The Purest Whites of Them All

Repost from the old blog. Indicates that, contrary to White nationalist dumbasses, the purest Whites of all are not Nordics but the Whites of the Caucasus and, of all folks, those nasty Jews! Holy Semites, Batman! What now? This very term itself is a little bit absurd, but as long as White nationalists like to talk about pure Whites versus non-pure Whites, let’s evaluate the matter. On a board I think to frequent called Human Biodiversity (mostly non-racists interested in race, genetics, anthropology, etc.), someone said that the purest Whites are from the Caucasus anyway, and the White Power types don’t even consider them White. Recall that hundreds of Armenian White Power types were tossed off Stormfront recently for being “non-Whites”. So I decided to look into the matter. From my research:

Iraqi Jews     0
Iranian Jews   0
Sephardic Jews 0
Georgian Jews  0
Kurdish Jews   0
Ashkenazi Jews 0
Azerbaijan     0
Armenia        0
Georgia        0

*Note that these are just averages. Some studies have claimed to show that individual Ashkenazim have some Black in them. Figures from my post A Little Black in All Of Us. The only Whites that I know that don’t have any Black blood are those those Mizrachi (Eastern) and Mountain Jews and those Whites from the Caucasus above. All other White groups have some Black in them. Horrors! I’m not sure if Sephardic refers to Mizrachi or actual Sephardics from Iberia. I suspect Mizrachis from the Arab World. On the board where I posted this, I got some hostile responses. One asked me why Jews should have avoided this presumably terrible situation (having a few drops of Black). I suggested that in part it was due to the purity of the bloodline in the Jews and their long-term hostility to mixing with non-Jews. Ashkenazim came to Europe in 500 or so and moved into the Continent over the next 500 years, taking in some non-Jewish genes. Typically, Jewish men would move to a new area, marry a non-Jewish woman who would convert and then stay pure after that. After 1000, Talmudic rules kicked in with very heavy penalties for Jews, especially Jewish women, having sex with non-Jews, and only 1 in 200 matings in Ashkenazim were with non-Jews. I suspect that there were few Blacks in Europe from 500-1000. What few there were were in far Southern Europe. After 1000, there seems to have been a few more Blacks moving into Europe as part of colonial armies, freed slaves and whatnot. The Mizrachi Jews have no Black in them because they were not Muslim. Black went into Arab blood due to slaves and freed slaves coming via Islam. I would suspect that Christian Arabs also have little Black. The slavery of Blacks in the Arab World was very much associated with Islam. Jews probably just did not keep slaves, and in the rare event that they did, they probably almost never had sex with them. In the Arab World, the Black genes came from Arab men having children with the Black slave women. Black slaves hardly had sex with Arab women at all, although there was some of this in Yemen. The Yemeni Jews are the only Jews outside Africa to have some Black blood, and they have a fair amount. I’m not sure how this came about, but Blacks have probably been a more important part of Yemen than any other Arab country. The Caucasus has no Black blood because there were probably few to no Black slaves in the region. Most of the region is Christian, and the Muslims there did not keep slaves. If anything, the region’s Christians were raided by the Turks for White slaves. See Circassian Beauties for more. Interestingly, the reason that the women of the Caucasus were so prized by the Turks was because they were considered to be the “purest” Whites of all (see above). The same pure Whites who get tossed out of White Power forums on the net. Go figure. This research takes a lot of time, and I do not get paid anything for it. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a a contribution to support more of this valuable research.

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63 thoughts on “The Purest Whites of Them All”

  1. You are conflating groups of Whites with individual Whites. For example, a White from Great Briton, for example, will on average be further apart genetically from a Negro than say an Iraqi Jew. However, since there are some octoroons & quanroons in GB, it distorts the average.
    To give a more accurate analysis, you would want to reference the median & not the mean.

    1. I would like to see that article, Metal Gear. It’s totally clear to me that Arabids, at least the Whiter ones, are of Mediterranean stock, as are Berberids. That’s the third branch of the White race, the Meds.

  2. Yet more proof that non-Whites don’t care about the protection, preservation, and beautification of the environment nearly as much as Whites do –
    That’s what ALL cities will look like once non-Whites take over America, Australia, the UK, and other White countries.
    Don’t say you weren’t warned.

    1. I don’t really agree with that, WP. The cities in Iran, Syria, Lebanon, the Gulf, and North Africa are pretty clean. Cuba is pretty clean and the water is pure; Cuba probably has the cleanest water in Latin America. SE Asian cities are pretty clean, as are Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese cities.

