The Ahmadinejad Regime as Reactionary Puritanical Nightmare Dictatorship Lie

The Ahmadinejad Regime as Reactionary Puritanical Nightmare Dictatorship is pretty much the standard lie you hear in the West, and especially via the agents of International Zionism who are sprinkled throughout our media. Forget it. It’s just not true. True, Tehran is not San Fransisco. But Iran has long been far more liberal than much of the Arab World, especially the Gulf.
Sure the kids are mad. They want even more freedom than what they have. Kids everywhere want to screw and party, even in Iran. Problem is the kids are an outlier that does not represent conservative Iranian society.
Ahmadinejad’s regime is not as reactionary as you think. The young people really hate the extreme conservatism, so the regime pretty much lays off and leaves the kids alone.
The Iranian regime, including the Ayatollahs, allowed a transsexual mullah to be a judge, and Khomeini himself allowed this, issuing a fatwa that said that Shiism should sympathize with true transsexuals, since they were obviously created by Allah. This mullah got a sex change, turned into a woman, retained his clerical position, and soon married another genetically male cleric! The marriage was approved by the clerical establishment.
There is dope all over Tehran, and lots of people smoke marijuana and hashish in their homes, particular the middle, upper middle and upper classes. This group drinks too, and they especially love to smoke opium (This has long been the favorite Iranian vice). As long as it is behind the closed doors of North Tehran, no one cares much about any of this (Anonymous 1994). The whole country is dope-flooded.
The reason it is dope flooded is not so much that Iranians are inveterate dopers (they are not) but more than Iran is a Central Nexus in international dope smuggling. Dope, particularly opium and heroin, moves through Iran, typically via southwest Iran, and then on to Europe. It’s typically flown out on international flights out of Tehran.
This is the heroin trade often referred to as the Turkish connection or the Marseilles connection (cf the movie French Connection), because much of the dope moves through Turkey and much is shipped in via ships to the ports of Southern France. Many hundreds of Iranian drug agents have lost their lives in the past decade alone. Large areas of southwest Iran are virtually no man’s lands, controlled by very heavily armed drug smugglers and their militias.
There is a Sexual Revolution going on with the young, especially the upper middle classes of Northern Tehran, and no one does anything to stop it.
There are chador-clad prostitutes walking certain streets of Tehran late at night. A serial killer was killing them a while back; the regime caught him and executed him, saying even street whores have a right to life.
The prostitute problem is so serious in Tehran (25,000 in Tehran alone) that the regime was recently debating whether or not to put them in whorehouses with madams and guards. It would be done under the umbrella of temporary marriage. Prostitutes, when arrested, are usually sentenced to living in some halfway house under female supervision where they are rehabilitated.
The holy city of Qom is full of male religious students along with thousands of young and pretty chador-clad female prostitutes to service them. This charade is conducted under the rubric of “temporary marriage.”
A religious student picks a prostitute out of the crowd, goes to find a mullah, pays the mullah some money, and the guy and girl are “temporarily married” for a few hours or days or whatever. The girl gets paid by the guy and they go off to do it, often in public. Graveyards are a favorite place, since there are many tombs (Shia graveyards are full of elaborate tombs) where you can easily have sex out of sight, and Qom graveyards are full of young Iranians screwing away even in midday.
Mullahs use the “temporary marriage” gambit liberally, and quite a few females get access to them this way. A prominent Iranian female religious scholar recently published interviews boasting of sleeping her way to the top of the mullahcracy, have sex with dozens of mullahs along the way, all under the cover of temporary marriage. No one cared about this astonishing revelation.
Iranian society is way more liberal than you think.


Anonymous, 23 year old Female Tehran resident, a foreign student at California State University, Fresno. 1994. Personal communication. Fresno, California.
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18 thoughts on “The Ahmadinejad Regime as Reactionary Puritanical Nightmare Dictatorship Lie”

  1. Yes you are correct Mr. Lindsay.
    There are way more hard-core religiously fundamentalists nations out there.
    Saudi Arabia comes to mind. Heck I think even Tibet is probably more religious then Iran!!
    Oh and the sexual revolution thing is probably True, and that is what happens when a population has such a young and large age cohort as Iran does.
    Luckily Islam is a ‘sex positive’ religion and will deal with this better then say the Judeo-christians dealt with the baby boomers. For example having 3 wives over there is fully admissible so that will help to get these guys into Islam for lots of chicks.
    PS I myself am a Pagan and think that it is ok to have 3 wives like Odin had three wives!

