Are Dagestanis and Tajiks White?

Repost from the old blog. In the Russian neo-Nazi decapitation video (posted on this site here), the Russian Nazi fools and their moronic White Nationalist supporters on the Internet claimed that Dagestanis and Tajiks are “Black”, “non-White”, or “muds” (non-White). In this post, we will examine whether or not any sane person could possibly say that Dagestanis and Tajiks are not members of the very large Caucasian, or White race. Although there is no Dagestani race per se, 75

A traditional Dagestani couple in traditional dress. The garb closely resembles Chechen garb, at least on the man. Nazi idiots claim these people are not White. Is that dumb or what? Yet another Dagestani man in traditional dress. That is probably a long sword in his hand. Although the Dagestanis fought against the Czarist White Army during the Russian Civil War, Stalin’s industrialization never made it down here very much, and Dagestan remained quite poor. The Dagestanis fought alongside other Caucasians against Russian imperialism in the 1800’s for almost 50 years. As you can see, he is somewhat darker than a Slav, but to me he just looks White, like an Armenian, Greek or Italian.

16 The remainder are made up of many tiny groups, often each speaking their own strange and complex language. These tiny groups seem mostly to be related to the Iranian groups mentioned above. The political situation in Dagestan is violent and unstable, with a highly active violent Muslim and separatist rebellion that the Russians have not been able to suppress. There are conflicts between Dagestanis and Chechens in a part of Dagestan bordering Chechnya that was hacked off of Chechnya, depopulated of Chechens and donated to Dagestan back in 1944. The Chechens want it back. At the same time, the Lezgins agitate for a separate state in the area of southern Dagestan and northern Azerbaijan where they are most populous.

A map detailing the incredible number of languages spoken in Dagestan. There are 30 separate languages spoken in this tiny area. Many of them are extremely complex and are considered by linguists to be related only to other Northeast Caucasian languages, a language family whose only relatives are the languages of the Caucasus.I think that the NE Caucasian family is related to Basque, Burushaski, Ket and a few other language isolates, but this remains to be proven. Most of these languages are still unwritten but are still going strong. These are probably some of the hardest languages on Earth to learn as a second language. The village of Tindi, Dagestan in 1910. The Tindi language is spoken here. This is the reason for the incredible linguistic diversity in Dagestan. Inaccessibility. Every little group tucked into its own plunging valley amidst towering peaks, the terrain kept most invaders out, and those those who did take over wanted little to do with the place. As each group spoke infrequently with its neighbors, languages diverged wildly in isolation from each other. A similar situation exists in many parts of Papua New Guinea, where an incredible 800 languages are spoken. In contrast, in flat plains or deserts, you often have few languages because it is so easy to talk to each other. As peoples converse, their languages do not tend to diverge.

Tajiks are an interesting ethnic group. Instead of being “Blacks” or “non-Whites”, as the Nazi morons in Russia and on the web seem to think, the Tajiks are actually believed to be one of the closest living descendants of the Nazis’ beloved “Aryans”. The Aryans are an Iranian people who settled in Central Asia 4000 years ago. The Tajiks are related to the Aryan Bactrian, Sogdian and Parnian peoples. Due to centuries of Persian immigration, they have a lot of Persian blood now. Physically, they resemble Mediterraneans such as Italians and Greeks. A minority are mixed with Asian lines from the Mongol invasions.

A group of beautiful little Tajik girls. Looking at them along with the old woman in the background, you can see that Tajiks are an ethnically heterogeneous group of people. Nazi cretins claim these people are “Black” and “non-Whites”. They look that way to you? In fact, they are descendants of some of the first Whites to settle Europe – the original Indo-Europeans.

Aside from “race”, both men were Muslim immigrants to Russia, and that is what these executions are really all about. In other news, the student arrested for the distribution of the video has been named. Viktor Milkov, 23, from the city of Maikop in the Russian territory of Adygea, is a student at Adygea Technological University and a member of the Russian National Socialist Party who has been disseminating Nazi propaganda on the Net for 2 years. The man said he received the video in an anonymous email from a woman. The man is being charged with distributing the video, but he is not thought to have been involved in making it. He is a known follower of the Russian Far Right and was involved in forming an organization called the Adygea Movement of Slavs. Adygea is heavily populated by people called Circassians who have been widely dispersed through the Middle East since the capture of Circassia by Russia in the mid-1800’s. The Slavs are now the are the majority in Adygea, and the Circassians are only about 27 Many Russians have moved in since. But it’s not like some ancient Russian homeland. The makers of the video, the National Socialist Society of Rus, said that they were the militant wing of the National Socialist Society, or National Socialist Community (Natsional-Sotsialisticheskoye Obshchestvo, or NSO in Russian) a group that participates in marches called “The Russians March” and is known for attacks on homosexuals. The group was founded in 2004. Their hard-to-find webpage has been painstakingly tracked down by this blog and can be found here. Milkov is being charged with inciting national, religious or ethnic hatred, a charge that carries up to five years in prison. Nationalist violence is completely out of control, with at least 70,000 skinheads logged by human rights groups, racist attacks occurring every day and an average of one racist murder a week.

