The Mystification of Anti-Semitism

Repost from the old blog. Criticizes the self-serving Jewish nonsense about anti-Semitism being some mysterious evil cloud that just descends on the Gentiles from time to time for no reason whatsoever. This same nonsense says that since anti-Semitism is basically a type of mental illness, there is no point in analyzing it rationally. Commenter Lafayette Sennacherib notes that when he commented on a blog recently, laying out the various complaints that Nazis had against Jews (that the Jewish elite were aligned with international capital, while the rest contained a hotbed of seething Communism) his comment was deleted as anti-Semitic. Let us protest this sort of thing. What the Nazis did was really evil and fucked up, but they did have their reasons! The Jewish line is that all anti-Semitism is “mysterious.” This is what I call “the mystification of anti-Semitism.” Many Jewish writings on anti-Semitism take this line, to the point where this is now our dominant “analysis” of anti-Semitism. The Jewish line goes something like this: Anti-Semitism is crazy! It cannot be explained by any rational mechanism. There simply is no rational reason for it whatsoever. Basically, it’s a form of insanity. This analysis has the advantage for sure of letting the Jews of the hook and putting it all on the anti-Semites, but sadly enough, in life, things do have reasons. Even victimizers victimize people for various reasons. This is of course not to defend victimizers or engage in blame the victim crap, but this analysis is useful in life. Now suppose in life I am getting victimized a lot. I move around to different towns, and I keep on getting victimized, often for the exact same false “reasons.” My victimizers are a bunch of pricks for sure, but it’s incumbent on me as a rational actor to discover what it is that I am doing that is setting these idiots off (unfortunately, this been the case at various times in my life). A proper analysis, with the assistance of a psychotherapist, helped me to understand what was driving some of the idiots who did some really fucked-up stuff to me at various times in my life. Turns out that they were not psychotic nuts, but were operating from some logical, but sick, psychological impulses. I now try to live my life so as not to provide fuel for bullies. I feel this Jewish-led project to mystify anti-Semitism has not been helpful in terms of getting to the bottom of the phenomenon. As anti-Semitism does a lot of harm to Jews, it is important to get to the bottom of it. Further, if there are any reasonable complaints against Jews that further anti-Semitism, it is helpful to discover these so that Jews may modify their behavior in the future in order to lessen anti-Semitic bile directed at them. One of the projects of this blog is an empirical analysis of anti-Semitism. That is, we will take all of the arguments, from the Philosemites to the anti-Semites, as “possibly true” and then analyze them to see if there is anything there or not. I’m not prepared to just reject all anti-Semitic accusations as nonsense, but they do need to prove their case. Likewise with the Jews and their defenders! May the best theory win.

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4 thoughts on “The Mystification of Anti-Semitism”

