What An Idiot

[youtube=http://www.youtube.comwatch?v=2tJjNVVwRCY] Bill O’Reilly flips out. Bill O’Reilly from Inside Edition, a CBS news show that aired in the early to mid 1990’s. He really goes nuts here. Looks like a case of an ego out of control. Probably most public figures, actors, TV talking heads and whatnot, especially the super-belligerent ones like this guy, are pretty much out of control egomaniacs like O’Reilly. I always suspected that that was what was lurking in back of someone like that. Bill O’Reilly is now lying and saying that this video was “a prank he played on his co-workers” but like most public figures in a jam, he’s trying to lie his way out of things.

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3 thoughts on “What An Idiot”

  1. Fox News is owned by jews. These lying jews made the stupid idiot Bill O’Lying into a “journalist” that the retarded PatrioTARDS of America listen to.
    Here is another idiot, the Retard Liberal, stupid PC-crap for brain communist almost voted into puppident of America. lf the jews told Hillary Clinton to nuke California she would nuke California. lf you give Clinton a billion dollars (that’s 1.000 million dollars) and ask her to point out USA on a map she would point at Congo in Africa.
    “Hillary Clinton – ‘Would Obliterate Iran'”
    Why would Hillary Clinton wipe lran off the map? Because the JEWS that controls the american state told her to. How smart is YOU if you woted for Hillary?
    -But l diden’t … l voted for Obama NoBody …
    “Obama Claims He’s Visited 57 States”
    Okay, you diden’t vote for Clinton but for Obama “l have visited 57 states … and have one to go” NoBody.
    So you is what? The smart one here? Let’s nuke Carlifornia … or something. Whatever the jews told us to do.

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