Exclusive Correspondence From James von Brunn

I have come across some exclusive correspondence from James von Brunn and I am going to publish on the blog until the cops tell me to take it down. This was forwarded to me from a person who wants to remain anonymous. This letter was written only 27 days to Sylvia Stolz, Ernest Zundel’s German attorney, who is herself in prison for breaking Germany’s Holocaust Denial laws while defending Zundel.
I will publish more of this material as I come across it.
First letter:
From: James W. von Brunn
Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2009, 9:08 AM
Hello Sylvia Stolz (in prison),
Thanks for your courage and insight.
ALLEGEDLY, Chancellor Adolf Hitler issued orders that resulted in the murder of Six-million (6,000,000) or more JEWS, plus additional heinous “crimes against Humanity.”
CONSEQUENTLY, millions of Catholics the World over honor Adolf Hitler at Mass; light bright candles in Adolf Hitler’s memory; and venerate Adolf Hitler – their Aryan Hero.
By so doing Catholics defame JEW “Holocaust” victims; harm the victims’ extensive, suffering families; and trivialize JEW artifacts: shoes, hair, lampshades, brothel-condoms, swimming-suits, and soap.
THEREFORE, 🙂 pursuant to its policy of imprisoning “Holocaust Deniers,” the German Government must immediately incarcerate ALL GERMAN CATHOLICS.
VERDICT: Should the German government fail to incarcerate all German Catholics then the German government itself must be incarcerated for tolerating, aiding and abetting “Holocaust Denial.”
Pax Vobiscum.
Thank you Sylvia Stolz for promulgating the TRUTH.
High regards to thee,
James von Brunn
Hitler’s worst mistake:
He didn’t gas the JEWS.
Second email:
From: James W. von Brunn
Subject: 9-11 COMMISSION
To: vbrunn@hotmail.com
Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2009, 8:58 AM
9-11 COMMISSION was an exponent of USA-ISRAEL (Murder,Inc.). Lee H. Hamilton is a traitor to his family, race and Nation. He has long pimped for JEWS.
NO INFORMED INDIVIDUAL BELIEVES in the Clinton, Bush, Neocons, JEWS, FOX NEWS versions of the 9-11 false-flag atrocity. As the “Holocaust,” 9-11 has become a sacrosanct, non-debatable, religious lie.
See: “Kill the Best Gentiles!” (Talmud)

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15 thoughts on “Exclusive Correspondence From James von Brunn”

  1. Hopefully the 1st Amendment will protect this and I do not want any police taking this stuff down, Mr. Lindsay.
    It is nice to have blogs out there that actually value the 1st amendment.
    Either we have freedom of speech… or we don’t!!!
    PS Free Zundel & Heretical 2

    1. This is something that ALOT of conspiracy theorist writers do. Using all caps adds emphasis to the whole ‘teh NWO iz cominz’ diatribes.
      Freedom Fighter von Brunn is different then alot of conspiracy theorists though in that probably about 70% of his theories (mostly about the Jews) are right!

  2. Encyclopedia Judaica from 1971. o,8 meter, A4, small print. Entry: Holocaust. Some 30 A4 pages. The table of content is a half A4 page and not once is the word Million, Six million or even the word Gas chambers in the content table. ln 30 pages there is NOT ONE reference to, million, six million or any Gas chambers. Encyclopedia Judaica is available in any major library in the whole world. Go check for yourself. Do that!
    This was written – by jews – 25 years after ww2 ended.
    l guess they forgot.
    l bet my family happiness (bodypart stupid) that there is not one reference in the whole Encyclopedia Judaica to any Six Million or Gas Chambers.
    It was first published in 1971–1972 in sixteen volumes. It was published in Jerusalem by Keter Publishing House and in New York by the Macmillan Company.Between 1972 and 1994, ten annual yearbooks were collected in a 1973–1982 events supplement and a 1983–1992 events supplement was added. Together these volumes contain more than 15 million words in over 25,000 articles.
    Each volume is some 1.500 A4 pages. One-Five-Zero-Zero pages.

    1. 15 million words written by the best jewish scholars there are and not one time have they mentioned any Gas Chambers os Six Million. But hey … Never mind that, here are some jews that … Well they are LYING JEWISH SCUMBAGS.
      “Another Holohoax Exposed” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jx5f2e7Zn7g
      American Jewish Committee, 105 years of global jewish census. Tell me what year’s six million jews perished.

  3. Let’s see, this cowardly fool van Brunn walks into a museum and shoots the guard who opens the door for him.
    Wow that’s a really impressive example of white supremacy and Aryan manhood.
    It really takes a lot of guts to shoot a guy like that.
    THis is the kind of guy you admire?
    Because he scribbled some incoherent nonsense about Jews he’s worth your admiration. The guy is an historical illiterate, his quotations from Talmud are bogus, and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a famous hoax. You are just ignorant poorly educated losers who need someone to blame for your troubles.

    1. Well! *I* certainly do not admire him, sir. I can’t speak for the other commenters here. We have an open comments policy and all sorts of types come around here. I don’t support their White nationalist / White supremacist cause though.

    2. Negative.
      Freedom Fighter von Brunn had this carefully thought out.
      He targeted a very high value asset to Jewry.
      He went for a guard and not some civilian, thereby utilizing a ‘Just War’ strategy.
      He utilized a rifle and not some semi-auto weapon so that the Zionist Occupied Government will not be able to try another semi-auto gun ban.
      When carefully analysed Freedom Fighter von Brunns Last Act was the feat of a wonderful Activist and Propagandist.

  4. Was it this von Brunn that was the holohoax shrine killer? So he walks up and shot a poor black gard? He must be senile. This was the dumbest thing l ever heard. That’s even dumber then being a PC-shit for brain commi-liberal. Shooting a poor black when the world is full of criminal jews.

  5. Note to Hoffa 2:
    You might want to add the complete text of The World Conquerors by Louis Marshalko to your
    on-line library. It was first published in 1958 by this Hungarian Catholic patriot. I don’t think his real name was “Louis Marshalko” because there’s no info on him otherwise. The book is good on the Nuremburg show trials and creeping Communism in post war East Europe. It’s an alternate history of Hungary from the perspective of a defeated nationalist journalist, playwrite and poet. Reprints can be ordered from The Omni Christian Bookclub, a treasure trove of forgotten books “providing scholarly, research material for those thinking people who wish further education in the “anti-U.S.A.” role of the various “isms” (Communism, Socialism, Bolshevism, Fascism, Marxism, Liberalism and Modernism, Humanism and Naturalism, atheistic/secular or political Zionism, One Worldism-Globalism, etc): http://www.omnicbc.com/

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