I Don't Hate the Jews; I Hate Everyone

Repost from the old site. This piece was written 3 1/2 years ago, but it was one of the most popular pieces on the old blog. It begins with me getting banned by Richard Seymour from Lenin’s Tomb, a British Trotskyite site that anyone on the Left out to be proud to be banned from. The piece lays out the development of a British analogue to the US neoconservatives, what I call the British Pro-War Left. Both movements are led and dominated by Jews, and both are largely animated with Jewish hyperethnocentrism and Zionism. As this movement is about as important as the neoconservatives, it is interesting that little has been said about it. The blog Harry’s Place is Ground Zero for these noxious characters. I edited this for length. This piece was read and praised by Kevin McDonald, the famous US critic of Jewish influence in America. I left some comments recently on a comment thread on a post on one of the sites I frequent, the Leftist Lenin’s Tomb. I went back to check them the next day and three of the four had been removed by Lenin, party-line style, with the notation “anti-Semitic comment removed”. After that were more comments of people appalled at my “anti-Jewish outburst”, saying I believe in the Vast Jewish Conspiracy, etc. This particular sub-thread started out when I misremembered Tony Cliff’s relationship to Israel. As the former leader of the British Trotskyite Socialist Workers Party (SWP), I thought I had read he was Jewish (he was) and had taken a very wimpy, almost pro-Israel line on the Zionist question. I suggested that he took such a pro-Israeli line due to his being Jewish (duh). It turned out that I was totally wrong on Cliff’s Zionist line – he was a very hardline anti-Zionist to the very end, and good for him. After some research on Trotskyism, I apologized for my error. I then posted a brief history of Trotskyism and its relationship to the Jews from the site of a Jewish professor in Canada, Werner Cohn. I said Trotskyism had been largely Jewish in the 1920’s, 30’s and early 40’s. It was still a heavily Jewish movement up until 1967, when Trotskyism started to mark US imperialism and the Zionist entity as prime targets. At this time, coincidental with the 1967 War, which caused many Jews, especially in the US, to rediscover their roots and passionately promote Israel’s cause, many other Jews also left Trotskyism in disgust due to the movement’s intensified anti-Zionist stand. I then noted that Israel is often an Achilles heel for many Jewish Leftists. I pointed out that in my studies of the neoconservative movement in the US and the “Pro-War Left” (PWL) movement in Britain, one thing struck me – so many of them were Jewish. That US neoconservatism is a Jewish-led and Jewish-dominated movement is clear as air with enough study – see, for instance Kevin McDonald’s superb work on Jewish-neocon link. The British PWL Movement is a movement that I just recently became aware of, exemplified by such blogs as Harry’s House, Johann Hari, Norman Geras, Oliver Kamm and such authors as David Aaronovitch, Harry’s Place are Jewish, as are Kamm, Geras, Cohen, Phillips and Aaronovitch. Hari says he is not Jewish, but has Jewish relatives, whatever that means. Kamm, Geras and the Harry’s Place folks are Marxists or former Marxists. Hari appears to be a social democrat. Philipps is a progressive along the same lines as I am. Cohen and Aaronovitch seem to be “Tony Blair liberals”. Over and over, as I delved into the PWL, went to their websites and read their stuff, I got suspicious. They wrote excessively about the Jews, Judaism, Nazism, Muslims, the Holocaust, Israel, anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. They reviewed many books and other works by Jewish authors and playwrights. They also reviewed books about Jews, prominent Jews, Judaism, anti-Semitism, Nazism, the Holocaust, the “Muslim threat”, Israel, and endless combinations of these themes, such as this book by a Jewish author about Jews and Nazism. Or this look at a book by a Jewish author on slavery with a perils of evil Islam reference tossed in. They often discussed Jewish movements, leaders and thinkers and the role of the Jews in this or that movement, trend or school of thinking. They wrote poems and haikus about Jews. All of this cross-referenced eternally in the familiar solipsistic sense of the Jewish tribal activist or the hyperethnocentric Jewish person. Here are some examples of this odd (to me) solipsism: Here Norman Geras writes a post on the famous French novelist Emile Zola and elides discussion of Zola’s writing, instead