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29 thoughts on “Are Dagestanis and Tajiks White?”

  1. Yeah, they look pretty non-white to me actually. The Tajiks especially. For the Dagestan people, it would be better if you used pics where you could actually see their faces. LMAO.

  2. Hi Robert,
    This is a very interesting topic. I have always pondered over the term “white” and how exactly it is defined. I think it has more to do with culture (European culture) than appearance. Most people thinks Europeans are only White, and don’t know or consider that there are Whites among Arabs, Iranic/Persian, Pakistanis, North Africans etc.
    I am studying in Canada, and many people when they first meet me thinks I am European descent, but, when I tell them I am Pakistani, they are surprised. Sometimes I have to explain them that there are many Pakistanis in Northern parts that have Caucasoid features.
    Getting back to topic, I think Tajiks are mixed like Pashtuns, but, overall, they are White (If you only consider appearance). I have met few Greeks in my University who looked very non-white to me. But, they are considered White because they adhere to “White” culture perhaps?
    Check this out:
    P.S: For some reason I have doubt over the claim that North Indians have the highest R1a (as mentioned on the article), but other than that, you will see that on average R1a is found at highest among Tajiks.

    1. Well, if you are talking the White nationalist types, they really go insane if you say there are White people outside of Europe. It makes them stark raving nuts. I love to piss those guys off, so I like to say that a lot just to make them mad.
      Pan-Aryanism actually makes a lot of sense. Pan-Aryanism holds that there is a White phenotype that looks something like a European and that everyone who conforms to this phenotype more or less is White. This would be a much smaller group than Caucasians.
      According to a good Pan-Aryanist view, the White Berbers, White Arabs, White Turks are all White. These would be the Turks, Arabs and Berbers who are Whiter looking than the rest. That means about 35% of Turks. The President of Syria is a good example of a White Arab. Some include Arabs in general in with Meds, a White group, but the problem is that some Arabs have so much Black in them it’s hard to say that they are White.
      Now clearly, the entire Caucasus is White. That means Chechens, Dagestanis, Georgians, Azeris, Armenians. Iranians are definitely White. Going to Afghanistan, the Pashtun types are clearly White. So are Tajiks. Now heading into the area of the Kalash, almost everyone agrees that the Kalash are White. So are the other people living around NW Pakistan and especially into Nuristan.
      Now we can move over towards NW India. It’s clear to me that a lot of Punjabis at least need to be included as Whites. They look very European. A lot of them around here look like Greeks, Jews, Italians, Turks, Iranians. That’s obviously a European phenotype in India.
      When you start getting into the rest of the Indians, things get a lot more problematic.

  3. I don’t understand the problem of just calling a human being a human being. White, black, Russian, who cares? Human. We are all human and we all bleed red.

    1. Important because Nazi dumbfucks say that Dagestanis and Tajiks are “Blacks” and “not White.” I set out to prove this wrong in this piece. I’m also interested in the subject since I am a Pan-Aryanist.

    2. Yes, indeed. We are all human. That’s awfully unsatisfying to a lot of people.
      It is amazing to see how fixated some people are when it comes to race. Yes, there are differences among races, and those differences have real consequences, we get it.
      But why the fixation of some people on proving that their race is superior to anybody else’s? Such people could argue forever over the most superficial physical traits of people as if they actually matter.

    3. People who are fixated on the “my race is superior to yours” and the resulting fixation on racial supremacy to the point of obsession are clearly not healthy people. It’s almost as if they have become mentally ill. Race is interesting, but it’s just one thing. It’s not the end-all and be-all of life. Lately I have been going into a town called Oakhurst California every day. It’s changed recently, and now it’s ~9% Hispanic. Some of them are sort of poor. The town is overwhelmingly White at ~87%.
      Truth is that the fact that the town is 9% now really has changed almost nothing about the town. The Hispanics are causing few to no problems. OTOH, if Hispanics were 67% instead of 9%, it would be a whole different kettle of wax.

