Wikipedia, Ziopedia or Judeopedia?

Repost from the old site. This is actually one of the more famous articles on the old site, and it got lots of reads. Indeed, a whole website, Ziopedia, had its name inspired by this piece. I’ve now dissociated myself with them due to their extreme anti-Semitism. The post is an account of my time at Wikipedia. I did not last long. I started editing articles on anti-Semitism, Israel and Palestine and only made the most reasonable of edits. Some Jewish and Judeophilic psychos came through and simply reverted all of edits for no reason, then they went through all my other edits on totally extraneous subjects and reverted most of those too. I wasted something like 12-24 hours out of my life. All of the pages on Jews, Israel, Palestine and areas related to anti-Semitism were protected by militant Jews and their Judeophilic allies. I don’t know what Wikipedia is like these days, but it was corrupt as Hell back then. I have seen many Palestinian and pro-Palestinian editors go to work on the site and to my knowledge, most or all of them have been banned for no good reason within only a few months of posting. The place is just hopeless. Militant Jews and their Gentile defenders infiltrated Wikipedia very early on (With a motto like “We are trying to be the sum total of all the world’s knowledge, how could they refuse?) and have never left. Many quickly wormed themselves in to high places, especially administratorships. Truth is, for certain subjects anyway, Wikipedia is a sickening joke. Militant Jews, possibly more than any other ethnic group, seem to be compelled to “control the message.” I figure it is Jewish paranoia of anti-Semitism that drives such things. We see this in Jewish media cabals of the past century or so. The Wikipedia Jews are also an excellent example of an actual Jewish conspiracy in action. All you have to do is open your eyes if you want to see it. If you can’t or won’t see it, it’s because your eyes are closed for some reason. Jewish conspiracies do in fact exist, but their existence is wildly overblown by anti-Semites, and they tend to operate more informally than the closely planned conspiracies involved in, say, carrying out a huge guerrilla attack in a war. In addition to Wikipedia Jews, Wikipedia is now blighted by Wikipedia Hindus, mostly Hindutvas or Hindu fascists, who have made a strong alliance with the Wikipedia Zionist Jews or Jewish fascists. Every single pro-Pakistani editor who has tried to edit Wikipedia has gotten banned on phony grounds by these crazies. Whose fault is it that Wikipedia sucks? None other than the malign and petty little man Jimbo Wales, ultralibertarian creator of the whole mess. Cabals of various are continuously trying to operate on Wikipedia, but thankfully, the admins block most of them from operating. However, the Wikipedia Jews and the Wikipedia Hindus are allowed to run amok like a bunch of maniacs. The only reason must be because Jimbo agrees with them. The article is very long, so be forewarned. I did cut it down to size quite a bit with this posting. I recently got an account at Wikipedia and after a while, I started editing some pieces. I got really excited about it. I was one of the wonderful Wikipedians. I talked to people about what a wonderful site it was. I started spending a lot of time on there editing articles. It was fun. Yaay! I loved Wikipedia . There was something kind of weird and cultist about it, but, if you understand the theory of cults well, you will understand how I found that appealing, as I felt I had become an adept – one of the anointed ones. Another thing you will realize if you understand cult theory is that people like me will tend to get thrown out of most any cult, organization, political party, and God forbid, corporation. I shudder to say workplace, though I have improved now in that it usually takes them about a year to fire me for insufficient brown-nosing and chronic rebellion. Thus, alas, my induction into the Wikipedia cult was doomed from the start. The fatal blow? I branched out from editing non-controversial stuff and one day I decided to edit some articles dealing, peripherally, in one way or another, with Jews. You know, like Jews, Israel, Palestine, the enemies of the Jews (the designated “anti-Semites”), stuff like that. Why? Cuz those are some of the most outrageously sucky articles in the whole suckathon called Wikipedia, that’s why. I lasted about two days, carefully making only the most minor, cautious and reasonable edits. Then, disgusted and enraged, I penned this gorgeous spitwad of a F-you missive, like a rock through a window, and left it up on my homepage to see how long it would take before the Wikipedia Cops showed up to haul me off. Took about 12 hours before one of the worst sociopathic militant Jewish ethnocentric nationalists on there (a former member of Oingo Boingo, no less) did his tribal duty and murdered my membership in Wikipedia. I am now permanently banned (permabanned) from editing Wikipedia, till death do us part. Update:I am pleased to report that two noble Wikipedia administrators have opposed my permabanning on jpgordon’s talk page. Details here. I’d like to throw a shout to Wiki admins Jahiegel and Everyking for their very principled stand. Note that jpgordon is continuing to call me a “virulently anti-Semitic bigot”. Also note that a casual perusal of Gordon’s talk page clearly reveals him as a sociopathic, militant Jewish ethnic activist. Kevin MacDonald, a brilliant modern thinker, makes clear in his works, especially the brilliant span style=”font-style: italic;”> Understanding Jewish Influence – Background Traits For Jewish Activism, that militant, highly ethnocentric Jews simply cannot distinguish between those who criticize them in the tiniest way and the people who want to throw them in the ovens. Any criticism harkens the threat of another genocide, and all non-Jewish humans are divided into two halves: the obsequious pro-Jews who slavishly shower praise on the tribe, and the “Nazis”, ranging from everyone who ever utters one peep of criticism of the Jews to those who want to finish Hitler’s work. Quoting psychologists Albert Ellis and Aaron Beck, the “irrational beliefs” at work here (in cognitive therapy speak) should be quite obvious. As far as being banned from Wikipedia…it feels…good! It’s an honor. All decent progressives should strive to get banned from Wikipedia. It’s like getting thrown out of the Republican Convention. In case you are wondering, here is the gigantic “fire me” letter I shoved up on my homepage:

Smash Ziopedia! Hello, my name is Robert Lindsay, an independent Leftist journalist and blogger in California. This is my Wikipedia (actually Ziopedia) page. My popular blog, which has received over 50,000 visitors in over a year and currently gets about 150 visitors a day, can be viewed here. First, I would like to point out that Wikipedia is an illusion and probably does not exist. There is, however, a bizarre entity known as ZIOpedia, which masquerades as Wikipedia. Ziopedia means that Wikipedia has been taken over by Zionists, Jewish ethnocentrists and their Gentile supporters. Most articles having anything to do with Jews or Israel exhibit Jewish or Zionist bias, despite noble efforts by many Ziopedians to promote the Wiki farces of Neutral Point of View and other types of scientific and scholarly discipline. Most of these people are militant Jews, but some are liberal and Leftist Judeophilic Gentiles. This has wrecked much of the quality of many of such pieces. Make the tiniest edits to any of these pieces and the militant Judeophilic gatekeepers immediately spring into action to “protect the tribe”, and all of your edits will be reverted within hours with no discussion given. Try to discuss and you will be met with silence or the usual dissembling, sophism, lawyerese, nonsense, BS, diversion, nitpicking, ad hominem, red herrings, false comparisons, and trivialism, along with and every logical fallacy known to mankind. Not only that, but you will be put on Ziopedia’s very own Neo-Nazi watch list”! LOL! Can you believe it? Object to Ziopedia’s control freaks, and you’re automatically a Nazi – even Commies like me. The founder of Ziopedia is a sleazy porn merchant named Jimbo Wales. Jimbo has deep links with powerful US militant Jewish interests. He is also a passionate Zionist. The vast majority of Wiki admins, arbitrators and top staff are also Zionists and Judeophilic. A vastly disproportionate number of them are also Jewish. Jimbo Wales runs this fraudulent website with an iron fist, along with his Wiki-fascist PC brigades. Go against Dear Leader Zio-Jimbo and watch yourself get slowly banned from the Ziopedia Travesty. Please come to my talk page to discuss the outrage called Ziopedia or anything else related to my contribs. If you are opposed to Jewish ethnocentrism and Zionism receiving preferential bias on Ziopedia, please become a contributor (non-monetary!) to Ziopedia and help fight the Zio brainwash. It’s probably hopeless, but at least there is strength in numbers. If you have a blog or post to Usenet, please spread the word about how Wikipedia is really Ziopedia, or maybe even Judeopedia. Above all, do not contribute one nickel to this Ziopedia Joke in its present form. Starve the beast. There is no point contributing to Ziopedia, a website that blatantly promotes imperialism and racism while pretending to be anti-racist, liberal and particularly unbiased. The parts of Ziopedia not dealing with Jews and Israel are often remarkably unbiased, scientific and professional and adhere to scholarly standards. This stands in naked, painful, embarrassing contrast to the Ziopedia’s Alternate Universe of anything even slightly Judaic. Feel free to contribute to the non-Judaic Ziopedia Universe and feel pride in what it is and shame and what Ziopedia could have been.