focusing on the peripheral issues of Zola’s relationship to the anti-Semitic trial in the Dreyfuss Affair (note: Jews, Zionism and anti-Semitism references all tossed in here) and Zola’s obscure Jewish wife. Here Geras writes another post on the death of the unknown Jewish copy editor at the New Yorker, and mentions the great author James Thurber, the magazine’s most famous author (who had his writing edited by the Jewish copy editor) only in passing. Here Harry’s Place accuses an innocent man of anti-Semitism and throws in some Islam-bashing for seasoning. Ah, such lexical and thematic dexterity. How to work so many obscure references to Jews, Nazis, Judaism, Zionism and anti-Semitism into one post without doing somersaults? Despite their liberal-Left leanings, oddly, all of the Pro-War Leftists were Zionists, often hardline Zionists, with the usual obsessive, paranoid focus on the poor Zionist entity and its interminable sufferings. They bashed Christians in the usual Jewish chauvinist style while never uttering a single unkind word about Judaism. There was the expected obsession with the Terror War and the evils of the big bad Muslims and the familiar near-pathological hypersensitive obsession with anti-Semitism. As expected, they obsessed on the swarms of anti-Semitic hobgoblins, real and imagined, infesting the planet, lurking under every bed and jumping out at the Jews from around every corner. As usual, they sensationalized even dubious of reports on anti-Semitism. Of course, most of the people they called anti-Semites were innocent of the charge, including the sublime Jewish prophet howling in the wilderness, Noam Chomsky. Chomsky is a noble, brilliant Jewish runaway slave, fled to the “North” and criticizing the happy life of the Jewish slaves on Master Organized Jewry’s plantation. Oliver Kamm in particular has made almost a full-time job of Chomsky-bashing on a wide range of subjects. The obsessive venom and condemnation of Kamm’s missionary War on Chomsky strikes me as absurd. Worst of all, Kamm makes the outrageous insinuation that Uber-humanist Chomsky is a Holocaust denier! Hey Oliver, what’s all the furious energy expenditure really all about here, anyway? In other words, all the hallmark signs. A lot more suspicion and a little more digging and I slowly confirmed that many of the British PWL were British leftwing and liberal Jews moving Right with the War on Terror. In fact, the PWL Movement may be a parallel, later movement in tandem with the Left-to-Right drift amongst US Jews that spawned and fed the neocons. Something similar seems to be taking place with some of the French Jews since the Terror War onset. We see the same trend in the US, and not just with the neocons. Within the broader US political sphere is a Rightward movement within a heavily-Jewish faction of the US Liberal-Left and Center towards “neoconism” that adopts some of the neocons’ rhetoric but not the rest. It is exemplified by blogs like Michael Totten, Meryl Yourish, and Winds of Change, authors like Paul Berman and Mickey Kaus and the heavily Jewish socialist journal Dissent. Whether or not the Jews at Dissent will go all the way to the Right as the proto-neocon Jews at Commentary Magazine did during the early 70’s remains to be seen. All of the bloggers and authors above, many authors in Dissent, and at least one of the main posters on the Winds of Change blog are still “Pro-war liberals”, and Dissent remains Leftist. Mickey Kaus is a centrist Jewish Democrat associated with the most conservative elements of the Democratic National Committee. Kaus is associated with Martin Peretz’ ultra-Zionist, morally bankrupt Centrist abomination, the New Republic magazine. Peretz is yet another former liberal Jew moving Right into diffused, morally confused Centrism since at least the early 80’s. Mush of the rest of the staff of the New Republic is Jewish and seem to have made similar ideological journeys as Kaus and Peretz. Meryl Yourish, who has a nice blog, is a Jewish media worker from New Jersey, a former liberal, repulsed by the Left for its “hostility towards Jews” and racing towards the mushy center. Although many US Gentiles have been making similar ideological shifts, I noted repeatedly that US liberals and left-wingers moving to the Right were often Jewish, much more than one would think by chance. All of the US Jews moving to the Right profiled above are, obviously, passionate Zionists. Another example, starting further to the Left this time, is Jonathan Edelstein, New York Jewish Leftist Zionist blogger at the superb blog Head Heeb. I have been watching