Albanians Are Neither White Nor Europeans?

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A lot of White Nationalist idiots insist that Albanians are either not White (Whatever the Hell that means.), or, more particularly, that they are not Europeans (!). The reason that “Albanians are not Europeans”, despite the fact that they live in Europe (!) is apparently because “Albanians are Muslims”. So White folks, who live in Europe, but are Muslims, are automagically transformed into “non-Whites”. Nice magic.
First of all, that is not entirely true. It’s true that the Kosovars were mostly Muslims, but in Albania proper, the population was originally about 50% Muslim, 30% Catholic and 20% Orthodox Christian. Albanian Orthodox, apparently. I never even knew that existed.

Pretty interesting phenotype. I like those girls. Love the way they look. I’m not sure quite what they look like; I’m thinking they have a phenotype all their own? They look a lot like Italians. Looking at the guys, I think they look like Greeks. They have a very interesting nose. I’m not sure if it’s a Greek nose or an Italian nose. It’s prominent, but still attractive.
I assume they are just some type of Meds. I’m not down with all those old anthropological types. Notice that there are a fair number of blonds. Nordicist retards say this is because “Nordics” went down to the Mediterranean, civilized the backwards Meds, become their ruling class, did all those great Italian and Greek civilizational Med things we swoon about, then took off back to Germany or wherever to run around in bear skins with rude tribes of White gangbangers called Vandals and such.
Dumb, huh? Truth is, Meds went up north and actually helped to form those great Nordics. Nordics are part Med. I got my hands on this great proto-Nazi Nordicist book once out of Germany from around 1920. Everything was race, race, race. It was kind of cool the way he split Caucasians up into all these groups. But it seems that the ruling classes of all of the great empires – Indian, Persian, Armenian, Roman, Greek, you name it – were all Nordics!
Germanic proto-Nazi dudes were running all over Europe and West Asia forming ruling classes and creating great civilizations and lording it over the the untermenschen darkie types, then high-tailing it back to Germany as soon as civilization collapsed. Back to Germany, one of the least civilized places on Earth, except it was exporting Platos and Caesars to the world. Yeah right. Supremacists are so funny sometimes.
More Albanians! All blonds, pretty much. You see any particular phenotype there? I don’t. They just look like White people. No wait! They’re not White! Only Nordics are! Snark. These people don’t look like Muslims either. They look like young folks who like to have unmarried sex. Have fun kids!

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335 thoughts on “Albanians Are Neither White Nor Europeans?”

  1. The Independent, Volume 107
    edited by Leonard Bacon, Joseph Parrish Thompson, Richard Salter Storrs, Joshua Leavitt, Henry Ward Beecher, Theodore Tilton, Henry Chandler Bowen, William Hayes
    Education – 1921
    Page 9
    The Albanian race was settled in the Balkan Peninsula before the Hellenes arrived and centuries upon centuries before the Serbs were heard of in the civilized world. Pyrrhus, Alexander the Great, Scanderbeg were of that race.

  2. I can safely say that the Balkans are truly the ghetto of Europe and inhabited by absolutely the dumbest possible people that are truly a blight on the European map when compared with the rest of Europe.
    All of them hate each other, all of them claim practically godly origins from some or other ancient folk that have disappeared like a fart in the wind, all of them have an IQ equal to retards in other European countries, none of them can spell (and seem to have this affinity to write like American negroes with their “cuz u r so stoopid looool”), all of them cannot write a single sentence without swearing, all of them have such delusions of grandeur of the greatness of their countries (when their countries are a bunch of poor shitholes in reality), all of them seem to love offending each others’ mothers and finally, there is nothing more rude and aggressive than some Balkanigger if you dare to say anything against their nationality.
    Are Albanians white? Yes. And so what? They, like the rest of the Balkans, are truly the retarded and/or braindead cousins that other white countries are ashamed to admit are a part of our family and their country is practically a third world country – think Borat village scenes. 😀

  3. Albanians are white.
    However, it is true they are some problems. With help such as positive Discrimination, Albanian History month, rioting if an Albanian is killed by a Cop etc we will, I am sure be able to help them.

