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The cleansing of James von Brunn’s online activity continues. von Brunn is the guy who shot up the Holocaust Museum yesterday. Here is his biography from the Askart.com site, which has since been pulled. It is interesting in that it provides some clues to his anti-Semitism.
When he worked in New York as an ad man in the 1960’s, he was repeatedly told to change his German name, since he would never get far in the industry with a German name. A number of ad men with German names had changed their surnames to non-German ones to try to get ahead. The suggestion was that Jews in the heavily-Jewish ad industry were discriminating against those with German names. von Brunn refused to change his name.
In 1968, Abe Fortas, Jewish, was nominated to the US Supreme Court. von Brunn was watching in a bar and made an unfavorable comment about Fortas. A Jewish executive made a snide remark in return. A few minutes later, the Jewish businessman sneaked up behind von Brunn and tried to punch him. von Brunn ducked, turned around, and knocked the guy to the floor.
The police came, and a fight ensued with the cops. von Brunn was arrested. von Brunn was convicted of drunk driving and resisting arrest and sentenced to 2 years in jail. He also had his license pulled. Later he moved to California and remarried, this time to a young woman.
In 1975, he and a female friend published a book called, “The Zionist Rape of the Holy Land,” authored by George Robnett. He received several threatening phone calls, apparently from Jews, warning him not to publish the book, but he published it anyway.
Soon after, unknown arsonists burned down his house while he was in it. von Brunn barely escaped. von Brunn suspected that Jews opposed to his publishing the anti-Zionist book had burned down his house. The wife became very upset after the arson and died soon after, apparently of stress brought on by the arson.
von Brunn’s famous assault on the Federal Reserve building was glossed by himself as an attempt to get back at his enemies, apparently the Jews, as the Board for some strange reason is almost all Jewish. He served a sentence for that crime, and was released early. In Maryland, local galleries would not show his art, which is apparently high quality.
The media is portraying this guy as some desperate loser and “failed artist,” reminiscent of the “failed artist” smear on Hitler. Hitler, whatever his bad qualities, was not a bad artist, and most artists by that definition are “failed” anyway, as they do not hit the bigtime.
It appears that instead of being a loser in life, von Brunn led a rich and rewarding life as a successful man in a variety of occupations. He made good money and managed his own businesses. He married well and raised a family who remained close to him throughout life. Rather than being a failed artist, he seems to have been quite talented. Other than his anti-Semitism and racism, which apparently got worse with age, he was not a failure by any means. It’s bad enough what he did. Why pile it on?
The following is from the artist:
James W. von Brunn (JvB)
Born: 7-11-20 in St. Louis, Missouri
Studio: Easton, MD
Subjects: Scapes, Portraits, Illustrations, Graphics
Style: Realist
Methods: Oil, mixed media.
The von Brunn/Wenneker families migrated from Germany/Austria c. 1845, settling in St. Louis, Missouri.
James von Brunn’s father, Elmer, was superintendent of Scullin Steel Mill. During WWII he designed, and supervised a 40mm shell plant for the U.S. government in Houston, Texas. His wife Hope Wenneker von Brunn, educated at Hosmer Hall, was a homemaker and accomplished pianist. They had two children, James (JvB) and Alyce. The family spent summer months at Piasa. Illinois, where JvB roamed the limestone bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River, hunted snakes and turtles in the willows along its banks, and collected Indian artifacts.
His grandmother Wenneker (grossemutter) gave him an oil paint set for his 7th birthday. His inspiration to paint came from Scribner Illustrated Classics and painters such as Pyle, Schoonover, and Wyeth. But his painting, because of his love of athletics, was confined to days of inclement weather. During the hiatus between high school and college he hitchhiked through Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico.
JvB was educated in public schools. He matriculated at Washington University in 1938. He became president of SAE and played varsity football. The coach got him a Structural Bridge, Steel and Iron-Workers union card.
During the summer months JvB worked as a punk hauling coal for forges perched high-up on steel-girders – buildings being constructed for the war effort. As experienced men were drafted into the Sea-Bees JvB quickly graduated to rivet-bucker and finally riveter. Either you conquered your fear and walked the beams or you quit. The other option was a long way down.
At the University JvB was in the Liberal Arts program. He enrolled in art classes where he learned that Marxist/Liberal concepts dominated the program. Anatomy studies were discarded along with perspective, drawing and old master techniques. Western Culture was replaced by “expressionism.” We see the results today in expensive art produced by monkeys, elephants, Pollack and pianists who play with their elbows. JvB changed directions, graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Journalism.
The following day he was inducted into the U.S. Naval Reserve. As an Ensign he was shipped overseas in 1943 to “destroy the German disease,” just as his family before him had been sent to “save the world for Democracy.” JvB became a PT-boat captain, serving in the Med and Pacific theaters. He was honorably discharged in March 1946 as a Lieutenant with 3-battle stars and a Commendation from Admiral Hewitt. While in the service JvB painted watercolors of the passing scene.
JvB moved to New York City in 1947. He studied figure painting at the Central Park School of Art, located on Madison Ave at 57th Street, Manhattan. To make ends meet he worked in a bank vault at night. He attempted to crack into the newspaper business but all doors were closed to conservatives.
Instead, he found a job in big-league advertising on Madison Avenue where he started as paste-up boy at $35 per week. He attended evening classes at the Art Student’s League where he studied color and design under Howard Trafton. At that time the so-called “Holocaust” burst upon the scene. JvB was asked to change his German name by several companies during his 20-years New York career. Eric Sloane (Heinrichs) advised JvB to do as he had, “You’ll never make it in New York if you don’t.”
