Polish/Jewish Revisionism

Repost from the old site. A new book by Gunnar Paulsson, a Polish-Jewish historian who lost relatives in the Holocaust, offers a completely revisionist view of the standard Jewish view of the Poles being the most evil anti-Semites of them all, or, as Yitzak Shamir said famously, “Poles imbibe anti-Semitism in their mothers’ milk.” A corollary is that the Poles were the worst Jew-killers of all during the Holocaust, and to this day, many Jews are pretty angry at Poles and Poland. I won’t go into details, but Paulsson offers a seriously revisionist view of these commonly held beliefs. Instead, I will just offer you some links so you can check them out yourself. Paulsson’s book website. An article by Paulsson on TotallyJewish.com, a site for UK Jews. Go there and see what he has to say, you might be surprised. Like so many things in life, the Polish-Jewish thing is oh so complicated. Unfortunately, people promoting Paulsson’s book have been accused by Jews of (Guess what?) being anti-Semites and Nazis. Boy, that Nazi card is worth so much to some folks.

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4 thoughts on “Polish/Jewish Revisionism”

  1. Poles housed Jews for a long time, fought the Germans, and then were second on Hitler’s Hit (notice the “hit” in both words) list.
    Hitler had his eye on enslaving and exterminating the majority of Poles. It’s dumb to allege that they were accepted as “aryan” and therefore in a position to join in the holocaust with anything other than a minor role.

  2. What is interesting about Poland is there are many right wing nationalist who are symoutaniusly anti-Jewish and anti-Nazis whihc makes sense considering what the Nazis did to Poland. What really annoys me is in the US or Western Europe anyone who is remolty nationalistic and critical of Jews is automatically labeled a Neonazi.

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