Five New Traffic Records Set On Robert Lindsay

This blog continues to set new traffic records as traffic goes through the roof for inexplicable reasons. At 2,286, or nearly 2,300 hits/week, the site’s traffic is approaching the traffic of the old site, which was at 2,700 when it was pulled by Google. Traffic on Blogger is at 286 visitors/day, so combined between the two sites it is 2,572 hits/day. That’s only 130 hits/day below the peak. So things are moving right along. After a new daily record of 3,193 hits/day was set on June 11, several new records were set: 2nd highest hits/day: 2,511 on June 12, 3rd highest hits/day: 2,355 on June 14, 4th highest hits/day: 2,255 on June 15 and 5th highest hits/day: 2,250 on June 13. It’s interesting to ponder at what traffic point advertisers actually start buying ads. The Hungarian site discussed in the Roma/Hungarian girls video just below this post gets 75,000 visitors/day. They also have eight banner ads on the site. But 75,000 visitors/day for a small audience like the Hungarian speaking Net must be a lot bigger slice than 75,000 visitors/day for say US English speakers. Bottom line is almost all bloggers at under ~6,500 visitors/day are either seriously panhandling or don’t care about money. Steve Sailer, Half Sigma and others in that category panhandle on a regular basis. Not that I blame them. If they didn’t, they’d make pennies an hour, if that. Even American Renaissance, where traffic figures are not available but seem to be at least 20,000 visitors/day, seems to have its hand out a lot. Google “make money on the Internet” and you will probably get a million hits. Not to bitch but for those of us in the game, it seems like some kind of a joke. The only way is having a pay site, and that’s a tough row to hoe. Consider if I charged people to read my stuff. No one would read.

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7 thoughts on “Five New Traffic Records Set On Robert Lindsay”

  1. On Podblanc there is a discussion about the video. A Hungarian gave those figures. On the Amren discussion boards, someone recently revealed that Amren now gets “10’s of thousands” of visitors a day.

  2. Not sure. I could always ask Jared, as I know him, but he might not tell me. A lot of people do not like to give out that information. There is a site that gives visitors/day, but I forget the name of it.

  3. Sailer has 6,500/day, so that’s what 40,000 looks like I guess. I have no idea what Roissy’s traffic looks like. Where is Hot Air? Hot Air has ~50,000 readers/day.

  4. Indeed 50,000/day is reliable for Hot Air. They have a Sitemeter on the site and you can click it and see.
    6,500/day is really very good, but compared to stuff like newspaper circulation, it’s pretty sorry.

  5. I remember a few years ago, Sailer was around like 500 visitors per day. Yikes.
    I know a guy who makes a lot of money online, but he has a zillion sites, most of which are just spam optimized so that it comes up high in the Google search results. I guess some people who do this shit even hire guys in India and the Philippines to write stuff all day so that can put Google Ads on it.

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