No Need For Dead Michael Jackson Jokes

As in the previous post.
The truth is sad or funny enough, depending on your tastes. The worst dead Michael Jackson joke of all is how the poor guy died.
According to reports, when Jacko died, he was emaciated (he weighed only 112 pounds), he was bald, he had needle track marks all over his body, was covered with surgery scars and had a stomach full of pills.

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3 thoughts on “No Need For Dead Michael Jackson Jokes”

  1. You need serious help. If get enjoyment out of this then your a DISGUSTING PERSON! im sure you would like it if someone did this to you!

  2. the irish have a party when someone dies…. and everyone laughs and has a good time…… Michael lived his lived his life as he wanted… one boy at a time… I mean one day at a time

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