JvB exhibited his easel paintings at the Commodore Hotel, Hotel Biltmore, Abercrombie & Fitch, and the Eastside Gallery. He illustrated for Wm. Morrow Publishers, and for two art studios. As an agency art-director JvB was asked to create story-boards for television. This took him to the set where he learned film techniques. Eventually he became an advertising executive film- producer-director and eventually producer director for two prominent film/tape production companies.
In 1951 JvB and Patricia Beverley-Giddings were married. Her father, creative director and novelist, was a Sandhurst graduate and an RFC pursuit-pilot, WWI. He survived being shot down by von Richtofen’s Flying Circus. During WWII he was a member of British Intelligence.
Bev owned a manor house on Maryland’s Eastern Shore where the family gathered for holidays and for the shooting season. Tidewater country presented a wealth of subject matter ranging from watermen and their rigs to sporting scenes, and scapes. This was grist for JVB’s paint brush.
In 1951 Patricia gave birth to a baby boy, Jim “Bim” von Brunn. Pat was unable to have any more children. Bim attended the Church of Heavenly Rest, and Trinity, in NYC; the Country School, in Easton; St. Andrews prep-school, and University of Miami, Florida.
While in New York, Gen. Pedro del Valle, Gen. Mac Arthur’s commander of Artillery in Korea, presented JvB with John O. Beatty’s famous, “Iron Curtain Over America.” This book had a tremendous affect upon JvB’s life and career. Von Brunn became an historical-revisionist, committed to the belief that the true histories of WWI and WWII had been hidden from the American People.
JvB moved to Easton, MD where he established an advertising agency. He was elected president of the Academy of the Arts. His friend Lee Lawrie, renowned sculptor, was co-founder of the Academy. Meanwhile JvB’s political posture placed a burden on his marriage. Patricia and JvB parted company. The divorce was a tragedy for all concerned.
On his 48th birthday JvB, at a local bistro, celebrated his acquisition of the City of Cambridge Economic Development account. JvB had a few beers with friends at the Cambridge bar where they watched a TV broadcast of a Yankee baseball game.
A newscaster suddenly interrupted to announce Lyndon Johnson’s nomination of Abe Fortas to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. JvB made an unfavorable comment about Fortas, which drew a crude response from a prominent Jewish business man. A few minutes later JvB saw this guy in the mirror sneaking up. When he swung JvB ducked, turned around and knocked the guy to the floor. Shortly, thereafter JvB was arrested. One thing led to another and a fight broke out with the police.
At the trial the brilliant Gen. Pedro del Vallee, testified in JvB’s behalf. This infuriate the jury and the Judge, who’s chief accomplishment was a lucrative speed-trap operation on Route 50. JvB was convicted of resisting arrest, drunken driving, etc., all highly exaggerated, and sentenced to two-years in jail. He lost his driver’s license.
The business man who started the fight never appeared in court and disappeared into the woodwork. Shortly thereafter Abe Fortas was convicted of embezzlement and sentenced to 5-years in a country-club prison. He served 1.5 years and, like Boesky and Miliken, kept most of the loot.
Von Brunn – when he wasn’t with the road-gang maintaining the judge’s home and grounds with State-owned material – completed the design and copy for a 4-color brochure produced for Frank Perdue, the chicken king. JvB also painted the harbor as seen through the barred window of his cell. Fortuitously von Brunn developed a serious staph infection in the nape of his neck. Doctors persuaded the Judge to release him.
Upon recovery von Brunn migrated to Florida where he became a real-estate broker and stock-broker. While there JvB painted Florida scapes, cloud formations, and a few portraits. He exhibited at Las Olas Galleries.
With money earned in Florida Real Estate, JvB took his new bride, Pat Taylor, twenty years his junior, a night-club singer, and her young daughter to California. In 1975, JvB purchased 10-acres of pasture east of Redding near Mt. Lassen, with a view of Mt. Shasta, and the Sacramento River valley.
JvB and his friend Florence Robnett, 83, former Dean of Women at Northwestern University and native Cornhusker, cooperated to build a home which JvB designed, containing the amenities plus an art studio, music room, large library and office space.
Florence and JvB published a paper-back, “Zionist Rape of the Holy Land” (formerly titled “Conquest Through Immigration”) written by George Robnett, deceased, with the Forward by Millar Burrows, Dean Emeritus, Yale Divinity School, and illustrated by von Brunn. JvB received several threatening telephone calls warning him not to distribute the book. Meanwhile Pat gave birth to a baby boy, they called Erik.
While giving the baby his bottle at 2 AM, JvB looked through the window into the pasture. The moon-mist was bathed in a red glow. He rushed outside to find the roof was ablaze. The house, which they had lived in for only 4-months, burned to the ground. The mournful chord of the grand piano crashing into the basement and the shriek of the quarter horse are sounds not easily forgotten.
A neighbor told von Brunn that he had gone outside to quiet his boar-hounds He heard what sounded like the pop of a flare-gun, then car doors slamming and a car squealing down the black-top. But no evidence was ever discovered to prove arson. Florence died soon thereafter of shock.
Fearing for his family’s safety, JvB returned to Maryland where he devised a scheme to expose his enemies. He planned and conducted a legal, non-violent, citizens arrest of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, in Washington, D.C. He accused them of treason.
The FED, a private corporation, conceived by the Rothschilds, had financed the construction of manufacturing plants in the USSR that produced war materials used against U.S. forces fighting in Korea and Viet Nam. Money is the source of all power. JvB was convicted for attempted kidnapping, robbery, burglary, carrying a weapon (not loaded), etc, in a kangaroo court. JvB served 6.5-years of an 11-year sentence. While in federal prison JvB designed brochures, etc., and painted three large murals (18 x 35) and many portraits.
In 1989 JvB was released from prison with $50 and shoes 2-sizes too big. His sister Alyce, dependable and staunch as a rock, provided him a place to reside in her duplex. His wife remarried. His two sons live out-of-state but telephone frequently and visit from time to time. Pusillanimous Eastonians, hiding behind political correctness refuse to display JvB’s paintings, nor will they engage in business with him. However, von Brunn continues to exhibit under assumed names away from the Shore.
In small towns across America the blind and cowardly scramble, push and shove getting and spending while their homes are burning and their complexions grow progressively darker.
Von Brunn paints and plots.

