Very Interesting Comments on the Ricci Case on a Liberal Website

On the Care2 website, there is an article about the Ricci case which I wrote about earlier in which the Supreme Court ruled in favor of White firefighters who had been discriminated against in New Haven, Connecticut.
Being a Leftist, I am not sure whether to characterize this site as liberal or very liberal. Possibly very liberal would be a good characterization. It’s pretty much the left wing of the Democratic Party on that site.
They have lots of petitions for you to sign on there, and I sign them all the time. I hardly ever read the articles because often they are too PC-stupid for me. Predictably, there is some Jewish guy who always writes on illegals saying basically open the borders and let the whole Third World flood on. Oh, excuse me, I mean he wants amnesty for 25 million illegals. Well, what’s the difference?
Nevertheless, I did happen to read this article. I scrolled down to the commenters, not knowing what to expect. Out of 31 comments, only 3 of them opposed the decision, that is, sided with the 5-4 liberal minority ruling on the case and the city of New Haven. 28 of 31 sided with the White firefighters. That’s about 90% support on a very liberal website.
A lot of them were saying that they want affirmative action period ended. Some were White and had experienced negative effects from AA firsthand. A lot wondered about lowering of standards where lesser qualified minorities are hired and promoted at the expense of more qualified Whites. 2 of the 3 supporting the Blacks in the case could be classed as extremely liberal, almost Leftist.
Even more surprising, some of these liberal Whites were saying that they were tired of discrimination against Whites, and that it was about time someone stood up for White people. Contrary to PC-lunatics, I think few, if any, of these liberal Whites were racists. I know these people. They’re just not racist.
This goes along with what I have been saying for a while on here, that there is a lot of political space for a White, liberal-friendly, sane, anti-racist, pro-White movement in the US that stands up for Whites against discrimination, hate crimes and hate propaganda. I talk to Whites a lot about these three things, and many of them get visibly agitated when I bring up those three subjects. Some of these folks are whiggers who are married to non-Whites.
One thing for sure, we don’t need White nationalists or other White racists anywhere near this movement. This is an anti-racist movement that will fight racism against Whites. You can’t be against anti-White racism and support other kinds of racism. Wait, you can. I just described the White nationalists.
Anyway, you can’t be principled and oppose some racism while supporting others. You either support racism or you oppose it. It’s that simple. Racism isn’t good for some and bad for others. It doesn’t work that way.
This movement needs to shy away from the whole sickening racist White nationalist package. That means no opposition to integration or miscegenation. No support for or apologetics for segregation, Jim Crow, apartheid, the Confederacy, slavery, the genocide against the Indians, sundown towns, lynching, US colonialism, or God forbid White separatism.
No hate propaganda against non-Whites. No talk of superior and inferior races or eugenics. No anti-Semitism, Holocaust Denial or support for Nazism.
Well, that rules out 95% of the pro-White crowd right there. Who’s left?

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10 thoughts on “Very Interesting Comments on the Ricci Case on a Liberal Website”

  1. The truth is that independent of whether or not separatism or eugenics are good ideas, I am looking for a movement to appeal to the 73% of Whites who say they are proud to be White and think that White culture ought to be preserved. Most of these people are not racists and many are liberals like those described above. You mention the word separatism or talk eugenics, and the vast majority of that 73% above take off screaming for the hills. Those are loser issues. Save it for your radical causes.
    Anyway, separatism probably has less than 5% support among Whites anyway.
    I’m looking for a White analogue to La Raza, MALDEF, the Urban League and the NAACP. None of those organizations talk about separatism or eugenics.
    Any movement trying to appeal to the vast majority Whites can’t be Communist. And the vast majority of US Whites support the standard version of the Holocaust. Holocaust revisionism is simply Nazism, period. Holocaust revisionists are Nazis. That’s all there is to it.

  2. When a elite White liberal says that they support affirmative action, this is a great response:
    “Great! Now how about let’s get the ball rolling even more. How about you give up your job (or your spot in Harvard or Yale or etc.) and give it to a non-Asian minority?”
    Then sit back and watch the White liberal get angry.
    As long as it is not his job, he is okay with it!