    1. we don’t riot when a cop kills one of us …we lay in wait and ten years later murder his family. and one month of history for a country located at the cross roads of European civilization ( literally between Rome and Greece)is not enough. Just thought I’d point that out. and the comparison to blacks from someone whose commander in chief is black …. Priceless. How long do you think it’ll before you inbreds mix with all those Africans who live in the states and my desendants call yours BOY AND n…r ?

      1. White Nationalists don’t consider them White because they adopted Islam and there is the suspicion there is Turkish/Asiatic genes floating around in the Muslim Balkan populations.

    2. Albanians are the one white group in New York who share public schools and neighborhoods with ghetto Blacks and Latinos in the Bronx (and NOT the wealthier or even middle-class members of those non-white groups).

  4. Albanians are mainly rooted from Daco Thracian and Illyrian people . They are native in the Balkans. But they tell also very much bullshit about who and how old they are.
    First of all starting about their pelasgian theory and that they are the oldest people in the Balkans. The Pelasgians was located from the ancient authors in Greece, an aegean populaiton which was located in aegean Greece and the anatolian coast, also in Epirus but in non case connected with Illyria or the Illyrians. The Pelasgians described as a hellenic race and the most ancient of all, most probably they was of mediteranean own type and not nordic nor of slavic looking. This about the baltic roots of Odysse and Iliad is non scence somehow pseudo nordist theories.
    The Illyrians go to the Balkans arround the 11th century BC.
    Also this about their language cant be proven that it is the most ancient language. I belive its a mix of thracodacian and illyrian with proven old greek and old latin elements in it , probably through the assimilations of this non albanians group into the first original albanian core.
    Modern Albanians have absorbate through islamisations and albanisations in and before the Ottoman era also (in this case just albanisation from other populations) also greek and some slavic populations.
    The photos of the Albanians you show specially the males in the second photo are looking complete slavic, like Polish people and most albanian I met also the blondes doesnt look like this.
    They are in big parts their own white, also some slavic white but also meditteranean or a mix of this different kinds. They excist also some exotics looking somehow avaric or mongoloidbalkanic, but they are very few and exotics are everywhere.
    Most of the Albanians are of paleobalkanic looking, dacothracian is the more “white”, when this of more illyrian and greek features is the more mediteran, still white but can have a higher rate of darker hair and features.
    The males in the second photo are so far I have seen from Albanians not a typical represent of their group, their looking more typical slavic. You can find also much white also blonde Albanians , the typical Albanian characteristics are very different in compare to the photo you post. I think they dont like Slavs, how they take it so easy presented through a picture (not from the author) like Slavs?

  5. Oh look the Jew like white European hating weasel Lindsey still projecting his whinney girl like views, who said WN don’t consider Albanians White? I certainly do. Many dislike the fact that most are muslim (Personally this is an irrelevant point here but still….) but the fact is besides having some non white admixture in there like many southern Europeans do the Albanians are indeed White European, with many showing this point clearly, like these kids here……
    They look whiter than many Brits id say! 🙂
    The same can be said worldwide with Arabs(Assyrians Lebanese etc), Persians, Asianic tribes etc where white minorities are still prevalent.
    As for you trying to sell Jews as white, this is something I do disagree with totally, despite how “white” some many look their mentality is clearly not, with a total hatred of any kind of Aryan racial traits. One only has to see what is concealed from non jews in their Babylonian Talmud to understand this better, but you probably already know this behind closed doors don’t you “Robert” lol…..

  6. Everyone seems to claim to “know” that “they” are the pure race of the balkans. I have seen Serbs who look like pure Arabs, pure Turks and i have seen Serbs who look Mediterranean, and I have seen Serbs who look white. I have seen Albanians who look Arab, and I have seen, Albanians who look more white than white than white. My family is from Macedonia, right North of Greece. I am fair skinned with freckles, amber eyes and dark hair. I look Irish. My brother was born blonde with blue eyes. He looks like a Polak. He now has brown hair and hazel eyes. Big wow factor for a dark skin Arab looking Serb he met who thought Albanians looked like “gypsies.”I am sick and tired of people coming up with their own theories on how they are the true white race. As an Albanian, I was astonished when I went to school with Greeks who looked like Arabs, they were astonished and could not understand why I looked so white when I was clearly an Albanian. Does it matter what I look like? Do I care? This sense of nationalist superiority sprouted the Bosnian genocide and initiated increasing tension in the Balkans towards Albanians. Here is the big big joke in the Balkans…have Greeks and Serbs wondered why Albanians are paler, fairer (not that it matters) than themselves? Albanians, out of fear, converted to Islam because if your wife was a Muslim or daughter was a Muslim, no one got raped. Guess who the Turks raped? Keep guessing…and you guessed…the Serbs, the Greeks, any Albanian who did not convert. if you see white Serbs or Greeks, these are the people who hid in the mountains or just plain hid, they dont comprrise more than 10% of the population.