Nice, huh? Actually, I was stupid enough to think that they believed in free speech there (they claim they do), and I actually thought I would get away with flipping a great big huge verbal bird like that. Ah, but I am so naive. For the uninitiated, on first glance, like a lot of evil things with pretty faces, pleasant manners and diabolical cores, Wikipedia looks pretty neat. It’s an open-source encyclopedia, created by anyone in the whole world who wants to help work on it. Kumbaya! Let’s all communistically hold hands together and work for free on the free encyclopedia for the whole world. Yaaay. And what’s more, anyone can edit most any article. Even you. Or me (well, not anymore). Wikipedia has this neato New Age touchy-feely aspect about it, with a hardcore dollop of nerd tossed in. It feels nice, groovy, fun, smart. They have all sorts of neato sounding rules and sayings that they like to bandy about. That’s part of the culty thing, but you don’t see it at first. The rules are really de facto garbage nonsense, like “no original research” or “no personal blogs cited” or “neutral point of view”. And the sayings are Chairman Mao-like stuff like “Be Nice”, “Wikipedia is not therapy”, bla bla. Only after you dive into the black heart of the beast do you realize that the rules, like Lenora Helmsley’s taxes, are only for “the little people”, i.e. everyone not in with the Wikipedia Elite Cult. After a while you figure out that all the Mao-like dictums are the products of so-called “benevolent dictator of Wikipedia” Jimbo Wales. You realize that the sayings are not neato or groovy, but instead cultist aphorisms from super-creepy “Dear Leader” Jimbo. Jimbo likes to say stuff like, “We want Wikipedia to be the sum total of human knowledge”, and “We are creating a free encyclopedia for every poor child in Africa”. That, along with his comments along the lines that Wikipedia is an alternate source of information to the corporatized media, is sure to warm the hearts of Leftists, liberals and progressives. Except that…Jimbo is none of the above! After a while on Wikipedia, you start shaking your head wondering what kind of politics the Cult Leaders of Wikipedia espouse. And like any good Maoist commune, groupthink pervades Wikipedia. Except you can’t figure it out at first. Are they liberals? Yes and no. Are they conservatives? Yes and no. Are they Zionists? Yes. Are the religion-hating (except Judaism), science-worshiping, atheist skeptics? Yes! So you go read up on criticism of Wikipedia. Leftists say they are Rightists. Rightists say they are liberals. And yet…they are neither. Finally you crack the puzzle. Wikipedians are…”computer geek libertarians”. Dear Leader Jimbo, a self-proclaimed libertarian, stated that no aid whatsoever should be given the victims of Hurricane Katrina. He called that government aid “fascism”. Wikipedians love that word, along with “Nazi” – both reserved for anyone Wikipedians don’t like. See here how Dear Leader Jimbo is willing to suspend any and all “rules” (they already selectively enforce or suspend them anyway) on Wikipedia in order to keep “Nazis” from editing articles. Well, that’s nice, but who is a Nazi? According to Wikipedia, I am a Nazi, since one of the militant Zionist Jews on there put me on the Wikipedia Neo-Nazi Watch List. Could it be that Jimbo is a reactionary who deliberately tries to chase Leftists off Wikipedia and is hostile to all progressive and Left viewpoints? Dear Leader Jimbo doesn’t think that corporations should pay one nickel in taxes and doesn’t think that government should do anything to help its citizens. His pet peeve in recent years is apparently “government-sponsored health care”, surely a dire threat to mankind. Almost all of the top-levels of the Wikipedia Cabal are Objectivists, or libertarians, if not Fox News conservatives. Almost all of the administrators are conservatives or libertarians, and one is a Moonie. It’s a white-collar, conservative neocon, White American point of view. Wikipedians oppose the minimum wage, any and all social programs and, sharing Jimbo’s view, any and all aid to Hurricane Katrina victims. A very large number are also militant Jews. Alas, the gatekeepers are everywhere. The huge over-representation of militant Jews on Wikipedia is one of those aspects of Wikipedia that is not immediately obvious, but kind of creeps on you after a while. With time, you start to realize what it is and it knocks you out of your chair when you do. For what you see in this aspect of Wikipedia is a full-blown Jewish Media Control Conspiracy, operating right in front of your very eyes, in full view to anyone willing to look. The perpetrators of this conspiracy even brag about what they are doing as they cavort through Wikipedia on their psychopathic mission to defend the tribe. They gleefully call themselves names like “The Cabal”, “The Jewish Cabal”, and the like. But woe to anyone who points out the obvious. If you do, you will be immediately banned from Wikipedia as a “hate-monger” and a “Nazi”. The size of this cabal is not large – maybe 20-30 militant Jewish tribal activists (actually, doing more research into Wikipedia, I think it may be far, far larger than that) but they also have the backing of the huge, largely rightwing Judeophilic