Leftist Honduran President Ousted in a Military Coup

Three hours ago, at around 8 AM PST, the Leftist President of Honduras, Mel Zelaya, was ousted in a military coup, and the ambassadors of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua were apparently kidnapped.They’ll be lucky if they end up alive. Venezuela is threatening military action, but nothing will come of that. The Venezuelan ambassador was not working all through Honduras, and the government has taken over all TV and radio stations. Power has been cut to independent media stations. Sort of like in Iran, you know! Obviously not one word of this from the scum US media. But we can wall to wall headlines about the same shit in Iran. Why? Honduras is not a threat to Israel. Officers involved in the coup, of course, were trained at the School Of Coups and Death Squads, the US military’s School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia. I never even knew that Honduras had elected a Leftist, news to me. That’s always been one of the most backwards and wrecked countries in the whole region, but the inherent conservatism of the people has always prevented the proper armed revolutionary that the system necessitated. There was a revolutionary band organized in 1983 by an expat US Irish Catholic priest, but it never got much done, and was quickly annihilated by the US and the Honduras government. Death squads roamed the place during the 1980’s and maybe 300-400 people were murdered. The US military set up a bunch of huge bases there, the place was overrun by actual and de facto CIA agents. Honduras was just as much of a stinking sewer as ever, but at least it had the full guns of the US military to enforce the armed project of turning a fertile tropical land into a stinking imperialist-wrecked toilet of a country. There were supposedly some leftwing bands running around later in the 1980’s and early 1990’s but no one knew if they were real or not. Some said they were just false flag fronts run by the Honduran military. The FMLN in El Salvador (I used to buy guns for them) used to run some guns through Honduras via Morazon Province, where one of their big strongholds was. The military and the rich have always run the show here. It’s no surprise that the democratically elected Leftist President was tossed out in a military coup. That’s always been the way it works down there, and it’s why people like me reject the “democratic elections” way to power. It’s useless. You’re only going to get ousted by a coup. The only way is armed revolution that defeats the army of the ruling class and transforms it into a people’s army. Even then you have to deal with the inevitable contras. It’s a conundrum all right, but maybe Sendero Luminoso is only something. Maybe parliamentary cretinism is just that. Of course, the scum US media, including my vile “Leftist” radio station, never told me anything about this. All they told me that was that the evil “Leftist” President was trying to set up a “rogue referendum”. Turns out that is some referendum to amend the constitution to allow him to run again. Zelaya had proposed to turn the wicked US Santo Cano military base  in Honduras over to peaceful purposes, thereby evicting the US military. It was from this base that Jacobo Arbenz of Guatemala was overthrown in 1954. It was from here that the Contra War and support for the Salvadoran and Guatemalan counterinsurgencies was run during the 1980’s and early 1990’s. That US military base is pretty much just a gigantic blots of Evil on the neotropical landscape. While he is at it, Zelaya should have evicted the US Embassy. I’ve heard about that Embassy from people with good knowledge of the place. Just about every human in US Embassy in Tegucigalpa is working for the CIA or US military intelligence. It’s hard to believe that the US government did not have something to do with this coup. The rest of the government opposed the referendum, and I guess they feared the power of the people. The Supreme Court had apparently said that the referendum was illegal. The conflict is because, incredibly enough, the Constitution does not even allow parts of it to ever be changed by any means! This was the basis for the Supreme Court’s rejection of the referendum. But Zelaya’s referendum was going to be non-binding anyway, so what’s the deal? Stupid me, I thought it was just Leftist tin pot dictators in banana republics again. I would say I won’t get fooled again! But I will, of course.

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3 thoughts on “Leftist Honduran President Ousted in a Military Coup”

  1. “This is heartwarming news. About time there was a right-wing coup. I was afraid the Lat-Ams were losing their touch. Good to know the forces of morality and social stability are alive and kicking down there.
    I was watching some of the protesters get up close and personal with the soldiers. The soldiers must be under orders not to retaliate against the populace, but I don’t know if I’d be able to resist delivering a rifle butt to the jaw of one of the pukes in my face.”
    Meine Ehre Heist Treue, Grüsse mein Mitfaschist!
    Ja, diejenigen schwache weichliche Menge rousers verdienen, von der Klavier-Leitung zu hängen. Ich habe Unterschlupf hier im Gebiet seit 1945 und jedes Mal genossen, wenn es ein gutes Schlachten von diesen kommunistisches Schwein gibt, das meine Nippel mit dem Entzücken sprengen.
    Geben Sie nie den Kampf auf!

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