his blog for a couple of years now, and though he denies it, Jonathon has been moving slowly to the Right on the question of Israel. When I first saw his blog he said that he didn’t want to write much about the Terror War because he was tired of it. Jonathon said his occasional posts on the Israel-Palestine conflict would take a balanced view. He wrote, “Sometimes I will support the Palestinians and sometimes I will support Israel”, which is not something Zionist Jews often say. His vision of a humanitarian Zionism almost made Zionism seem acceptable. A recent visit showed that Jonathan has moved much to the Right on Zionism and Terror War issues, although he seems blind to it. Yet he remains on a Leftist and a progressive Zionist. In the thread, I said what we were seeing in so many of these Jewish neocons and the Jewish PWL movement was that the advent of the War on Terror was causing them to deepen or recover their previous Jewish identification, and consequently, causing them to deepen or sprout their Zionist ideology and support for Israel. Here is Norm Geras confessing that this is precisely the process he underwent after 9-11. Here is another similar confession by a US Italian Sephardic Jew, John-Paul Pagano, a former Leftist in his youth, who moved rightwards in college, then transformed into all-out neocon after the 9-11 experience. He now runs a nice blog, Fightin With Grabes, a US version of the Harry’s House blog noted above, focused primarily on the “anti-Semitic Left” and the “New Anti-Semitism” bugaboo. Pagano, a fine author, is still proud to be a liberal, and to his credit, he is willing to take on the more fascist-like elements in the neocon ranks like the rabid yahoos at the Little Green Footballs blog. As a side note, Pagano is apparently an ancient Sephardic Jewish name that may mean “pagan”. Since I doubt the Jews called themselves pagans, I suspect that the anti-Semitic Christian neighbors of the ancestral Paganos bestowed the name on them. There were actually communities of “Pagano Jews” in the Mediterranean at one time. As noted above, a similar process of increased Jewish identity and deepened attachment to Zionism occurred in most US Jews after the 1967 War (Chomsky has noted this), gave rise to the Jewish-Israeli Lobby in US politics, and caused a tectonic shift in US support for Israel, beginning under Henry Kissinger in the 1973 War. The German-born Kissinger was (and remains) a strong Jewish tribal activist and passionate Zionist. Since then, US support for Israel and the power of the Jewish-Israeli Lobby in the US have both continued to increase, off and on, to the present day. We are now at the bizarre point under Bush where we are so close to Israel that we may as well make it a state, except no state gets anywhere near such lavish benefits as Israel does. Or perhaps we should just merge the two states in our minds as “USreal” like some of my Arab nationalist friends do. In the thread, I said these Jews moving to the Right in these pro-war movements were taking sides in the Terror War, and picking their tribal identity over their human identity – they were choosing to be Jews first and humans second. Which of course is not particular to Jews but is the case with many tribes, clans, nations, states, and religions everywhere and through time. Choosing one’s tribe over one’s humanity is known to increase dramatically during wartime, and may even be a good idea, survival-wise. In the thread, I then noted two prominent US War on Terror warmongers, one a Clintonite Centrist, the other a Leftist moving rapidly to the Right. For Leftist sprinting to the Right is Christopher Hitchens. To be fair, Hitchens still considers himself a Leftist, but most of the Left appropriately treat him like a leper. For Hitchens, former basher of such precious icons as Mother Theresa, it was a breathtaking shape-shift. Hitchens, like Albright, is another suspicious case. Like her, he too found out late in life he was 1/2 Jewish. In the years following this experience, he started moving increasingly to the Right, especially in the neocon sense. Hitchens the sellout is obsessed with Israel’s Arab and Muslim enemies (though he refers to them as enemies of the US in the typical US Zionist feint), sucks George Bush’s toes and plays honorary leftist Bush supporter court jester to King Bush in USreal’s War on the Enemies of the Jews (War on Terror). His ultimate self-abasement was his “Why I’m Voting Bush” column in the Nation before the 2004 election. I suggested that Hitchens’ discovery of his Jewish roots and his subsequent move to the Right