Michael Jackson is Dead

Michael Jackson was at his Holmby Hills home in Los Angeles getting ready for the first show of a tour in the UK when he suddenly had a heart attack. He went into a coma and died a while later of heart failure, despite valiant attempts to save him. [wpvideo q47oIDsb] Above is a video from Hollywood.tv showing Micheal Jackson dying and being picked up at his home by an ambulance and taken by paramedics to the hospital. This video is sort of hard to find. It hasn’t really gone viral yet. He had the heart attack at around 2:21 PM yesterday and was dead by around 2:26 PM local time. Jacko was 50 years old.

Photo of Jackson arriving at the hospital. He was in a coma when he showed up.
Photo of Michael Jackson, dying in an ambulance, arriving at the hospital yesterday. Michael Jackson was in a coma when he showed up.
His death may have been due to the heavy use of prescription drugs. His fawning entourage had reportedly doped him up heavily in order to make him easier to deal with or to help him function in life. A photo of Michael Jackson dying as paramedics desperately trying to save his life emerged. The appearance of the photo set off a mad bidding war among the tabloids. ETonline was the first to publish the photo here.
The photo of Michael Jackson dying as paramedics desperately try to revive him.third in recent succession. Prior to Jackson’s death, early Tuesday morning, Ed McMahon died. Ed McMahon tainted his reputation recently with many lawsuits against hospitals. Then he defaulted on a home loan for a multimillion dollar house he couldn’t even afford. He went around bitching about this, but it left a lot of people cold. He had problems on the set of the Johnny Carson Show that had made him famous. He showed up completely drunk on the set on a number of occasions. Then a few hours later, at 9:30 AM yesterday morning in Santa Monica, California, Farrah Fawcett of Charlies’ Angels died. She was 62 years old. The New York Daily News somehow broke the story of her death 30 minutes before she died. She died of anal cancer, which is a strange disease. Mostly gay men die of that. Use your imagination to figure out why. Fawcett hit it big in 1976 with Charlies’ Angels, but was never able to duplicate that success afterward. Farrah appeared on David Letterman in 1997, after she got famous and was over the hill. She was stoned out of her head. People saw her at rock concerts similarly blasted. There were reports of her backstage at a ZZ Top show having sex with a man while people were walking about all around them. Damn, these actors, actresses and rock stars are so narcissistic! After the news of McMahon, Fawcett and Jacko dying, news emerged that Jeff Goldblum had died after falling off a cliff in New Zealand on the set of a new film he was making. This rumor turned out to be false.

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17 thoughts on “Michael Jackson is Dead”

  1. My best friend and I were Michael Jackson-loving fools from the age of 8. He’s gone, and I feel like a part of me is gone with him.
    In recent years I came to pity him. He was self-destructing, and it seems that nobody loved him enough to pull him from the brink.
    I would think of Michael Jackson whenever I heard that song by The Police called “King of Pain.” It could have been written for him.

  2. If you’ve seen pics of his kids, then you’ll know they are definitely NOT his. They have no African heritage at all. I wonder who the real father is, and how he managed to get away with it…. I mean, someone who is probably a pedophile being able to pretend to be the father of three kids. Its more than odd.

    1. They were defenitly his kids. Mike’s father had blue eyes, and also note that prince has noticeably long and skinny feet, just like his father. During an interview Michael said : “right when I saw prince, I recgonized the shape of his head, my grandfather’s..” for proof watch these vids on youtube called Michael Jackson Looks Like His Kids or something like that.

  3. I’ve been taking cheap shots at MJ for as long as I can remember. Now, however, I will ask “Who among us could have handled such fame and fortune at such a young age?

  4. Is it possible that MJ’s kids are not genetically his, but simply the result of him paying his wives monetarily to allow themselves to be artificially inseminated with a white man’s seed? As he was married to those women, they’d be legally his. That would certainly explain how his wives got pregnant, in view of MJ’s odd sexual proclivities.

  5. It would cool to get some sound bites from the kids, or the families of the kids that accused him of improprieties. They should be almost grown up by now. If not, maybe that dentist who collected 20 million on the first case could talk to Charlie Rose about it one evening after Charlie inteviews the sketchy trailer park mom who traded her son for gifts from Michael for sleep overs. A warning about drug addiction and pedophilia from Sir Paul Mccartney would be welcome, too, since Michael and he did such a splendid job of ridding the world of racism with “Ebony and Ivory.” Let’s hear from O.J. Simpson, too, and that gerbil that moved out of Richard Gere’s ass and into Farrah Fawcewtt’s. I’m sorry the rumor of Jeff Goldblum’s demise was only that because it means we’ve got to put up with more of his smug talk show shenanigans when the time comes to for him start plugging his next unfunny comedy.

    1. STUPID IDIOTS!! He had a skin disorder called Vitiligo. There is alot of proof just type “Michael jackson vitiligo” on the youtube search bar. And also consider this, if he tried to bleach his skin how come it worked so well? Has anybody else tried to bleach their skin and been able do it that much?? Also, lets reverse that…
      look at all the people and celebrities who sit in the sun trying to get darker??? NOBODY SAYS ANYTHING ABOUT THAT!

  6. Many SE and East Asians wanna be white skin and have long nose like Caucasoids mainly girls. They love to be White.
    Do u?
    Hi-tech can make over one race to another is very promising nice business.

    1. Yes, I love being White. I am too White. I am so White, that I am an asshole. If I loan you $, you better pay me back, or I will hound you for the rest of your life about it, even if it’s $20. I am the ultimate civilized White man. I live in a society full of non-Whites that do not appreciate the finer aspects of extremely uptight, highly-civilized, extremely conscientious White life.
      I am always banning non-Whites from my place because they cannot live up to my very minimal standards of civilized White behavior. So, you see, I love being White, but it’s lonely having such damned high morals in a society full of moral scofflaws and devil may cares.

  7. I thought all young people everywhere want to be black like Michael Jackson used to be. They want to be “bad” like these “Tiggers” (Tibetan wiggers) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXVhh3uONgE&feature=related
    This is exactly why China put the breaks on the Internet there and why American and Israeli intelligence agencies conspired to start beaming cultural poison like Beverly Hills 90210 into Iran back during Netanyahu’s first term. They wanted to get the bourgeois rabble in Tehran focused on owning their own weed whackers in anticipation of a regime change from within provoked by putting sanctions on them. Speaking of the Iranian revolution, weren’t the neighbors on both sides of Michael Jackson’s $100,000 a month rented Hombly Hills mansion Iranians? I know the Malibu highway is littered with L’Oreal finger nail polish bottles. That can mean only one thing. You’ve entered an “Igger” zone .

  8. Another American celeb driven crazy and massively exploited by the Jewish-American mass-media machine of guttertainment and non-culture…poor guy, I hope that he’s “in a better place” now. Speaking of Heaven, I bet Michael Jackson got very angry when turned Black again the moment he got in to Heaven. 😉

  9. Who cares if he was white black or green. I have mixed kids and they look like Michael JACKSONS KIDS. He had a wonderful family, and no one can take that away from him. So let by gone be by gones if you can let go and let others live and get on with your stuff.
    Laurie E

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