Morris Dees, Pathological Narcissist and Ultra-Creep

Normally, I don’t give a damn about stuff like this. I don’t care about womanizers. Some of my best friends were pretty notorious. But those guys for the most part had class. I don’t even care too much about guys who cheat on their wives, though you ought to try to be discreet if you do it. JFK wasn’t a bad man. Teddy Kennedy isn’t a bad man. Neither is Bill Clinton. Not all men can be faithful, but I think if you can’t, maybe you should not even get married in the first place.
This Morris Dees guy from the SPLC just goes way overboard.
Here are two pages from his divorce proceedings. This man is not just a sex addict and a womanizer, that’s not a problem. Worse, he is an out and out pathological narcissist. He’s like Ted Bundy or Jeffrey MacDonald. I suspect that in most cases, these guys are highly controlled like Dees and never commit any serious crimes, though they always push the envelope and often break the law.
For instance, it appears that Dees enjoyed peeping on his 16 year old daughter when she was naked. Also, at age 16, he appears to have either attempted to have sex with her or at the very least acted very inappropriately with her. I understand why men chase 16-year olds, but if you get caught, you are going down hard. The law’s the law. But what kind of a guy peeps on and tries to seduce his own 16 daughter, step-daughter or not?
Morris Dees, sexually, is simply a creep. I hate to say it, but it’s true. He’s more than a womanizer; he’s an emotionally destroying monster. He’s a sexual psychopath and an emotional terrorist. As a man, he has no class. As a human being, he’s no good. The guy’s simply a prick. In White society, sooner or later, guys like this get punched out or even get their asses kicked. In more primitive societies, they might just get killed. He’s probably avoided all this because he’s rich.
In 1978, Dees conducted an affair with a woman, Vicki Booker McGaha. He told the wife over and over he was going to knock it off, but then kept going back to her. Finally he dragged both women over to the house and played sick emotional power games with them, almost making them fight over him, toying with them like a cat toys with a mouse before it kills it.
Finally he told Maureene, the wife, that she could see other guys, since she was threatening divorce, but she had to be discreet about it. Was Morris Dees discreet about his affairs? Of course not!
The wife went to Washington DC and met a lover there. Dees tailed her there and followed her to her hotel room where he hid. When she was in bed with her lover, he burst out and took pictures with a camera, causing a huge scene.
Dees was acting insane, and Maureene was afraid he was going to kill everyone in the room. He screamed that he had five detectives with him. He freaked out and punched Maureene in the face, breaking her jaw. Afterward, he whipped out an abusive divorce contract and practically forced her sign it. She signed it out of fear. He later gave her copies of the photos taken that night and told her to destroy them, as he said they were the only copies. Dees lied once again, as he retained copies for himself.
Starting right after they were married, Dees bragged incessantly, always saying how with his looks and money, he could get any woman he wanted. He constantly told Maureene about how women were propositioning him. Later in the marriage, he frequently regaled her with tales of all the women he had had affairs with while he was married to her.
Among other women he had affairs with was Cathy Bennett, a female psychologist. He brought her over to his home to meet his wife, and she stayed with them for a week. At the time, he was apparently having an affair with her.
