An Expose of the New World Order Illuminati Out To Kill Us All

The title is sarcastic, by the way. NWO Illuminati conspiracists, please don’t think I am one of you. I already have enough issues with psychotic anti-Semites in the comments threads. The Illuminati were a secret society that was formed in Bavaria from 1776 to 1784. At the time, it had branches all over Europe and top politicians, writers and thinkers all over the continent joined. It was a secular organization of freethinkers and progressives. Conspiracy theorists of the time felt that they were out to overthrow all of the governments of Europe. The same folks saw them as a power behind the French Revolution. There was apparently nothing to either accusation. Conspiracy theorists say that the Illuminati never disappeared and instead were behind several progressive events such as the American Revolution, the French Revolution and later on the Russian Revolution. It’s basically a theory peddled by reactionary, European-based elitists with a fetish for monarchism and elite rule, which is paradoxically what they are railing against. The Illuminati have supposedly gone on to rule the world in secret, appearing either as Jews in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, or as other ruling class types in the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Round Table Club, the Freemasons, the Skull and Bones Club, the Bilderbergers, the Bohemian Grove crowd and the Club of Rome. Members of this shadowy group of evil, ultra-rich Communists include or included the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, George Bush, Winston Churchill, Zbigniew Brzezinski and many others. The evil Illuminati have set up a number of global organizations to further their nefarious plot. Usually this is woven in with anti-Communism, since supposedly this whole affair was being headed by the Soviet Union and purpose of it was to create a World Communist Dictatorship in which the rich would rule and supposedly divert all of the surplus for themselves, leaving nothing for the poor (all the rest of us). In this way, the conspiracy mirrors ultra-Left Trotskyite nonsense about bureaucratic collectivism, the bureaucratic collectivist state being supposedly what happened in the USSR when the true people’s revolution got sidetracked. This theory never made any sense, but Trotskyidiots (Excuse me! Trotskyites. Why do I keep making that mistake?) continue to recite this about modern Communist states, especially Cuba, which they say is a deformed workers’ state. Here the Trotskyidiot Theory is manipulated by crazed anti-Semites who insist that Communism is a Jewish plot financed by a bunch of stinking rich Jews so that Jews can take over governments and eventually the world. These uber-rich Jews will eventually thoroughly impoverish themselves in the pursuit of this fiendish plot, but no matter. The fall of the USSR seriously damaged this theory, and the UN has now pretty much replaced the USSR. More recently, the Illuminati are tied in with other crazy theories like UFO’s, aliens, and alien abduction. David Icke says that the Illuminati are not only a bunch of Jews but that these Jews are actually not really human. They are not even mammals. They are instead gigantic reptiles who are shape shifters. That is, most of the time they just look like us humans, but when they draw the curtains and no one is looking, they turn into bipedal six foot monitor lizards with Ivy League degrees. Icke has published a number of books along these lines. I believe that Mr. Icke is an insane person. He’s also an anti-Semite. He has come to this blog’s comment section before. If you see him, tell him to please not come back. There are religious aspects. Fundamentalist Christians say that the New World Order will herald in the Second Coming in the End Times. This theory has sprouted a number of idiotic best-sellers such as the Left Behind series. Recent iterations note the progression of barcodes, which will be implanted in all of us by the Devil Himself as supposedly prophesied in the Book of Revelations, which was written by the Apostle John in the year 100 or so, probably while he was experiencing a manic-depressive psychosis. In the 1990’s there were many stories of UN black helicopters hovering over the US. Chemtrails conspiracy theory, which I am not clear on, is also part of this Illuminati stuff. Apparently the chemtrails you see in the wake of jumbo jets are really some evil chemicals being sprayed on all of us for some diabolical purpose. Anti-environmental theories play in. A lot of the local insane people up here in the Sierra Nevada (I am including maybe 20-30 These wackjob nuts are all tied in with the Government Did 9-11 Theory kooks. Supposedly the evil US government is building internment camps in which most of the US population will be placed after the NWO coup takes place. They claim there is evidence that these camps are built right now. But there is no evidence for this assertion. The formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 was one of the crowning achievements of the NWO crowd, along with the UN, the EU, the World Bank, the IMF, the African Union, the World Trade Organization and the World Health Organization. The proposed North American Union is supposedly part of this plot. This ties into anti-Semitic idiots who claim that Jews control the US economy via the Federal Reserve. It’s true that there are way too many Jews on the Federal Reserve system, but I don’t see any evidence of the governors manipulating the US economy in some way that benefits the tribe more than anyone else. Those guys are just agents of the US capitalist elite, which is mostly Gentile and White.