  3. I’m not sure why you are so concerned with appealing to the “vast majority” (AKA the idiotic masses) Mr. Lindsay.
    The moronic masses are unthinking and thus must be told what to think and how to act by those who are superior to them. The moronic masses just follow along with what most of the people around them are doing or more commonly remain permanently uninformed/ignorant and thus apathetic.
    What you seem to be talking about here is gaining the following of a ‘critical mass’ – this is not the same as the majority of the population and/or ‘the masses.’
    In order to begin implementing many White racialist ideas, you wouldn’t need anywhere near a majority of Whites agree with those ideas – once a critical mass is reached and firmly committed to as well as active in promoting pro-White ideas (could be 20% or even less of the overall White population of the USA), then the rest of the moronic masses will just start naturally following along as long as you give them a few good slogans to get behind.
    While 10-20% of American Whites agreeing with and promoting pro-White ideas may not seem like much, in reality that translates in to many millions in the USA – a force to be reckoned with.

  4. “the moronic masses will just start naturally following along as long as you give them a few good slogans to get behind. ”
    In addition to simpleminded slogans (“Yes we can!”), the masses also require bread and circuses to placate them (or in the USA, burgers/beer and TV/sports).
    It is futile to try and convince the fickle, idiotic masses of the importance of understanding and implementing eugenics, racial separatism, the superiority of Whites in terms of civilization-building, solutions to the Jewish Problem (including questioning/revising the ‘official’ Hollyco$t narrative), and so on. All of those issues (among others) are discussed and decided upon by a nation’s elites behind closed doors, in books, or on websites that the thick-headed masses do not often frequent.
    Mr. Lindsay, silver, and all of the other writers/thinkers/bloggers that we are all generally familiar with are not part of the masses. If you are well-informed, knowledgeable, have strong opinions of your own on various topics of importance, and you are also able to express them in speech and/or writing, you are no longer a member of the masses – you can then become a manager of the masses if you choose to be (often involves ‘selling-out’ in Jew-dominated countries like the USA), or else you can just remain a lone/rogue ‘intellectual’ toiling away in relative obscurity and stewing in your own frustration at not being rightfully recognized as a thought-leader by the larger society.
    A tip…if you are no longer a member of the masses and you seek to become an influential person/leader, cultivate and work more on your speaking/oratory skills instead of your writing skills if you are trying to convince more people to adopt or follow your ideas. The idiotic masses are never swayed by reading because to read complex material hurts their dumb little heads too much – rather they are more easily swayed by powerful oratory.
    In summation, don’t give too much regard to what the masses think or believe because they do not actually think/believe anything except what they have been told to think/believe. In nations that have been corrupted by alien, hostile, and rotten elements such as the USA has been decayed from within by cancerous organized Jewry with help from their sickening talmudvision (TV), the situation is even worse because the already clueless masses are being even more deliberately ‘moronized’ so that they can be stripped to the bone by the hostile elites.
    The masses do not accept racial separatism, eugenics, natural White supremacy, solving the Jewish Problem, questioning the veracity of the Hollyco$t, and so on because they are stupid and uninformed. As Rob says: “That’s all there is to it.”

