Great Post By Guy White

Is Pro-White Activism Harmed By Radicalism? He starts off with a comment on his site by me.

I think you and the like are blazing an interesting path on the outskirts of a pro-White consciousness that avoids the extremes of White nationalism and the like. The POV that you and your ilk are propounding here could quite possibly go over in a big way with a huge I have the feeling that most US Whites are not racist, but they are still proud to be White, don’t want to see White culture die, and are distressed by hate crimes, discrimination and hate propaganda directed at them. Someone needs to speak for these people.

He then goes on to elaborate a line that is similar to mine in Who Will Speak For Them? In particular, he discusses his disdain for the rampant Nazism, pro-Nazism and anti-Semitism in the pro-White movement. He suggests that poison does not resonate with most US Whites, thank God. I agree with him. Anti-racism in a pro-White movement ought to be a no-brainer. One of the things that pro-Whites are always complaining about is discrimination, hate crimes and hate propaganda against Whites. In other words, racism against Whites. Well, if we oppose racism against us, we can’t very well support it against others, now can we? The reason we hate it is because racism feels bad. Anti-White racism feels bad to White people. It hurts us and makes us angry. Well, guess what? Guess how anti-Black and anti-Hispanic racism feels to Blacks and Hispanics? Same way anti-White racism feels to us. It hurts them and makes them feel angry. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If anti-White racism is wrong (And we say it is.) than all, or most all, other forms of racism are too. You know, a 5th grader could easily figure that, but it seems to escape most pro-Whites. Now, that doesn’t mean we have to buy into the PC insane version of anti-racism floating around. It isn’t so much anti-racism as it’s just anti-White hate propaganda. We can set up our own definitions of racism, and I think we should. We can say, first of all, that race realism is not necessarily racist. Nor is wanting to have control over our borders, for Chrissake. Nor is wanting to toss out however many million illegal immigrants on their asses. Nor is setting up our immigration policy any damn way we see fit. Nor is choosing to or not to date, sleep with and marry any ethnicity we choose. If we have any right to ethnic selectivity, it is over the most private of our behaviors. Along the same lines, we have a right to find attractive or nonattractive any ethnicities or phenotypes. We have a right to feel proud of our ethnicity and our culture. We have a right to fight back against the discrimination, hate crimes and hate propaganda that harms us. We have a right to open up a debate about whether “diversity is our strength” is a truth or a lie. We have a right to demand a slowdown in immigration, at least until we can assimilate the gazillions of non-assimilating immigrants already here. And we have an absolute right, like all sane countries do, to demand that the immigrants already here assimilate as quickly as possible. I will even say, outrageously, that we have a right to engage in White Flight and put our kids in private schools if need be. Sane people flee crappy neighborhoods and schools. It’s outrageous to call this straight-up sane behavior racism. And we can stand up and shout loudly that none of this is racism. And we can be clear in our conscience when we say that. What we ought to oppose is Whites treating most any group of non-Whites, or especially individual non-Whites, in a harmful or discriminatory fashion. There are plenty of great folks out there of all races, and as long as they behave as well as we expect our White friends to behave, we have no right whatsoever to hate them, or really even to treat them even 1 I don’t know Guy White’s stance very well, but I like what I see so far.

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4 thoughts on “Great Post By Guy White”

  1. Great post Mr. Lindsay.
    RL: “Guess how anti-Black and anti-Hispanic racism feels to Blacks and Hispanics? Same way anti-White racism feels to us.”
    In a similar vein: I was once talking with a long-time friend of mine (who is half-Black/half-White) about these exact same issues.
    He told me that the way in which anti-Jewish Whites feel about Jews is nearly identical to the way that the Blacks who are anti-White feel about Whites, that is: many anti-Jewish Whites feel that Jews are economically exploiting them and preventing them from rising too high in the socio-economic hierarchy, and thus harbor racist feelings toward them…and the anti-White Blacks feel this exact same way about Whites in general.

  2. I disagree, you can’t go mainstream unless you have a giant organization and huge marketing power to compete with democrats and republicans.
    Otherwise you should go extreme.

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