The Dees threw a party at their home in 1977. D. Rodgers, a physician, showed up, along with his wife, Judith Rodgers, a criminal psychologist. Incredibly, Dees took the doctor’s wife upstairs to his bedroom and had sex with her while the party was still going on!
Dees interviewed Deborah Levy, who worked for the ACLU, to run a magazine Dees was thinking of starting up that opposed the death penalty. The magazine never got going, but Levy and her boyfriend did visit the home for several days. Once Dees and his wife went on a canoe trip with the couple. Maureene woke in the night to find Dees having sex with Levy.
Dees turned to Maureene and ordered her to have sex with Levy’s boyfriend, but Maureene was not into that. Shortly before morning, Maureene woke again and Dees and Levy were having sex again, this time right next to her. Dees turned and kissed her while he was screwing Levy. Maureene was very upset by this, and in the morning she said she did not want this stuff to happen again.
Later, Dees and his wife went to New York. While there, Dees insisted that the couple visit Levy and her boyfriend, Michael Gaas. The couple went out for dinner. The next day, all four were talking, and Dees interrupted the conversation to tell Gaas that Dees and Levy were planning to go off and have sex that afternoon. Maureene was enraged and embarrassed by this.
Gaas was shocked and said that if that’s what you want to do, go ahead and do it. So Dees and Levy went off the bedroom and had sex, leaving Maureene and Gaas sitting there. To get back at him, Maureene and Gaas had sex in the living room. 45 minutes later, Dees left the apartment, came back after a while, and punched Gaas in the face, apparently for having sex with Maureene.
Later the couple met Charlie Springman, a gay man who worked for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). Morris invited the man back up to their room over Maureene’s objections, and Dees kept trying to seduce Charlie, while Charlie tried repeatedly to leave. Finally, Dees asked Charlie to get in bed with them, and Maureene said forget it and headed off to bed.
Later, Dees and Charlie ended up in bed, with Maureene in the middle. Dees and Charlie then leaned over Maureene and kissed and sucked each others’ cocks to Maureene’s displeasure.
In the morning, Dees left. He came back and found Maureene crying on the bed. Dees said it would never happen again.
Dees’ son Scooter was dating Karen Sherman. She later married Scooter and became Karen Sherman Dees. At the time, they were 18 or 19 years old and were frequently over at Dees’ house. Unbelievably, Dees seduced his own son’s girlfriend right in front of his son’s eyes!
After dinner one night, Maureene and Scooter were washing the dishes, and Dees and Karen took off for the pool. Maureene and Scooter later headed towards the pool too, but before they got there, Maureene saw Dees with his arms around Karen. Both were naked, and Dees had a hardon. Maureen turned around, decided she did not want to go swimming, and steered Scooter away from the pool.
Later that night, Dees and his wife were lying in bed. Karen came into the room, naked except for a towel. She proceeded to climb into bed on Dees’ side. She stayed there for 10 minutes and then left.
This guy is just unbelievable. He wins Creep of the Year Award. I also insist that he’s a pathological narcissist with sociopathic tendencies. That’s redundant, because all pathological narcissists, and many narcissists for that matter, have sociopathic tendencies. I’m hardly an angel, but the way I see it is that Morris Dees is a bad man and a bad human being. That’s leaving aside his outrageous hustle exercise in con artistry called the SPLC.
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98 thoughts on “Morris Dees, Pathological Narcissist and Ultra-Creep”

