Monday Breaks Yet Another Daily Visitor Record on Robert Lindsay

I wish I knew what was going on here, but traffic is going through the roof for some reason. The day after a new daily traffic record was set of 1,595 on Sunday, June 7, it was immediately broken the next day, Monday, June 8, with a new record of 1,696. Thanks to all my readers!

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9 thoughts on “Monday Breaks Yet Another Daily Visitor Record on Robert Lindsay”

  1. Things are moving up.
    I see there are some Racialist related posts to chew on… might take me awhile to wade thru them all.

    1. Just a friendly suggestion…slow down the posting pace! More than 1-2 posts per day is just too much for most people to digest. Some days you make 3-4-5 major posts, and it’s virtually impossible to deal with that much info and comment on it. I’m not speaking of minor posts here (like this one regarding website traffic), but rather the ones with a lot of good info.
      There are so many recent posts I would’ve liked to have commented on, but they’ve been coming so quickly lately that I’ve ended up skipping over many of them, which is a shame.

    2. I am reposting old stuff from the old site, so when I do that sometimes I post 3-7 a day. I need to get those old posts up there and the sooner the better. As far as my new original pieces, I usually do not post 3-5 major posts in a day. Thing is most big sites post a lot of stuff. That’s why they have big traffic. The big sites are almost like a daily paper. It’s not really expected you’re going to read all the articles.
      I do take heed to your worries though, and often I slow down the pace and do not post stuff even when I want to.

  2. 120/day is actually very, very good for a blog like yours. Truth is, I have had a blog since 2004. Frankly, it took me that long to build up to this kind of traffic. Plus I pretty much know how to hack the Google search engine too. No, I do not advertise around at all anymore. Sometimes I post my linguistic stuff to Usenet, but that doesn’t bring in tons of traffic really.
    There are 90 million+ blogs out there. I’m amazed any of us get any kind of traffic at all with numbers like that.

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