may not be coincidental. Then I said that such mental shifts were common in Jewish converts, who often become passionately committed to Judaism (to the point where born Jews are embarrassed by them), develop a peculiarly intense Jewish identity, and begin to experience a fear of the Gentiles, as in, “When are the Gentiles coming to kill us Jews?” Also noted amongst new found Jewish converts is a desire to associate less with Gentiles and more with their new found tribe (possibly due to the fears above). This conversion process has been widely commented on in the Jewish press, in fact, most everything I said above, with the exception of my speculation about Hitchens and Albright, are favorite discussion topics in the Jewish press. As usual, these discussions are confined to the “behind closed doors” safety of the Jewish media. If any Gentile “outsider” (like me) dares to broach the “secret topics that Jews can only discuss with themselves”, most Jews and many Judeophiles will bash them ferociously as anti-Semites, even if the Gentile makes the same comments about the Jews that Jews make about themselves when they think no one is listening. This tribal double standard is unfair and immoral. While Jews tolerate all sorts of discussions in these Jews-only fora (including often-ferocious criticisms of Jews, Jewish jokes, etc.), it’s still pretty taboo for Jewish authors to discuss these “sensitive subjects” with the “outsiders”, i.e. in the non-Jewish media. Brave, noble Jewish prophets who dare step off the Jewish Plantation to discuss the dirty linen with the frightening goys are often ruthlessly gang-bullied and ordered by other members of the Tribe to “Shut up!” amid cries of, “Are you trying to start a pogrom?” The mentality is, “There are certain things we only discuss with our own kind”. So now, as a result of the utterly harmless statements and two airy, idle, innocuous speculations above, I am now a big fat anti-Semitic Naziboy. Well, well. It won’t be the first, but I never expected it from the Left. In Summer 2002, after a few months study, I adopted the Palestinian cause and started strongly opposing Israel. Before, I was the usual wishy-washy “let’s talk peace” fence-sitting US liberal on the subject. I’ve been active for almost three years now, debating Zionists on the Web anonymously. Previously, no sane person ever called me Nazi or anti-Semite. Suddenly, as an enemy of Israel and supporter of the Palestinians, I have been called these things 100,000 times at least, or so it seems. I’ve gotten many threats, including death threats, challenges to fight, threats to beat me up, to fire me from my job, to destroy my business, to uncover dirt on me, to destroy my reputation and career. Since I was anonymous, there were endless attempts to find out my real name, address, phone number, school history, work history, town of residence, life history, you name it. Dossiers or files were made listing my postings. I dealt with my share of stalkers and harassers. I was called every name in the book, insulted with every insult you can think of and baited in every possible way. 80-9 Debater opponents posted lists of my annotated, cross-referenced quotes, trailing back years. They uncovered nym and nym, linking them all, and putting them into Big Fat Files. Creepy. The creepiest of the harassers, stalkers, and threateners were often US Jews associated with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Jewish Defense League (JDL). Others were associated with heavily Jewish “anti-racist”, “anti-fascist”, or “anti-revisionist” liberal-to-Leftist groups. A number of them came from Ken McVay’s anti-revisionist Nizkor website. Note: all of this occurred during my anonymous posting on the web. I now write about these issues under my own name and am now prepared to face the music. And. So. At long last. After 45 years, I finally saw another side to them. But despite all that torrent of abuse from hundreds of Jews and (almost all Zionists), I don’t have many anti-Semitic feelings at the moment, though unfortunately I did go through a “phase” a few years ago. As far as this abusive Zionist Jewish tsunami goes, I usually just shrug it off, figure that’s just the way they are, assume they can’t help it, forgive them, and try not to think about it. But since feelings are not like faucets we can turn on and off, there were nights when I would head off to bed feeling angry with Jews. Using the faucet analogy above, as a Leftist, I would identify that feeling, note that I was feeling some racism (anti-Semitism), try to convince myself it was pathological, and do