The Role of Iran in Arab -Islamic Resistance to Imperialism and Zionism

This post will provide an overview of why the Iranian regime is hated so much by US imperialism and Zionism, and why they plotted a Green “color revolution” to throw out one of the last holdouts of Arab – Islamic resistance in the region. Except for Iran, Syria, Hamas-Gaza and Hezbollah, all of the rest of the Arab and Islamic World has folded in the face of the Zionist onslaught or been bought off by US imperialism. Saddam was another rejectionist, but the Zionist traitor neoconservatives engineered an illegal invasion to bring him down. Ghaddafi was threatened with invasion by the same folks, and promptly folded. The Palestinians now effectively have no outside support. Egypt collaborates with Zionism to police the Gaza border and assists in the starvation and deprivation of the Gazans. Egyptian police prevent guns from flowing to the Gazans for their noble resistance to the Zionist enemy. Jordan was captured long ago. Elections are not allowed in Jordan, because the 6 Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco are bought off and sold to the US. Anti-US and anti-Israel demonstrations are regularly crushed with brutality in Tunisia. None of these states are democracies, because democracy would allow an anti-Zionist and anti-US regime to be elected. In Arabia, there are no democracies. All of the regimes are sold out to the US. There are US military bases in all nations, for the sole reason of policing the Arabian peoples. The effect is that the Arabian peoples are under a dictatorship of US military bases combined with local satraps and Quislings. It’s true the Saudis allow fighters to go to Arab lands, but only to Iraq to fight the Shia that they hate so much. Lebanon has been under imperialist-Zionist assault for years now. With the election of a French Jew to head the French state, France is now firmly in the Zionist camp. This, along with a colonial attachment to the Lebanese fake state that never died, explains why France has gone along with imperialism-Zionism in Lebanon. Iraq is now occupied by imperialism-Zionism in the form of the US military and will be occupied into the forseeable future. Iraq was attacked because it was one of the only Arab holdouts that stood steadfast against imperialism and Zionism in the region. Also, they allowed no bases and opened up their oil to non-Americans. The invasion, in collaboration with the Zionist enemy, was planned to remove the holdout Saddam of the Arab resistance, to remove the competitors of US oil companies from the oil fields they were developing, to take over Iraq’s oil for the US, to use Iraqi oil to flood the oil market and lower the price, killing the Saudis and Gulf states of their oil weapon (the Gulf Arabians, while US allies, are distrusted by International Zionism, and they hatched the Iraqi invasion). With permabases in Iraq and the biggest US embassy on Earth in Baghdad, US control over the region was seized by force. It was only due to fortitude that the Iraqi resistance soon led an insurgency against the invaders. If they would not have done this, we know for a fact that the US military would have done a “left turn at Baghdad, and headed for Syria”, as their Zionist masters were ordering them too. With Iraq out of the way, Libya was quickly subdued with threats of force. Arafat was murdered by the Israelis. They placed a Mossad agent as his cook and poisoned his food. The Abbas clique went along with the poisoning since they hated Arafat. Getting Arafat out of the way was a long-standing goal of the Zionist agenda. Then elections were held in Palestine, but the results came out wrong and Hamas won. The Abbas forces were trained by the US to be the shock troops of Zionism in Palestine. Indeed, Abbas forces are utilized primarily against those Palestinians in Hamas who still dare to resist the Zionist enemy. A plot was concocted to oust the pro-Syrian regime in Lebanon, but it failed. Syria probably killed Hariri, but Hariri was selling out Lebanon to imperialism and Zionism, and Syria would not stand for that. What does Syria want? One thing and one thing only. They want the Golan back. For this, they will sacrifice everything, the Palestinians, Arabism, you name it. The only card left that Syria holds to enable it to get back the Golan is their auxiliary force in Lebanon, Hezbollah. This is why Syria must not allow Hezbollah to be dismantled. If Hezbollah is dismantled, Syria has lost their last cards too get the Golan back, and they will never be able to get their land back. The killing of Hariri resulted in international pressure against Syria, including sanctions. There was also an international effort made to disarm and dissolve Hezbollah. The effort to get rid of Hezbollah seems to have failed, although pro-Hezbollah forces won 4 A few years ago, with the connivance of US imperialism, US neoconservatives along with Israel concocted a plot to attack Hezbollah in Lebanon. The purpose here was to decisively defeat Hezbollah and wipe out their substantial missile stockpile. This invasion largely failed to accomplish this mission. The UN was then given the task of occupying South Lebanon to enforce Zionist and imperialist rule on sovereign Lebanese land. This effort has largely failed, as Hezbollah has restocked their missiles and they are now better armed than before the invasion. This background shows you that Ahmadinejad is one of the last holdouts in the region against total dominaton by US imperialism and Zionism. This is why the Iranian regime is being targeted so forcefully.

