“No Honor Among Thieves, No Solidarity Among Women," by Alpha Unit

Another great piece by Alpha Unit, a female guest poster. She takes her time on these posts and it shows. There is hardly a wasted sentence in what she writes. This goes with EB White’s dictum about writing in the masterpiece, The Art of Style, which, in a nutshell, is KISS (Keep it simple, stupid.) Another one of my favorites is Gustave Flaubert, the famous French novelist. Flaubert coined the perfectionist notion of the le mot juste, in English, literally “the good word”, but really “the perfect word.” What he was trying to do was to make the perfect sentence every time he wrote. Not only was he trying not to waste a sentence; he was also trying not to waste a word. I got into this for a while 20 years ago when I used to write some fiction. I would go on long drives in my Volkswagen squareback and I would end up after eight hours or so with maybe a paragraph or two. I would endlessly work over sentences to try to make them absolutely perfect in every way. It sounds dumb, the some of my friends read the final product and were freaked out. They said it read like “James Joyce or Shakespeare.” I don’t necessarily agree with that, but it goes to show what you can do with an extreme attention to detail. I suggested to Alpha Unit that females had no solidarity with other females when I recently saw a man verbally attack some females for no reason. I chastised the guy, and a bunch of women rushed up to defend the charismatic jerk who was picking on the women! I told Alpha Unit that the feminists have it wrong. The worst enemies of women are not men but other women. She agreed with me, and that’s the genesis of this post.

No Honor Among Thieves, No Solidarity Among Women

by Alpha Unit

A woman takes a vicious beating from her boyfriend. It isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last. Her family members warn her to leave the guy before he kills her. But she won’t. When asked why, she says she loves him. A woman suspects that her husband is having sex with their daughter. It eventually becomes clear that he is. But she does nothing. Years later when confronted, she admits that she felt helpless to stop it. Why? She didn’t want to “disrupt the family.” A woman observes her husband punching her teenaged son, this time because the son came home later than he was supposed to. The blows have been coming since the boy was about 13. At least the boy has a roof over his head, she tells herself; his own biological father won’t do anything for him. She remains silent. A woman has gotten pregnant by a man she decides she doesn’t like very much. There is another man she is involved with. She decides to tell him that HE is the father. The man believes her. Inwardly, the woman breathes a sigh of relief. Each of these human beings is intent on one thing: procuring, and keeping, the resources of a particular male. For them, it is the highest moral good. Feminists have fostered the illusion that women are complete without men. That men are beneath women, even, in some ways. And every day, women go about the business of undermining feminists, the way women always have. Deep inside, women know that they are not complete without men. Women have high regard for men. They have little regard for each other. There is no such thing as solidarity among women. There are no bounds to what women will sacrifice in order to have the attention of a man, once they have decided that the man’s attention is worth something. History is full of examples like the ones above of women enduring and inflicting all kinds of misery and chaos in pursuit of a man’s favors. And the biggest obstacles in this pursuit are other women. As girls we learn our place in the pecking order, at the hands of mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and other female rivals. Male attention, along with access to male resources, is a precious commodity, and women are dead serious about getting it and keeping it. Feminism, which casts women in the role of victim, has glossed over these truths about them, preferring to absolve women of their depravity by blaming it on external pressures. She drowned the kids in the bathtub? She didn’t mean it; her postpartum depression is to blame. She shot her old man in the back while he was asleep? It was self-defense; she was a battered woman. She sat by and did nothing while her husband had his way with the kids? It wasn’t her fault; she was probably abused herself. But women know the truth about themselves and each other. Men are probably more shocked at hearing about the wickedness of some woman than women could ever be. Is there any question that the kind of human being who would offer up her own offspring to a degenerate could betray the trust of a female friend? There shouldn’t be.

