People From the Caucasus are Blacks?

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Take a lot at these “Black” and “non-White” Chechen kids in Jordan. Boy, they sure look pretty darn White to me! Especially that girl with the dark red hair and the turquoise eyes. Wasn’t that one of Hitler’s favorite combinations? White Power boneheads.These people would probably be considered to be members of the Balkano-Caucasian race*. In this group, there are many with fair skin, light eyes and a lot of body hair.

This will go along with another post I wrote along the same lines, Are Dagestanis and Tajiks White?. The conclusion of that post was, yes, they are White. The reason it is even an issue is that Russians insist that the people of the Caucasus are “Blacks” and “non-Whites”. It seems that quite a few White nationalists also deny that Armenians, Georgians, Dagestanis, Azerbaijanis, Chechens and other Caucasian peoples are White. White in this case will refer to peoples having a phenotype that is not only Caucasoid but also resembles European Caucasoids. As you can see in this neat video of cute little Chechen kids shot in Jordan. There is a large Chechen and Circassian population in Jordan dating back to the imperial wars of conquest that Russia waged on the Caucasus from 1806-1863. Having looked at quite a few pictures of people from the Caucasus, I think that there is a distinctive phenotype there. Some say that the people of the Caucasus are the only Whites or Caucasians who should be considered “pure” Caucasians, as opposed to any mongrelized Europeans, although the whole concept of pure races and mongrelized races is pretty ridiculous.

More “non-Whites” or “Blacks” or whatever. This is a photo from a law firm in Georgia. This could be a photo of any American law firm. There does seem to be a bit of a Georgian phenotype. There are suggestions that the people of the Caucasus are the “purest” Euro-Caucasians of them all, though the whole notion is pretty silly.On the other hand, it is thought that the Caucasoid race did begin somewhere around this region, and the Middle East, the Caucasus, India and North Africa have been among the most important regions in incubating and developing of the proto-Caucasians.Georgians are probably members of the West-Caucasian type of the Balkano-Caucasian race. They are characterized by an above-average stature, a slight build, relatively light skin, sharp features and dark eyes. A pretty typical Dagestani phenotype in this young girl. Notice the women with the head coverings. As you can see, these folks are obviously non-Whites. Snark. Dagestanis are part of the Caucasian division of the Balkano-Caucasian Race*. This race is highly variable and varies among ethnic groups, but its principal features are a massive skull, medium height and relatively light skin. In the Bagulals, it is characterized by comparatively dark pigmentation, a massive broad face and a round skull and large stature. The Udis have massive skulls and relatively light skin. The Tindis are more related to the Caspian Race, with a smaller skull and darker features. In the Tabasarans, a thin face is present. The Khinalugs have hooked noses like Jews and Arabs. The Archis have an aquiline nose, a high forehead and short stature. A Dagestani girl with a possibly Iranian appearance. The people of the Caucasus are extremely diverse genetically, with as great a distance between small groups as between large groups around the world. They may have achieved this high rate of differentiation due to the high peaks which allowed people to remain in their valleys, interact and breed little with outsiders and cultivate strange and wildly divergent languages. Genetically, they are Caucasians, but they are apart from most Europeans. But then so are Basques and Sardinians. There is a Chechen girl in the video above who has a similar phenotype. Azerbaijani kids. The blonde and probably blue-eyed kids look like they could be Norwegians. The general consensus is that Azerbaijanis in Azerbaijan are not a Turkic people. Instead, they are a people of the Caucasus, like Georgians or Armenians, who converted to Islam and adopted a Turkic tongue. The mechanism is unknown, but possibly they were conquered by a Turkic people. They may have been Christians before this conquest. Azerbaijanis are as White as you can get. More very White-looking Azerbaijanis from their peacekeeping mission in Kosovo. They look like British, Americans, or Danes. Some Azerbaijanis, probably at a town meeting. This is a secular Shia Muslim society, but the women generally cover their hair.

