Hiroshima Saved 500,000 American Lives And Other Lies

Repost from the old site. This is a debate that never really ends, and probably never will end. There is a lot of passion on the side of the debate that said the atom bomb saved Americans lives. They really want to justify the crime of dropping that bomb.
Or 1 million American lives, plus countless Japanese lives (As if we cared about that!), plus British lives (Huh?).
My father was quite fond of this one, as he was scheduled to be with the invading force for the invasion of Japan.
This bullshit has become ingrained in the minds of tens of millions of otherwise intelligent, sensible and liberal Americans, like my parents for instance. It’s a bunch of crap. After the bombs were dropped, no one made any efforts to explain the mass slaughter of civilians away with justifications about saving lots of lifes by massacring 300,000 others in a couple of days.
It was only after time went on and questions started arising about the need to drop those bombs in the first place that this choice piece of steaming propaganda crap steak was served up and fed to an American public hungry to have their guilt absolved.
There has long been consensus among historians, including US historians, that the 500,000 lives saved figure is complete nonsense. In fact, when scholars finally got access to all of the secret reports that the US had made on how many US lives were be saved by dropping the two bombs, the estimates concluded that no more than 20,000 US lives were saved by dropping atom bombs, and possibly much fewer, even down to zero.
Keep in mind that the Japanese were getting ready to surrender at the time. The military was devastated and the nation was in ruins. The army and civilians were both going hungry and there were shortages of everything. The whole society was near collapse.
The Japanese were negotiating terms of surrender with us, but there was a sticking point in that they wanted to keep the emperor. We said no way, and dropped the bomb. We dropped the second one before they even knew what hit them. Why did we drop two bombs, including the utterly gratuitous bomb at Nagasaki? Because that was all we had – two bombs. As it turned out, we let them keep their emperor anyway.
There is good evidence, knowing the depths of the evil and stinking gutters in which the worms of US imperialism have always slithered, that the bombs were dropped for the most part in order to scare the shit out of the USSR. Many historical analyses have stated that this was indeed the reason for dropping the bombs, or at least a secondary reason.
Considering scholarly consensus on this subject for at least 23 years, it’s incredible that the American people have never been told that the 500,000 figure is a big, fat, stinking lie. “Freedom of the press” and American “democracy”, what a joke.

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9 thoughts on “Hiroshima Saved 500,000 American Lives And Other Lies”

  1. An invasion would’ve have still caused many casualties on the American side. The Japanese — both the military and civilians — were fanatical freaks, and even that’s an understatement. I thought Hitler was evil — the Japanese leaders were on equal footing. I’ve watched my fair share of WW2 documentaries and, my god, I have never seen nor felt so much evil from a group of people.
    But yea, Japan was pretty much on its knees by the end of the war. The U.S. won the pacific war decisively (the war looked so one-sided). Although the two nukes were definitely overkill, I’m sure one of the main reasons from dropping them was to reduce the causalities on the American side. However, it’s not the only reason as portrayed in some documentaries. Like you said, another reason was for the U.S. to unconditionally flex its muscle over Japan so that it can prevent the country from becoming a communist state so that it can use it as a land base to threaten the USSR and to ward off any communist expansion to the west (via the Baring straight, I think).
    After seeing the atrocities committed by the Japanese and their sheer evil, if I had two nukes back then, I would’ve probably used one. Remember, people weren’t as soft as they are today. They weren’t as morally righteous.

    1. The Japanese look evil, because they are made to look evil. It served the war propaganda, just like how anti-Americans around the globe use a carciatured version of the ‘average’ American to hate on Americans.
      An invasion wouldn’t have been necessary, if the Truman and his cronies weren’t so fanatical about Japan not surrendering to the Soviets.

  2. 500,000? Jesus, I’ve heard estimates from 3 million to 10 million lives saved.
    I was wondering Robert, do you have any opinions about the Soviets and the end of the war? I heard about a Japanese scholar wrote a book saying that the surrender came largely as a result of Soviet advances in Manchuria and not the A-bomb. Have you heard anything else like that?

    1. No I have not, Wade. Sorry.
      It’s a pleasure to have you on the site. I am really enjoying your erudite comments on here. How old are you? You can’t be that young. You’re way too smart for a young guy.

    1. Good Lord are you kidding? I was sure you were over 40, at best in your 30’s.
      In addition, you have the maturity of an older guy too. A lot of guys your age are simply immature idiots from my 53 yr old perspective. Of course, I had a blast being 24, it is true.

  3. I’m kind of a ‘convert’ from AMREN. I always found AMREN somewhat interesting, but I didn’t agree with a lot of it and sometimes its just seemed weird. I saw you comment a few times and started coming here. I’ve hardly been back to AMREN since then.

    1. Cool, so you are down with Liberal Race Realism or something like that.
      I can’t stand to go to Amren myself. The race stuff is great, but I hate the racism and the whole mindset behind it.
      Here we are trying to talk sensibly about race without being a bunch of racist assholes, to the extent such a thing is possible.

  4. “Cool, so you are down with Liberal Race Realism or something like that”
    Yes, although I wouldn’t always called myself liberal on many issues. I don’t know what to call myself, but I really hate fascists and even more I hate a lot of what goes on in capitalism. I find myself having sympathies ranging from populists to monarchists depending on the issues. I’ve really come to despise most capitalism recently, especially the whole economic libertarian strand, which is funny because a couple years ago I was actually visiting Lew Rockwell and read a couple of book fom the Von Mises institute.
    It’s hard to find a site about race that isn’t dominated by the disciples of Tim Wise or the pseudo-disciples of Adolf Hitler

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