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16 thoughts on “James von Brunn Biography”

  1. “It appears that instead of being a loser in life, von Brunn led a rich and rewarding life as a successful man in a variety of occupations. ”
    The more I learn about Freedom Fighter von Brunn the more I am amazed.
    Once one gets into Racialism/ White Nationalism and starts to learn a little about the personalities ‘the scales will fall from ones eyes’.
    Dr. William Luther Pierce had a Phd in Physics! (not that easy to come by, I have an Uncle who also has a Phd in Physics.)
    Willis Carto was called well spoken and very intelligent in the recent book about him by George Michael.
    Even the past men were very interesting. Henry Ford, a hard-core anti-semite invented a way of manufactoring cars! Charles Lindburgh, who warned of Jewish influence, was an American Aviation Hero!
    Add the interesting life of von Brunn to the list.
    The notion that Racialists/ White Nationalists are just a bunch of ‘red-neck losers’ (a stereo-type from the Jewish Media) is easy to prove to be Untrue!

  2. “Soon after, unknown arsonists burned down his house while he was in it. von Brunn barely escaped. von Brunn suspected that Jews opposed to his publishing the anti-Zionist book had burned down his house. The wife became very upset after the arson and died soon after, apparently of stress brought on by the arson.”
    Like von Brunn wrote: the Jews want to “KILL THE BEST GENTILES!”

