The Jewigarchs

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I really enjoyed this very even-handed treatment of the Jewish oligarchs of Russia that we dealt with in a previous post. They are not gone. Four out of ten of Russia’s richest men are Jews, and Jews are .38% (.4%) of the population. The more I learn about these guys, the more I am mystified by them.
Some of them are in tight with Putin, so the notion that Putin was stealing back money from the Jewigarchs that the Jewigarchs ripped off from Russia is uncertain. Plus the Jewigarchs are diversifying their wealth, moving to Israel, selling off all their Russian holdings and merging with multinational corporations like British Petroleum.
Some are even hiding their identities, wearing Orthodox crosses and accompanying Putin to church. Whether or not these guys were ripping off Russia for the tribe in some kind of ethnic warfare is not known. Maybe they were just trying to get rich. The Russian Gentile oligarchs have bled the country dry too, but I guess they are keeping their money in the country.
Some of the Jewigarchs are deeply involved in Russian politics, which seems stupid when you realize how anti-Semitic Russians are. But Russians, despite their anti-Semitism, can’t seem to see the big Jewigarchs like Boris Berezovsky monkeying around behind the scenes. What I am saying is that Russians don’t necessarily vote anti-Semitically at all.
I don’t know what to make about this, but as one commenter said, the Russians would probably prefer to be ripped off by their own kind than by some minuscule minority, who are often not even that patriotic. Who knows?
Berezovsky seems to have been somehow tangled up in the radiation poisoning of the Putin critic in London, one the strangest murders in the past couple years. A lot of these Jewigarchs have security details as big as Cheney’s. Like a lot of things, the more you read about these guys, the less you know.
As soon as we got the link to that story in the fantastic magazine (cached front page), the site went down. Here’s a cached copy, minus photos, in case the magazine goes down for good. The Exile was having trouble and was said to be going out of business. Turns out that the Russian government raided the place and seized some papers.
It’s really the longest-running opposition paper in Russia, and Putin is sort of a fascist who shuts down papers and kills journalists and all sorts of anti-Tom Paine type stuff. That left Exile investors running for the hills and the mag headed into the Red Sea.
The article is called, The Jews, Where Are They Now? and it’s a superb treatment of the matter that avoids anti-Semitism.

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