    2. Have you ever been to an industrial city in the North of Britain, WP? They’re just about the ugliest, filthiest urban areas you’ve ever seen. They’e often crime ridden as well.

  3. Well actually,
    Jews (and I am one) have always been far more enterprising than they currently advertise – expressly because it has put them in disfavor of many countries they were chased out of.
    noted by Jewish scholars Lee Soltow and Ira Rosenwaike, 75% of Jewish households surveyed in the American South owned slaves, more than double the average 36% for all southern households. [ROSENWAIKE, in SEC. LIFE, p. 180] And Jews, as we will continue to witness, have always been “disproportionately” represented in virtually any field where there is serious money to be made. (In Port Royal, Jamaica, in 1680, about 16% of Jewish households had no slaves; in the non-Jewish community, this figure was over 47%. Likewise 73.7 % of Jewish households had between one and four slaves; in the non-Jewish community the figure was 41.8 %.) [SCHORSCH, J., 2000]
    This is well documented by Jewish Scholars worldwide.
    Also see this book:
    The Role of the Jews in the Transatlantic Slave Trade
    The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews (TSR) presents a multitude of compelling facts describing first hand accounts with paperwork, Jewish testimony and verified slaveship documents showing the extensive involvement of Jews in the African slave trade.
    Jewish historians and scholars are extensively quoted in this easy to read and fascinating 334 page volume. Not since the release of W.E.B. DuBois’ The Suppression of the African Slave Trade in 1896 has a more riveting discussion of the topic of slavery been offered for public inspection.
    “The facts, as established by highly respected scholars of the Jewish community, are here stated.”
    There are gobs of data supporting this – even in the Jewish museums in Germany and in the U.S. – check it out. It would be so weird if it weren’t true anyways because Jews have always been the “merchant/money” group of any culture they adhere to. Blacks owned slaves in North America as well. They owned black and white slaves.

    1. “Blacks owned slaves in North America as well. They owned black and white slaves.”
      It’s a bit difficult for me to believe that blacks owned white slaves in America. We’re talking about a time when a black man could be killed just for leering at a white woman.

      1. My mixed-race ancestors (black-white) did indeed own slaves. My American Indian ancestors did as well.
        Not all slaves were African, either. American Indians were enslaved, and slaves were brought from India.

        1. Some of the most prominent slave owners in the South, particularly Louisiana and South Carolina, were mulattoes. The history books probably now refer to them as “black” because of the ODR, which spread to the Southern states after the Civil War.

        2. You are sure they weren’t mixed up? East Indians have different phenotypes, some could be considered a “Turk” in that era. Were there Chinese slaves too?

          1. For what it’s worth, there’s a reference here at Wikipedia:
            “….by the 18th century, traders began to import African and Indian and East Asian slaves to London and Edinburgh to work as personal servants. Men who migrated to the North American colonies often took their East Indian slaves or servants with them, as East Indians were documented in colonial records.”
            The article supports this with two sources.
            Haven’t read anything about Chinese, etc. slaves in the Americas–though due to my own family history, my interest is in Colonial Virginia–haven’t looked into slavery elsewhere in any detail.

    2. Jews embraced slavery when under Islamic rule. I’ve read they were banned from taking Muslim slaves but many did so anyway.

        Jews were expelled during the Babylonian Exile by Persians sometime previous to Mohammed in the 5th century and migrated up into Europe and Central Asia where they intermarried to the degree that they lost most of their Arab genes.
        Jews were slaves. They did not own them.

        1. “The most significant Jewish involvement in the slave-trade was in Al-Andalus, as Islamic Spain was called.[37] According to historian Alan W. Fisher, there was a guild of Jewish slave traders in Constantinople, the capital of the Ottoman Empire. The guild had about 2000 members.[26] The city was a major center of the slave trade in the 15th century and later.” wiki but cited from books.
          Jews often assimilated to their Islamic rulers and embraced slavery as they did. I’ve read they even had the hutzpah to enslave Muslims when they faced dire consequences for doing so.

        2. They were expelled by longshank edwards also.
          Virtually, as long as empires expelled jews, those empires in europe never declined. But the moment, jews were allowed to take control, were given prominent positions, the empires fell. Rome is the biggest example.