      1. Yes, he is a jew. So is the surname Loeb. Jews are the biggest perverts and psychos. As for the article, “Neither is Bill Clinton.” – opinion discarded.

    1. Morris Dees is a hero, and anyone who doesn’t respect that is afraid to look at what THEY have done to better the world during their lifetime. Instead of trashing him, go do something positive..I’m sure he is to busy to look at you little comments and article on him, as he is usually busy standing up for those unable to stand up for themselves. He has gone up against the Klan (and won), against the Nazi’s, stood up for hate crimes against homosexuals…and really. You want to put you name on an article calling this once businesman turned lawyer – trying to help the downtrodden – on an article calling HIM a “Pathological Narcissist and Ultra-Creep.”. Cynthia Irwin, CA

      1. He’s only a hero to the liberal loondogs, and they are an ultra fringe, mindless minority who don’t know much about anything in particular worth discussing rationally.

        1. I truly hope you are not referring to ME as the above? I, WINDRUNNER, am at LEAST BRAVE ENOUGHT to use my REAL NAME. Also, while I may personally question the intelligence (or lack thereof) of the author and his “rational” group of loyal followers, you might realize I did not trash you (windrunner – male or female?) OR ANY OF your people. Obviously, you only know the lowest form of written disagreement, and it has nothing to do with facts. YOU have to lower ME to in order to FEEL as if you had ANY power. I did none of those things. I posted my first short comment on a page that caught my eye. I read it, felt it was WRONG, and simply and shortly suggested you do something positive in lieu of complain.
          But that’s okay “windrunner”, if that is the best name you can come up with! (Sounds kind of ultra-fringe, liberal, burning man name to me,) You and your ”group ideas”-(reading the posts it is like you all have one brain, w/ exception of Miguel and anyone else opposing that I might have missed.) can run like the wind, bks I will not be responding to any more posts from you. Unless you come in form of clever disguise of a different name, in which I would hope you would NOT waste EITHER of our time.
          Besides, I am just a silly California loon dog, and I’m guessing you’re from somewhere where they “things are discussed much more rationally”. I can actually tell from the tone of your letter you are quite the rational?? Man? Woman?? Windrunner??
          I can actually tell from the tone and verbiage of your post that you are from somewhere where they “things are discussed much more rationally”. Me, I am just a silly big city California loon dog, according to you. You could not be more off, Windrunner! (Sorry, for a right wing whatever, that name cracks me up so I have to use it as many times as I can in this post.
          Thanks for an interesting reminder on how closed minded some people can be. As I said, I won’t be wasting any more time on you, so I truly hope you go on to have a long and happy life. And there were no puns or jokes in “I truly hope you go on to have a long and happy life”. We don’t have to hate each other just because we disagree on politics, or religion, or ANYTHING.
          I wish we had ALL learned that on 9/11. I wish you well in your personal life, and hope that you stay safe, happy and comfortable.
          Go Well,
          Cindy Irwin

          1. My name is Frank J Salerno, and one aspect of a man does not make up the complete individual. You might like to do some more research on this imposter before granting him saintly status, since it appears you have no idea what he really is.

      2. Hi Cindy.
        I of course am very happy that Dees fights the Nazis, the Klan, etc. I am glad that you give money to him. It’s a good cause.
        OTOH, I honestly think that he is not a very good person.
        I also object to his saying that any group that opposes illegal aliens is a hate group.

        1. @ Robert
          I am glad that you give money to him.
          Dees already has more than enough money, not just to “teach tolerance,” but to live in a miniature palace.
          Read “The Church of Morris Dees” by Ken Silverstein.

        2. That statement, if he made it, says all you need to know about where he comes from, and what he’s all about. Only an irrational individual would call common sense a hate group, unless there’s other motivation to make such a comment. We know there is!

      3. You have to be kidding me, this pervert and all his sexual peccadilloes and you starkly defend him for helping the “downtrodden”???? The man is a POS pure and simple, a huckster, con artist and nw apparently a sexual deviate. Morris Dees is a scumbag pure ansd simple. Now Cindy what next? Have you kind words for good old “Uncle Joe Stalin” beacuse he stood up for the “people???

      4. Myself being part Levital Cohen Priestly Line, I say with impugnity Morris Dees could use some help from the pseudoscience of Psychiatry, founded by his fellow Jew Freud trying to find out why he wanted likewise to fuck his own daughter.
        But I doubt he would receive any help, as Morris is a hundred times more vile & pathological.

      5. Thats the height of Hypocrisy Cindy. You cry tears of despair when U feel insulted yet you try to dictate who is what blah blah blah for all the people whos opinion DIFFERS from yours, dry-insulting them for NOT regarding Dee’s as a hero like you do. Thats your right to regard that man how you so choose. Did U ever stop to think that for some people its rather difficult to regard a man who’s own child said that on more than one occasion tried to show her how to use a vibrator that he bought her as a gift when she was a small child coming into her room, waking her up twice as she slept when only hours before that, he peeked in the bathroom window as she showered (or took a bath I forget). Lastly, not everyone is going to use their GOV names online. It just isnt the smartest thing in the world to do, especially if you’re a single woman with children (not suggesting you are) but it just isnt responsible..besides, what difference does it truly make what the persons name is anyways on here? Thats non-sense. Now thats my opinion.
        Take Care

      6. Just like a brain dead liberal to call a womanizing, pedophile, faggot a hero. You pinheads never cease to amaze me.

    2. Another interesting case, is this really a true example that White people have this genetic propensity toward being creepy sociopaths? I have never heard of Blacks or East Asians acting like this.