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37 thoughts on “An Expose of the New World Order Illuminati Out To Kill Us All”

  1. The David Ike of the ’50s was a Canadian submariner named William Guy Carr. Some think he’s the source of the persistence-of-the-Illuminati theory embraced by Canadian Ph.d Henry Makow and others. His information on an exchange of prophetic letters predicting the three world wars necessary to complete the one world government plan, between James A. Pike and the Italian Mason Massini (?), have been debunked by students of Masonic (The Scottish Rite) history. There are any number of non-conspiratorial Masonic websites where William Guy Carr is discussed and dismissed. He was a popular ant-Communist author and lecturer. Men like Carr and Ike are, like, Krishnamurti for nazis.
    Try as I might, I can’t get any of the intemperately tattooed Combat 18 types taking up table space at my local Starbucks interested in Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. If you want to know what one of these high falutin’ global plantation regulators looks and thinks like go here and scroll down to his ideas about race and religion:
    If this guy ain’t an Illumaniti then I’m a blue nosed gopher. He fits the profile to a T! Is anyone in Pocatello Idaho twittering and tweeting about him? Not!

    1. Well.
      These guys are globalists. Globalists do exist.
      Have you checked out Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope? That’s a good 1,300 pages of conspiracy theory if you like it like that. His thesis is that there a group of wealthy Anglo-American interests that more or less runs the world. White, Protestant, East Coast US and the UK. WASP’s. Not Catholic, not Jews. That’s who runs the damn world, if anyone does. Think George Bush. Episcopalian. Prep school. Ivy League. Oxford. Starting to get the picture?

      1. some of the NWO Illuminati stuff is kind of kooky but its based on what the globalist are doing there are bassically two wings of the globalist agenda.

  2. Caroll Quigley’s 1,300 pages of Tragedy and Hope was trumped by Ivor Benson’s little pamphlet entitled This Age of Conflict. According to Benson the wealth of the European cosmopolitan (Jewish) banking dynasties superceeded the wealth of the Anglo-American dynasties around 1939. They’ve since become so intermingled there’s no difference anymore. Now Ralph Lifschitz (Ralph Lauren) + Sy Newhouse (Vanity Fair) = WASP culture. The African bishops left the Anglican Church because it insists on ordaining American gays. Quigley is fine, but just a little too “last century” for the cat’s down at the coffee house. They’re reading Yuri Szleskine now.

    1. I think I am going to be reading Tragedy and Hope for the rest of my life. Rereading it that is. Great stuff.
      European Jewish banking money got taken out by the Holocaust. Well, that’s one thing it did all right.

  3. The 1st half of the 20th century was run by epsico-anglo types, the second half by jews and their allies. now its the turn of the chinese

    1. Sandra may be right. But don’t underestimate the continuing power and influence of the international bankers. other nations too, like South Korea, Japan (if its sluggish economy can rebound) and Brazil, South Africa could become players.