  7. I have heard that there are cognates between Udi and Albanian, but I haven’t really looked too far into it. Upon first inspection, a few of the cognates (i.e. “baba”-father) are borrowings from Arabic, transferred via Ottoman rule. Albania shares it’s namesake with another historical entity in the Caucuses, does anybody know why this is?
    Overall, this whole “Albanians aren’t white” just goes to show you that contemporary white nationalism is American in origin, and pretty much a joke. At least nordicists are willing to use the paper bag test consistently. If Albanians aren’t white, then Italians and Greeks aren’t white. Hell, take the average pedestrian in Athens and put a Turkish flag in his hand, and Stormfront would go crazy, “look at this ugly kebab!’ If Albania did more to throw off the yoke of the Orient, nobody would be questioning the Albanians whiteness.

  8. This article is incorrect, Albanians are ethnically mixed with the Middle East and Turkey. How do you think they became Muslim without being taken over by a Muslim/Asian country?

    1. Religion has nothing to do with ethnicity. Even before Spain was conquered by Muslim and returned to the Muslim religion all over Spain, and later turned back into the Catholic religion.
      Albanians did not change and neither blood nor language, but fought Turk. Linguistics, DNA, history shows the opposite of what you say.
      Almost all Eastern Europe was occupied by Turks, and everywhere they turned religion, as in Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Romania and other countries. But this does not mean that they were Turks, or were mixed with them. This propaganda is outdated, that today is the science that decides and not several different currents hostile

  9. Let me explain you one thing. Albanians have historically been of a Christian religion. Because of an invasion from Ottoman Empire which lasted for approximately 500 years, a lot of Albanians were forced to change their religion to Muslim. This has nothing to do with our European identity. Albanians are one of the oldest races of the entire European continent.

    1. Albanians do not have primary religion, Albanians are Catholic, Orthodox, Muslim and the majority of them do not care about religion.
      Albanians are the oldest people of Europe, as by linguistic and by DNA. They inherit an ancient culture and are very proud of this.
      The Pelasgians are the ancestors of all Europeans, but only Albanians are their direct and authentic descendants and, as such, can claim for a kind of absolute autochthony in Europe. By claiming Pelasgic ancestry,
      supporters of these ideas are transforming marginality – Albanians are on the margins of Europe – into centrality and superiority –
      They are more European than anyone else.
      Religion as it has come as would one day went, language is what remains and that is the dignity of every nation.
      Even the Christian religion is a gift from the emperor of Rome, Constantine the Great, who conquered Western Europe, Asia Minor, Middle East and Egypt. Constantine the Great, he was Illyrian origin from Nishi of Kosovo, which means the Albanian blood.
      He himself was a pagan and was baptized at the age of over sixty, when he was too ill.
      He made Christianity a lawful religion, and spread it with force. Constantine the Great is the key of distribution of Christian religion,
      If Constantine great had not become lawful Christianity, Christianity today would be only as a cult.

  10. I’m ethnic Albanian, and my autosomal DNA results were as follows: 74% Italy/Greece, 11% Europe East, 7% Caucasus, 4% Great Britain, 3% Europe West, and less than 1% Scandanavian. This would suggest that I’m 93% European and 7% West Asian. Many White Americans have a similar DNA spread between European and non-European, so I would consider myself “white” if I were filling out a questionnaire; however, if you were to ask me my racial identity, I would just simply state Mediterranean, and I’m proud of that. I could care less if others classify me as white or not. Oh, and I also exhibit that strong Albanian nose. It’s what helps me sniff out the BS from people’s mouths 🙂 Have a wonderful day!!!