    3. So apparently it seems that when someone like Morrin Dees, who looks europid, acts disgustingly and commits heinous sexual acts, then we all get to anaylze him and the type of human being he is with added scientific criterion’s of his behavior. However when a black or another race member demonstrates this behavior, then it’s a scientific behavioral anomaly associated with the race itself.
      Just my two cents and observations……

      The FEARLESS LEADER of the SPLC WOLF PACK seems to be carrying around some “BAGGAGE”
      They say, “NEVER TRUST A LAWYER” and that definitely seems to be case with Mr. MORRIS DEES

    5. I think it has more to do with being Zionist than Jewish.
      But, then, the Jewish religion is promotes a Supremacist mindset (Chosen by God to rule). Yeah, you are right. Narcissism runs through both groups pretty heavily. Zionism is just a major subset of Judaism.

  1. Dees was involved early on in his career with avowed Christian Millard Fuller who started Habitat for Humanity. Here’s a quote from a HARPERS expose in November 2000 by Ken Silverstein entitled “The Church of Morris Dees.
    “In the early 1960s, Morris Dees sat on the sidelines honing his direct-marketing skills and practicing law while the civil rights movement engulfed the South. “Morris and I…shared the overriding purpose of making a pile of money,” recalls Dees’s business partner, a lawyer named Millard Fuller (not to be confused with Millard Farmer). “We were not particular about how we did it; we just wanted to be independently rich.”
    WNs like to savor Morris Dees full name Morris Seligman Dees because it sounds so Jewish. It’s rumored he keeps his ethnicity a mystery to help bring in contributions to the SPLC from Jews who wouldn’t give otherwise.

      1. his name is morris seligman, which give him away as a Jesus-crucifying Jew.
        Jew are gypsies, but at a very high level. gypsies set up entertainment shows like the jew but they are small, where the jew started in the motion picture industry to nail their goyim.
        gypsies set up little puppet shows, but they are able to cheat the locals enough to make a living.
        the jew wants it all, as it did with the Byzantines and the united states.
        they have completely destroyed both.
        but with all parasites like the jew, or other insects like the emerald ash borer, there is no host to feed on, and they all but annihilated at the end of their feeding frenzies on countries

  2. Morris Dees probably is a creep and an opportunist, but he’s genuinely made WNs and other scumbags bleed, which is *really* why they hate him. Any movement that includes a borderline psychopath like David Duke as a member in good standing has no business throwing stones.
    I don’t think he’s Jewish at all–half or otherwise–but his ethnicity is a mystery. If he were half-Jewish, it would be in his interest to come out and say so. Most Jews who aren’t married to the halachic definition–that is to say most American Jews–would respect that.
    My judgment on Morris Dees: I wouldn’t send him money personally, but this may be a case of “It takes a creep to catch a whole lot of worse creeps.”

    1. I do applaud him for going after the Nazis. Excuse me, WN’s! However, I’m mad at him for characterizing all opposition to illegal immigration as “racist.” And nowadays, they are promiscuously throwing around the “White nationalist” label towards people who really do not deserve it.
      Indeed, why would he keep his ethnicity secret if he really were half-Jewish?

    2. So a David Duke is a worse person than a pedophile just because you do not agree with his views??? Wow. Gotta love leftist retards, “freedom of speech, unless you dont agree with us” or, “its ok to molest kids, as long as you dont like nazis”. You douchebags are hilarious.

  3. Mort Goldman says:
    “Any movement that includes a borderline psychopath like David Duke as a member in good standing has no business throwing stones.”
    What makes David Duke a borderline psychopath? If you’ve got some dirt on him, let’s have it.

  4. MG: “Any movement that includes a borderline psychopath…”
    Hey Death Moneyman (the Jew Mort Goldman): any and every movement that has ever or will ever succeed in have a true impact on our world has obviously included a good number of (NOT BORDERLINE) ‘psychopaths,’ malcontents, firebrands, and other social miscreants.
    You think “normal” people make history? Psshhh.

  5. I don’t usually talk to those types, but as for DD being a borderline psychopath: I guess it’s a judgment call. But look at all the fake names (before the internet), the get rich quick schemes, tax evasion, phony academic degrees, etc.
    And I don’t think this is the same thing as the eccentricity that WP is referring to.