Gentile Zionist cheering section behind them. Having said that, I assume that Wikipedia is probably full of Jews dutifully editing away at linguistics or math or computer languages or biology or whatever, who have no relation to the Cabal. They just write about their fave subjects, and don’t write about anything having to do with the Jews. And some Jews write about Jewish subjects in a non-militant, fair, balanced, NPOV way. I should point out that moderate Jews, moderate Zionists and Jewish dissidents on Wikipedia are also ferociously attacked by the militant Cabal. So, probably the vast majority of Jews editing on Wikipedia have nothing to do with the Cabal, and probably don’t even know it exists. They are innocent. And the Wikipedia Jewish Cabal has the total support of a huge number of Wikipedia Judeophilic Gentiles, who back the Wikipedia Jewish/Zionist Cabal agenda 10 Which, when you think about it, is a pretty good example of how your average Jewish Media Control Conspiracy works in real life. A few militant Jews converge on a media enterprise or enterprises with the goal (usually independently, and not necessarily conspiring with other like-minded folks) of gaining enough influence over the enterprise or even taking it over completely in order to “protect and promote the tribe” (mostly to protect). 9 The worldly affairs of the tribe are far away. If they know about the conspiracy, they either angrily deny it, or shrug their shoulders, or even oppose it. They are innocent. I think, right there, with the Wikipedia example, we can explain a lot of the Jewish Media Control Conspiracy Theories bandied about, restrict the more florid theories, and answer most of the silly rejoinders to the theories too. Keep in mind, too, that most conspiracies are done by individuals who share the same goals without necessarily elaborating them and working together to carry them out. That’s all you need to pull it off. You don’t need smoke-filled rooms, game plans, scrimmage lines on chalkboards at halftime, false identities or secret handshakes. And actual conspirators love to project. In the midst of a media control conspiracy, conspirators will rant and rave about how their ideological enemies actually control the media that the conspirators themselves control. Don’t ask me to explain such Rube Goldbergian defense mechanisms. Consult a psychology text instead. See here where the Wikipedia Jewish Cabal got so worked up over “anti-Semitic bias” at the same Wikipedia they actually had under lock-down control themselves that they actually set up a page dealing with the subject. Oh, my head is spinning. Also see this archived user page from 2003, where a typical fanatical activist “ Wikipedia Jew” (a teacher at a Jewish school) was actually on the verge of being banned from Wikipedia due to his unrelenting hostility, rudeness, paranoia, sociopathy and promiscuous flailing of the “Anti-Semite” and “Nazi” epithets. For instance, this fellow was convinced that 2/3 of Wikipedians were anti-Semites. He also referred to Wikipedia as “Nazipedia”. The Wikipedia Jewish Cabal, while quite powerful (see Fear Ireaan’s comments on the page here), seems to have been less dominant back in 2003 then it is now. Do note, however, how long this criminal-type Jewish user, RK, was allowed to get away with his antisocial behavior before he was finally (sort of) disciplined. And note below how nowadays, with the Cabal so deeply in control, pro-Palestinian editors are banned quickly for behavior that is meager in quality in longevity compared to RK’s. Typical of fanatical Jewish activists, RK felt that he was 10 One more thing: actual conspirators usually get extremely angry when exposed, and one of their favorite epithets is, “Conspiracy theorist!” In the dumbed-down yet nevertheless conspiracy-riven USA, that is actually a put-down. Kind of like, “Jews do NOT control Hollywood, dammit! And if you ever say that, you will never work in this town again!” You think I make all this crap up, in my deluded mind? Heh. Here is the talk page of one of the highest-ranking members of the Wikipedia Jewish Cabal, Izak, w+ho has disgustingly been allowed to run amok like a criminal through Wikipedia, trashing much of the site. Just read the talk page; I will say no more. Here is a poor pro-Palestinian editor, Alberuni, banned for fighting the Jewish Cabal on articles relating to the Israel-Palestinian Conflict. He was banned for “POV” (point of view violations). What that means in Wikipedia Jewish Cabal 1984 double-speak is that he was trying to make some of those articles slightly more fair and unbiased. Here is his sad talk page, documenting the crimes committed against him on Wikipedia. Here is the pitiful Sanhedrin Ziopedia Kangaroo Kourt proceeding against poor Alberuni. Read it and weep. This page also lays out in disgusting detail the depredations of the militant Zionist Jewish crooks who are destroying Wikipedia. Here is the tragic talk page of Yoshiah, a decent Wikipedia Jew who is going against Jewish groupthink on Wikipedia and catching the full, ferocious brunt of Jewish Wikipedia militants for his transgressions. Yoshiah is a Jewish convert to Christianity, a type of Jew traditionally despised by militant ethnocentric Jews. Here is the excellent