  3. von Brunn was obviously not a loser – he was definitely a very intelligent, creative, and interesting person; he should not have murdered anyone, that was obviously wrong…however, as they saying goes “One person’s terrorist is another person’s freedom fighter” – I’m sure the British considered the American revolutionaries “terrorists” during the American War for Independence? N’est pas?
    About 75% of what von Brunn wrote in his book “KILL THE BEST GENTILES” is completely true – he just shouldn’t have mixed all that nonsense about the ‘Illuminati’ and such in to the book with the factual stuff about the Jews.

  4. Here is the text of James W. von Brunn’s Letter of Commendation from World War II:
    VON BRUNN, James W. Ens. USNR
    Ltr P15 Serial 5728 Dated 29 Nov 1944
    Rec’d. Bd.D&M 12-14-44
    Your outstanding performance of duty while serving as Executive Officer of a motor torpedo boat operating in the Ligurian Sea from May through September 1944 is worthy of special commendation.
    You have displayed initiative and capable leadership in assisting in the organization and training of the personnel of your craft to carry out extended operations against the enemy. As a result of this condition of readiness this unit participated effectively in numerous combat patrols in hostile coastal waters and engaged enemy surface forces on several occasions in hard fought running actions. Despite opposition of superior fire power and in some instances gunfire from shore batteries, ten enemy vessels were sunk or severely damaged and convoy traffic attempting to supply enemy front lines in Italy seriously disrupted.
    I commend you for your exceptional ability, leadership and outstanding devotion to duty which reflected credit upon yourself and the Naval Service.
    You are hereby accorded the privilege of wearing the commendation ribbon pursuant to the authority delegated by ALNAV 179.

  5. Yes, Ernie seems to be the last word on the history of the extreme right in America since the ’20s. What a treasure trove of Leftist counter-hooey! I see he’s repeating Deguello Report smears of Eustice Mullins and Matt Koehl. I’d like to see those corroborated by a perfumed mash note from J. Edgar Hoover to Clyde Tolson who, if they weren’t the gayest G Men ever, sure acted like it!

    1. Whodares:
      Would you please be specific? What “leftist” sources did I use in my report? Are you claiming that Hoover, the FBI, the House Committee on Un-American Activities and the American Legion are “leftist” sources?
      What do you consider “smears” about Eustace Mullins or Matt Koehl?
      For example: do you deny that Mullins wrote “Hitler: An Appreciation” for the National Renaissance Party Bulletin in 1952?
      Do you deny that Mullins associated himself with the numerous individuals, organizations and publications which I mentioned in my report?
      Do you deny that those individuals, organizations, and publications were racist and anti-semitic and, were often, Hitler admirers?
      Again, please be SPECIFIC about what you consider to be falsehoods or “smears” about Mullins. Ditto for Matt Koehl.
      Why do you characterize comments about Mullins to be a “smear” [despite his sexual orientation being well known within extreme right and neo-nazi circles?] whereas you present unprovable assertions about Hoover/Tolson but you DO NOT consider your own comments to be a “smear”?
      With respect to your comments regarding Hoover and Tolson, you might be interested to know that our nation’s foremost scholars on the FBI and Hoover (and they often are severe critics of both Hoover and the FBI) have explicitly stated that the stories you refer to about Hoover’s sexuality were malicious lies which originated primarily with ONE person with Mafia connections. See, for example, the comments by Dr. Athan Theoharis.
      Why do you place so much credence in such flimsy and highly suspect evidence while you contemptuously dismiss much more credible and reliable and verifiable evidence from multiple sources within neo-nazi and extreme right circles pertaining to Mullins and Koehl? And, incidentally, those sources were personal acquaintances of them both and worked with them!
      However, even if we should discover in the future that Hoover was gay — what difference would that make?
      Would that change anything with respect to what the FBI, as an institution, discovered about people like Matt Koehl and Eustace Mullins?
      Keep in mind that much of the data in FBI files originated from OUTSIDE independent sources — including, for example, Army-Navy-Air Force Intelligence, the “red squads” or intelligence divisions of our major city police departments as well as other local/state law enforcement agencies, thousands of informants within legitimate and subversive organizations, wiretaps, mail covers, etc.