    1. Apparently that PhD is real. For a long time I thought it was fake, but it’s the real deal. The subject is pretty ridiculous and the school is nasty, but he did the work all right. It’s a real former university in the Ukraine, he had an advisor, and he successfully defended it. But the university is pretty much Anti-Semite U.

  6. It looks like David Duke has been US state representative, earned a Ph.d and was also presented with an honorary doctorate in the Ukraine:
    The tax evasion charge doesn’t mean he’s “borderline psychopath.” It means he was gone after, like former congressman Jim Trafficant, and taken down over taxes that year.
    And I’m a “scumbag” because Mort Goldman switches on the septic tank pump and starts spraying his offal on anyone who doesn’t go along with his baseless slanders?
    Why don’t the Morts ever let people just disagree with them? Why do they always find it necessary to demean, slander or try to ruin anyone and anything that offends them? What a bunch of big unpleasant babies! “Mommy, that Christmas Tree hurt my feelings….Waaaaaaaaa…waaaaa!!!”

  7. BTW, how do you know *I’m* not really David Duke, under a false name? No more preposterous than “Mohammed X,” author of “African Attu,” is it?

    1. Real or not, it’s a lousy sounding name for any human being tho not nearly as bad as the ones the Africans are naming their offspring.

  8. One thing former US Representative for the State of Lousiana David Duke Ph.d has not ever been is impolite. Folks might not like his politics, but they can’t fault his manners. He doesn’t have to play hide and seek in the blogosphere. He’s an international lecturer on European American issues who usually comports himself in a statesmanlike fashion unless there’s a babelicious Baberahm Lincoln lurking around backstage and then he turns into Gene Simmons.

    1. I looked him up. I guess he does actually have a PhD. I don’t know what that means though. I mean, a lot of these guys do. William Pierce did. So what? So he’s an intellectual Nazi. That’s better than the other kind?

  9. Yea, Ph.d Nazis are usually more engaging than the other kind because they’re often well versed in other things besides Nazism. Pierce was a physicist and Duke is a successful politician who has run for the senate and presidency, written books and is now living in Austria concentrating on honing his nature photography skills. Duke is a mimic and a practical joker. His send up of Rod Steiger hamming it up as a haunted Holocaust survivor in “The Pawn Broker” is a stitch.

  10. There is no practical or rational motivation for a scumbag like Dees to engage in any civil rights movement activities other than to advance self serving interests. This individual is a true low life that somehow advanced beyond his Peter Principal maximum. He could care less about one single American negro than he could about saving fire ants. This is one of the lowest forms of human existence that has gained such a level of prominence in this phoney endeavor that has ever been produced in America. Trash in a suit!!!

  11. ‘I do applaud Dees for going after the Nazis. However, I’m mad at him for characterizing all opposition to illegal immigration as “racist.” And nowadays, they are promiscuously throwing around the “White nationalist” label towards people who really do not deserve it.’
    Dees and his minions at the $PLC only ‘go after’ Nazis to get support from people who are too short-sighted to see that he will ‘go after’ just about anyone if he can get away with it. They unfairly sued a neo-Nazi nut in Oregon in 1989. Witnesses claimed he’d organized them to commit racial violence. There was nothing in it, otherwise the guy would have been prosecuted under criminal law. More recently, the $PLC attacked a pacifist discussion group called ‘Pacifica Forum’ as a ‘white nationalist hate group’ because it criticized Israeli policies – and the Jews who support them. They attack right-wing academics like MacDonald using the left, and left-wing academics like Robinson using the right. We need to unite for freedom. ANYONE should be defended against the $PLC, the ‘Anti’ Defamation League, etc..

  12. my best friend is related to him. i just found out today because we are doing history reports in language. but its pretty freaky.

  13. Dees is not Jewish but a Unitarian Christian. He is a perverted cultural marxist not worthy to be a Christian.
    The SPLC is a racist hate filled organisation and needs to be shut down. The SPLC are on par with the Black Panthers and Nazis.