  4. Bob:
    You’re right (mostly) to hold lame-brained and fanatical conspiriologists in contempt. But I think you are missing something important. And that is, that things are NOT entirely as they seem, that the mainstream media and its representations of things routinely exclude powerful forces that influence and sometimes even determine events. It is easy to laugh and heap scorn on “conspiracy whackos” and idiots and so on. But it is important to do so without throwing out the baby with the bathwater.
    Further, the “bathwater” itself may be — and likely sometimes IS — a part of the manipulated story being served-up to us.
    For example:
    Who’s funding wacko PETA?
    by Tony Burke
    20 June 2009
    Not a stitch of credibility.
    When the extreme animal rights group PETA complained about President Barack Obama swatting a fly, the penny finally dropped for me.
    For a long time I’ve read comments from PETA and thought these people can’t be for real. Vets and sensible animal welfare organisations regularly work with my office and Department to deliver better labeling for free range eggs, or improving the safety of animals being transported.
    But PETA runs a completely different set of campaigns that can only be described as bizarre. They oppose kids being allowed to keep goldfish. They oppose horse riding. And they even oppose guide dogs for the vision impaired.
    It gets stranger. There’s a campaign they’ve been running for while to rename fish. PETA wants to call them “sea kittens”, arguing if fish sound cute they won’t be as tasty.
    Time and again I’ve wondered what planet these people are on. But when they rushed to the defence of the hapless Obama fly it became clear that maybe there is method in this madness.
    Could it be that PETA is actually funded by the other side of the argument to discredit anyone who cares about animals? It’s brilliant!
    When people think about animal welfare campaigns, instead of considering sensible improvements which might make a difference, PETA shifts the focus to issues which lie somewhere between comedy and the utterly ridiculous. It’s a disaster for the sensible campaigns and moves the debate from animal welfare to outright extremism.
    There was a reality TV program called The Mole, with one person pretending to help the team but actually trying to destroy it from within. It was entertaining in a reality TV sort of way, but not nearly as creative as the sabotage of animal welfare by PETA.
    Think of the organisations trying to improve the quality and safety of pet food. How must they feel when the international news finally turns to animal welfare and it’s about the integrity of a dearly departed fly?
    We have lots of flies in Australia. There’s a good deal of support for the Obama approach when we meet and greet them. They can also be a significant animal welfare problem for our sheep.
    As a public relations campaign for a fly nirvana, I suspect this one is doomed. But as a strategy to stop any of the real animal welfare campaigns from gaining traction, it is perfect.
    This leaves us with two theories. One: somewhere there is an animal-hating evil genius who provides tactical advice to PETA. Or two: they’re just really silly people.
    World-wide ridicule: Follow the PETA topic on Twitter
    Evan says:
    The following are not my own words but they say exactly what I am thinking:
    “At this point, I honestly have to conclude that PETA are at best garden variety trolls*, and at worst part of a vast, secret conspiracy, underwritten by proponents of animal testing, the goal of which is to completely delegitimize support for animal rights in the eyes of the general public. I simply cannot fathom how an organization can consistently do more harm to its stated goals and interests than does PETA, which is why I therefore conclude they are either diabolical geniuses or total f***ing retards.”
    * A troll is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant, or off-topic messages- with the primary intent of provoking others into an emotional response
    June 20th, 2009 at 10:22am

  5. “European Jewish banking money got taken out by the Holocaust. Well, that’s one thing it did all right.”
    Are you smoking broken off plastic comb teeth again?! If Jewish banking money was wiped out by the holocaust, who funded the herding of all those tatterdamalion Jews to Palestine before, during and after the war? Who underwrote the cost of taking out every man woman and child in Deir Yassin in l948?
    The holocaust was the gift that keeps on giving. Anne Frank is it’s Duracell bunny. This is why it’s a felony to question any part of the fiat history of those events in 11 European countries that now have thought crime extradition treaties with the US, Canada and Scandinavia.
    Where can I go to get briefed on the deleterious impact of the holocaust on the history of international banking after l945?

    1. I believe David Duke says that. He said that the Holocaust ended Jewish domination in banking. Or, that they were in banking heavily before the war, and then not anymore after the war. Duke says the Jews don’t run the banks anymore. I believe him.
      Jews have always had money, that’s for sure. But after the war, it was not banking money anymore.

  6. Sorry, darling, but your misinformation does not quite disprove the massive solid facts regarding the NEW WORLD ORDER successfully.
    My 13 years of nationwide/worldwide investigative journalism have conclusively proven the REALITY of the NWO agenda for America, and the world. My sources include former CIA agenda planners, Pentagon, military, and many other inside sources.
    I was born at the headquarters of the USAF in Washington, DC, and grew up surrounded with big military brass, intelligence, political leaders, etc. I did my homework. I have my insider contacts. And none of this is THEORY!
    I should know: my geneological background is BUSH ILLUMINATI BLOODLINE. I have friends from the ROTHSCHILDS Illuminati bloodline, who have come out to blow the whistle on them as well.
    You BET the Illuminati is UP TO THEIR EYEBALLS in this whole NWO agenda and have been for centuries, with BUSH Illuminati and ROTHSCHILDS playing MAJOR ROLES.
    The CONSPIRACY is anything BUT THEORY. My own famous famous USAF father was recruited into the CONSPIRACY in the USAF/Pentagon part of the coming NWO/MARTIAL LAW TAKEOVER of our nation, coming soon. He brought the horror of it’s mind control indoctrination of the NWO AGENDA home with him every night from Washington DC.
    I have been working with FORMER CIA, Pentagon, military and many other sources to uncover the HARD-CORE REALITY of the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda and the many people/ groups and agencies and governments behind it.
    And MANY play a role in it, JEW and GENTILE alike.
    Those of us who know it is REAL from the inside, secretly laugh at articles like yours trying feebly to discount it as hogwash. WE KNOW. And we wish that MORE AMERICANS KNEW THE URGENT TRUTH in this desperate hour.
    -Pamela Schuffert