Some of the most infamous students of race, in particular the Caucasoid Race, especially the White or European branch of it, were the Nazis. The Nazis were actually incredible in this regard. Germans are pretty obsessive and studious about most things, and they love to write up ponderous, footnoted essays on everything around them. The Nazis were no different. The were some of the most horrible murderers in history, but they were particular about who they killed. They were even particular about Jews. Their beef was not with the Jewish religion – the Nazi beef with the Jews had to do with race. All of the things that Nazis disliked about Jews were said to be genetically coded into the Jewish genome, and the Jews who they really hated with the Ashkenazim. For instance, when the Nazis moved into the Caucasus and the Crimea from Spring to September of 1944, they ran into Mountain Jews (Jews of the Caucasus), the Karaites (a split-off sect from Judaism, and the Krymchaks of the Crimea. The Krymchaks were determined to be Jews by Himmler himself and ordered destroyed, although they were generally considered to be non-Ashkenazi Jews. The Karaites were considered to be racially Tatars, descended from the famous Jews of the Khazar Kingdom, and hence were ordered to be saved. However, there was some confusion, and some were killed. Amazingly, the Einsatzgruppen themselves (the fanatical murderers of lore) actually conducted research studies into the Karaites when they showed up in the Crimea to determine if they should be killed or not. They also sent requests back to Germany for guidance on whether or not to kill the Karaites. The Karaites themselves petitioned to the Nazis that they were not Jews, and a number even went to work for the Nazis. 400-500 even fought in the German Army. In Crimea and Stavropol, communities of Mountain Jews were destroyed. However, when the Nazis conquered part of the Caucasus from August to October 1944, in particular the towns of Mozdok and Nalchik, the Mountain Jews there were largely spared. There was a controversy in the party over whether or not they were really Jews. The Nazi Party said they were, but German specialists in Oriental Studies said they were racially Iranians. Here is a photo of the beautiful Sarit Hadad, a Mountain Jew whose parents moved to Israel. She’s a very famous singer in Israel. Incredibly, the Einsatzgruppen had scholars in its ranks who went into the homes of these Mountain Jews to conduct studies on whether to kill them or not! This controversy was not settled by the time that the Nazis were driven out in early 1943. It is interesting that in general, the Nazis cared much more about the racial stock of a given Jewish group than about whatever strange brand of Judaism they practiced. A good overview of this strange and complex situation is here in a piece by Kiril Feferman. Nazi racial scholars working at various institutes set up for the study of race in Germany (!) and within the Nazi Party also studied the people of the Caucasus. It is not known what they determined, but apparently the people of the Caucasus were considered non-Slavs and a good racial stock. At any rate, very large numbers of people in the Caucasus went over to the Nazis during World War 2. There is current anti-Communist revisionist thinking that says that hardly any Caucasians went over, but this is not the case. Many people in this region had long wanted to be free of the Orthodox Slavic Russians, and the Nazis played up this fear by offering them the promise of independence. At the time of the Russian invasion, Stalin put almost the entire population of Chechnya and Ingushetia on board trains for Siberia because he feared that they would cooperate with the Nazis. The local Chechen and Ingush governments had in fact welcomed the Nazis and said that they would collaborate with them. These deportations were horrible, and it is said that when they were returned to the Caucasus a decade later, 1/3 of them had died. The Crimeans were also deported on the basis of collaboration, and many of them died too. Many Crimeans had in fact collaborated with the Nazis. All through the region, there were lots of collaborators. There were separate Georgian, Armenian and Caucasian legions of volunteers in the Nazi military. After the Soviets withdrew, they went back to the Netherlands and served as an occupying force there. To be fair, many Caucasians also fought for the Red Army.