  14. We have only ourselves to blame for terrorist hate groups like the SPLC.
    It isn’t just Morris Dees, but the troll Potok, and that woman…what’s her name? “Heidi 4th-Reich” or something like that.
    These folks are so predictable…Any support for antiquated ideas like Constitutional fidelity, support for the 10th amendment, limited government, or limiting the growth of spending, and you are automatically branded a NAZI.
    Sadly, the youth of today are educated by government agents in government schools and are completely unaware that in his 1924 book “Mein Kampf” Hitler promised that the Nazi party would totally eliminate state’s rights forever.
    It is the SPLC and the organizations for which they are fronting that are the true NAZI’s!

  15. I’ll accept the notion that Dees is a womanizer and a bad husband. What I refuse to accept automatically is the notion that he is a child molester. These kinds of allegations are often made during the course of a divorce case. Most of them never see the inside of criminal court because they are unfounded or lack any other proof besides the testimony of a hostile ex-spouse.
    The motivation of the people who choose to discredit Dees also needs to be considered. The Southern Poverty Law Center has taken on much of the power structure in the old South. There are plenty of people out there who hate Morris Dees passionately for this reason.
    Martin Luther King had affairs and was a womanizer too. Any number of conservative and liberal politicians fit into that category. It isn’t right, but it doesn’t discredit their accomplishments as famous men.

  16. Stumbled on the Morris Dees writing and was not surprised to read what a sick man he is. I received solicitations through AARP(a demo organization)to donate money to him..As I continued receiving his whiny hate mongering letters always wanting money for the good of the poor and oppressed and promoting hate all for the sake of money. If these facts are all true, he should be removed from the bar…Wonder how much of the money he received from the gullible ever went to the needy…

  17. Didn’t George Lincoln Rockwell say that he’d been called a Nazi so much back when he was in right-wing groups in the 50’s that he finally decided to hell with it, and called _himself_ a Nazi from then on? Might as well.

  18. Dee’s is a pro conman and a failed lawyer from way back. I have checked around and asked but from what I have found is that No Temples in the areas he lived in wanted him to convert to Judism. They didn’t trust him. Also thier is a whole bunch of former SPLC employees and volunteers who think he is a scum bag.

  19. I always knew Dees was a shameless money grubber and arrogant self-promoter.
    The $PLC is a fraud, which makes money convincing old affluent liberals that the only way to stop the impending rise of the fourth reich and gassing of Jews/lynching of blacks is to donate money to the good ol’ $PLC.
    I’m honestly not surprised to find out that this guy’s a complete creep as well.
    I’m just waiting for a similar expose of Tim Wise. Knowing how self-absorbed, arrogant, and sanctimonious he is, I would not be surprised to find a few skeletons in his closet.

  20. Robert, this Dees guys sounds like your typical Somatic Narcissists. There are different kinds of Narcissists and not all of them are shameless sex addicts. As defined by popular psychologist Sam Vaknin, a Somatic Narcissists…
    …uses sex to “conquer” and “secure” new sources of narcissistic supply. Consequently, the somatic rarely gets emotionally-involved with his “targets”. His is a mechanical act, devoid of intimacy and commitment.
    As opposed to a cerebral narcissist who…
    …feels that sex is demeaning and degrading. Acting on one’s sex drive is a primitive, basic, and common impulse. The cerebral narcissist convinces himself that he is above all that, endowed as he is with superior intelligence and superhuman self-control.
    Either way, all Narcissists, especially full-blown ones like Dees (if what is written about his is true), are dangerous people. They are fake and will do absolutely anything in their power to get whatever they want (which is narcissistic sources). And in the process, they don’t care who the trample. Whatever empathy they display in public is fake — a disguise. Some Narcissists like the Cerebrals are just less obnoxious, but the drive and intentions are still there.

    1. Thank you for this. Narcissism is so complex that it’s hard to sum it up in a single article. However, these are some excellent comments. I had never heard of the somatic – cerebral distinction before.

