Support For Nazism Digs The White Nationalists' Grave

I have spoken to Americans who were alive during WW2. Knowing that most US Whites were racists back then, I expected that many of these racist Whites supported the Nazis. Whites who were alive in that era frowned and told me that I was dead wrong. Overwhelmingly, White America was almost 100 Many racist Southerners proudly served on the European Front, and many were wounded and died. Those who came back got heroes’ welcomes. Later on, those who lamented that they had fought on the wrong side were few and far between. Why were the Nazis so hated? In part because they had declared war on and attacked almost all of White Europe. Many Americans had British ancestry and they were particularly infuriated, and even sickened, by the Nazi assault on the UK. Others had French, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Greek, Yugoslav, Czech, Ukrainian, Belgian, Dutch or Danish ancestry. The Nazi criminals overran all of these great White countries for no reason, massacring any White man, woman or child who stood in their path. Further, though Americans were anti-Semitic, they were sickened by the rumors of what the malign Nazis were doing to the Jews. We were not that nice to Jews, and there was discrimination, but we never mass murdered them for Chrissake. Most Americans simply thought that Nazis were sick freaks. One more thing. Nazi beasts were totalitarian, and Americans loved democracy. In addition, Americans had heard of Nazi monsters murdering the physically and mentally disabled, and this sickened them to the core. We may have sterilized a few such folks, but we never mass-murdered them. On top of everything else, the Nazi Orcs declared war on our proud nation only four days after Pearl Harbor. They declared war on us before we could declare war on them. Most Americans did not see Nazis as “pro-White.” Why should they? They lived in an America that was already as pro-White as you can get. If White nationalists have fucked up in one way more than any other all across the globe, it’s in their embrace of the Nazi enemy. Even their Holocaust Denial makes most Americans want to puke their guts up. Especially here in the US, none of that’s ever going to go down well. Neither will it go down in Yugoslavia, Denmark, Norway, the UK, Greece, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ukraine, Australia, Canada or New Zealand.

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12 thoughts on “Support For Nazism Digs The White Nationalists' Grave”

  1. Well the people like VNN and the like have to stand out somehow and by supporting Nazis they differentiate themselves from the competition. Otherwise they’ll just absorbed by larger and more efficient organizations that will overshadow them. Compare it to Dennis Rodman if you’d like but if they act too normal then they have no niche.
    I try to stand out in other ways.

  2. I agree 100 percent. Also, it’s worth noting that Hitler insulted America even before the war began because most Americans were of mixed ancestry and he was against even that. He is reported to have said something along the lines of “If you can’t make it in your own country, you should go to America”. In other words he saw America as a dumpster for all the people he didnt like. He probably would have even been willing to send the Jews over here if we hadnt made it clear we didnt want them.

  3. Or maybe not, because he’d know they’d build weapons for the US army and come back to attack him, whereas on Madagascar theyd be pretty powerless. Still, Hitler was pretty clearly anti-American.

  4. RL: “Overwhelmingly, White America was almost 100% anti-Nazi … Why were the Nazis so hated?”
    The National Socialist excesses as well as their brute authoritarianism certainly did not sit well with most Americans back then, but before and even after Pearl Harbor the majority of Americans were still VERY staunchly against entering the war in Europe – they of course did want to crush Japan after Pearl Harbor happened though. (nevermind that PH was actually a semi-set-up or quasi ‘inside job’ concocted by the nearly dictatorial and self-anointed ‘Permanent President’ Franklin D. Rosenfeld, his Jew Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau Jr., and others as recent research has revealed…back then no one realized that fact)
    Why Hitler decided to declare war on the USA right after PH happened and before the USA had declared war on NSGermany will always remain one of the great mysteries (and blunders) of 20th Century history. It may have been because Hitler’s increasingly strained mind was beginning to ‘slip’ around that time, having already been very adversely affected by all of the crushing stress of a continent-wide war that had been raging for 2+ years, and especially by the massive invasion of the USSR that was, by late 1941, clearly starting to falter after the initial early successes. We’re talking about a single man (Hitler) who was trying to micromanage what was largest war in human history by far – trying to do that much would surely cause enough stress and strain to drive most people bonkers real quick.
    If the “Nazis” were hated in the USA, it was only because of the constant hatred stirred up against them by the American mass-media, which even back then was of course almost totally controlled and manipulated by the Jews who were based in many of America’s most important urban centers (which is of course where the mass-media and other ‘knowledge industries’ are still based). The Jews who owned, ran, and manipulated the American mass-media did everything that they could to promote hatred, antipathy, and ultimately war toward National Socialist Germany via their tightly controlled mass-media.
    Americans at that time knew virtually nothing about NSGermany except for what they read in the Jew-manipulated ‘American’ newspapers, saw in the Jew-manipulated ‘American’ movies/newsreels, or heard on the Jew-manipulated ‘American’ radio. I put ‘American’ in quotes in the preceding sentence because the media was not at that time no longer in the hands of native-born White Americans, but rather it had already been largely hijacked by internationalist (NOT AMERICAN) oriented Jews. Those ‘American’ Jews back then, like the ‘American’ Jews of today, might have technically been American citizens (very recent ones, I might add), but their first loyalty was clearly not to the USA but rather to the borderless/transnational Jewish ethno-collective.
    Thus the ‘American’ Jews who owned/ran/manipulated the American mass-media, the war-mongering Jews who fanatically hated NSGermany and sought to inculcate the American public with this same hatred via outright mass-media indoctrination/brainwashing, is to blame most of all for sparking American hatred toward NSGermany.