  11. Albanian brief yet historically accurate timeline of key events:
    Ancient Illyrian descendants. Oldest language in Europe.
    Fought against Islamic Crusades for centuries.
    No help from European ”brothers” who conveniently adopted an ”isolationist” policy when it was us suffering. This was the straw that broke the camels back and has left a legacy of internal division among European people.
    Got taken over eventually by the Ottomans (outnumbered 1 to 100 men). Converted to Islam by force.
    Retained historical traditional culture and language throughout Ottoman rule. Refused to mix our identities.
    Skanderbeg was somewhat of a catalyst in keeping traditional nationalism alive.
    Eventually got independence in 1912.
    Land annexed in Treaty of Berlin (1878) and London Conference (1913). Overt mistreatment and confirmation if you ever needed it of superiority complex in Northern/Central Europe.
    It took the perceived most fascist man in European history to finally recognize our history. Hitler respected our culture and European heritage but after WW2, it was back to Europe hating us. Communism followed and then a Republic “democracy” in which our leaders betrayed our own people with disgusting corruption.
    Fast forward to today and Albanians have an identity crisis. Half the current population doesn’t know anything about their history. They weakly still believe in Islam but should have denounced it long ago. They are still weakly married to communist tolerance. Just look at the current socialist administration under Edi Rama. The other parts of the populous are stuck in pointless civil disputes and the police don’t enforce law which has seen a consistent crime level (you can get away with anything if the punishment doesn’t exist).
    I’m tired of this talk of whether Albanians are ”white” or not. There are little markers to measure ”whiteness”, moreover, it is often used interchangeably with the term “european”. Regarding the latter question we have absolute certainty Albanians are “European”. However, this does not imply they are regarded as such and clearly never really were treated as such by those in Europe (with the exception of Hitler, ironically).
    If you really want to know what the community thinks then here it is… unfiltered… Albanians don’t give a toss about pseudo-European nationalism. We know the Northern Europeans have looked down on us as inferior but they won’t admit it overtly (usually).
    When Europe spat from the hand that kept it safe for centuries you antagonized your European counterparts.
    Europe is dead. It’s now a 3rd world immigration haven. Northern Europeans have yourselves to blame (I’m sure you’re content with it). This is a symptom of a lack of historical unity between European cultures.
    For the record, I don’t “hate” anyone. I’m just saying it how it is. I have no issue with Serbia, Russia (I admire Putin) or any other nation.
    Let’s not kid ourselves that this is a topic even worth discussing. For arguments sake, let us assume Albanians are indeed classified as ”white” and this narrative was now accepted by all Europeans… so what? What changes? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But back to reality, Albanians aren’t stupid. We know the concept of ‘Europe’ to most Europeans means one that doesn’t include Albanians – despite the evidence suggesting otherwise. Don’t expect any love from us. If you can’t respect your mother (seeing as we are the oldest people in Europe and have the oldest culture) then you can’t respect anyone. Enjoy moral decay and pointless discussions about who or what ”whiteness” is.

  12. This bullshit has to stop.
    Dann Coulterguiste/his supporters referred to this Armenian Man;
    as a “third world savage”
    These people don’t care about other Whites. They just care about having a funnel for their sky high testosterone since they can’t get laid…..
    They also don’t even realize that’s what they are doing because they have such low IQs.
    I would suggest not even dignifying this nonsense anymore.

  13. Mr Robert u must be very ignorant to believe that Albanians are not Europeans they are more Europeans than the rest of Europe you mentioned something with Muslim’s u shouldn’t have been there when we were invented from the ottoman empire sacrifice to protect Europe from invention

  14. Albanians are not white , 500 years of ottoman rule definitely included mixing of ethnicity. You can only tell by individuals, you have lighter skinned Albanians and darker ones such as me. I got my DNA tested on Ancestry and it showed I had Egyptian and Japanese in me.

    1. Stop this propaganda
      Albanians were not intermarried with the invaders, but they were proud of their origins and traditions, and by scholars they are an indigenous people who neither assimilated nor lost their language which is the oldest in Europe. For Albanian, Turks and Slavs were conquering.
      Ottoman rule was not only in Albania, nearly 500 years but throughout the Balkans and in most of Eastern Europe. There are Roma and Egyptian population living in Albania, but they are small minority as these minorities has in the Balkan Peninsula and throughout Europe.

  15. Muslims aren’t white, they are dedicating their lives to an Arab invention of madness and shouldn’t be considered European. I guess those Albanians who aren’t Muslim could be considered white.