  1. Excellent headline Robert! The jew mafia thrives on the Jew-haters-for-nothing-bullshit. Mystification is a very good describing. This Insane-Goyim jew haters for nothing is all about fooling stupid goyim to feel sorry for the jews.
    The jews have been expelled more than 130 times during the last 2000 years. lt was not the (m)asses that expelled the jews, it was the elite goyim that expelled the jew elite from controlling the state.
    The jewish conspiracy is all about the elite jews taking control of the goyim elite state. There are some very easy to read signs how much the jew elite is in control of the state. The more “democracy” the more the elite jews are in control of the state, the more horror, smear-slande propaganda about a state the less the elite jews are in control of the goyim state.
    Why the jews want control of the state is that they can steal everything they want. Just look at Jewistans army, all stolen from America.
    The jewish conspiracy is all about controlling the goyim state. The jews will do anything, cheat and lie, they will make any bullshit up to subdue goyim. That is why the jews came up with the holohoax bullshit. lt works pretty good for the jews. Not many real statesmen goes up against this jewish holohoax lie.
    The jewish conspiracy is all about taking control of the state and why they want that is that the more the jews are in control of the state, the more they can steal. This and of control of all goyim is what the jewish conspiracy is about.
    The very first point in communist manifest say that everything belongs to the state. Communism is jewish to the core because communism is all about controlling the state and steal everything. The clever part about communism is that an important part of the jewish communist conspiracy is to hide that jews are in control of the state.
    Just look at the goyim communist, what will they all deny? That jews are in all leading positions in all the communist countries. They will deny that jews was in total control of the KGB from the start to end. What are these dumb communists doing? Deny any jewish power at any cost.
    -We don’t discus the race, it dosen’t matter what race people are, says the jews. And the stupid goyim believes this jewish bullshit. Communism is all about one thing and one thing only: Jews taking control of the state. Jews think and act as jews and to get on top they will tell the dumd communist any bullshit, as in that jews are in control of the state has nothing to do with jews, and the dumb communist goyim believe the lying, cheating jews.
    The commmunist manual actual say that communist must use every dirty trick there is, lying and cheating is the communist way. What the dum goyim communist don’t get is that the jews do just that to the goyim communist, and the dumbfuck believes the jews, denies that jews are in control of the state. The same thing goes for dumb goyim zionists.
    They are both helping the jews to hide from the (m)asses that jews are in fact controlling the state. And this is why the jewish conspiracy works, even if 99 percent in the Sovjet and the American state are jews the communist-zionist goyim will deny that the jews controls the state.
    They are useful idiots. The jews had them in Sovjet, they got a little better material life and for that they will deny any jewish control of the state, just as the goyim zionist in America. What the jews does is that they take control and then promots the most useful goyim idiots ther are and post them up on their propaganda machin, denying any jewish power.
    The bogus accusation antislimehead is a big part of the jews covering up that the control the state. Anyone pointing out that the jews controls the state will be smeared Insane jewhater that wants to put all the jews in ovens.
    You can read any jewish real history book written by educated jews about any expell of the jews and that book will tell you that the jews was expelled because they had taken over the state. Jews was in control of the goyim state and then the real goyim elite expelled the jews. Hitler did that. The spains did it in 1492.
    Jews had no control of the iraqian state. Saddam Hussein was not a military threat to Jewista. Iraq is all about jews taking control of the iraqi state. Who wrote the new iraqi constitution? A jew. lran is not a military threat to Jewistan. The lran will nuke Jewistan is just the same lying jewish propaganda as with lraq. lt’s all about taking control of the state and the stupid american Patriotards goes off and put the jews in control of the state.
    The jewish conspiracy is all about controlling the state and once you understand that it’s very easy and predictably to see what the jews are up to. Take any “article” in any jewish controlled paper and read about lraq before the destruction started and read any “article” about lran today, it’s jewish propaganda recycled and it’s all about getting stupid goyim to do the dirtywork and let the jews take control the state.