  7. I think that the revolution of the state against the individual is taking place right now – see, the state imposes its authority over the control and licensing of venues in which alcohol is consumed, and now exercises an undue discretion in forcing individuals who smoke outside even if this is against the wishes of the owners of the establishment. In this way, the state once again demonstrably usurps the individuals right to freedom and liberty, and in this intolerable condition it is the duty of all libertarians and freedom loving individuals to take back their freedoms, and earn through revolutionary struggle, the liberty and freedoms that their forefathers died for.

  8. I used to believe in a lot of the illuminati stuff but I came to the conlusion the NWO is a coalition are elitist who are driven by greed aligned by leftist who want to destroy the west but I don’t nessesarily think there is this group of Lizzards controlling everything. Even the Jewish conspiracy stuff I don’t even think its a vast conspiracy just a combination of Jews driven by greed and a fear of white unity which drives Jewish leftist/multi-culturalism.

    1. Henry Makow is a joke and his material is complete nonsense.
      He is one of those anti-NWO/Zionist Jews who is still a white Jewish supremacist who claims that the KGB and Putin are big shots in the NWO.

  9. You forgot the biggest conspiracy of all. When a 747 hit the pentagon it left a 16′ diameter hole. Can you believe these cooks who think when a plane that size hits a building it may leave some material from its engines or a larger hole than that? What a bunch of nut cases.

  10. Get your facts right about David Icke. I’m not necessarily a believer, although I do keep open minded about what he says. Just because he has come out with a rather “out there” theory regarding the reptiles is not to say he’s deluded. He is one of many to talk of reptiles, push forward evidence and to be fair, with reptilian scales on every dollar note by the all seeing eye, and many things not adding up across the media spectrum, there is a lot to be answered for. Regarding his “anti-sematic” views as you put it, he has said himself on his website that he doesn’t link them to reptilians in any way, and it’s just used by a lot of people to misconstrue what he says and ridicule him.

  11. i have had dreams of these reptilian things since a child 6 or 7 maybe 8 i n my mid thirties iwas heavily into cocain and i thought maybe i had induced myself into a state of physcosis when i started not only spotting these things but could feel them as well i tried to ignore it but one day i was parked out on a secluded road waiting for my dealer when i saw the bushes rustle i turned to look and i saw an 8 or nine foot snakelike thing rose up looking at me almosst smiling at me aver since then i have been harrased and struggled with drug addiction and sex /pornography addiction i honestly think they can plug into our divine energy that god gives us and feed of it and do whatever damage they want to do. imnot sure if they are allowed to kill us or if they are waiting on an event in wich they feed on our energy now then kill and consume possibly the whole human race its quit possible we could b married to one or haoeve family memberand not even notice if u look real careful in photographs and art u can spot them . i know it sounds like im batshit crazy

  12. Whoa, hold on Robert. You just said DAVID ICKE used to post here? Can you put up a link to some of his comments?

  13. It is far too late to end the NWO however our focus at this point should be on salvation in the spirit realm so we won’t be destroyed along with the wicked.
    Well actually the wicked create a spiritual force so strong it will destroy the entire planet in a ball of flames which the bible says how the world will be destroyed if evil goes past the limit and God can’t help anyone as that still voice.
    He can’t do anything that he thinks will violate our free will in the ability to choose too or not follow his words over the leaders of the NWO who’s agenda happens to be whoever is running at the time where God’s laws are always the same.

  14. David Icke is just a distraction. Controlled opposition those who are really running things. What are your thoughts now that government whistleblowers are blowing the lid on UFO secrecy and professors are talking about alien-human hybrids?

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