mind exercises to make it go away. Sleep on it, most times, get up the next day and it’s gone. Sometimes it would linger for a day or two. But if it lingered, I would try to keep convincing myself that I was feeling racist, that this is irrational, and try to work the feeling away with reason. I think all humans are susceptible to racism, sexism, etc., and we Leftists are too. The only difference between the racists and us is that they aren’t bothered by their racism – they relish it and mold pleasing identities with it. On the other hand, we try to banish it when it appears. Before I adopted the Palestinian cause, I never cared anything about Jews; in fact I was a shameless Judeophile. I spent decades hanging out with a couple who were friends of my family before I even found out they were Jewish. When I finally found out, I had known them my whole life (33 years) and the subject of their being Jewish had never come up. There were a number of other family friends whom I would only recognize as Jewish if I really thought about it. Most of the time, the thought never even occurred to me. So, upon taking up the Palestinian cause in my 40’s, a previously fawning Judeophile morphs into a raving Nazi? No. The moral to the story is, take up the Palestinian cause, start opposing Israel, and be prepared to be called “Jew-hater” till your ears turn blue. In the meantime, in closing, I just want to make a few aphoristic points: There is no Jewish Conspiracy to Control the World, or if there is, they’re doing a damned poor job of it, so we needn’t worry. If they ever start taking over for real, then we can think about how to deal with it happens. Instead of this Jewish conspiracy, there just is imperialism. WRT to the general disgusting question of races, tribes, ethnic groups, clans, nations, states, religions, sects, and the repulsive formations that humans create and embrace in order to defy their humanity, drive barriers between their Sapiens siblings, and create hatreds out of mere air, I say: I don’t care anything about any of these tribal, divisive formations. And it’s all a deceit anyway, because the Human Tribe is the only one that counts. My attitude on races, ethnicities, tribes and religions reads like a quiz: Does it have a head? Yes. Does it have less body hair than a monkey? Yes. Does it have two arms with two hands? Yes. Does it have two legs with two feet? Yes. Is it talking (nonsense)? Yes. Answer: It’s a human being. White, Black, Asian, Polynesian, Indian, American Indian, Melanesian, Micronesian, Pygmy, Hottentot, Aborigine – they are all idiots of same quality. To the charge of anti-Semitism, I say: I don’t hate the Jews, I hate everyone. This research takes a lot of time, and I do not get paid anything for it. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a a contribution to support more of this valuable research.

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  1. Dear Robert
    You write that Émile Zola was Jewish. That is news to me. I went to the French Wikipedia, and the article about Zola does not make any mention of that. His father was Italian and his mother French. Since his father died when he was still young, it is safe to assume that he was 100% French in terms of upbringing.
    If I may make a suggestion, do not post too much at the same time.That reduces your chances of getting comments.
    Have a good night. James

    1. Sorry James, I am reposting a lot of the old stuff from the old website, so we are going to have a flood for a while. After that’s over, we can get back to a more normal schedule.

  2. Yes, there are a lot of good posts up now, but they are long, and it will take me a while to catch up on them. I don’t hate jews, but I think Bobby Fischer had it about right.

    1. I’m sorry man, but I’ve got to get this old stuff up there. I’m not trying to swamp you guys or anything. Just trying to mirror the old site pretty much.
      I also have a copy of the book written by the crazy guy who shot up the Holocaust Museum. It’s wild, man! LOL.
      Complaining about Jews is understandable. The way a lot of Jews act is pretty frustrating. But even there, I know Jews who don’t act that way. One thing I love about Jewish chicks is they dig smart guys. Them and NE Asian chicks. Japanese, Chinese and Jewish chicks. Those are about the only women who will go for a guy just because he’s a brain.
      Since I’m a brain, I kind of respect that. The idea that some chick actually wants to fuck me cuz she thinks I’m a genius or something is pretty cool.

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