  5. The enemy is over-reaching and is self destructing. Multiculturalism rules over us, but the perpetrators of multiculturalism are an example of the old saying, “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” Of course this isn’t a supernatural truth, but it’s a deep psychological truth.
    White nationalism is a response to a destructive (and self destructive) Black Magic. We were previously merely ordinary men, and women. The defensive response to Black Magic, forces a spiritual “immune response” in us, that gives us greater mental insight than we would have had otherwise. This greater mental insight is the “White Magic” that I speak of on this thread. Dr. Pierce spoke of “Moral AIDS.” The analogy to microbial pathogens works. We are the antibodies, the immune response, to Moral AIDS.
    Had the Multiculters left well enough alone at a certain point, Multiculturalism may have succeeded to a far greater degree, just as lowering taxes increases economic activity and increases revenue. A libertarian “free association” multiculturalism would have “worked” much better. Fortunately for us, they aren’t doing this. They are going for an authoritarian, hyper-real, Black Magic, “emperor is naked but you better pretend he’s got the most beautiful finery” multiculturalism.
    Example 1
    There’s a thread here about La Raza going for free health care for illegal aliens, even while the US goes bankrupt. People will be literally dying in the streets, and we have PROOF that La Raza helped bankrupt the health care system by forcing free health care for illegal aliens.
    Example 2
    Cue “Rule Britannia” with a kazoo orchestra, while I present you with:
    “Lord” Trevor Philips, the Head Negro in Charge of Official Multiculturalism in England:
    Lord Philips, being a typical African wannabe tinpot dictator, thinks he can “outlaw racism,” (e.g. outlaw the BNP’s Whites only rule) while expecting ordinary British people to ignore the myriad “black only” and “Asian only” and “Muslim only” interest groups, many funded by the government.
    He doesn’t realize that his position depends on millions of British people “playing along with the costly charade.” He’s ensuring that British people will quickly tire of the “costly charade.” He’s all “esteemed up” and his priapic African pride overcomes any possible understanding of the political dynamic that he is messing with. Ed West, a columnist who is opposed to the BNP, but does understand basic political dynamics of muliticulturalism, tells the tale of the over-reaching Africoon tinpot:
    But they’re about to be woken up with a thud, with news that the Equality and Human Rights Commission is threatening to take the party to court over their racist membership rules. And while the Twitterati, clueless 30-something liberals who seem to dominate so much of British political debate, may think the state can simply outlaw racism, in fact the EHRC is walking into a gigantic trap.
    The Equality and Human Rights Commission is an £80m super-quango led by the insufferably smug Trevor Philips, and if you wanted an organisation to make the BNP look sympathetic, you could not do much better. The EHRC, and I’m not sure they’re aware of this fact, are hated by most Tory-voting white people, or members of the Anglo-Viking-lager-drinking community – hated. They represent everything the English resent about the jobs-for-the-boys-and-girls, doesn’t-matter-what-colour-you-are-so-long-as-you-went-to-Oxbridge-or-LSE mentality of the quangocracy.
    The BNP know this, and I bet they’re desperate for their day in court. In fact, from what BNP supporters have told me, the only reason they’ve kept this pointless membership rule (how many non-whites are going to apply, anyway?) is because they want a case exactly like this.
    Not only will it turn them into martyrs, but it will expose the hypocrisy of the establishment’s attitude to race. As “James1″, a BNP voter who has posted on this blog, points out, if whites-only groups are wrong why does the multi-cultural state tolerate, and in some case subsidise, these groups:
    The Black Police association
    Black people’s mental health association
    Black and Asian therapists online
    National BME mental health network
    Federation of Black housing organizations
    The Black Londoners forum
    Positive action in Housing,Asian modelling service
    Society of Black lawyers,London
    Society of Asian lawyers,London
    Ethnic media Group
    Al-Nisa Muslim Women’s Group
    Al-Nur Muslim Women’s Association
    Antrim Chinese Community Association
    Barnardos Chinese Lay Health Project
    Chinese Welfare Association
    The Windsor Fellowship
    Sponsors for Educational opportunity,(SEO)London
    Link Net Mentoring
    Suga fix media arts
    Sussex Black police Association
    The National Black Writers and Artist Association
    Black students Association
    UK Black teachers Association
    Black UK online
    Ashiana Housing Association Ltd.
    UK Asian business directory
    Asian People’s Disability alliance
    Asian arts agency
    Black Enterprise awards
    AIM magazine
    Natwest Bank (Asian Entrepreneurs Unit)
    Asian Voice
    Black womens rape action Project,BWRAP,London
    The Drum,African,asian arts venue,Birmingham
    Black training and enterprise group
    UK Black Pride
    Ethnic Minority Foundation,London
    Oshwal Elderly Welfare Association,Surrey
    Ethnic Minority and Black Regional Action for Community Empowerment (EMBRACE),Birmingham
    MENTER,Regional network for Black / Minority Ethnic (BME) voluntary organisations
    Black and Minority Ethnic Elders Group,Scotland
    Latin American elderly project,London
    Latin American golden years day centre
    Naz project London,Sexual health & AIDS prevention(NPL)
    The Black Fundraisers Network,London
    Black Arts Alliance,Manchester
    Southall Black sisters,Middlesex
    Black student union
    Dudley Black regeneration council
    Black Professional events,events planners
    Black Health Agency,Manchester
    National Association for the advancement of Black people,
    African Caribbean Development agency (ACDA)
    African caribbean education and training services (ACETS)
    Amaani Tallawah mental health support services,Nottingham
    APNA arts,Nottingham
    Asian day centre,Nottingham
    Broxtowe African Caribbean Elders group
    BUILD Nottingham Mentor project
    Calabash supplementory school
    Afrik-African International Network,Nottingham
    Asian mens group
    Somerset Black development agency (SBDA)
    Black families education support group,Bath & somerset
    So even if the EHRC win, what do they hope to achieve – to confirm in the minds of working-class whites that there’s one rule for them and one for us, and that they’re the lowest form of life in the minds of the establishment?
    Strange that the people who compare the BNP to the NSDAP are giving its leader the chance of martyrdom before the People’s Court.