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10 thoughts on “The Role of Iran in Arab -Islamic Resistance to Imperialism and Zionism”

  1. America is nothing but the GLOBAL Jew Mafia’s proxy war machine. America = the land of the dumbfucked retards.
    200 years ago Napoleon of France tried to take Jerusalem and give it to the jews. Learn your REAL history and not the jewish bullshit the jews tell you in ”school”.
    Once united as the American Jewish Committee, they waged effective private economic war against the Russian monarchy.
    What are the Global Jew Mafia doing to lran 100 years later? Waging Economic war.
    “Olmert at AIPAC: United with Bush on Iran”
    Mandatory reading.
    America is nothing but the jew mafia’s whore that pays and fights the jews war, all disguised as PatrioTARDS ”spreading democracy” with bullets. – You don’t like democracy the jew style? We kill you! RATATATA …The jews spread jewish ”democracy” in Russia the same way.
    America = Homeland of the Fucktards.

  2. Robert I hope your audience continues to grow.
    Not to nit pick, but why no mention of Iran being an unwelcome corridoor for Caspian sea resourses?

  3. Wow, excellent post Mr. Lindsay! You laid it all out perfectly. I hope that this post is read by truth-seekers all across the world.
    RL: “Iraq is now occupied by imperialism-Zionism in the form of the US military and will be occupied into the forseeable future. Iraq was attacked because it was one of the only Arab holdouts that stood steadfast against imperialism and Zionism in the region. Also, they allowed no bases and opened up their oil to non-Americans.”
    Yes, Iraq was invaded, occupied, and plundered by the hypercapitalist/plutocratic forces of internationally-organized Jewry using Jewish-controlled America as its primary battering ram. The invasion and occupation was not intended to “liberate the long-suffering Iraqi people” as the Jewish mass-media said but rather in order to rape the resources of that country, primarily oil as you deftly explain.
    Many people don’t know (especially most American or European leftists) that Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath Party was a socialist party! Yes, Saddam Hussein was a socialist and ran Iraq as socialistically as he could manage; his party was an ‘Arab socialist’ party to be exact (the full technical name = “Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party”). Under the Arab socialists of Iraq, income and Iraqi oil-revenues were evenly distributed better in Iraq than in nearly any other Arab or Middle Eastern country; also, Iraqis were among the highest-educated of all Arabs, and the health system there was well above-average. Women fared well under the Arab Socialist Ba’ath party, certainly better than other repressive Middle Eastern nations. Iraq under the Arab socialists was also mostly secular and not religiously oppressive like so many ‘Islamofanatic’ nations.
    Just as international plutocratic/hypercapitalist Jewry sought to crush National Socialist Germany and other truly nationalistic + socialist nations, so too did they seek the destruction and economic rape of Arab socialist Iraq under the nationalistic + socialistic Ba’athists. Plutocratic Jewry HATES true nationalistic socialism and wages relentlessly brutal wars upon it wherever it is found. They only like ‘socialism’ if it is headed by a rootless/internationalist plutocratic urban Jewish elite, i.e. Jewish-Marxism, Jewish-Bolshevism, or Jewish-Communism. Internationally-organized plutocratic/hypercapitalist Jewry are major control-freaks and HATE to see other nations prosper under nationalistic forms of socialism – they want to hoard as much wealth, power, and influence as they can and directly control as much of the world’s economy as is possible. As such ALL forms of nationalistic socialism (Ba’athism, German National Socialism, etc) are not in alignment with their goals and thus are vigorously, nay murderously, opposed by them.
    A criticism: I’m not sure why you keep using the words “Zionist”/”Zionism” here so much when it is clearly international/plutocratic/hypercapitalist Jewry who is responsible for the horrible things you describe in this article. Why not come right out and say it? I thought you weren’t one to mince-words or sugar-coat the truth? Internationally-organized plutocratic/hypercapitalist Jewry is to blame, not “Zionism” or “Zionists.”

