Yet Another Daily Hit Record On Robert Lindsay

Yet another record was set for number of hits per day on this site yesterday, Sunday, June 7. 1,595 hits came to the site, breaking the previous record of 1,556 set only two days prior on Friday, June 5. What’s unusual about that is that traffic usually declines on weekends and Sunday is usually the slowest day of them all. Last week, new traffic records were set on five of the seven days of the week.
I really don’t know why traffic is exploding so much, but thanks to all my readers anyway!

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2 thoughts on “Yet Another Daily Hit Record On Robert Lindsay”

  1. You don’t send me that much traffic, Silver. Maybe 5 referrals a day, max. I mean, thanks, but that’s not what’s making traffic go through the roof here. I don’t really know what it is as I do not have a good traffic analyzer yet. The WordPress analyzer sucks.

  2. Pretty slow for a long time there, but it was slowly building back up. Recall that when Blogger banned me, I was up to 2,700/day. It’s just started exploding recently for some weird reason.
    Not to get into a pissing contest…but…
    What kind of traffic do you guys see? Assuming you even want to answer that. Keep in mind that your average blog has pretty slow traffic. Even say ~100/day is pretty damn good. It’s way better than most.

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