    1. You’re right A.K., the Irish have no measurable SSA dna according to dna studies (most of which are available on the internet). The British, Germans, French and even Scandinavians have more SSA ancestry than the Irish.

  4. You are so, so wrong about the so-called Jews being white. They originate from Africa, from black Egypt almost four thousand years ago, at a time when everyone from that region was black. This one single article you wrote shows that your website is based on garbage and not facts! Shame on you!!

  5. Now there are converts to Judaism from Europe (Khazar, Ashkenazim) that are now claiming to be Jews and are not from the bloodline of the original true Jews. They should not be lumped together with the real Jews that are all from Africa with Moses bringing them out of Egypt.
    Sir, I am sure you already know this, but it is obvious that your purpose is to deceive people and confuse them so that you can promote more darkness and lies in the world. Shame on you! That is so foolish, evil, and dishonorable. Is this how your parents raised you???

  6. “Interestingly, the reason that the women of the Caucasus were so prized by the Turks was because they were considered to be the “purest” Whites of all (see above). The same pure Whites who get tossed out of White Power forums on the net. Go figure”.
    The Turks didn’t care about racial purity!. They thought Circassian women were hot, that’s all.

  7. There were more white slaves in early colonial America than anything else. No one wants to talk about that.

    1. The last time it happened I copied my text to a Word File. Then I pasted it back here and it worked fine. I try to do the same on this article, but once I paste my text and hit Post Comment, nothing happens.

  8. Robert, this sounds idiotic to me. have you ever SEEN jews with kinky hair and thick lips, yet they have no black in them? – but icelanders and scandinavians do? I am in full agreement with you about having a wider and more inclusive perspective about race – but the idea of jews being pure is a ridiculous. they are the most mixed people on earth.

  9. You know nowadays, when filipinos is becoming a mixed blood, they don’t look like a filipino anymore. Like my mom her appearance is like a spaniard and a filipino because of her parent, like me i look like a chinese and if you see me in person i don’t look like I’m half filipino and my sister she’s a half japanese but she looks like a pure japanese. Idk what happen to filipinos these days. I think our genes are very low because once there’s a foreigner who will marry a filipina and when they’ll have a child, the child looks like the foreigner an not the filipina…

  10. mr lindsay, I am as far as I know 100% South Korean, but I have a lot of Caucasian features, such as a chin, a long and thin nose, and receeding, narrow cheeks. I also dont rock the slanted eyes. Any idea on hiw or why? Is it Ainu or Australian? Like from Hokkaido, Japs do have these features

  11. What does it mean “Armenia: Invaded and conquered part of Azerbaijan called Nagorno-Karabagh on an uncertain moral basis”. You think Nagorno-Karabagh was annexed to Azerbaijan on a very certain moral basis? Have you ever heard about armenian massacres in Sumgait and Baku? Please don’t judge and don’t write about things that you don’t know about.

    1. RAO
      Nonsense, Separdic Jews migrated Westward through North Africa and eventually got as far as Morocco when they moved up to Spain. If they ever had their roots in Israel they were North African by the time they got back to Europe.
      These Sephardic Jews formed small communities in New Mexico and Colorado in order to be safe of the Spanish Inquisition and are known in the U.S. as Hispanos.
      Other Jews simply moved around the Med basin to Rome, where they intermarried a great deal with Sicilians in particular, then migrated upwards from an invitation from the King of Poland.
      Mihzari Jews went East into Iran, Iraq and eventually into Northern Indian as far as Calcutta though mostly they have moved back to Israel because they were never that successful in India.
      Jews in Cochin would claim Syrian ancestry though some evidence suggests they arrived from Yemen across the Arabian sea.
      So Jews in India like Indians themselves are from two distinct migrations-one from the Middle East as the crow flies across the Arabian Sea and one from the North down into Hindu Indian from Iran, Iraq.

    2. RAO Sephardic Jews are from North Africa.
      Your Jews in India are from Iran and Iraq in the North while Cochin Jews are from Syria and Yemen.
      I’m an American Christian but I asked a Cochin Jew how he got there and he explained the Arabian sea trade with Kerala.

  12. The hatred of Jews in Europe came from monotheism. China has never been monotheism, so nobody hated the ancient Jews in China, back then they called themselves Isrealiens.
    By the way, the Protestants started smearing campaign against China too, since 18th century. They were worse people than the Catholics that arrived before them.
    Religion fantastics are harmful to humanity.