    2. Awesome stuff, Ernie.
      You’ve done some great work on your site there.
      I always thought J. Edgar Hoover was gay?
      I never knew Eustace Mullins was queer! Wow. Funny how the neo-Nazis on here love to quote this butt bandit so much.
      Was Matt Koehl an ass bandito too? OMG. The Nazi queers are breaking out all over. What is it about Nazis and being queer anyway?

  6. Ernie,
    You’ve done yoeman’s service researching the American far right. I don’t deny this and I shouldn’t have dismissed all of your excellent and extensive source material as “Leftist counter-hooey.” I’m sure it’s all on the moderate “up and up” for the most part. But can you provide us with a link to any official record, police report, or further corroboration of the arrest of Mullins, Koehl, and the third gentleman you claim sodomized a hitchiker? This is a pretty serious charge that I don’t think has ever been proven.
    I know the that story about J. Edgar Hoover being seen at a party in a cocktail dress was planted by the ex-wife of a mobster who had a record of perjuring herself. Despite her claims, no photo evidence has ever been forthcoming. However, I do think it would be really amusing if it was ever proved that J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson were themselves gay that they had fingered so many other homosexuals in gov’t service as national security risks. After working, living and vacationing together most of their adult lives weren’t they even buried alongside of each other?
    I can’t think of two other public figures from that era without wives who were as close.

    1. My grandfather knew a lot of the political figures of that time, or he knew people who knew them. He knew Truman back when he ran a shoestore in Kansas City. He also knew people who knew John Kennedy. He supposedly said after JFK was elected, “He’s going to find that the White House is one of the hardest places to sneak a woman into.”
      About Hoover, my grandpa always said it was well-known that he was a “fairy.”

    2. Whodares: I am not aware of any criminal records from the 1950’s being posted on-line. The references to that incident come entirely from sources within their own circles–including letters by Elizabeth Dilling and comments made by Rick Cooper in his history of the white nationalist movement, and comments made by John G. Crommelin.
      However, I would also point out that there has been an unusual number of incidents within the U.S. neo-nazi movement which involve deviant behavior (including sexual crimes). Witness, for example, the contemporary problems of Kevin Strom. Many of these folks were kicked out of our armed forces because of their mental problems (including paranoia), drug abuse/alcoholism, domestic violence, sexual crimes, child abuse, or other criminal activity.
      At some point, I hope to review the private papers of key figures within the neo-nazi movement which are archived at various educational institutions and, perhaps, then I can provide more details about the matter you inquire about—although, frankly, this is certainly not a significant focus of my research.
      With respect to your comments about Hoover/Tolson — they did not “finger” any homosexuals in government service that I know about. Instead, as the FBI investigated the background of applicants for, or appointees to, government positions, or investigated allegations concerning internal security-related matters, their investigations turned up such information (or it was forwarded to the Bureau by other sources such as G-2 (Army Intelligence), ONI (Naval Intelligence) etc.
      Lastly, nobody who actually knew Hoover and Tolson has ever claimed they were homosexual. It is interesting that the only people who seem convinced of this are folks who had no personal contact with either of them. If you carefully review Hoover’s background (and not mindlessly accept sensational tabloid gossip or malicious rumors) — there is nothing to suggest that he (or Tolson) were gay. Instead, they were both married to their careers — and as often happens with such individuals, they never made time in their lives for anything else.

    3. Well, Robert, many things which are “well known” turn out to be utter falsehoods.
      It was “well known” that Saddam Hussein had copious amounts of weapons of mass destruction and that he intended to unleash biological agents upon invading U.S. troops.

