All Right, That Does It

It really is time to get rid of affirmative action, unless we can figure out some way to reform it. According to this article, the New Haven firefighters case which has me hopping mad is basically a result of affirmative action. Sonia Sotomayer, up for Supreme Court appointment, ruled against the White firefighters in the case. This ruling may well be her downfall, and it would not bother me one bit. Just because the Right is bad news doesn’t mean we should support the PC nutballs on the Left, of which Sotomayer is clearly one. The New Haven case, in a nutshell. The New Haven, Connecticut Fire Department told firefighters that they were going to be tested for promotion to fire captain status. This is a highly desired position. The firefighters had the study materials for the test and many of the White firefighters studied very hard. One Italian firefighter, a particularly tragic case, studied up to 13 hours a day for the test. He has dyslexia, so he had to have a reader read the material to him and test him on it. After studying for a long time, the firefighters took the test. All of the firefighters who passed the test were White. None of the Black firefighters passed the test. The city of New Haven decided to throw out the test, since because none of the Blacks could pass the test, obviously the test was biased against Blacks. To make a cruel joke, I will say that the test was biased all right. It was biased against dumb people. The White firefighters sued. It went to Sotomayer’s court and she upheld the city’s decision, apparently on some sort of affirmative action grounds. The case is now going to to the US Supreme Court, and the Supremes have agreed to hear the case. I have talked to this case with ordinary liberal Whites, one of whom even supports amnesty for illegals. All of them support the White firefighters in this case. I have a Black friend who is outraged about this case too. This is not the only such case. Blacks are 1 In Philadelphia, Blacks are 5 To be fair, there were serious problems with the New Haven test. City officials did not review the test beforehand, and there were questions were the correct answer was actually the wrong answer in terms of city procedures. Firefighters sometimes study for years for these tests only to find that they passed, but the test gets thrown out because too many Whites passed the test and not enough Blacks did. I’ve been wondering what the principle was in this case. According to law professor Michael Dorf at Cornell Law School in Ithaca, New York, the principle Sotomayer ruled on was one of racial preferences and affirmative action. I’ve always supported affirmative action, mostly because it’s never harmed me. I’ve taught school in Black school districts, and they were overjoyed to have me there. If this race-norming nonsense is the upshot of what affirmative action is really all about, then let’s just get of it. Blacks and Hispanics will get hurt, but oh well. Affirmative action is on its way out anyway. Many states have passed initiatives banning it for government use. The probable reason why the Blacks are failing and the Whites are passing is discrepancies in IQ. Without implying that one race is genetically superior and the other inferior, the bottom line is that the currently available tests show that US Blacks at the moment are less intelligent than US Whites. Now that may change in the future, but that’s how things stand right now. US Blacks are also vastly more intelligent than African Blacks, and they have the same genes. I’m not going to take a position on whether the difference is due to genes or environment, although it may well be both. Blacks are never going to accept the results of those tests, and if I were Black, I would not either. It’s understandable. But if they really are failing through no fault of their own, then I argue that Whites are succeeding through no fault of their own either. As a statist, this implies to me that some Black failures are not their fault, and if so, Blacks need help to even the score, probably from the state. Black probably find that pitying mindset insulting, but it’s better than lying and rigging tests.

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