Ahmadinejad Wins Fair and Square in Iran – Imperialist/Zionist Green "Color Revolution" Smashed By the Iranian People

If you are looking at the news, you may note that there is rioting all over Iran now, especially in Tehran, Shiraz and some other places. Mirhoseyn Mousavi was the guy handpicked by US imperialism and International Zionism to overthrow Ahmadinejad, who has gotten the ire of the West, since his regime and Syria are the last two Arab or Islamic regimes who are standing up to Zionism. For an overview of why the steadfast Iranian regime is so hated by the West and Israel, see my overview here. Juan Cole lays out the arguments for why the election must have been stolen, including the excellent showing of Ahmadinejad in Iranian Azerbaijan, where Mousavi hails. However, there was a poll done shortly before the election by a Western firm, apparently an anti-Iranian regime firm at that (its name is Terror Free Tomorrow,  so I assume they are pro-West and anti-Iranian regime). The poll (error3


11 thoughts on “Ahmadinejad Wins Fair and Square in Iran – Imperialist/Zionist Green "Color Revolution" Smashed By the Iranian People”

  1. I have been loving see the police street fighting with these Zionist traitorous youths!
    It is almost as exciting to me as when President Lukashenko had zionist protestors rounded up in his Nation and they showed them getting put into the back of paddy wagons on fox news.
    I cheer these Authoritarian Police Iranians and Belarussians as they deal with the filth!!! Go!

  2. If you are looking at the news, you may note that there is rioting all over Iran now,

    How many does it to make a “riot” in the jew controlled propaganda-machine? Five? Ten? When it suits the jews agenda ten stupid people rioting becomes a storm in a glass of water.

  3. You people are idiots. Ahmadinejad and the Ayatollah wouldn’t lie about the accuracy of the election however they refuse to even re investigate the issue. In the world throughout history, people who run for office and say they won and nothing more will be said are not fair and square people.anything is bad as well. By the way most Jews (zionists) in the world couldn’t give a damn what you think about them.

  4. RL: “The characters you see rioting in the streets of Tehran are young people. They are also largely bourgeois. The rich and middle classes hate Ahmadinejad, because Iran has suffered economic problems under his rule. However, most of these problems are due to Western sanctions.”
    Yup. Cluelessly rebellious middle-class youngsters are all about ‘sticking it to the man’ in a bunch of countries yet always fail to realize that they (the bourgeois middle-classes) are in fact the primary beneficiaries of ‘the man.’
    And yes, Iran’s economic problems are because of the constant Jewish/Zionist/American economic terrorism perpetrated against them. Organized Jewry/Zionism, in concert with the USA (which is currently under Jewish/Zionist control), ALWAYS tries to economically crush or financially smother any and all nations which oppose plutocratic Jewish/Zionist domination and control of their economy. There is historical evidence of this; see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judea_Declares_War_on_Germany
    It is increasingly clear that organized hypercapitalist/plutocratic Jewry are ECONOMIC TERRORISTS, and as such anti-terrorist actions must eventually be taken against them just as we would against other types of terrorists.

