Mankind Dodges a Bullet!

I am pleased to report to that an evil plot by the Illuminati to kill 80% of the world’s population has been thwarted by a representative of the Illuminati themselves, Prince Leo Lyon Zagami of Santa Elia, Sicily, along with the clever footwork of Benjamin Fulford. That is the subject of this groundbreaking video.
Fulford and Zagami are both insane people. However, they allowed to have good jobs, make lots of money, run around free all over the world, etc. They are not stigmatized or put down. They are treated as if they are sane, and so are most of those who believe them. However, I am convinced that these people, the others like them, and their followers are all seriously insane.
I knew a fellow who believed in all this stuff. He was apparently otherwise sane, and most everyone else thought he was too. He hung out at the coffee where I hung out at. He believed in this whole line. It’s mostly coming from Alex Jones from Infowars, but some of these other clowns like Fulford and Zagami have gotten in on it too.
The conspiracy involves the Illuminati. If you don’t know who the Illuminati are or what the New World Order is, you need to read my backgrounder that uncovers the hidden plot and the monstrous conspirators for all to see.
Anyway, via Alex Jones’ Infowars site, a new theory has been peddled in the past few years. Jones, who may be mentally ill, claims that there is a conspiracy by the Illuminati to kill off 80% of the world’s population, apparently because there are too many damned people on this Earth. That means that 4.8 billion people get killed and only 1.2 million are left standing.
It’s totally insane of course, but there are countless lunatics who believe this. That is the subject of this video. Fulford, formerly the Asian editor of Forbes Magazine, quit his post recently, probably because he was going psychotic.
Since then he has been running around the world, though headquartered in Japan, blowing the whistle on the Evil Illuminati, whom he apparently knows very well. He also holds seminars, mostly in Japan, for which he charges a pretty penny. Attendees learn all about the wicked plots of some rich dudes once you fork it over. He is supposedly a heavy cocaine user, which may explain his apparent paranoid psychosis.
For the last few years, he has been discussing the Unknown Rich Dudes’ Plan to Kill 80% of Humanity. Thankfully, Fulford has gone over to China, where he quickly lined up several thousand expert Chinese ninja fighters. These Bruce Lee types are really pissed off about the Plot To Kill Most of US and have sworn to oppose it. They are going to use karate chops and stuff to foil the Evil Rich Dudes.
Recently he has been hobnobbing with Prince Leo Lyon Zagami, who is either a con artist or a lunatic or both. Zagami claims to be a member of the Illuminati through ties via his royal Italian lineage. He says he is a 33th Degree Mason, but in reality he was thrown out of a Mason Lodge, which is very hard to do. He is now permanently banned from the organization.
Zagami says many a crazy thing, but none can be verified. He says he did 9-11 (as an agent of the Illuminati of course) but that it had to be done, and when it’s all sorted out, we will all thank him for taking down the towers and killing all those people, because by doing so he somehow prevented a much worse plot from taking place.
I have heard that Zagami was recently institutionalized. I guess that means he has been hospitalized for his apparent mental illness.
Zagami has been involved, as a representative of the Illuminati, in intense negotiations with Fulford in Japan. Fulford has been trying to get the Illuminati to call off their monstrous plans to kill most of us. Recently he achieved major success! Zagami reports that the Illuminati plot to kill all of us has been foiled, and that the Illuminati themselves are crumbling and will soon be out of power. Whew! I feel better already!
I can see the conversation now:
Psychotic conspiracy theory monger: “Hey Illuminati, look. Please don’t kill of us. Please don’t do it, ok? We want to live! Please!”
Mysterious unknown rich guy: “Oh. Um ok, man. Like, whatever dude. No problem.”
However, if you read the comments below the video, the insane people who believe this stuff (that’s mostly all who commented) say that this is all a lie. The plan has not been called off, and 80% are still going to get killed real soon. The video is some depraved disinformation plot put out by the Jews to confuse all of us.
The evidence for is that Fulford is a Jew!

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6 thoughts on “Mankind Dodges a Bullet!”