    1. Stop this ugly propaganda.
      All religions are ideology and do not have to do with nationality, and most of the Albanian population are not religious.
      Even in Arab countries, has the population of Christian faith, but they do not represent the white race. Likewise and in Africa, Asia.
      Albanians are a native people in the Balkans, and the Albanian state was formed as a nation by ethnicity, language, and not religion. For Albanian, blood is important, which mean DNA and not religion. Religion is not ethnicity.
      Language, DNA, traditions, folklore, and the flag represent the nation who you are.
      Albanian is the oldest language of Europe.
      Albanian DNA represents the oldest people of Europe.
      Polyphony Albanian song is called the old polyphony of humanity.
      Albanian flag is the oldest flag, in Europe.
      They are more European than others.

      1. Thank you, Roza.
        I think many White people are realizing they, too are not safe (the only people safe from the Alt-Reich are low-IQ Nordic testocrat males who never associate with those unlike them.
        and then they came for me

        1. There was not territory with the name albania before 1914,name albania was given from ostreich and hungary.albanians are if I can use the words greeks first cousins.also macedonia is greek there no macedonians or what ever they call them

    1. The history and DNA show the opposite.
      To survive and not to remain slaves of the Ottoman Empire, A large part of Albanians by changing religion made to take the lead of the Ottoman Empire, and their benefits were to keep their properties, rifle for protection, and not to allow foreign soldier in Albania, but only Albanians who changed faith perform military duty in their country.

      1. Thank you. It’s a shame you have to spell this out. I thought it was common knowledge?
        It’s like Iberians being non-White because they have Arab influence in the Spanish language (snicker)

    1. Greek writer, Nikos Dimou in the interview given NY Times, Greeks speak Albanian.
      We used to speak Albanian and call ourselves Romans, but then Winckelmann, Goethe, Victor Hugo, Delacroix, they all told us,‘No, you are Hellenes, direct descendants of Plato and Socrates,’ and that did it. If a small, poor nation has such a burden put on its shoulders, it will never recover.”

  16. What Roza said about converting during the Ottoman Empire seems correct. It just makes sense. There was no “mud invasion” or anything of that sort. It’s silly.
    These hardcore WNs/Nordicists don’t understand religion. They think it should all be ethnic based (they criticize integrated churches- something even Apartheid South Africa had). They don’t get it. Religion is a belief, not an ethnicity. People convert. The irony of these guys criticizing Jews in this regard is plapable.

  17. The SJWs were having a field day with David Duke’s “Protecting European Americans” statement.
    they’d say “European Americans*”
    *excludes Muditerreneans, Slavs, Alamian Muzzies, Ashkenazis, etc.”
    Duke is relatively inclusive but the point stands. WNs ARE reducing their cause, as Don Black, said “to an absurdity”

  18. All Albanians have been catholic or orthodox.Islam was introduced to Albanians when the Ottoman Empire invaded Albanian lands and forced the Albanians to become muslims.The only reason why Islam is present in Albanian lands including Republic of Kosovo is of their(Turkish) 500 hundred years of invasion.Islam is not a true part of Albanian culture.Albanians are Illyrians which have nothing to do with Islam.Even muslim Albanians drink alcoholic drinks more than even christian europians.Mother Teresa(Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu) is a perfect example of Albanian religious culture.Another example is Gjergj Kastrioti(George Castriot) which is the greatest Albanian National Hero he was taken from his family by the Ottomans when he was a kid and they converted him into a Muslim and changed his name to Skender and gave him the title Bey after his great military skills.But in 1443 he betrayed the ottoman empire and came back to Albanian lands and converted back to christianity.He fought the ottoman empire for 25 years winning over 24 battles with them and created a sort of a wall that stopped ottoman expansion.He died as a chrisitian on 17th of January 1468.After his death the ottoman empire took full control over Albanian Lands and managed to spread its religious culture.Today Albanians are mostly muslims but not a true muslim race they were just forcefully converted.Albanians are probably the most religiously peaceful nation on Earth due to our religious variety and we don’t like to be referred as a muslim nation or christian nation we like to be referred as only Albanians because that’s our true cultural identity.
    Butrint Morina 2nd of September 2016

  19. Just returned from Albania which by all accounts is pleasantly secular allowing all religions and none to coexist, an example to others. Yes, an incredible painful, yet rich history. The future is going to be good with a new airport between Vlore/Saranda. Be proud Albania as you have a beautiful country and the kindness of the people is unique!