The emblem of the Georgian volunteer division of the Wehrmacht. The file says BeVOF, but I don’t know what that stands for.The Osttruppen Legion in the Caucasus already in 1943. I believe that these are local volunteers. Gleeful Nazi soldiers murder an innocent Soviet female villager and steal her ducks. This was standard practice during Operation Barbarossa in the Slavic regions, and 75 A Nazi soldier gets ready to murder two Soviet Slavic women during Operation Barbarossa. This incident probably took place in the Ukraine or Belarus, but I am not sure. These women aren’t being killed for any particular reason, only that they are Slavs. The emblem of the Armenian volunteer legion of the SS. The file says BeVOF, but I am not sure what that stands for. There were quite a few Armenians who considered themselves Aryans and went along with Nazi racial doctrine, and there are even some today. There are open neo-Nazi groups inside Armenia who distribute all sorts of nasty anti-Semitic conspiracy against Armenian Jews, tying them to the Armenian genocide and all sorts of nonsense. Anti-Semitism is a pretty serious problem in Armenia, and it’s pretty widespread. Strange for the Armenians, often called in the US, “Jews without money”. The SS sleeve of the Berghaukasien volunteers. This SS group was made up of Caucasian volunteers for the SS. A propaganda poster used in the Nazi invasion of the Caucasus. It says, “Free Caucasus From Bolshevik Tyranny.” Here is a propaganda poster for the Free Caucasus Movement set up by the Nazis after they invaded. I’m not sure what this file represents, but I think it is was the flag of an Armenian pro-Nazi group at the time. A map showing German allies in the Caucasus in November 1942. It lists the large volunteer divisions that were easily recruited in this region among Georgians, Caucasians, Crimeans and Armenians. Once more, the SS legions of the Caucasus who followed the Nazis out of the USSR and back to the Netherlands where they served as an occupying force. The Georgian, Armenian and Caucasian SS groups helped to occupy the Netherlands in from 1943-1945. A photo of the Bergmann Legionnaires, apparently a group of local Caucasian volunteers for the Nazis, in action in the Summer of 1942 in the Caucasus. The same Bergmann Legionnaires in action in Warsaw in 1944. I’m not sure what they were doing there, but possibly they were in action putting down a Warsaw Uprising that took place there in that year. Not the famous Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of the Jews in Spring 1943, but another one of the Gentiles. Incredibly, new anti-Communist revisionist material blames Stalin for the decimation of this uprising. Supposedly he waited on the outskirts of Warsaw until the Nazis had put down the uprising, and then he entered the city. Apparently he wanted to see all those Poles killed. Why? Commenters have more information about this in the comments thread for this post, including a more rational explanation for what took place. More photos of the Bergmann Legionnaires, this time in Greece in 1944. I don’t know what they were doing there, but I guess they were helping to occupy the place. Bergmann officers at a meal, location unknown but possibly Greece. The file says CD14 Festung Europa. I don’t know what that means, but this is obviously an anti-Soviet propaganda poster showing a Red Army solider coming from the East to destroy Christianity, with a torch in his hand. The Christian armies of Europe apparently wait to do battle with this invader from the East. This is apparently a book written by Eduard Abramian about the Bergmann Legionnaires, who included Georgian, Armenian, Azerbaijani and Caucasian factions. I bet that book is hard to find, but it might be an interesting read. An Armenian legionnaire on the Western front. This map shows the various Caucasian volunteer legions occupying the Netherlands in Summer of 1944. The Bergmann volunteer legion in Greece in 1944. Bergmann legionnaires in battle in 1944, location unknown.

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22 thoughts on “People From the Caucasus are Blacks?”

  1. Perhaps you’ve deal with it elesewhere but Karaites were accepted in part due to their rejection of the Talmud. Perhaps some Nazi scientists went further in an attempt to biologize the explanantion for this rejection. Also, Bob, if you read the Nuremberg Laws closely, it is hard for you to defend the position that Nazis used race rather than religion to define “Jew” in the broad application within Germany itself.