  5. Most Americans did not see Nazis as “pro-White.” Why should they? They lived in an America that was already as pro-White as you can get.
    Yeah, sure seemed that way, huh? Now look at the place.
    I think the point is not so much to be “pro-Nazi” but to look at what went on during WWII more objectively. “History is written by the winners”, as they say, and the winners of WWII (basically the Jews, to a lesser extent the British) wrote some real bullshit.

  6. Yea, and the American Jews were huge Commies. They adored Joseph Stalin and joined all kinds of hard core and soft-core Commie front groups with democratic sounding names that were set up all over Europe and the USA by Stalin’s most effective publicist/propagandist Willi Muntzenburg who was, of course, a clever Jewish pornographer and black propagandist. He and Arthur Koestler wrote mail order sex manuals to raise money for the publication of disinformation like The Brown Book which was a tour de force of false German atrocity propaganda written to work decent, hardworking, thrifty, kind and comely White people into up into a murderous anti-Nazi frenzy. Muntzenburg ran an agent in Hollywood named Jacob Katz (another devious, unattractive and thoroughly self-absorbed Commie Jew) who had friends in high places there like Charlie Chaplin and Thomas Mann. Katz was a Stalinist eminence gris with entree into American artistic and cultural circles which he proceeded to poison with Muntzenburg’s Popular Front propaganda. Muntzenburg had formed so many high falutin’ sounding groups he couldn’t keep track of them all. He’s the genius who invented the idea that the Reds had the moral high ground over the Browns, when in fact the Reds slaughter machine was already up and running long before carpet chewing avatar of ultimate evil Hitler got his started. Anyway, soon enough Hollywood and the Jew owned media in America with the blessings of Roosevelt “Jew Deal” cheerleaders Bernard Baruch, Henry Morganthau, Felix Frankfurter, Louis Brandies, James Warburg, Herbert Lehman, Samuel Untermeyer. Fiorello LaGuardia, Harry Dexter White, and rabbi Steven Weiss ad infinitum were churning out mountains of pro-Russian anti-Nazi BS. British intelligence was all over the place working overtime, too, on getting no-nonsense, non-Marxist, tuna casserole cooking, heterosexual White Americans into another war with Germany. Thanks to the covert operations of poncey MI5 and MI6 tossers in besmirching the pacifism of the isolationists, after the Pearl Harbor attack the country was ready to send another generation into a world war provoked, less by Japanese and German aggression then by pacts with countries who didn’t mind that Germany had decided to start printing it’s own money.

  7. ” …world war provoked, less by Japanese and German aggression then by pacts with countries who didn’t mind that Germany had decided to start printing it’s own money. ”
    Whose pacts? Germany’s? If that’s what you mean, I think there’s a lot of truth in that. Or do you mean Britain’s pact with Poland ? I can’t see the sense in that.
    Why is it always taken for granted that invading Poland and the Sudetenland were monstrous deeds? Until Britain declared war, Germany had done no more than reclaim parts of its country that had been given, with their German populations to the rule of foreigners. It’s not hard to see why leftists have a problem with Hitler, but why are they so outraged by the idea of self-determination for the Germanic peoples, especially when it opposed the oppressor British Empire?

  8. I’m not necessarily arguing that neo-nazis are intelligent enough to understand the organizational strategy of differentiation. They don’t consciously plan it.
    I guarantee you though that going mainstream is the quickest way to be outshined. It’s like flashing a flashlight into the sun. Nobody will see it.
    If you don’t have millions of dollars, it’s really better to take a unique path than the mainstream path.

  9. I’m starting to wonder if Jews start up Nazi and Anti-semitic internet profiles in an attempt to advance a political agenda. The goal is to get Jews to unite so they create an antisemitic internet presence. The other goal is to make antisemites look stupid.
    Some of the things I read are just so ridiculous that I have to wonder if they are not sincere.

  10. I mean some of these people are beyond idiotic. They come off more as simulated idiocy than actual idiocy. Real idiots sound like they are struggling to be coherent. These people sound like they are purposely being incoherent.

  11. Americans are soldiers for Jews. Some show had a retarded guy wear a t-shirt that said “I love Jews.” That’s America in a nutshell. The so-called “evil White dinosaurs” in America believed comic book Nazis wanted to take over the world.

    The South volunteers for military service. Tennessee’s most popular college calls themselves the volunteers/vols for that reason. In demographic census reports, American is often taken as Southern White who identify themselves as such.

    A Jew wanting to remove Confederate statues is as ungrateful as Black vandalizing a Lincoln memorial.

    Many young White men admire Nazis without being Nazis. The romantic warrior is more badass than the eternal victim. I don’t think full on National Socialism will catch on in the West. Putting Jews in ovens meme being seen as funny by many I’ve met in person is another step towards abandoning WWII baggage.

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