    1. I’m a Leftist, and we use Zionism over Jewry. Iraq was attacked by the Zionists due to its steadfast opposition to the Zionist entity in Palestine. That’s all there is to it. The oil is being plundered as punishment for Iraq holding out against the US and Israel. This is what happens to nations that stand up to Usreal! You get invaded and plundered.
      If Saddam had played ball on Palestine, he would have given up support for them and become a US satrap like the Gulf states. He would have allowed US bases in Iraq (the US demands a base in every sovereign Arab land as a form of colonialism). Then he would have cut deals similar to those cut by the Arab states with US multinationals. These deals do not amount to US plunder of Arab oil at all, but they do ensure US control over it due to the bases, and the corporations definitely get a cut of it!
      The US was furious when Saddam negotiated deals with non-Americans to explore his oil resources, since we were embargoing him at the time and we shut ourselves out of similar deals. Those countries doing deals with him were flouting a resolution passed by US-Zionist controlled Security Council to embargo Iraq.
      Also US imperialism had it in for Saddam for telling the US to fuck off for years, and for daring to be independent. Imperialism takes no guff from anyone, demands obeisance from everyone, and resolves to destroy any independent holdouts that don’t go along.
      Jewish opposition to Saddam and support for the war is all tied up in Zionism and support for Israel. Take that away and the Jews had no reason to hate Saddam or support the war.
      My analysis follows that of the Leftist PFLP revolutionaries in Palestine. We generally use the word Zionist instead of the word Jew. It’s a progressive thing, and plus we oppose racism.

  4. RL :”My analysis follows that of the Leftist PFLP revolutionaries in Palestine. We generally use the word Zionist instead of the word Jew. It’s a progressive thing, and plus we oppose racism.”
    It’s not about ‘left’ or ‘right,’ ‘progressive’ or ‘reactionary.’ It’s about the TRUTH. The phrases “internationally-organized plutocratic/hypercapitalist Jewry” or “international Jewish plutocratic-imperialism” is much more accurate in describing what you have wrote about in your post than the terms “Zionist” or “Zionism.” If it looks like a Jew, swindles like a Jew, and talks like a Jew, then it probably is a ___.
    Why continue beating around the (burning?) bush, playing stupid word games, and engaging in PC sophistry? Call a spade a spade, man.

    1. I don’t think the Jewish capitalists are that much worse than the Gentile capitalists. In a lot of ways, I think they are better. Besides, I just don’t agree with that analysis anyway. The motivating factor behind the International Jewish Lobby wanting to get rid of Saddam is simply Zionism. Anyway, there are tons of Gentile Zionists who are even worse who want to get rid of him for the same reason.

    2. One more thing. I like Jews. I date Jewish chicks. And deep down inside, I sort of even wanna be a Jew. I want to be one of those evil, self-hating Chomsky type Jews that all the other Jews love to hate. That would be so cool. My Mom always said I should have been a Jew. Being a Jew would be so cool. Maybe I wouldn’t even be middle aged and broke, huh?

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