  7. Ernie,
    Kevin Strom’s case is complex and involves a disgruntled wife who apparently went to the authorities and helped them build a case against him. For the edification of those of us who remain curious about the details of the case, please tell us exactly what Mr. Strom’s convictions were.
    As for the accusations against Mullins and Koehl
    (and the third guy in the car with them when they purportedly picked up a hitchiker in the ’50s and had their way with him), the bogus Deguello Report is where these allegations were first aired. Rick Cooper obviously used it to round out his expanded history of American nationalism, if indeed Rick Cooper is the author of the five part history of same which I queried you about in a private email. I’ve never seen an attribution for it, but will assume “Rick Cooper” wrote it, whoever that is. Contentious self-confessed neo-nazis like Harold C. Covington have made whole careers out of smearing other contentious neo-nazis. Infighting seems to come with the territory. Until you have something better than a letter from Elizabeth Dilling, a comment by John Grommelin and recycled Deguillo Report disinformation you aren’t going to convince me that Eustice Mullins, Matt Koehl, Karl Klassen, or even Kevin Strom for that matter, are sex criminals. Internecine gossip about these people is all you’ve presented so far. How about verification that any of these men were ever arrested or convicted of the crimes you’ve insinuated they committed.
    As for getting mustered out of the armed forces for
    mental problems. That doesn’t mean much either. Jack Kerouac and any number of lesser known men who didn’t want to be in the the army got themselves mustered out as fast as they could by pretending to be homosexual, a drug abuser, crazy or all of the above. During the Viet Nam war hundreds of thousands of young men used ruses on army doctors and psychiatrists to avoid the draft. Don’t forget that George Rockwell and “Bo” Grites were a decorated veterans.
    Your insistance that J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson were married to their work while Eustice Mullins and Matt Koehl must have been “married” to each other because they were nazis and nazis are mentally ill because the army didn’t want them just doesn’t float.
    Court testimony about bisexual, step-daughter schtooping, nazi hunter Morris Dees is here: http://www.zianet.com/web/dees1.htm
    Evidence like this backing up the gossip you’re perpetuating about Eustice Mullins, Matt Koehl, Karl Klassen and Kevin Strom would be most welcome.

    1. You are quite mistaken. The DeGuello report was published circa 1976. The reports concerning the sexual orientation of Eustace Mullins, Matt Koehl and Ed Fleckenstein and the 1955 incident you refer to originated within their own circles in the 1950’s.
      H. Keith Thompson Jr. was one of the first sources. Also Elizabeth Dilling and John Crommelin. Crommelin told several officials within the ANP (including Karl Allen). Now, you can dismiss all this as “gossip” — and that’s fine. It doesn’t impact anything I have written because it is not germane.
      Yes, Rick Cooper is the author of the “Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement” — which he published and distributed in the 1990’s via internet. Like almost all other NSWPP officials, he had a bitter falling out with Matt Koehl.
      With respect to Kevin Strom, I am sure you know that in January 2008 he pleaded guilty to one count of child pornography possession and he was sentenced to 23 months in prison. As a result, other charges re Strom receiving child porn were dropped as part his plea agreement.
      However, I wish to re-iterate that I am not concerned about the sexual behavior or pecadillos of these individuals. You are creating a straw-man argument which seeks to divert attention from the substance of my report.
      My von Brunn report is 16 pages of single-spaced text. You seem obsessed with one sentence in my report which pertains to what Rick Cooper reported. Feel free to entirely ignore that sentence if it offends your sensibilities.
      You seem to have great difficulty with accurately reporting what people write. I never wrote or hinted that “…Eustice Mullins and Matt Koehl must have been ‘married’ to each other because they were nazis and nazis are mentally ill because the army didn’t want them…”
      Maybe someday I will decide to summarize all the factual evidence concerning sexual deviancy and/or criminal behavior within the U.S. neo-nazi movement (i.e. your request for factual data concerning convictions) — but I have no interest in that subject matter at the present time. You may, however, find some of that data in many other sources — including the two books about the history of the American Nazi Party which were published during the past 10 years (books by Simonelli and Schmaltz). You can also ask Jim Saleam about it. Saleam is an Australian neo-nazi who wrote his doctoral dissertation on the U.S. neo-nazi movement).
      My only point is this: political extremists (left or right) suffer from an intellectual fever which adversely impacts their reasoning abilities.

      1. Other than his anti-Semitism and racism, which apparently got worse with age, he was not a failure by any means.
        Translated: Von Brunn got more Jew-wise and race-wise with age.
        Ninety-nine percent of what Jews consider “anti-semitism” is absurd-ism. It’s a “trick” Jews use to smear their opponents and critics and to avoid debate, etc. The term itself is bogus as most Jews are NOT semitic.
        If Jews didn’t have their claws in virtually every facet of our lives, there’d be no so-called “anti-semitism”, i.e., resistance to Jewish tyranny, agenda, etc. There is no anti-semitism without semitism; the latter always presupposes the former.
        As far as “racism” goes, it’s an anti-White marxist slur used to silence, demonize, etc. any White person who stands up for and defends the of his people, i.e., race, something non-whites are never slandered and denounced for doing so and actually lauded and encouraged by the “system.”
        It’s bad enough what he did.
        Pushed too far almost any man becomes violent. Von Brunn couldn’t take it anymore and did what he felt he had to do to lash out against the Jewish evil that enslaves us.
        Why pile it on?
        I agree.

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