    1. Supposedly it’s dead simple easy to pick up chicks in Iran if you are a Westerner with money. Just sit on a street and look like a Westerner and pretty soon word gets around. In a number of hours, you will look across the street and see a bunch of young women milling about staring at you. Go over and take your pic if you know what you are doing.
      If you are slick, you can seduce one. She will go to bed with you pretty quick, but they are into love, and they really want to fall in love with you and marry you. She will even bring a girlfriend along so you can have sex with her too. LOTS of them want to marry a White guy and move to the West.

    2. My understanding is that Judaism is rather sex-positive as well. Sex is not considered inherently sinful and there is nothing “dirty” about it.

    3. My understanding is that Judaism is rather sex-positive as well. Sex is not considered inherently sinful and there is nothing “dirty” about it.

      It is much more than that. Homosexuality, sodomy, experimentation, etc. are condoned, while marriage and moral behavior is pathologized. To see this, look no further than Hollywood.

    4. My view is based on reading I’ve done on Jewish religious law. I’m not sure if the entertainment industry is the best place to look for an examination of that.

    5. My view is based on reading I’ve done on Jewish religious law. I’m not sure if the entertainment industry is the best place to look for an examination of that.

      Which ethnoreligious group makes up a substantial portion of the entertainment industry?

  2. Dear Robert
    Not only is Iran far more liberal than the American imperialists and their foreign imitators like to say, it is also far more democratic than is often claimed. Iran can be described as an Islamic democracy. It is a democracy, but political decision-making has to remain within the parameters of Islam, in the same way that Canada is not a democracy tout court but a liberal democracy, that is, political decison-making in Canada is circumscribed by constitutionally entrenched liberal principles. If the Canadian government wanted to privatize all health care, it could do so, but if it wanted to forbid a certain religion, the Supreme Court would declare its decision unconstitutional. That’s because Canada is not a social democracy but a liberal democracy.
    Iran has an elected president, who is the head of government and not head of state. It has an elected parliamentand and it has an elected Council of Experts, which chooses the Supreme Leader, who is head of state. The Supreme Leader is the commander of the armed forces and he appoints the 12 members of the Council of Guardians. The Coucil of Guardians has to examine all laws adopted by parliament to see whether they conform to the constitution and Islam.
    There is also a Coucil of arbitrage, which has to mediate disputes between Parliament and the Council of Guardians. As you can see, the Iranian system has checks and balances. I wouldn’t described it as fully democratic, but it is certainly more democratic than any Arab country.
    The biggest democracy deficit in Iran is that the Council of Guardians also has to approve all candidates for national political office. In the last presidential election, there were 4 candidates, who were the 4 approved by the Council of Guardians from a much larger group of applicants. If the SCOTUS had to approve all presidential and congressional candidates, that that would be an analogous situtation.
    Iran is an Islamic republic, but it has 3 recognized religious minorities: Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians. 5 seats in Iran’s 290-member Parlaiment are set aside for those 3 minorities. The Bahai are not recognized and are persecuted.
    American policy toward Iran is petty and motivated mainly by spite, when it isn’t dictated by the Zionist lobby. It can be compared to American policy toward Cuba, which is also petty, spiteful and heavily influenced by the Miami Cubans.
    One of the more laughable claims made about Iran is that it is a threat to the US. Iran is 1000’s of kms away from the US and has a military budget that is about1/40 of the American one. It was unable to defeat Iraq, a country with 1/3 the Iranian population. In the unlikly event that Iran acquired nuclear weapons plus missiles able to reach American territory, than it is still extremely unlikely that Iran will attack te US with those missiles. The US has 1000’s of nuclear missiles, so it could respond to an Iranian nuclear attack by massive retaliation. Attacking a nuclear power with nuclear weapons is totally irrational, and there is no evidence that the Iranian leadership is totally irrational.
    American hysteria about Iran’s nuclear energy program, not nuclear weapons program, is another manifestation of the total Zionization of American Middle Eastern policy. It has nothing to do with American and everything to do with Israeli interests.