    1. In a way, Christians, Muslims, and Jews are competing for the same spirituality. Medieval Christians were intrigued by the monotheistic Chinese and Indians.

          I’d agree that white males probably fond Indian and Chinese women more inviting after a few years at sea bumming other press-ganged convicts and sailors now known as Explorers than the blacks, Aztecs, Malays that they screwed into an entirely new species.
          Sadly the reverse happened in Europe when hordes of Mongolian tribes from Western China like the Huns and Genghis hordes subjected Slavic women to their inadequate penis size resulting in Charles Bronson and Trump’s third wife.
          Most races outside China are now the product of indigenous women growing fond of the hard white penis and this includes in historic order North India (White Barbarians shafting black Dravidian girls in their wagons rolled down from Russia) and Goa, India (Dagos shafting Brahmin women), Latin America (Spanish shafting everything that swung from trees), Philippines (Same result with mixed-race ruling elite), U.S. Interior and Appalachia, South Africa and so on.
          However East Asia and Middle East are patriarchal cultures where males dominated the family to the detriment of their daughters sexual fulfillment.
          I am white man who has spent his entire life having recreational sex in various countries prior to marrying a Chinese merchant and farmer.
          My adult life has been a career of using my male organ as a barometer for foreign culture.

        The first exposure whites had to Chinese was Huns and Mongolians raping everyone in sight in Eastern Europe.
        Marco Polo was the first white male to show up in China in the 1400’s and he immediately set about trying to convert the Chinese.
        Have to differ with you there.

        1. Medieval European travelers admired the Yuan Chinese and Han Chinese civilizations. Chinese women were admired for their seductive beauty and Indian women for being exotic.

      2. Jews do not have much of a grasp of other religions and no interest in them. They are quite ignorant of Hinduism or even Islam. They know nothing but the old Testament.
        Brahmins do not give a shit about Christianity but the whites managed to get lower-caste people to convert which has always been the case with people who have nothing to lose in the social systems of countries whites colonized..
        Christians were overrun in about the 5th century by Chinese warlords like Khan and Attila.
        Nine hundred more years passed before Marco Polo arrived in China. Padres tried to convert Chinese with no luck because unlike Filipinos or Native Americans they came from a long civilization of 1,000 years of Buddhism. So the Portuguese failed.

    2. YEE
      Also Jews never tried to convert anyone, forcibly or not. They did business with whoever and congregated in ethnic communities.
      Portuguese and British Catholics tried to convert Chinese who probably were not that interested in throwing over 5,000 years of Buddhist tradition for some strange foreigners who were in some ways less advanced than they were.
      British were keen on making China a colony and tried both drugs and religion as a form of persuasion. When neither worked, they tried the cannon.
      Then they kidnapped a load of Chinese to ship off to other colonies.
      I’m sure this really won over Chinese. My wife is Buddhist and she does not give a rat’s ass about my religion. I’ve never bothered to even try to do anything with my children since their Chinese anyhow.
      If more whites spent their entire life in Asia they would be able to grasp how irrelevant whites are to the rest of the world and how disinterested other races are in our culture or beliefs. But of course Americans who have not been overseas or seen Mercedes in Dubai think that Arabs herd goats.

    3. YEE
      The hatred of Jews in Europe came first because they were foreigners-intermarried to some degree but still clearly not European-who practiced usury which is to say lent money at high rates. They looked different.
      They refused to convert to local religions or cultures, were often spearheaded radical outgrowths like Communism or anarchy, often rebelled against the authorities.
      I’d compare it to Chinese who have offended the Malays in a variety of cultures minus the degree of economic power Chinese hold (Jews were usually peasants in Europe).
      We see this in the United States with the modern-day equivalent of peasants in the interior of the country.

      1. I’m not very familiar with Jewish history, but it seem they only had problems in monotheist societies. And you were quite radical religious in the old days.

        1. YEE
          Perhaps but I would draw a parallel between them and the Chinese entrepreneurs of Southeast Asia.
          They excel at being peddlers and merchants. In some countries they bribed or supported unpopular politicians. Sometimes they spearheaded political underground movements like Communism.
          Moreover they are not participants in local religions or customs while appearing to be prosperous citizens.
          Eventually some incident or another triggers a pogrom. Often it is a school of thought like Islam in Southeast Asia or Communism or Nazism in Europe that justifies this.
          No surprise that Jews, probably not able to excel to any degree in China, were largely ignored by the Chinese.

