James von Brunn Was a 9-11 Truther

There are Obama Birthers and there are 9-11 Truthers. I certainly do not believe in any hard form of the 9-11 Truth Movement, such as Israel Did 9-11 or the US Government Did 9-11. I think Al Qaeda Did 9-11. However, I acknowledge that the Israelis may have had some foreknowledge and may have failed to warn. They’ve done that before, notably in the Hezbollah truck bombing of the US Marine barracks on Lebanon in 1983. Thanks Israelis!
Anyway, the 9-11 Truth Movement is kind of like the Obama Birth Movement in that it has attracted all sorts of kooks and nutjobs. They range from Left to Right, but one thing they often have in common at the very least is some kind of anti-Zionism at best or anti-Semitism at worst, as is frequently the case. In fact, this James von Brunn guy’s belief system is quite common in the Movement.
James von Brunn was a 9-11 Truther. He signed some petition for the movement, but as soon as that came to light, the 9-11 Truthers scrubbed his name. Here’s the scrubbed version of the page with his sig missing. But not so fast. Here is the cached version with von Brunn’s name intact.
Here is a Yahoo posting where von Brunn mentions that he is a 9-11 Truther. According to von Brunn, the “Illuminati” did 9-11.
This guy who calls himself Tommy Overload on his Yahoo profile reposts a lot of von Brunn’s stuff. He’s a retired jazz musician living in Arkansas. Here is Terrible Tommy’s blog, Constitution Revolution. It provides a good overview of the mindset of guys like Tommy and von Brunn.
There also seem to be links to the Patriot or Constitutionalist Movement. The rightwing crazy, Scott Roeder, who shot George Tiller, one of only three doctors left in the US who perform late-term abortion, was also heavily involved in the Patriot Movement.
A White Supremacist shot and killed three cops in Pennsylvania recently. Richard Poplawski frequented Alex Jones’ 9-11 Truth Movement Infowars site, a site that von Brunn and Roeder also frequented. 9-11 Truthers have murdered five people in overtly political killings so far this year. Poplawski also frequented the Stormfront White Supremacist and neo-Nazi site. Poplawski was also an anti-Semite like von Brunn.
A schizophrenic who frequented the White Supremacist site Podblanc shot and killed his father for unknown reasons. He was also a 9-11 Truther and he frequented Alex Jones’ site. He was on a mission to save the White race.
Here is a comment from von Brunn commenting on an article called Bali Bomber Claims CIA/Mossad Involvement. It’s not yet been scrubbed, but in case it does get scrubbed, here is the cached version.
I am starting to think that a lot of these 9-11 Truthers are a bunch of time bombs.

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18 thoughts on “James von Brunn Was a 9-11 Truther”

  1. Where did you hear that the 9-11 truth movement is an anti-zionist, anti-semitic movement? Glenn Beck? Bill O’Reilly? The 9-11 truth movement is not anti-semitic. Quit lying.

    1. Well, it’s often anti-Semitic. The whole line is THE JEWS DID 9-11. That’s it. Sometimes the Jews are coded as “Israel”, sometimes as “Zionists”, sometimes this, sometimes that, but the whole thing is that the Jews done it. That’s anti-Semitic right there, if it’s not true. If it’s true that’s another story, but I don’t think it is.

  2. ” The whole line is THE JEWS DID 9-11. ” No, it isn’t. In fact, I’ve rarely come across that one. But I’m sure the 9/11 movement has its less cautious contingent, including some Hegs.

  3. Jews definitely did 9/11. Unfortunately, this is a minority opinion within the “9/11 truth movement”, which doesn’t move and can’t handle the truth.