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16 thoughts on ““No Honor Among Thieves, No Solidarity Among Women," by Alpha Unit”

  1. AU: “And every day, women go about the business of undermining feminists, the way women always have. Deep inside, women know that they are not complete without men. Women have high regard for men. They have little regard for each other. There is no such thing as solidarity among women.”
    A recent news-story from the UK is a great example of this: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1168182/Catfights-handbags-tears-toilets-When-producer-launched-women-TV-company-thought-shed-kissed-goodbye-conflict-.html
    “It was an idealistic vision swiftly shattered by the nightmare reality: constant bitchiness, surging hormones, unchecked emotion, attention-seeking and fashion rivalry so fierce it tore my staff apart.
    When I read the other day that Sienna Miller had said there was no such thing as ‘the Sisterhood’, I knew what she meant.
    I can understand why people want to believe that women look out for each other – because with men in power at work and in politics, it makes sense for us to stick together.
    In fact, there was a time when I believed in the Sisterhood – but that was before women at war led to my emotional and financial ruin.”

  2. So True. I have observed that Females do not get along from watching my sister and her friends.
    A good rule of thumb is that if you have a group of 4 women, 2 of that group will intensely hate each other for whatever reason and cause chaos!!!
    Most males who do not get along will just sort of grunt, get the job done, and then go their separate ways 99% of the time… no chaos.

  3. Some enterprising man could get rich by publishing a book entitled: “Women… an owners guide”.
    When I was young and ignorant, I believed women were usually morally superior to men, and generally more altruistic. As you can imagine, I was greatly shocked when I saw the reality. For a while I tried to write it off as “not the norm” all the while seeing that it was in fact the norm for women to behave like 2 year olds, and mock any concept of truth or ultimate accountability. I’m sorry to say that the female concept of “truth” is something like: “whatever furthers my whim at any given moment.”
    I’m not sure how to approach this subject with my son when he hits dating age. Do I tell him the hard cold facts and basically tell him to avoid women like the plague? I almost wish some wise old man had sat me down for the facts when I was young, but would I have listened? Unfortunately men are cursed with certain pieces of “equipment” that make us drool over the first pretty face that bats her eyelashes at us. If we weren’t so cursed, do you think any man would REALLY want to keep the company of a woman? Honestly, the older I get, the less I can bear to listen to women talk. They seem incapable of even feigning interest in any subject that rises above petty gossip and tawdry backstabbing. Well, truth hurts I suppose!

    1. I find that when I simply just accept women as they are that I am a lot happier. They are what they are, and I’m not sure they can help it. There is a peace that comes with that.

    2. I think a man has to really know who he is when he’s dealing with a woman. If he’s not sure who he is, a woman will run roughshod over him.
      She needs to know that there is a limit to what you’re gonna put up with from her. And a guy who knows who he is can do this without even raising his voice.

  4. I think a man has to really know who he is when he’s dealing with a woman. If he’s not sure who he is, a woman will run roughshod over him.
    She needs to know that there is a limit to what you’re gonna put up with from her. And a guy who knows who he is can do this without even raising his voice.

    I agree with this. To some extent, humans simply need to be terrorized into acting good. I know some people who get ferociously angry if you criticize them (one almost threatens to assault you). They also punish you in other ways – silent treatment, hang up on you, refuse to visit with you. It works pretty good. Everyone is afraid to criticize them.

  5. Unlike so many women, Alpha Unit is basically sane. Women don’t lie so much as they really do not know what they are doing much of the time. They are lying to themselves, but they can’t see it. So they are not really lying deliberately. I am convinced that many women have little or no insight into what they are doing much of the time.
    They seem to be operating on instinct more than anything else. Their behavior is about as thought out as a female baboons, but they don’t realize that. They think they know what they are doing, but really they are just on auto-pilot. Since they are relying on instincts rather than thought-out behavior, a lot of their behavior seems strange and insensible. It’s like trying to figure out your cat. It isn’t really thinking much either.
    Alpha Unit is sane because she has figured out how the world really works and rejected all the lies that women tell themselves to make the world seem more the way they want it to be than the way it really is.