  20. Šiptar has the same origins as KHAZAR, AVAR, MAGYAR, TATAR, i.e. from the Caucasus. Defo NOT EUROPEAN. With I2 haplogroup evidence, Šiptars came to the Balkans with the Ottoman ca. 10th century. They have mixed wth the local population and have Illyrian ancestry only thru this.

  21. Do not confuse Albanians with Slavs of Balkan.
    Slavs of Balkan are from this tribes, which adobtion Slavic language in the 7the century.
    The Turks have invaded the Balkans in the 14th century and in the 10th
    century all the Balkans was under the Byzantine Empire, you have no knowledge of history
    The Albanian people are descended from a non-Slavic, non-Turkic group of tribes known as Illyrians.
    After falling under Roman authority in 165 BC, Albania was controlled nearly continuously by a succession of foreign powers until the mid-20th century, with only brief periods of self-rule.
    Following the split of the Roman Empire in 395, the Byzantine Empire established control over present-day Albania. In the 11th century, Byzantine Emperor Alexius I Comnenus made the first recorded reference to a distinct area of land known as Albania and to its people.
    The Ottoman Empire ruled Albania from 1385-1912. During this time, much of the population converted to the Islamic faith, and Albanians also emigrated to Italy, Greece, Egypt, and Turkey. Although its control was briefly disrupted during the 1443-78 revolt, led by Albania’s national hero, Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu, the Ottomans eventually reasserted their dominance.
    The Albanians are the oldest inhabitants of the Balkan Peninsula. Classical authors give the names of very many tribes which dwelt in those lands when history dawns.
    The Greeks classed them as “barbarians,” and they spoke a non-Greek tongue. They were united in groups under native kings, and of these groups some of the most important were the Macedonians, the Illyrians, and the Epirotes.
    According to Strabo, all three spoke the same language. And it is from the Illyrians, Epirotes that the Albanians of to-day descend. Modern Albania derives from the language of Alexander the Great and King Pyrrhus. Illyria and Epirus, in old days, extended from Trieste along the whole of the Adriatic coast, comprising at one time all Bosnia and the Herzegovina, a large part of modern Serbia, and all Montenegro, as well as modern Albania.
    The ultimate origin of the root Alb- has been traced to an Illyrian word (alb “white”).
    In the 2nd century BC, Polybius’s History of the World mentions a tribe named Arbon in present-day central Albania. The people who lived there were called Albanoí and Arbanita.
    The Albanians called their country Arbër or Arbën and referred to themselves as Arbëresh or Arbnesh
    Shqipëria, popularly interpreted as “Land of the Eagles” or “Land of the Mountain Eagle” hence the two-headed bird on the national flag.
    It is confirmed not only by the linguistic, and also from archeology that the Albanians are the oldest people of the Balkans

  22. #Robert Lindsay, Thanks about this post. I’m an Albanian and so Proud. I saw some stupid comments here, but they were funny. I saw some Serbians saying talking they were the first in Balkans. That’s not true coz they have Vic on their surnames and they came here in the 6th century. I saw some Greeks too, but this are the phoniest people in the whole world. They talk about science and medication, but they stole them from Egypt. They talk about this Byzantine empire, but the flag of this Albanian, Montenegro and Serbian on it.
    Greeks are good for having fights among themselves, nothing else. They used this BYZANTINE Empire to steal from the oldest Albanians all of their ancient things. They tried to destroy ALBANIAN language, which is the most COSMIC LANGUAGE in this planet. It has nothing to do with any other languages on the planet. Greeks keep stealing, even from MACEDONIANS, but these Macedonians are dumb themselves. They say they are ancient, but they talk SLAVIC. This is really funny. In Alexander (His Mother ILLYRIAN father Hellenic) Era, there weren’t any Slavic speakers 😀 😀 :D. But that’s why Greeks are now trying to claim Macedonia like it is Greek, which is more funny.
    They say the people of Thessaloníki are called Macedonians, but this Thessaloníki was Macedonian, not Greek, but like I said, they used this Byzantine Empire to fake everything…they even have a place called Naples in Greece like Napoli in ITALY – crazy…And these Greeks and Serbians under the OTTOMAN Empire asked the emperor to convert all Albanians to Islam by force them and high taxes…so they could say that the Macedonians are are Turks and there was no such thing as Albanians. This more funny you know 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 .. coz we here even in byzantine empire. We were Catholic and some Albanian Orthodox too.
    So they was mad fumy too 😀 😀 😀 😀 about the peoples. It’s not because I am an Albanian, but Albanians are among the the beautiful people of this World. ;). To be honest AUSTRIANS are the same as ALBANIANS, but here Albania comes from ALBINO ===> (Albinism in humans is a congenital disorder characterized by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes. Albinism is associated with a number of vision defects, such as photophobia, nystagmus, and amblyopia.)
    That’s why everyone likes to keep ALBANIA a colony – it’s for these beautiful people here. SURE some are Gypsies -like in all countries in this part of the world, they exist here too. But no ALBANIAN -Haplogroup BLOOD type would tell everything DNY…if someone has any questions, leave a comment or reply.