  3. Dear Robert
    Another interesting thing about Iran is that Iran, together with Thailand, is often presented as an example of a country that has succeeded in lowering fertility to about 2 in a very short time. The median age of Iran’s population is still very young, so it has demographic momentum and will keep growing for two more generations, but at least fertility is now at the replacement level. That’s one thing that the mullahs have done right, although somewhat belatedly.
    Cheers. James

  4. Excellent piece and excellent comments. I wonder how much truth there is in some of the horror stories about Iran which are promoted so forcefully by the ‘ humanitarian’ pro-war ‘left’. Two stories that got a lot of attention: the 2 teenage gays who were hanged last year (?) – some say just for sodomy, others for molesting and raping children; and a story, which got a BBC documentary to itself, about a 13 year old girl with learning difficulties who was hanged for immorality (?) either because she was doing prostition, or just ‘putting out’ too freely. Certainly the public mass-hanging of offenders from cranes would suggest a cruel and maybe arbitrary penal policy, but are the more horrific injustices, if real at all, aberrations or common? It may be that sentencing is devolved to local clerical courts some of whom, as in the American justice system, might just be ‘hanging judges’ – cruel individuals with too much power. Any thoughts?

    1. Yes these cases were in the rural areas where the local hanging judges have lots of leeway. I believe in both cases the higher up guys tried to stop them. Or some higher ups tried to stop them. There’s still some pretty terrible stuff going on in the Iranian sticks for sure. And they are terrible on male homosexuality. Iranian society is super macho and they really hate gay males.

  5. All this matches stuff I’ve heard, but can you source it? I’ve never heard about the trannie mullah, but I do know that Iranians can legally change their sex.
    Most Americans are quite insane on the subject of Iran. I went to an antiwar demo a couple years ago and carried a sign saying “no war on Iran.” Bringing the sign home on public transportation, I was hassled by about five people and threatened by one. I’ve carried signs back from demos before, and it’s gotten me into discussions, but never anything like that.

    1. Sorry I wrote up a reply to you but it somehow got eaten. All of this comes from articles I read on the Internet in the past 6 years. The dope stuff comes from conversations I had with an upper middle class Tehran woman 15 years ago. She’s the one who told me about the dope parties and whatnot. The place is awash in dope because it’s Ground Zero for International drug smuggling, mostly in SW Iran. It goes overland through SW Iran and then to Europe, usually out of Tehran airport. What does? Opium and heroin. It goes through Iran to Europe. Turkish connection, Marseilles connection. About 1000 Iranian drug agents have been killed in the last decade mostly in the southwest. The SW desert is practically a no man’s land full of very highly armed dope smugglers. It’s not so much that Iranians are dopers, but there is so much dope in the place, that if you want to buy it, there is plenty available.
      The stuff about Qom comes from an article by feminists very critical of the scene there. In Qom, they do it in the graveyards because there are all these underground tombs there and you can go down in there and no one can see you. The stuff about the tranny mullah was widely reported. He married another mullah, a male! The stuff about wanting to set up houses for the Tehran prostitutes was widely reported.
      Thing is, the MSM does not want to report on this stuff because it upsets their image of Iran the Evil Fundamentalist Lunatic State.

  6. RL: “Sure the kids are mad. They want even more freedom than what they have. Kids everywhere want to screw and party, even in Iran. Problem is the kids are an outlier that does not represent conservative Iranian society.”
    Good point. It seems similar most everywhere else, the young being far more liberal than the general populace.
    I was ‘far-left’ or ‘very liberal’ in my late teens through early 20s…though now (I’m currently in my mid-2os) that I’ve matured I have a much more realistic outlook on life and predictably my views have swung considerably more rightward in recent years (though I’m still an ecosocialist).
    Because of this blatant ‘liberal bias’ found amongst young people, perhaps the voting age in the USA and elsewhere should be raised again to 21?

  7. Because of this blatant ‘liberal bias’ found amongst young people, perhaps the voting age in the USA and elsewhere should be raised again to 21?
    heg: “Democracy” is a jewish fraud. Think back … how smart and educated was you in your 20s?
    You should not be allowed to vote at least your 30, three-zero. Why? Because your to stupid and uneducated.

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