bullshit? This is unbelievable… The degree of just utter racism and sheer stupidity that emanates from these comments is painfully staggering. Can we please get some actually educated minds up in actually, because what I am reading is just fucking shameful.

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