  4. People from the Caucasus are close relatives of white Europeans. Same goes for Arabs from the Syria and Lebanon. That doesn’t mean that they are the exact same as “white” Europeans.
    Armenians come in a variety of shades and phenotypes. Some look like they are from the Caucasus, some look like white Europeans, and some look like olive skin toned Arabs.
    Arabs from Syria and Lebanon come in different types too. Some look as white as the Irish, some look very light but still have Semitic facial features and others have an olive skin tone.

    1. Are you going by phenotype of genes. To me, the notion that Armenians, the Caucasus, Azeris and Georgians are not White is absolutely insane. Even Hitler said that Iranians were 100% pure Aryans and he refused to cover them under anti-miscegenation laws (meaning they were allowed to legally marry any Nordic or Med person).
      It’s amazing that most White nationalists today would probably be tossed out of the Nazi Party if it existed today on grounds of heresy. When your definition of White is way more restrictive than Nazis, you’ve got serious definitional problems.

      1. Robert
        Nazis also called Japanese “Honorary Aryans” . So it was probably more of an act of political convenience. Apartheid South Africa classified Taiwanese,Koreans and Japanese as honorary Whites whereas as mainland Chinese werent.
        Iranians are a mixed bag. Persians , the largest Iranian ethnic group, is mixture of Indo-Iranians who spoke Avestan and the pre-Aryan peoples who inhabited the Iranian plateau and SW Iran. Elamites were a major civilization in Iran even well after Aryans started colonizing Iran and Elamites weren’t Indo-European.
        All these central Asian , South Asian and North African groups aren’t “White” but are Caucasoid. White has always been a euphemism for European peoples. Europe is the areas north of the Bosphorus and west of the Urals. Yellow has been a euphemisn for East Asian Mongoloid peoples and Red for Amerindians.
        I lived in the UAE and White was used amongst South Asian and Arabs to denote Europeans (White Americans, Germans, Swedes, Brits, Dutch, French,Italians etc..)

  5. Caucasian and white European are not the exact same thing.
    If you have ever met a group of Armenians you would know that they are not all white. Lots of Armenians consider themselves to be related to white people or Syrians but still separate and pure.
    This has nothing to be with being exclusive; I don’t think white Europeans are racially superior to Armenians or Syrians. In the US, I don’t care if Armenians, Georgians, and Syrians marry Finns. But to say that all Armenians are the exact same as an Irishmen is crazy. They are close cousins.

  6. Poeple in mountainous pockets across the Pashtun area (Pashtunistan/Pashtun khwa) in both Afghanistan and Pakistan show more of a white features than those living in lowlands. Also, almost 80-90% of the Pashtun children have blond features but a large percentage of them do not retain these features as they grow up and acquire a mediteranian look instead. Though many retain thier white featueres (in particular in mountainuos regions). I wonder what genetic factors could be behind all this. Some genetic studies on Pashtuns relate them closely to the Scandanavians.
    Coming to the question of Aryans. I think it’ll be confusing even for the Nazis to set a citeria for this. If the criteria is the blond/white features, then a blond person from any where can be considered an Aaryan. Being a semetic Arab or an altiac Turk should’nt make any difference. But if being an Aryan follows a linguistic liniage, then speakers of all Indo-European languaes should be considered Aaryans and that includes Hispanics as well as poeple of northern India not to mention the Bengalese and the Sinhala speakers of Sri Lanka. But there is no doubt that the Nazis whether ‘neo’ or old concentrate mostly on the blond look in thier classification of Aryans. Then why were/are Italians considered Aryans? On the other hand the poeple of Finland and Hungary do not speak an Indo-European language but are white by any definition of the word. Where do they fit into this equation? Are they Aryans or not? There are so many questions than answers in all this. The term Aryan was first used in the Vedic literature of India. But a Nazi will never consider an Indian as one of their own. group.
    Sometimes it seems that all this is just a myth cherished by the racist Europeans in order to prove their speriority over the rest of human kind. A person does not become superior by the color of their skin. Only our character is the true criteria to describe how good we are.

      1. Not in any of the material I have read. Indians/Pakistanis were always considered to be muts.
        The US which had similar racial laws to the Nazi never considered Indians as Aryans , and there was a famous case of a Sikh back in the 50s or 60s who petitioned the courts trying to be classified as Aryan/White. He was unsuccessfull.

    1. I have actually read some White Nationalists on Stormfront disagree with using the Aryan moniker to describe Europeans because as everyone knows it was used by Indo-Iranians and has no historical presence amongst Europeans. It is usually the less knowledge amongst WNists who eagerly throw around the term Aryan.