homepage of HistoryBuffr, who also rants against “Ziopedia” like I did, but for some reason has not yet been given a targeted assassination by the Wikipedia militant Jewish bullyboys. Matter of time, I guess. But look here! Just recently, while I was editing this article, poor HistoryBuffr, an eminently fair editor, has been banned from editing Wikipedia for two months, and has been banned from editing articles on the Israel-Palestinian Conflict for one year! Here is the laughable, pitiful, Kafkaesque “decision” to kill HistoryBuffr on Wikipedia by the preposterous Wikipedia Kangaroo Court hanging judges in all its gory outrage. You have to understand Wikipedia a bit to realize what a ludicrous joke this decision is. On Wikipedia, if you are fair-minded and oppose Jewish chauvinism and militant Zionism, it’s just a matter of time before the militant Jewish Zionist creeps nail you up too. This insipid copy of a Wikipedia talk page shows you just how insane and stupid the 8th-grade-playground-on-acid called Wikipedia really is. Note halfway down where the Zionist thugs that run Wikipedia can’t decide if the Occupied Territories are really occupied. Except that international law is unanimous that they are. Wikipedia Thought Police think they should be called “disputed”, a view rejected by 10 Here is another travesty, concerning the Wikipedia article on Marwan Bargouti. See here for a take on Wikipedia as a Jewish Media Control Conspiracy from an unfortunately blatantly anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi site. Despite the disgusting nature of the site, it’s still an intelligent, albeit much exaggerated (as many such sites are), take on the matter. I don’t know about the sayanim stuff and about the monitoring by Hillel, SPLC, and ADL types, but I would not put it past the Wikipedia fanatics at this point. For a radical critique that pretty much avoids the anti-Semitism above, while dredging similar waters, see this brilliant, gorgeously written critique from the blog Americans are Ambitious Wolves. Hey, where does Wikipedia get all its money anyway? Good question. No one seems to know, and Jimbo won’t answer any questions. Hmmm. This long, intelligent article, titled Swastikapedia, gives a detailed overview of many of the problems that plague the Wikipedia disaster zone. A much more recent article by the same author, The Great Failure of Wikipedia , rambles quite a bit, but nevertheless makes some excellent points, the most important of which is that Wikipedia does not believe in majority rules. That is, in a vote of 74-1, the losing side can win the vote if the lone vote against was an administrator. Or a vote of 75-45, the 45 losing votes can win because they were “of a better quality”. And on and on. He also points out, as I have in this piece, that there is a group of people who are dedicated to destroying Wikipedia. Wikipedia-Watch has a lot of great critical stuff on Wikipedia. The site was founded by one of the Wikipedia pioneers, who subsequently left and turned into a Wikipedia-hater, apparently because he is a decent person and was offended by the Wikipedia sewer. The author of Wikipedia Watch is also a very active contributor to Wikipedia Review. The Wikipedia Cabal and Cultists have initiated a vindictive campaign against this dissident, in true cultist fashion. If you are a Zionist, a conservative, a neocon, a libertarian, or just a person with a serious lack of ethics, head on over to the Wikipedia mud puddle and wallow away to your heart’s content. I am going to argue that all progressives, liberals, Leftists, Muslims, Arabs, anti-Zionists, pro-Palestinians, and basically all decent people in general, should just avoid editing on Wikipedia at all costs. If you go there, the gangsters are likely to rake you over the coals and you are probably going to get really angry. Sooner or later, you will be banned. You may spend a great deal of time on excellent edits only to have them “reverted” (destroyed) instantly, with no comments at all, by one of the creepy Wikipedia Warlords. If you are already editing happily on Wikipedia, by all means keep on doing it. But I will also advocate that none of us should give one nickel to this highly ethically-challenged enterprise. If you think you can just avoid this mess on Wikipedia by not messing with Jewish-oriented stuff, you are probably mistaken. Although my info is sketchy, I have been told that the Jewish Cabal is not the only cabal on Wikipedia. Reportedly, there are all sorts of other gangs and cliques and mini-cabals sociopathically running amok on Wikipedia in many other areas of the site. There probably is no avoiding the revert-wars, edit-wars, flagrant power abuses and other BS if you edit a lot on Wikipedia. And no matter where you edit, sooner or later you are doubtless going to run into the Ayn Randian Objectivist Libertarian Cabal types who basically run the place. If you are progressive at all, I doubt you will find that a pleasant experience. Down with Wikipedia! Down with Jimbo Wales! Down with Ayn Rand! Down with sociopathic militant Jewish ethnic activists! Update: This piece was linked at a major New Zealand magazine called The Listener in a piece called Cuts Both Ways by Russel Brown. Brown refers to this article, noting:

Bizarrely, a freelance journalist who disengaged from the project accused Wales of leading a cabal of right-wing Zionists intent on giving the site’s political content a particular slant.

As usual, when one talks about certain things that are so painfully obvious that they hit you in the face with a left hook, even when, like me, you would love not to see them, one is thrown in with the tin foil hat crowd. God forbid that any ethnic conspiracy, or any conspiracy, had ever taken place on this good, green Earth. To suggest this, one must be off one’s meds, no? This post was also linked at the Wikipedia Review, which I still regard as an excellent resource. Predictably, “Selina”, the administrator who reflexively shuts down any topic that mentions the word “Jew” and bans the user as a “Nazi”, accuses me, a pan-humanist universalist, a homicidally anti-Nazi, deeply anti-racist, fanatical anti-fascist Leftist of “Nazi-like racism against Jews”. She also calls me a “f*****g maniac”, which is arguably true, but you would have to check with my girlfriend to make sure. What’s important is that Selina’s behavior, like the fanatical Zionist reaction to the Walt/Mearshimer landmark paper on the Jewish-Israeli Lobby in the US (see Juan Cole’s great but futile petition to the Conference of Major US Jewish Organizations for more), serves to shut down debate about an important topic. Worse, the terror of anti-Semitism that makes so many Americans so censorious and self-censorious about The Jewish Question creates the scenario where the only people in America discussing such Questions are anti-Semites and militant ethnocentric Jews and their Judeophilic allies like Selina. In this “debate”, the pro-Jewish side is not really having a discussion so much as they are standing in the bleachers trying to shout down the whole conversation. The anti-Semites are just calling names and trying to pick a fight with the other side. Everyone other than these two parties is standing in the corner, silent and terrified. Because such Questions never get discussed, we end up with a very bad situation. A scenario whereby Hollywood and the US media are heavily under the domination of militant members of a tiny, ferociously ethnocentric ethnic group that uses these means of communication to brainwash the US public into going along with the ethnic group’s politics, and then uses an “anti-racist” sledgehammer to bash anyone who dares to point out this obvious, demonstrable fact in mixed company. You also end up with an ethnic lobby that has Congress, most state governments and the Executive Branch by the short hairs, to the point where the Lobby is able to give lawmakers marching orders on US foreign policy. You end up with disastrous wars like the clusterf**k in Iraq and a threatened nightmare in Iran. You end up with 9-11, oil embargoes, the tragedy of the USS Liberty and the bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon. While ethnic warfare may be the norm in the Middle East and much of the world, it needs to be roundly condemned as anti-American in the melting pot USA. Certainly all ethnic warfare, Jewish or otherwise, needs to be seriously slammed by all principled progressives as antithetical to both our universalist ethics and to basic norms of human decency.