  6. Another gross generalization. Women are as different from one another as men are, and a few bad apples do not represent the entire gender. Shocking and negative stories always engender more attention then positive ones. Yes, there are women that will do anything to have a man they consider worth having, and that usually means a man who is successful in the eyes of society. There are also many women who don’t and who are loyal to their friends.
    Yes women can be fiercely competitive over men, and there are several reasons why:
    1. Men are the default of what is valuable in our society. Female words are used as insults, such as calling a man a bitch, or a cunt. The closest a woman can be to the superior standard of maleness is to have one who wants her. It is kind of like groupies to a rock star. Men are the rockstars of society, therefore some women act like their groupies. There is no loyalty among groupies. It takes a great deal of independent thinking and self confidence to move past the pressure of what it means to be female in our society. Society pictures women without men as bitter old losers, barren, childless and pathetic. Oh and let’s not forget desperate.
    2. For centuries, yes, under the patriarchy, if a woman did not have a man she and her children did not eat. It was that simple. Men controlled resources, and therefore controlled women. So a female rival who stole your man away could mean poverty and destitution for you and your offspring. Because men were the only way to gain access to resources, of course competition was fierce, every woman for herself. Surely men are no different in that regard, and probably would act much the same as women under those circumstances.
    3. When competing for financial resources men are every bit as backstabbing and treacherous as women are. (Some men, some women)
    Is there thruth to what Alpha One says? Absolutely. Sometimes women can be each others worst enemies, and that is tragic. Times are changing though, and I believe in the nobility of women. There are many good women out there, I know so because I have them as friends! There are also a lot of dumbasses, but trust me, I have had many conversations with men that were so boring I had to poke myself under the table with a dinner fork to stay awake. Plus, intelligence combined with looks and success in the woman scares the shit out of a lot of men. So…..I guess it is not all that simple! But, no more demonizing women. We have had enough of that already…

  7. Another thing that bothers the hell out of me is the complete lack of respect for mothers in our society. Over and over I have to hear that “women are gold diggers. They ride on the backs of men, and don’t produce or invent anything. They don’t contribute anything” Oh really? How about the fact that women produce the most valuable resource in the world: people? Without women there would be no men to invent and produce. What about all the time your mother invested in you so you could be a producer and inventor? Give credit where credit is due. No wonder women don’t want to be women, they want to be men. Being a man looks so much better! You get to be a stud, indulge in sexual pleasure, you have lots of rights and power, and you don’t have to sacrifice yourself in childbirth (which by the way diminishes your physical attractiveness, and makes you even less valuable). It makes being a woman look like a giant clusterfuck.
    Compare: A man works hard, achieves success, supports a family, and now in his older age is looked up to with respect and admiration. He can have his pick of women of all ages.
    A woman is honourable, takes care of her husband, bears his children, supports him, and in her older years is looked at as an old hag who has lost her looks and desirability, so who can blame her man for replacing her with a younger woman, or for him to have mistresses. It is his right, it is only natural because he is a man.If she is so unhappy with this situation that she divorces him, she faces a big disadvantage in the dating market.
    Who would you rather be?
    Those are the traditional roles accorded to men and women, and do you really think it makes a woman happy to be in such an undervalued and disrepected position?
    I also take issue with the opinion that women have never invented anything, I think many times they have and men have appropriated their ideas, as in the case of Rosalind Franklin, with the discovery of the DNA composition.
    There have been many great women artists, poets, musicians. If men say they were never as good or brilliant as men in those field, well baby, that is just your opinion, and you are entitled to it no matter how shortsighted and unfounded it is.
    I loved the movie Avatar as an example of a society where men can be men without having to diss women. Yes, I know it was just fantasy, but what a wonderful fantasy. Women were spiritual leaders, men the clan leaders, there was mutual respect…I don’t want to be less so a man can be more.

    1. I appreciate your thoughts on this. And I agree that women should be respected and valued for what they contribute to the world.

    2. Who the hell are you? You make so much sense. If I weren’t already married to a wonderful man whom I dearly love and respect, I would propose on the, spot site unseen, by virtue of the beauty of your mind.