  6. Silver, AFAICT, all of the White folks who want to live in a White separatist state desire this because they really, really, really, really hate non-Whites. If not all of them, definitely most of them. I’m still waiting to meet the White separatist who is not a virulent White racist, and I haven’t met one yet. So yeah, if you want to separate because you hate those people so much, you can’t even stand to be around them, that’s messed up.
    Also, all of the people promoting the idea are a bunch of virulent White racists. So it’s not necessarily the idea itself that is bad, it’s more the folks proposing it and the reasons why they are proposing it.
    If there were White separatists out there who said, I just want to keep Whites from going extinct, and I don’t hate non-Whites in the slightest, I could almost respect that. But I do not think I have run across one of those yet. Even if they don’t hate non-Whites, they really, really, really think that non-Whites are seriously inferior to Whites. That’s messed up right there.
    You shouldn’t be getting into superior and inferior races. At the very least, it’s impolite in a Southern gentlemanly way. It’s unbecoming of Whites, a highly civilized people, to lower ourselves to base racial hatred and talk of superiority and inferiority. That’s what the non-Whites do. Non-Whites, especially Blacks and Hispanics, are much more likely to engage in what I call base, low, uncivilized, low morals type of behaviors.
    Whites are much more likely to have higher morals and not engage in so much base, low behavior. By engaging in racism and talk of superiority and inferiority, we lower ourselves to their level.

  7. I’m going to continue my rep as being the odd man out some of the time.
    I at first thought the supreme ct decision was right and that this was a case of reverse discrim and PC-amok. But reading about it, the decision was based on the fact that the test results were set aside and no action taken till further notice because the City of New Haven had said they feared lawsuits based on the test having contained racial and culturally biased questions. The city says they had an expert in testing look over the test before they used it to check for questions that might possibly be weighted towards whites, maybe they did, but the only person that assured them the test was fair to both blacks and whites was that expert, and no one really knows how expert he is or what methods he used to evaluate the test.
    Psychologists and statistics indicate that certain tests can be racially and culturally biased. Blacks tend to do worse than whites in multiple-choice questions for example. No one knows why yet, not even the psychologists, but they know there’s a problem here, and it’s unlikely IMO to be due to a lower intelligence mean on the part of blacks.
    The supremes simply said that you can’t set aside test results and promotions based on the fear of lawsuits..the court did not examine the test or the history of the department. I’m now dubious as to how “cut&dry” this is.
    The population of New Haven is 37% black, there are less than 10% blacks on the fire departments and police. New Haven’s fire dept has a long history of racial discrimination. The test wasn’t geared towards simple firefighting skills, it was for supervisory skills as well as communications and being able to relate to and communicate effectively with people from all ethnic and racial backgrounds in many different life threatening situations, as well as with govt and city officials.
    If you don’t understand how a test question could be culturally-biased, try this excerpt from a test designed by a black researcher to illustrate..i think he was trying to be light-hearted about it but the gist of his point comes across IMO.…gTestShort.html
    As for affirmative action and quotas, i’m uncomfortable with the practice in these enlightened times, and i’m sure that in many cases it’s counter-productive..not only to whites but blacks as well, but a level playing field is important, and it’s important to consider that affirmative action may get you into med school, but it won’t get you out.
    I’m sure that any white person here, if they were laying on a gurney in a trauma room and saw a blond-haired, blue eyed doctor approaching them, would not be immediately wondering where that doctor placed in his graduating class.
    I’m keeping an open mind on this one…i want more info before I make up my mind. I’ve personally seen discrimination against whites and blacks. But more against blacks.

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