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[youtube=] This is a video of the incredible Romance language called Romansch, spoken in Switzerland by about 45,000 people. The female announcer at the beginning is speaking Romansch and so is the announcer in the middle parts. The people being interviewed are apparently speaking Swiss Italian, which is really Alpine Lombard, a division of the Lombard language which is related to Italian. I am not sure what Romansch sounds like. A little like Italian, and there is definitely some German influence. It sounds somewhat like Romanian. One person I showed it to who took Latin in college said that more than anything else, it sounded like Latin. It’s true that Romansch is probably closer to Latin than almost any other Romance language. A language called Ladin spoken in the Italian Alps is also quite close to Latin. The subject of the video is a unicorn sighted in Val Cama, Switzerland, in far southern Switzerland near Italy. The video looks like a fake. Unicorns do not exist. If you speak or have studied a Romance language like Spanish or Portuguese, you may wish to check out Romansch and see how it sounds.

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