    1. Its only dumb serbs who will call Albanians and Bosniaks non white just cause of nationalism and hate. Everyone everywhere knows Albanians are white europeans.

  23. A historian friend who was a college professor ifrom Croatia told me that Albania means (Albino Arabs or White Arabs). (Ergo this is possibly how skin turned white.) And Arabs have both light and dark skin as well. Africa was the cradle of civilization. 300,000 years ago there was a land mass between Africa and the Middle East. Both continents’ peoples were desert warriors. The Arabs fought in Africa to conquer the Africans to no avail.
    In 2003, I travelled to Contessa Entillina in Sicily. My DiMaggio family goes back 6 generations all being DiMaggios from the records of the city
    The story of our town is the mountain that the city was on was originally called Entilla.

  24. The ultimate origin of the root Alb- has been traced to an Illyrian word (alb “white”).
    In the 2nd century BC, Polybius’s History of the World mentions a tribe named Arbon in present-day central Albania. The people who lived there were called Albanoí and Arbanita.
    The Albanians called their country Arbër or Arbën and referred to themselves as Arbëresh or Arbnesh
    Shqipëria, popularly interpreted as “Land of the Eagles” or “Land of the Mountain Eagle” hence the two-headed bird on the national flag.
    Trojan has named himself as the Dardan and Alban and this looks set names that new countries where they settled after displacement that part of population from Troy.
    So Ene Dardania was founded in Italy town called Alba.
    Briti his nephew, as he was decided in Britain called it part of Alban, which is Scotland today, has inherited name the capital of New York
    It has evidence that they were themselves Alban and Dardane, names that come two Illyrian tribes in antiquity Dardan and Alban. But today the only people, who called Alban and Dardan, are Albanians.
    It is no accident that Albanian people today called the old name alban of Europe, with which it is named, that are all the peoples of old Europe.
    Thus, Britain was called Albion and Scotland Albani, Teutono-Trojan German tribes are called by Strabo the name Albania, Italy Trojan rise Alban city name, the Black Sea called themselves Skithet Alban etc…
    Name Alban according to all historical and scientific resources, means White. Even today Western scholars explain Albion name of Great Britain the word fair.
    It is to see the Albino attention from Albanian word has meaning in A- bion, which that means blonde. In all dictionaries Albino word means white man.
    Name Alban with which, Albanians are known today from world has more sense.

  25. When people say “white people” they usually mean WASP.. white anglo-saxon protestant. Not that I agree but that’s why Albanians are not considered “white people”. Especially here in the U.S.

  26. What’s wrong with being White? Being White is great! Up with the Whites! Every day I wake up in the morning and I look up at the ceiling, and I say, “Thank God for making me White!” All White people should feel this way!

  27. I consider my State Nordic. It’s an essential part of its character and distinguishes MN from its more German neighbor WI. Plenty of big noses on Norseman here. Look up MMA fighter Brock Larson. I’ve no wish to tower over Mediterraneans; I would like to live among more of them. I know an Italian and Greek here and there, but they are not the majority.

    Albania’s linguistically fascinating and unique. A bit more untapped than its neighbors. Of course Albanians are White. Balkan nationalism can be brutally backwards. Perhaps Albania’s neighbors really think Albanians are non-White, but they’d be wrong.

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