  1. Well, there’s a lot of this stuff flying about. I don’t know anything about this instance of it, but I believe the general idea is correct. I doubt if there is a plan to ACTIVELY kill off 80% of the world’s population, but the elite’s seeming complete indifference to global warming suggests to me that rather than change their ways they would favour a ‘natural correction’ to the planet’s imbalance, something like what James Lovelock (Gaia) talks about – he considers the optimum population of Earth to be under ONE billion. How would this natural correction work? Well, as the Earth heats up, water gets scarcer etc, instead of Chinese, Indians, Africans, Arabs and the rest attaining Western levels of affluence and so exacerbating global warming, they will just die and things will level out. Our elites will LET them die, with maybe a tactical nudge here and there, like nuking certain strategic border areas to stop population movement. They will let a certain number of Chinese into Siberia (and maybe Greenland) to exploit it for them, because the Russians are dying out, but that’s it. I’m sure they’ll find away to cull surplus Western populations too.
    The limit to what the planet can take is also the limit of capitalist expansion; money becomes meaningless if it can buy nothing. And anyway, most people on the planet now are not even part of the international economy and never will be; they are of no value to the elite. Then, when that’s sorted it out, it will be back to the game of who can cheat everyone else out of their money, until one person owns everything and everyone else are slaves with implants in their brains to make even the thought of rebellion impossible. Then the ruler will die of loneliness, the slaves will wander round in circles directionlessly until they starve, and eventually cockroaches may inherit the Earth, and maybe make a better job of it.

  2. Good video intro to Pentti Linkola:
    Gary Snyder has two more years of wrinkles on his pooter (that’s how you can tell the age of these old ecologists). He’s a miscegenating Marxist with a big Cali-Buddhist “Howdy Pard!” for the Third World siwash invading and destroying America.

    1. Cool, Snyder sounds like my kind of guy. He read some of my fiction once at a reading for the release of a literary journal and he was praising it in the bar afterward. It was Burroughs – Anthony Burgess like dystopian future stuff. Sort of like Lord of the Flies too.

  3. Anthony Burgess wrote a forgotten dystopian novel about a future world where heterosexuality had been outlawed. The title is “The Wanting Seed.” IIRCC a couple gets chased across Britain by the sex police who are, of course, all gay just like the new post-gender officers patrolling the streets of San Francisco and Seattle today. The time is ripe for The Wanting Seed to be made into an art film, like A Clockwork Orange by Gus Van Sant our gay Stanley Kubrick.

    1. Yeah in my short story, this buddy and me go back in time somehow and we are driving through Central California. California has split into 3 parts and the central part is called the Midzone. It’s gone over to warring factions of punker-type Leftists called the NCAA (some anarchist acronym) are fighting the FFA (the Future Fascists of America.
      The FFA dudes wear thigh boots, cream colored suits and they paint their faces white with black lipstick. They’re almost in drag. They carry these ornately carved billy clubs and wear funny Clockwork Orange like tophats. They set up checkpoints on the highways and we have to go through one. We are drinking beer and driving an MG and we throw beer bottles at the fuckers and run the checkpoint.
      The bridges are blown out and there are all these young people running around who are totally reverting to savagery in the worst way, way worse than Lord of the Flies. They’ve abandoned clothing and some are hardly even bipedal anymore. They are almost running on all fours.
      They kill wild animals for food. We see some of them gathered around a killed wild animals gnashing it apart with their teeth like predatory felines or canids. They make fires and dance around naked in circles with sticks with fires on the end of them. Some of them are even losing their language and seem to communicate only using grunting and screeching noises mixed in with words. They’re going back to nature in a big way.
      We go through this town called Tanto Borracho and that’s where the authorities have herded all the drunks in the Zone. They’re all dressed up like Mexican banditos swilling beer and singing and fighting.
      It’s a real kick.
      Anyway, in the bar afterward, Snyder was drinking and praising it.
      I missed him. Ginsberg was there and there was this young queer in our class who was sitting on Ginsberg’s middle aged queer lap. Ginsberg was obviously getting ready to play hide the salami with this kid later on that nite. Ginsberg refused to speak to me and just glared at me with absolute hatred. He was talking about psychedelics and how much he liked to eat peyote or something.
      Ginsberg had some poems in our literary magazine. Later on, they had a reading and Ginsberg was there with Peter Orlovsky, his weird queer lover. They read these weird faggy poems. I must say though, Ginsberg’s poetry was out of this world. The guy’s a genius. I love Burroughs too.

    2. Burroughs has a book called Cities of the Red Night. Came out in 1980 or so. It’s pretty cool. The males and females have all gone queer pretty much and they live in separate cities. He doesn’t talk about the lez cities too much, but I guess they look like Santa Cruz.
      Well in the queer cities, the young men are all these wild warrior types and they are constantly at war with other queer cities, plus they fuck each other constantly. I forget how they were reproducing. I think by artificial insemination.
      I kind of dug this book actually. I thought it was pretty damn funny.

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