  2. I’ve seen it happen countless times now, the smallest bit of truth threatening to see daylight and a pack of wild kikes descend on it like hyenas. Some of their denunciations are particularly bizarre, like accusing me of “jerking off” to pictures concentration camp inmates — yes, they’ve actually accused me of that. You know it’s a Jew on the other end when you start hearing that crap.
    heg: lt works like this, the jews HATE the truth. The jews will do ANYTHING to prevent the truth about them to be common knowledge. How do you stop a movement from raising? You nip it in the cradle. Anywhere, anytime and by any mean stop goyim from even talking about jews.
    You don’t even have to talk about jews, it’s enough to speak against what are the jews agenda, take mass immigration. The jews plan with mass immigration is to destroy all white, and all other races nation. Talk against mass immigration and the jews will start smear-slander you NAZI, RACIST etc. You don’t know the first thing about jews and only want to save yourself and then gangs of jews are all over you screaming nazi etc on top of their lungs.
    Now you go: – Nazi … me? You don’t understand a thing. Next you start to wonder why is that? Then you see that the mass immigration can not be discussed in a civil manner. Take any western country and you will be smear-slanderd nazi etc when you try to limit the number of immigrants even the slightest.
    This is the same thing in all western countries so next you start to wonder: Who is behind? Even a blind can see that the agenda and the modus operandi is the same so someone must be pushing strings, but who? Then you come across a webpage that says that the jews are behind the mass immigration.
    -Jews??? Why would jews want mass immigration? Jews have been immigrating to all countries in the world for 2000 years so of course the want open border. From the jews point of view you can understand why the jews want unlimited immigration and no borders politic. lf l was a jew l would wan that too, so l can understand that and it make sense that jews push for mass immigration.
    But what don’t make sense is why jews would push for muslim mass immigration into the western world. What could jews possible gain from muslim mass immigration into the west? First the jews will be less visible. You don’t see the jews, you see muslims = jews gains.
    – But all muslims are jewhaters why would the jews want jewhaters into countries they lived a long time and are accepted? Ordinary muslims are as much jewhaters as ordinary germans, english, americans or whatever nation.
    Jews have lived in every muslim country for 2000 years, mostly in peace with their muslim neighbour. Jews and muslims in Palestine was babysitting each other children. You diden’t know that did you? But that is the truth. Just ask any muslim if he hates jews. l have asked countless muslims if they have jews in their country and if the have problems with muslims, on a personel and domestic level. Not one have said they hated jews and no they where not a domestic problem.
    Muslim immigration into the western countries is NOT a problem for jews. And even if it would cause a problem to the jews they will benefite from it and that is because jews thrive in mayhem. Look it up, the jews themself say that they thrive in mayhem, the worse the better.
    So you see that jews pushing for muslim immigration into the west is not as self-contradicting as it seems. On the contrary from the jews point of view it all make sense.
    The jew are the O-N-L-Y one that is pushing mass immigration into all the western contries and especially muslims and blacks. Period So the question is: Why? And the simple answer is that the jews are nation wreckers. Take any country in the last 2000 years where the jews have taken power and you will see that they steal and cause mayhem when they can. Just read what the jews themself have to say about it.
    I’ve seen it happen countless times now, the smallest bit of truth threatening to see daylight and a pack of wild kikes descend on it like hyenas. Some of their denunciations are particularly bizarre, like accusing me of “jerking off” to pictures concentration camp inmates — yes, they’ve actually accused me of that. You know it’s a Jew on the other end when you start hearing that crap.
    heg: This is a never-ending story. You don’t have to use the word Jew, it’s enough that you start questioning the jews hidden agenda, such as mass immigration to get a pack of jews hunting you. First you don’t know the first thing about jews and ask yourself what the hell that was all about. The jews will smear-slander, lie and make ANYTHING up about you, such as you wank to pictures of the inmates in german workcamps. The whole point is to shut you up in the cradle and not start digging into the issue and the see what the jews really are doing.
    For a newbei this is a hard experience. -What did l do to be called nazi etc and the accusation that you wank to pic from the camps? lt’s sickining and that is the whole point, stop you from question the jews agenda. The jews will stop at nothing to stop you from knowing the truth. So this is what you do. You start at a jew-wise site like get the fact about the jews right and then you just do the same thing as the jews – ATTACK!
    l have studied the jews full time for some three years now and l don’t take any crap from the lying obnoxious jews and neither should you. So this is what you do, you alway and that is as in A-L-W-A-Y-S assume that the jews lie – until proven not guilty. The jew is always guilty of lying, until proven not guilty of being a lying jew.
    When you understand what l just told you to do the rest will be much easier. First you read thru There are many other sites but for a newbie this is the place to start to get jew-wise. Then when you got jewise you deal with the lying jewish scumbags this way: You grab the lying jew by the neck, nail the jew to the floor face down and then you start shoveling FACTS down the lying jews throat. Have no mercy, just shovel facts that the lying jew can’t debunk. Look at it as a mercy killing, the quicker the better.
    “and they end up destroying you just to protect themselves — and then tell you it’s for your own good on top. To hell with them.”
    heg: lt’s for your own good we jews destroy you goyim. That pretty much summs up how the jews look on the world, and of course they are alway innocent, poor presecuted jews for nothing.
    l saw a jingle for a biker program some years ago and this guy was going to build a bike and the engine was from a jet fighter. He was asked why he was doing it. – Why? Because we can! And l think that really is how many jews look at what they are doing, not that it really matters to the jews, they do it because they can. And the reason why the jews can is not that jews are that smarter but because we goyim are so stupid that we can’t see what the jews are doing even if they tell us to our face what and how they do it.
    One thing l noticed many years ago was that everywher on Talmud Vision, TV, in paper and in movies there was always a kind of person that had this smug look. Today l know they were and are all jews. Only jews can have that smug look and what they did was they were and are sitting on Talmud Vision and are very smug about themself and thinking about what next they can get away with, whit out the stupid goyim discover what they really are up to.

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