    1. READER:::::YOU ARE SICK……

  4. “Well, it’s often anti-Semitic.”
    Computers “often” malfunction, but most of the time computers are great working tools.
    I “Often” use the restroom, but most of the time I’m not.
    “good overview of the mindset of guys like” Here is the damning statement of your guilt by association hit piece blog post here.
    What “Guys Like”?
    Which character traits are you trying to lump into the accusation here? Veterans? White Males? Small government Activists? 9/11 Truth? Racists? People who eat breakfast? People named James?
    A few nutjobs happen to share beliefs with others, and people like you scum are ready to spread this trash.
    Hey while we’re at it lets see what kind of underwear he wore and criticize everyone who wears the same type as being racist, or what cereal he eats for breakfast and have a “General Mills” smear campaign.

  5. Um, he was also a registered Democrat… This whole “guilty by association” B.S. can backfire, ya know?

    1. Yeah, well, he’s not a leftwinger by any stretch of the imagination. These guys hate the Republicans and the Democrats both. Both parties are hostile to their racist BS. The Republicans used to be more symapathetic to them, but they see the Repubs as totally selling out on race. The Repubs and Dems are both in favor of massive non White legal immigration, Hindu 1-B visas that are nuking the White middle and upper middle classes, and the massive illegal immigration that is going to ruin White America once and for all. So most of these guys think the Republicans are just as bad as Democrats, if not worse. Further, they think that both parts are controlled by Jews. They’ve always thought that about Democrats, but increasingly they feel this about Republicans too. These guys voted for Ron Paul.
      There have always been racist Democrats. Reagan Democrats, the Wallace voters, southern Democrats. Nothing new there.

      ……….a democrat……………
      and your point is??????????????????????

  6. You’re a wind-up hate doll, Lindsey. I shouldn’t even waste my time on a two-bit site that has no impact on anyone, except your ego.
    But, I’ll make an exception this one time.
    The Wall St. owned CIA puppets in the media, are sh!tt!ng their pants that the peer reviewed nano thermite study proves the 911 fairy tale was a staged “False Flag” attack.
    At the same time, the criminal private enterprise AKA; The FED, is in danger of being audited for the 1st time ever.
    So, viola, a mentally unstable nut, who tried to arrest the FED Board years ago, attacks the “Holocaust” museum in DC. They label him a “911 Truther” in an attempt to smear the peaceful 911 truth movement. That’ means they know that the truth will go viral soon.
    What a stroke of luck for the the howling, CIA controlled media. You’d almost think that it was too good to be true for them.
    So, my disinformation vomiting friend, crawl back under your rock. You’re just another “wanna be” punk, that’s an enemy of the republic.

  7. Anyone who goes into the 9/11 truth movement will in time, come to the question of Jewish influence in the west. Most likely hit upon on it researching the banking influence of Europe and America. If he goes into the so called “White Nationalist movement” his going find out they to have control over the Western Media. If he looks hard, he will see alot of Jews with dual-citizenship with in Bush’s republican party. Then his going to hit upon AIPAC and their influence over US foreign policy. Then all he has to do is look at Larry Silversteen and Frank Lowly, who are both Zionist Jews, who leased the WTC 1 and 2 and Building 7. Department of homeland security Mr Cheroff Dual-Citizen to Israel. Not Mention the dancing Israeli’s dancing for joy after their mission of success was revealed to their eyes. It’s so obvious, that Israel, Jewish elements within the US government, US media, Also in the UK media and Government, are all in on this plot. I’ve come to conclusion that the west, is occupied by mainly manipulative Jewish power structure. Also the AIPAC lobby pushing for war againist IRAN. Israel wanting to strike Iran, America invades Iraq, finish’s off Israel’s enemies. American’s really need to wake up to themselves and the west. It’s so obvious that Israel and Jewish elements in America where behind the 9/11 attacks. How many have died because of this 200,000?

  8. I’m convinced the 911 attacks had nothing to do with Al-Queda.
    Taking over an airplane of passengers with box cutters is a tall story. Box cutters are just too small, when people on planes have knives served with their meals.
    It’s hard to say who was behind the attacks, I think it was an excuse to go into Afghanistan, but I just don’t buy the official US Government’s story.

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