Viral Video: Gypsies Beat Up a Hungarian Girl

The video has been removed from Yahoo for a terms of use violation, but you can still see it on this site. This is the sort of video that drives East European nationalists completely insane. This video was posted to Youtube just the other day under various titles and is now going viral in Hungary. This one is Terrorista Cigányok or Gypsy Terrorists in Hungarian. It’s also known as Kerepesen Cigányok Vernek Egy Lányt or Gypsies from Kerepes Beat Up a Girl. By the title, I assume this fight takes place in a place in Hungary called Kerepes. It also goes by the name of Ziganeuer Gegen Ungarn in German Gypsies Versus Hungary. The Gypsies, or Roma, have always been mistreated in Eastern Europe, but on the other hand, many of them act pretty bad too. But they are often beaten or just out and out killed. There have been many killings and beatings of Roma in Czechoslovakia, for example, since the end of socialism, and there have been almost no convictions. Even Vaclav Havel, the “heroic” anti-Communist lauded by “progressive Westerners” and anti-Communists the world over has done little or nothing about attacks on Roma during his tenure. Under Havel, scarcely a Czech was punished for an attack on a Roma, even if it was a homicide. It is almost as if Roma can be killed at will. In this video, a group of Roma children are beating an ethnic Hungarian girl. They swarm around her, smacking her, and in the end she has a bloody nose or mouth. The ethnic Hungarian kids around her won’t come to her defense and just laugh. To make matters worse, the Hungarian girl is wearing the Hungarian national colors as she is being beaten up by the “parasitical” and “non-Hungarian” Roma. Some say that the shirt is a symbol of the (probably ethnic nationalist) Hungarist Movement. The symbolism is striking. A nationalist film director could hardly have thought up a better scenario himself. Perhaps that is why she is being attacked? I assume that that movement is anti-Roma. You can see where all of this heads. This is the mindset that drove Nazism. Roma were gleefully killed by nationalists all over Europe. The Nazis didn’t need to encourage people much. Unfortunately, Roma have long developed a culture of lying, con artistry, thieving, begging, petty crime, school dropout, teen pregnancy, drug use, unmarried motherhood, fatherless kids, domestic violence, whoring, pimping, the whole nine yards. They are the Underclass of Europe and are widely despised from one end to the other. The Roma have been in Europe for many centuries, but in the minds of ethnic nationalists, they will never be citizens of their lands, as they lack the proper blood and soil ties. Roma have been persecuted, often brutally, for much of the time, and have developed a response characterized by Jewish-like dual morality and a culture of scamming, confidence games and petty thievery. This video appeared on a Hungarian nationalist site today and quickly got over 10,000 views. That site is one of the largest in Hungary, with 70-80,000 viewers a day. It’s also said to be “anti-Zionist.” In this case that would be code for anti-Semitic. Many of the European beefs against the Jews are similar to the beefs against the Roma, but the Jews were generally not a criminalized Underclass that engages in lots of street crime. Nevertheless, Jews were excluded from being part of the nation on the same ethnic nationalist, blood and soil basis. Ethnic nationalism is on the rise in Eastern Europe and there are few Jews left in Hungary after the Holocaust, though George Soros and Andy Grove (CEO of Intel) are Hungarian Jews. The ethnic weather forecast in Eastern Europe looks pretty stormy.

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13 thoughts on “Viral Video: Gypsies Beat Up a Hungarian Girl”

  1. “Roma have been persecuted, often brutally, for much of the time, and have developed a response characterized by Jewish-like dual morality and a culture of scamming, confidence games and petty thievery.”
    Are you saying the Jews DO have this dual morality? Heh.
    Still the old chicken-and-the-egg question though: was the dual morality a result of persecution, or the cause? Hmm.

    1. Some Jews do have dual morality. The ones who come to this site and the ones I knew in my life, I think do not. It’s more associated with the Jewish religion and the Super-Jews, especially in places like Israel.
      Still the old chicken-and-the-egg question though: was the dual morality a result of persecution, or the cause? Hmm.
      Indeed it is. And a hard one to sort out too. It’s probably some endless feedback loop.

  2. ey mudfucks , leave white territory regardless what cooperate lackeys promises you , nobody sane wants to share their backjard and attention with your burdensome inapt ability LOL

  3. And the short petite Asian girl is the only one who tries to calm the bullies and comfort her when it’s over. Not speaking Hungarian, I can’t really get a grip of what is happening but that is the one thing I noticed.

  4. How do we know they were Gypsies anyway? None of the girls really look very dark. Obviously I would expect the spoken words to give clues, but were they shouting “We Gypsies will make you pay” or something?
    Please help if possible.

    1. They are apparently Roma. It’s being distributed on Hungarian media channels, and I don’t see why they would say they are Roma if they were not. Roma are not necessarily as dark as you might think they might be. But some of her tormentors looked obviously Roma to me.
      I think the Roma might have been attacking her for wearing the t-shirt of that nationalist movement. I bet that “Hungarianist” movement is anti-Roma.

  5. That video looks suspicious to me. Why doesn’t the girl fight back, or at least try to get away? The vid is very tightly focused, so we don’t know if she’s surrounded or not. When a video is that tight, there’s usually something the videographer doesn’t want us to see, in my experience. A well-known example is the footage of the small and carefully selected group of Iraqis pulling down the Saddam Hussein statue.

    1. Hmmm, that is interesting. It is definitely immaculate as propaganda. The poor light skinned Hungarian girl, wearing national colors and the shirt of the Hungarianist movement, is surrounded by evil Gypsies and pummeled until bleeding, and doesn’t even fight back, because Whites are good Christian innocents and don’t fight back even when pummeled by evil dark-skinned permanent foreigners. A choreographer could hardly have plotted this better.
      As the link and commentary is all in Hungarian, it’s really hard to figure out what it going on.
      If it’s real, I suspect the Roma were beating her for wearing that Hungarianist Movement shirt. I gather that that Hungarianist Movement is regarded by the Roma as an anti-Roma grouping.

  6. …not that Roma Behaving Badly is such an unbelievable proposition. If this video were just slightly more convincing, I wouldn’t even think about taking it at anything other than face value.

    1. Yeah, I’m supposed to be an anti-racist, but I have to admit that I don’t like Roma. I’ve met exactly 5 of them in my life, and all 5 were criminals. I met them all in Madera. And 4 of those 5 stole money from me by pulling some con game on me. They were collecting money for a funeral for a teenage girl who got shot to death. Except that there was no such girl. Around here, they have adopted total ghetto type speech like the ghetto Blacks and the Hispanics who imitate them.
      They’ve got to be one of the worst ethnic groups on Earth, and yeah, I’m racist against Gypsies.

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