  7. They’re white.
    I’m darker than many of them and I’m considered white (I’m Italian).
    I know a blonde Tajik girl…

  8. Ragioniamo un attimo ragazzi… i popoli europei non sono gli unici popoli bianchi sulla faccia della terra! Lo sono anche gli iraniani, i tagiki (appunto!), gli afghani, e anche popoli non-indoeuropei come gli arabi, gli ebrei o i berberi (ma solo quelli che non si sono mescolati con le popolazioni nere dell’Africa subsahariana), o i popoli caucasici. I tagiki possono definirsi con orgoglio “bianchi” più dei finlandesi, un popolo nato dalla mescolanza tra popoli mongoloidi e popoli scandinavi… non dico una castroneria, basta guardare il pilota di Formula 1 Mika Hakkinen, che presenta tratti chiaramente mongolici, e confrontarlo con Kimi Raikkonen o Heikki Kovalainen, dai tratti somatici molto più occidentali.

    1. Mika Hakkinen is pure European.
      Here is the picture of him when his eyelids were very clear
      Accidentally non-Mongoloid people tend to weird eyelids which will appear like Mongol sometimes when their eyelids react to their different facial expressions.
      Just Google Boxer names, many of them got mongol (but not Mongol) like eyes
      I personally know one Indian (India) who got eyes like that. Many Black have that kind of eyes too.

  9. It doesn’t matter if they are white or not. It’s no reason for anyone to be murdered. Do the same to a white person and you’ll see they are exactly the same on the inside. Their blood is red, the same organs, the same bones. How on earth can you hate the pigment of somebodies skin enough to kill them? By killing these people you’re killing yourselves. Stop this madness, wake up, realise what your doing. These are people not a skin shade. They are you, me, everybody.

  10. “As each group spoke infrequently with its neighbors, languages diverged wildly in isolation from each other. A similar situation exists in many parts of Papua New Guinea, where an incredible 800 languages are spoken. In contrast, in flat plains or deserts, you often have few languages because it is so easy to talk to each other. As peoples converse, their languages do not tend to diverge”
    That’s interesting. I’ve heard similar things said about types of music in Colombia. Apparently different regions have different types of music because back in the olden days it was tough to get around the difficult terrain of Colombia. It also makes me think somewhat of appalachia. That region seems to have preserved it older culture from the early days of the US because not many people want to live there.

  11. Dude, instead of bothering to make people seem “white”, like it’s something sacred, you should rather write an article about how it’s okay and perfectly normal NOT TO BE WHITE. Who cares if they’re white or not? Who gives a sh**? According to you, them being white is the reason that makes it wrong for Russian Nazis to hunt them down… which in reverse conclusion would mean, that if they were in fact “dark” or “black”, it would be okay for Nazis to kill them… Although this may not be your opinion, it’s basically what this article says.

  12. Hi all very interesting topic..because mostly the people dont know that the white arent only in europe or their descendant in america and oceana..the white people as it seems and prooved original asia..but asia is a big term so to be specified north robert wanted to say is an insane to say that there r white outise europe..the white for this racist people can never being muslim or jew..i dont know where is their problem with the semetic when they claim they r christian jesus is semtic too unless they wana draw him white as they already did..white people are smart i agree but GOD tell us to not be arrogant nor racism..tajik pahtun orth persian azer kalash kashmir some unjab nuristan chechen cirrcuss osetien lazar all of them are white ..ofcourse not nordic but still white ..the arab is mostly a culture than race thats why many white levantine and northafrica calim that thye r arab race and this isnt true..egypt was never white people mostly the white people are descendant of the norther caucasian levantine greek ..yes they have some semetic and berberian influence but usually they r brunette..

  13. Tajiks are not white because 90% of non-pamiri Tajiks are Sarts who are essentially Persian speaking Turkic descendants therefore of mongol-Turk extraction. However those that live in Gorno-Badakhshan are 100% Aryan. As for Dagestanis they like all true “Caucasians” are not aryans but share a common ancestry with them meaning they look white but actually aren’t white in our sense of the word as they are too genetically distinct. Aryans descended from Central Asia before Mongoloids absorbed them. The Caucasian terminology is a myth because European whites have nothing to do with the Caucasus people other than we look similar to them. Slavic and indo-Iranian people were the last Indo Europeans peoples to leave the central asian umhemiat hence their similar features. That’s why Russians and Poles are closer to Iranians than French people.

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