  21. I got very interested in the topic a few days I go, and I have come to realize that I might have been living (and associating myself) with full-blown narcissists all of my life. It puts things into perspective. I fear that I myself might have some narcissistic tendencies (a combination of different traits from the many narcissistic types), but I find it difficult to distinguish some of these traits from traits exhibited by those suffering from generalized anxiety disorder and other psychological disorders.

    1. It is very important to get away from such people. Very important! These people are very harmful and destructive, All they will ever do is harm you and cause you pain. Get away from them to save your life. They’re no good, especially for someone like you.

      1. Oh, trust me, I am more than aware now. I have been on the wrong end of the infamous narcissistic rage way too much, but back then I just didn’t know what it was. The rage was abrupt and made no sense (cognitive dissonance). What’s shocking is the sheer number of narcissists I have had relations with, even the women. I don’t think it’s normal. Although estimates place narcissists at 2%-16% of the North American population, I think the actual figure might be higher than 16%.
        You often can’t identify a narcissist without getting to know them, but by then, they would have probably completely eaten away at your sanity. Breaking relations with them is difficult, especially when you have big guilt-conscious. It’s even more difficult when they are your family members.

        1. Yes the rage of a narcissist is often very uprupt and seems to come out of nowhere. But I don’t think it is as senseless as you think it is. There is a method to their madness. These people are all about superior and inferior. The rage is a way to show you that you are inferior to them. That’s what the insults, put downs, etc. are really al about. They are just putting you in your place. What is odd about them is they can be very nice for some time and then suddenly lash out at you for no good reason altogether. They’re just putting you in your place and acting like they are superior to you. Actually narcissists are very envious, and they often do not truly believe that they are better than you. They are full of rage and hatred towards those that they envy, and if they suspect you are doing better than they are, this drives them insane. At these times, they can become violent towards their rivals. They can injure or even kill.
          They can be friends with some folks who for some reason are not designated rivals. There is also a group of people who they look up and idealize as obvious superiors. They are constantly aware of who is superior, inferior or on the same level, and that is how they deal with a lot of people in their lives.

        2. You can break free of these folks any time you want. A good way to get rid of a narcissist is to be cold or mean to me. This will really hurt his feelings, since he has no clue what an asshole he is. Narcissists need a captive audience. They don’t associate with those who are shitty to them.
          I have narcissists in my own family too, and I have managed to more or less break free of them. You need to be very cautious around these folks, and don’t get too close to them. Be wary around them all the time, and watch everything you say and do. They are like snakes they way they lash out and attack.
          It’s a lot easier to break free of these clowns than you think. Stand up for yourself and act cold or mean to them. It really hurts their feelings, they won’t understand it, and soon they will just avoid you since they hate insults.

        3. “It’s a lot easier to break free of these clowns than you think. Stand up for yourself and act cold or mean to them. It really hurts their feelings, they won’t understand it, and soon they will just avoid you since they hate insults.”
          I have been doing a lot of that this past year and inconsistently in past several year (it’s an art I’m pretty bad at), although I didn’t understand narcissism until recently. My method has been blocking and ignoring them, but they know my very warped guilt-conscious and don’t want to get a clue. The avenues some of them take to remain in contact is disturbing.
          For the first time in life I went berserk (nothing physical or too emotionally abusive…I just laid everything out) on two of them, one a close family member and the other a classmate. But with these confrontations, I was at my tipping point after more than two decades of being engulfed by their type. I need to work on being more confrontational so that they get the clue once and for all.
          Being dependent on them one way or another makes it difficult to sever relations. With close family, you have in the back of your mind that they took care (not necessarily raised) of you, even though they might not have done a good job doing so.

  22. Is this site JUST for cowards? Seems to be. Morris would LOVE to meet with any of you who care to have a confrontation….He’d also love to see you in court… GO FOR IT, Pansies…not very likely with limp wrist morons such as you racists.