    4. YEE
      Jews survived in China because they have a similar mindset to Chinese-as we see from how Malays have the same dull resentment as Europeans had-they are disinterested in converting. They are merchants by orientation, which is how the Persian Jews arrived in China on the Silk Route to begin with.
      They don’t expect other cultures to convert or assimilate. A few Chinese live in Israel and Jews are not pressuring them to convert.
      Chinese and Jews tend to be self-focused and self-interested.
      Christians alienated Chinese quickly and as noticed Europeans never got a foothold in China.
      This from the silly expectation that people have been waiting their whole lives for your views to enlighten them
      Sad to say is that older civilizations-Italians, Jews, Chinese, Persia-are really cynical.
      Americans have a wide-eyed eager innocence to them as they stumble around trying to turn this country or that country into a new Hawaii.

  13. “Europeans never got a foothold in China.”
    What are you talking about? European got plenty of foothold in China. The last one last until 1999.

    1. YEE
      Not really, Macau and Hong Kong are islands on the fringes of China. British and Dutch got their asses kicked off Taiwan. Britain sort of owned China for a short time leading up to the Boxer Rebellion but never had the impact they had in India, Singapore, Canada, United States, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Northern Ireland.
      There is no trace of British custom or architecture in mainland China today. Zero. No well-placed corrupt mixed-blood race still running the show like the Spanish in the Philippines.
      As you mentioned of the Portuguese in Macau, some hung around but are not really influencing things there or in Beijing.
      My opinion is that China with its ancient history and traditions and tough rural peasants (like my wife, actually) do not bow down easily to intruders.

    Medieval is somewhat before the Age of Discovery when Marco Polo arrived in China. I believe he was the first white man to set foot in China.
    Portuguese did not arrive in India until after the age of discovery.
    Clearly at this point they liked Indian women since the race of Goa are Indian/Portuguese Mestizos.
    British and other whites did not mix much in mainland China with Chinese. There is not a huge population of mixed-bloods.
    I know this, being married to a Thai-Chinese woman.
    If they admired Chinese women for their beauty they had to visit the local prostitution house.

    1. “Chinese prostitutes and brothels fascinated medieval and early modern travelers alike”
      Before Orientalism: Asian Peoples and Cultures in European Travel Writing, 1245-1510
      By Kim M. Phillips
      I recommend you read this.

      1. Vampire Ghost
        13th Century when Polo and his Guidos arrived is really late to be called Medieval but we are picking nits here.
        Agreed that those horny Guidos probably asked the Chinese Emperor if he could send a hooker up their room as soon as they made the deal over silks or spices or whatever it is.
        Whites did not create an entirely new race in China or India as they did in Mexico or the Philippines or South Africa.
        I chalk this up to the Patriarchal nature of Indian and Chinese society that suppresses every girl’s inner-slut which is why China and Indian are not ruled by the sort of mixed-blood elite that are still hanging on to vestiges of power in Philippines and Latin America today.
        You see I know this because I have been overseas using prostitutes from India and China for 20 years.

      2. Of course they did, but 13th century is when the first Europeans saw China. We’re picking knits as that is sort of the tale end of Medieval History as the Age of Exploration cut it short.
        Portuguese and Spanish never really managed to create a new Mestizo race in India and China as they have in Brazil or Philippines or Mexico.
        Also they might not have found Aztecs or Malays quite as alluring but 4 years on a boat or the Silk Route will leave a man desperate.

  15. VAMPIRE GHOST Eastern Allure
    Chinese males won that contest by descended upon the West in the Golden Hordes and so on from Mongolia to create the Charles Bronson or Third Wife of Trump we know today.
    In the dark ages the closest white males got to having sex with Asian women was raping an Inuit in a Viking Long ship, as technically Inuit are Asians.
    Portuguese and Spanish sailors were ready for action when they arrived in Indian and East Asia but sadly these cultures are patriarchal so the female inhibitions have been reinforced.
    As a result Aztecs, Malays and other less advanced civilizations where males were less strict with their daughters had to spread their legs which resulted in the Philippines, Latin America, Oklahoma and American ghetto we know today.
    Fortunately the amoral Brahmin saw an opportunity in Goa for some sort of political favor and encouraged their daughters to screw blue-balled Portuguese sailors on the beach which resulted in the lazy beach bum drug dealing Anjuna beach restaurant owners of today.
    Now I am the sort of white man who has traveled the world most of my life engaging in these sort of activities.

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