  2. i was looking for some information cause i ‘ve seen allot of chechens in france they are whiter then me (and i’m pretty sure i’m not black)
    nice people actually …

    1. When you say, and this is a cut/past quote from you:
      “i ‘ve seen allot of chechens in france they are whiter then me (and i’m pretty sure i’m not black) nice people actually …”, –
      – are you saying if they were black, they would be bad people?
      Just trying to get a feel for where you’re coming from, Sofie. Outwardly, I’d say you’re consciously, or unconsciously, a racist. I suggest if you believe you aren’t, perhaps its time for a little deep introspection on your part…

      1. You misunderstand the quote completely. She says that she is not Black. That means she is White. The Chechens are Whiter than she is. That means the Chechens are White. Sophie is saying nothing about Blacks at all other than that she is not one – she is White. Nothing racist at all. Please re-read the quote.

  3. The two women being shot by the German soldier, if you will notice BOTH are wearing Soviet Red Army uniforms and you might notice there is a Maxim Soviet machine gun right next to them both. Who did they just recently shoot, themselves?
    Also the “Georgien” sleeve shield was NOT worn by any Waffen or any other SS unit. It was worn by volunteers in the German Army. Those that were repatriated after the war were tortured, killed or exciled to labor camps.

  4. all europeans and middle easterns descent from black african people,but it took millions of years,cause the real garden of eden is in nubia,presnet day sudan and part of ethiopia,the name sudan itself means land of the blacks in arabic,mather nature who is my god will redeem the black race,it will end right where it all begun,millions of years ago not 10,000 or less,as most schoolars in the major abramic religions asserts.

  5. Mr.lindsay dont you think the race assue is way too hard to be explained by one or another just an opinion,theres no difference between Jordanian Chechens and Caucasian Chechens these which had live in thier lands since they were born,and the Jordanian Chechens are the 4th generation here in the Middle East and they absolutely didnt mix thier blood with another races,consider the geographic effected in genetics for example(Caucasian Chechens and as i heard from older men and women and they are passed away they were used to eat Corn that was the basic aliment besides buffalo meat Honey and Nuts,but here in the Middle East these items wasnt provided for them as the Nature of this place instead there was Wheat,Lamb…)and go on many other things like the warm weather its the anthropology of human nature….which is so cunfusing issue but the fact is Caucasian especially Chechens are known as white skin and dark hair..there is blonde with blue eyes but its an genetic assue and it needs an specialist.
    if want to go too deep we can go back ahundred years and more to analyze this it might come with good results.

  6. Hi !
    So…. Caucasus …. it have geographical meaning (Caucasus) and race-linguistic meaning.
    The race-linguist Caucasians are: Chechen-Ingush group, Abhaz-Circassian group, and Dagestan group (exept Kymyks) .
    All it is North-Caucasus FAMILY !
    Thats all. Оthers came to Caucasus many later.
    And dont listen to russians monkey propaganda. They never provide truthful info.

  7. Hi !
    So… Caucasus … it have geographical meaning (Caucasus) and race-linguistic meaning.
    The race-linguist Caucasians are: Chechen-Ingush group, Abhaz-Circassian group, and Dagestan group (exept Kymyks) .
    All it is North-Caucasus FAMILY !
    Thats all. Оthers came to Caucasus many later.
    And dont listen to russians monkey propaganda. They never provide truthful info.

  8. You are another low life lying, Frisco marxist son of a bitch. Your “photos of German atrocities” were posed by ugly re-enactors. What is it about you Frisco assholes? You are always posturing as such a “humanitarian” But its all an act you are just another sleazy little afroSupremacist commie son of a bitch who only fools other in-bred Frisco morons and fanatics.
    May you all be served as food to those you adore because to the rest of us you are a gang of race whores.

  9. very interesting article. Hopefully the white race does not almost die off in the next 100 years as they are projected to do.