  23. From Cindy Irwin ( cont)
    (Continued from CIndy Irwin)
    I just left a comment with MY opinions. I did not call anyone names, nor did I try to “educate” anyone. I ask that others please do the same. I am not naive; I feed “educated” on this subject. My opinion just happens to vary widely from yours. In America, we are allowed to disagree. That is the basis of our right to “speak” freely, public or online.
    This has reminded me that I need to make our yearly contribution to Southern Poverty Law Center, because I believe fighting against the Klan in a courtroom is more powerful that any street fight will ever be. (Additionally, Morris Dees won.) Courtroom fights against hate crimes (because of someone’s religion, sexual preference, color, etc). standing up against Nazis, and the Klux Klux Klan is not something every person is brave enough to do.
    Do Well,
    Cindy Irwin
    P, S. A shout out to Miguel, above! I thought I was the only one w/ the opposite opinion on this page. Good to hear from one person of my values. Go well, Miguel!

    1. GREAT! Cindy and Miguel can now light candles and idolize their heroes Josef Stalin and Hugo Chavez. Venceramos comrades!

  24. Dees is indeed a Jew, is a womanizer, an egotistical lover of blacks, and someone who has made fame by trying to destroy WP. He may have helped shut down some low level and debunked organizations like the KLan in areas of the south, but has had no effect on other pro-White organizations. Hammerskins, Aryan Nations, and Nazi Low Riders still fly high and would be happy to have his head mounted on their club wall. Dees is a coward who hides behind a guise of righting wrongs for blacks, when in fact he is about money, women, and himself. Hope you get the same treatment as Alan Berg, your a disgrace.

  25. Whiny, limp-dicked racists and pingbacks from Stormfront, amazing comments section going on here. The original blog post is an eyeopener, though.

  26. Man, you should have been the editor at Penthouse Forum. I particularly like the part about him kissing his wife while fucking the other chick.

  27. Despite all this, the media still relies on the $PLC to tell them an organization is a “hate group”.
    They call themselves the Southern Poverty Law Center yet their work doesn’t have anything to do with poverty and quite often they operate outside of the South.

  28. So the guys a bi sexual,incessed woman beating prick who spends his life standing up for the minorities in our just finding out that I’m related to this person.i have to commend him on his accomplishments in the scourtroom and I’m beginning to realize where I got the nerve from.he is my great grand fathers brother in law.i live in New England and we have a saying here.WHO CARES—– he may very well be a pervert to his daughter but when it comes to the other sexual events as described I can also say.IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO.lets get real people.
    My question is this….Morris you’ve spent most of your career defending minorities like blacks,Asian,gays,etc,when are you going to represent the new minorities the white Americans being racially discriminated by the blacks.the blacks in the south(not all of them but a majority for sure) are hell Bent on living in the civil war reality.i may have been born in the south but I was raised in the north.the north won the war and set the blacks free.i am tired of reminding people of that fact so now I have a new remedy.i punch them in the mouth and make their teeth fall out,then I say to them,sucks to be you doesn’t it,you discriminate against me I won’t need a lawyer but you will need a dentist.
    Last but not least.mostpeople see niggers as being black.i hate to bust your bubble but I see more white niggers than I do black not prejudice I hate everyone equally.there are more important things to worry about than who is screwing who.

  29. Someone please tell me how any man, or women for that matter, that is consumed with getting sex, thinking about sex, lusting about sex, acting out in sex and such, has any time to do any good for society?? I am pretty well versed in addictions and know first hand that this is simply a fantasy to think that people like this have oodles of extra time to be concerned with your problems, or the world’s problems. Usually they have some do good-er on their staff that does it and they take the credit for it. Psychopaths are famous for putting up a front that they hide behind while pulling the strings. They are very good at being puppet masters and no one knows because they have this angelic front, like helping the poor, down trodden, children, victims, that they hide behind. This confuses the masses to what their real intent is.

  30. Regarding whether the divorce proceeding is the actual document, this information makes me wonder: ” This was forwarded to me by email several years ago. I make no claim as to it’s authenticity… Research the facts for yourself. I merely reproduce it here in the public interest. WEB”.

  31. White supremacist groups have been spreading these false documents around for years, trying to smear Dees. Do a little research into the origins of the supposed ‘proof’. What you will find is a trail of lies and faked documents going back decades, without an ounce of truth to them. The KKI has been at this for a very, very long time.

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