  5. Thanks for recommending Hardin’s work, silver. I have heard his name before here and there but I’ve never read any of his work. I’ll look in to him.
    An important thing to understand is that nearly everything Big Jewry latches on to eventually becomes horribly corrupt, worm-eaten, and rotten. Jews are always taking perfectly good ideas, businesses, political parties, etc and completely fucking them up. Jews are RUINERS and DESTROYERS, not CREATORS and MAINTAINERS. It is practically a rule of nature itself that everything Jews handle too much eventually turns to worthless stinking shit.
    However, Jews do promote commerce and consumerism (‘money-changing’) wherever they go, and while some might consider that a good thing it is increasingly clear that too much commerce, too much ‘progress,’ too much industrialization, too much consumerism, and too much development are destroying the earth’s environment and as such must be sharply reigned in to more sustainable levels.
    Big Jew don’t care about inflating an economy to hell. The understand debt will ruin a country, but in the meantime it’ll build up a mountain of assets that Big Jew can later sweep up for pennies on the dollar when the whole thing collapses. Unconscionable bastards, absolutely unconscionable.
    I’ve been talking and writing about this for years ever since I figured out the same thing. And after Big Jewry buys up as many valuable assets as they can for pennies on the dollar (this is of course after they’ve managed to [deliberately?] crash an economy via their corrupt financial machinations), they will then seek to ‘legalize’ their monopolization of the economy by installing a repressive and totalitarian Communist-esque regime wherein they are the main elite/managerial class, thus further cementing their permanent control over the economic life-blood of a nation. Once that happens nothing short of an anti-Jewish revolution or outright economic collapse will break the near-total Jewish monopolization of the macroeconomy. However, plutocratic kikery can hardly be opposed at all in countries like the USA because they literally control all aspects of the printing of America’s money as well as the general macro-monetary policy (through their domination of the Federal Reserve).
    Also, many don’t seem to realize how unfair or morally wrong it is that after Jews have completely screwed up a country/region/area they can just scurry away like fat little cockroaches and start the vicious Jewish cycle of destruction all over in another place; they consistently refuse to take their share of the responsibility for their destructive actions and constantly avoid the hard-work of helping to fix a country back up merely by immigrating away to a new place. Jews are always leaving or abandoning the places they have had a major role in screwing up (e.g., Russia and the former USSR), leaving the often broken and dispirited native populace behind to pick up the pieces. The native populace of course hasn’t the luxury of constant immigration because they are completely (instinctively, even) rooted in their nation, in their town, in their city, on their farm…they have a nationalistic love of their soil, something Jewry is of course entirely devoid of. Many Jews also claim to be environmentalists, but the fact that they live in urban areas which are almost totally devoid of the natural environment, as well as their aversion to being rooted in any particular environment for an extended period of time, shows that they are lying about this too…just look at the environmental degradation found in many countries of the former USSR, where Jews managed many industrial projects for decades. They had a prime role in environmentally-wrecking huge swathes of the former USSR with their hyperindustrial obsessions, but no matter to them…they just immigrated to the USA or elsewhere once everything started falling apart.
    Normal/rooted groups love their nation, their native soil, their blood, their ancestors, their language, their culture…but Jews only seem to love money and decadent luxuries it can buy them. They are a menace to humankind and must be vigorously opposed wherever they are found.

  6. This is a very good article. This is so true, in Venezuela too, when Hugo Chavez won the elections because we are the majority and we support him, the media in USA and all the right talked about fraud. The minority went to the streets to protests for days, and the liers of BBC, CNN, Fox etc, showing this people like the whole country was protesting. Lies all lies. The people of Venezuela and the people of Iran have choosen!
    Viva la verdadera democracia!!!

  7. You say that poor people have supported Ahmadinejad and that is true. And the educated people supported Mousavi. That is also true.
    Unfortunately, the less educated and poorer people are poor because of .. Ahamdinejad’s policies which prolong sanctions. Don’t get me wrong, Iran was very badly treated in the past by the West and Ahmadinejad had a legit protest against Bush (wasn’t it Bush who insulted Iran with Axis of Evil speach). However, now is the time for Ahmadinejad to do the right and noble thing: grasp the opportunity to make a deal with the new US govt. By continuing to hate the west, Ahmadinejad is only destroying Iran and he should see that.
    In many father’s country (Ireland), we have seen exactly the same thing. The educated saw the Economic war against Britain for what it did – make Ireland poorer – but supporters of Eamonn de Valera (an Ahmadinejad-like leader of Ireland from the 1920s-40s period) were the poor and less educated. They saw nothing wrong with de Valera but it was de Valera’s policies that kept them poor.
    Ahmadinejad is a weak and decadent leader besotted with power – a complete fraud. He does not give a damn about the people and only wants to be president and maybe more than that (I bet he will seek a 3rd term like Chavez!! Or he may become Shah after Khamenei is gone). He is meant to be educated, but his policies show little intelligence and he does not sound like any lecturer. More educated people like Mousavi (who definitely was a proper lecturer) know the difference between cunning clever policies that will aid Iran whereas Ahmadinejad does not seem to grasp world politics and only sees true a tunnel parochial vision of the world. This guy is a fraud. And Iran never even got rid of the Shah (it ditched the Pahlavis) as Khamenei is leader for life (i.e. King – Shah). The whole thing is a fraud, just like it was in my father’s country. And it is true that people don’t see through these politicians. Afterall, the US voted Bush twice, Germany voted for Hitler, 1/2 of Iraq adored Saddam and Russia remains besotted with Stalin to this day. There is something about the masses that lead them to self destructive politicians like Hitler, Bush, Saddam and Ahmadinejad. At the very least, Stalin was a successful dictator – but still evil.
    In conclusion, Ahmadinejad may have indeed won “fair” and square – but based on uninformed decisions by the masses.

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