  10. I just registered to thank you Robert for your great work, very informative article. However I did notice some mistakes and inaccuracies in the article, which I would like to point out in this comment of mine.
    1) About Azerbaijan. In the article you highlighted Azeris as white, which is true, but partially. Most ethnic Azeris are of mixed Turkic and Persian descent and can be quite dark in their skin tone and physical features, especially in the Southern parts of the country. Here are pictures of average Azeris, (Azeri boy with Asiatic/Turkic appearance), (another Azeri boy with clear Asiatic/Turkic looks), (a crowd in Azerbaijan), (Ganira Pashayeva, Member of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan, can be seen having some Asiatic/Turkic looks), (National Hero of Azerbaijan, Ibad Huseynov). As you can see average ethnic Azeris are of darker skin tone, physical appearance and can have some Asiatic looks. Nevertheless I am not denying the fact that there are white European looking ethnic Azeris as well, but there is relatively few of them.
    However if you go to the North of Azerbaijan, where ethnic minorities like Lezgins and Avars live, you will see a different story. Since these ethnic minorities live in the north of the country, close to the Caucasus mountains, the climate in those areas is much harsher and colder, which results in people having lighter facial and physical features.
    Lezgins are ethnic group of people, native to Caucasus, who live in Dagestan and Northern parts of Azerbaijan and mainly inhabit cities like Derbent, Makhachkala, Khachmaz, Qusar and Quba. Lezgins are considered to be the descendants of Caucasians Albanians (Udis) and have close genetic and linguistic ties with the Udis, who are also representatives of Lezgic language group. Here are pictures of some average Lezgins, (Dzhabar Askerov, Lezgin kickboxer), (Khabib Allahkhverdiev, Lezgin boxer), (Lezgin girls), (the girl with dark brown hair and blue eyes is Lezgin), (Lezgin girls, I believe the picture was taken in Qusar, however I am not sure). As you can see Lezgins are white Europeans and mostly have light facial and physical features. Lezgins didn’t really intermix with other people, since they live on mountainous terrain,There is about a million Lezgins in both Dagestan and Azerbaijan, however if you also on top of that add up the amount of other Lezgic people, like Tsakhurs. Udis, Rutul and Tabasaran people, who have close linguistic and genetic ties to Lezgins and between each other, you will get about 1.2-1.3 million people. Lezgins are mostly Sunni Muslims, however many Lezgins are secular and very moderate. Unfortunately Lezgins are getting oppressed in Azerbaijan, there are some limitations on Lezgin language and culture. These people have no political representation in Azerbaijan, since the only party that represented them “Sadval”(which means unity in Lezgin) was banned in the country.
    Avars are ethnic group of people, native to Caucasus, who predominantly live in Dagestan and partially in Azerbaijan and Georgia. There is about 1 million Avars and they are predominantly Sunni Muslims. Pictures of Avars, (Mansur Isaev, Avar judo wrestler), (Avar men), (Imam Shamil, famous Avar anti-czarist fighter in Dagestan), (Avar women). As you can see, Avars as well are white Europeans and live on mountainous areas.
    2) The file that you mistook for flag of an Armenian pro-Nazi group is simply the flag and coat of arms of Armenia.
    Sorry if I wrote too much, I wasn’t planning to at first. Nice job again with this article!

      1. Thanks Robert. And I would like to ask what is your opinion on my post? Oh, and for some strange reason my previous account was not registered or there were some kind of problems, so I had to create a new one.

  11. It is surprising that many of these inane fabrications are still being believed and peddled, even though in most cases, they have officially been retracted.
    Please take a good detailed look at this article that contains some of the pictures you have published, but it also contains the original pictures before they were photoshopped… then perhaps ask yourself, “Why” if all these things were true, would there be any need to fake imagery?
    You will also find that Stalin’s order #0428 actually ordered the fakery to incriminate Germans… the documents from the US National Archives attest to that and both the US and Russian Governments Officially acknowledge it today too… but still people are disseminating falsehoods.
    Further, the Nuremberg were an illegal frame-work set up for the continuance of war, moved from the battle-field into what resembled a court of justice, but was nothing more than another war time Show Trial.

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