  8. Thank you Alpha Unit. This was a great read, and an even greater healthy discussion. From my experience I feel that women, in general, only care about themselves. They usually neglect their children, in their personal growth process. I never had a deep insightful conversation with a woman in my entire life. Never. It is always only chit-chat topics with no real interest whatsoever, or badmouthing someone, or worrying about something, or warming up to me. Never nothing about the origin of life, or teaching something insightful about life, or friends, or love. Other than the 2-bit sentences that do not make any real philosophical sense, like: “Hate is the emotion closest to Love”. It just needs to sound good, if it sounds good then it is true to a woman. They lie like it is nothing, they play with men’s feelings, and their own feelings.
    They have no sense of control, no wish to learn from a strong. I am going to give an example. I was a personal trainer a few years ago, now I am a pioneer that wrote a best seller on health, training and nutrition. In other words I know my stuff about training, and my body shows. I was dating a woman from Belarus. I guess you might know why. I thought they were different there, they see less TV, they want to be mothers and marry and take care of the house, etc…
    I am experient and wasn’t raised a fool, so I started spotting some red flags, and I had to end the relationship. But as I was saying, I really know my stuff when it comes to training and eating right. And she exercized, but she was doing it all wrong, jogging instead of sprinting, aerobics instead of some weight training (and no, womens muscles do not inflate like the males do, plus they usually do most of their work with their legs, because their arms wont be able to do much work anyways), etc. And I told her: “Look, if you want I can teach you to save time and get better results.” She said “Ok.”. When I went to exercise with her and teach her some things, she said, “Oh, women dont sprint!” “Women dont lift weights!” “I like to jog, I will continue.” And this topic came to be because she is always having problems with her knees because of jogging, which is exactely what jogging does if you have weak joints. And dont ingest calcium products which I told her to! She said “Oh I dont like milk, or Yogurt.” but she loved Chocolate… and I just thought! “THIS IS INSANE!” But that is what she likes to do, so let her be. that was 1 of 1000 little fables I had with her.
    Another example: My neighbour, she drinks soy milk, and if you do not know it is terrible for you, just one cup a day for 1 week will change your hormonal cycle. No kidding! It has Fito-Estrogens inside that cause an imbalance, unless it is fermented soy milk. The fermented one is good for you. So I told her that it was bad for her health, and what it does, etc. Then I brought her the proof, a medical report on soy, and told her that it is cheaper and healthier to drink fat free or skim milk. She said “thank you, I didnt know”. next thing you know, she still drinks soy milk, I asked her: “What happened to the report?” she said, “Oh, I went to the pharmacy and the clerk told me that it was good, and I dont like regular milk, so…”.
    I mean, I just totally gave up on women years ago. However, have they no resilence, hope, honor, integrity, accountability? Dont they know or feel in their gut, what they should be doing for themselves.
    You can’t really love others if you don’t love yourself. So my question is, when will women start loving themselves?
    Eating chocolate, going on crazy runs just to look sexy, drinking something because it tastes good. While at the same time, completely overlooking their health, is not only irrational, but totally childish. Maybe they just get to a certain age, and don’t grow up anymore. They grow up, to be “Experient Children”.
    To all the women here, I don’t mean to put all the eggs in the same basket. I am sure there must be some exception to the rule. I feel sad you know, I have everything I ever wanted. I fought for it. But, miss right, is just not coming along. I am a guy with deep inquisitions, and a lot of energy at the same time, so much energy, I climb trees with 50 kilos on my back to exercise. And I love insightful conversations and questions, and imagination and feelings and beauty and nature and rivers and mountains and beaches and I like to fish and I like to hunt and I like beautiful scenery and I like a good read, and movies, and the sky at night and the stars and the moon, and the sun and sky, and the clowds, and I wonder what is out there, what might be… And I am the only one… It is really sad to do all those things alone… getting emotional now. but nvm..
    just my 2 cents,

  9. At least one behavioural study contradicts this “No Solidarity Among Women” theory. Women invariably support woman over men, men also invariably support women over men.

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