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14 thoughts on “Wikipedia, Ziopedia or Judeopedia?”

  1. I personally find both the Arabs and the Jews both try to control the media far to much. The Arabs are paranoid about anything said against is Islam, And of course anything bad you say against the Jews is of course anti semetic. The sad thing with the Jewish groups is many of these people are just using the holocaust to try to sell their Zionist political views. Check out the holocaust industry for a good film about the cheapening of the memory of the holocaust for a quick buck.
    Check out my page to search for lots of informative documentaries.

  2. I think all side of a issue should be viewed based on the merits of the arguments made. The past experiences of the groups making them should not change our outlook on such issues. It sucks when you stuff like your not a Jew you weren’t there, and so on and so on. Unless you’re 80 years old neither were you. Your just using the memory of your dead ancestors to make a politic point. No I don’t hate Jews, I just dislike some of the Jewish states policies. I’m Canadian and I dislike many of the things we do as a country and no one ever accuses me of hating Canadians. Should Israel be treated differently then say Canada, I think not.

  3. What’s the deal with J birds and Objectivism? I just sent your excellent re-post to David Runciman at London Review of Books (there is no The) because he makes a bit of a case for Wikipedia having an Objectivist bias. He teaches politics at Cambridge and is the author of The Politics of Good Intentions and Hypocrisy. I guess a big part of his job there is to assist us in determining when to trade in our comfortable old broken in hypocrisies for stiff and stinky new ones. But I digress. I know Ayn Rand was a Jewess, but she was also an atheist which means , according to Daniel Goldhagen, she was no longer Jewish. But that’s the old “They were Objectivists not Jews” argument that Jews are always using
    to escape being accused of the complete collapse of the American banking system! I guess I’d better go back and visit Atlas Shrugged before I say another word about Wikipedia or the economy.

  4. Interesting read.
    I made some similar experiences with some really small edits not even related to anything political.
    The whole concept of wikis does just not work if anyone can wipe your work away with a single click.
    Libertarians are really full of shit!

  5. how come that users such as zero and tiamut exist (among hundreds of others) they don’t do nothing but ban and revert anything pro-israel and slipping in pro-arab propuganda? they threaten newbies on minor edits including me and delete discussion sections than need to be reverted after a while and watched….
    tl;dr pro-arab whining about pov because his pov got deleted.

  6. Ghost from the past: almost Totally Anonymous
    Haven’t heard too much about the Jews lately?
    I never could understand we no one ever examined the jewish influence and manipulation of the ‘Media’ I’m not just talking about the news although that’s rarely pointed out either. (NPR is public radio?) I’m specifically taking about the Sitcoms and Film. I’m just really flabbergasted no one ever did (Kevin B. MacDonald did a little bit)
    Weren’t you a Rock critic at one time? You seem to me to be perfect. It’s fun and easy and you’ve got a hundred year+ of material. Maybe I’m just inspired. I watch Harold and Maude last night that was one hell of a dowsy.

  7. Very nice article, Wikipedia is not serious at all!
    It is full of these zionists that edit every real comment to replace with THEIR truth. There are even some pages not editable, and very often they talk about jews.
    In articles about conspiracy, holocaust, they address to the theorists of conspiracy saying that their theories are not proved, that are lies, etc
    And Wikipedia asks even contributions for a project controlled by arrogants moderators, by bots, an with bans of every writer awkward!
    Shame on them!

  8. Jimbo Wales is not so much libertarian — he’s more of a “the rules apply to you, not to me and my friends, while freedom of speech is for me and my friends, but not for you” type of limousine leftist.
    This is why he has set up or agreed to a system which condones censorship, and a “double-secret probation” style management of the whole project.

  9. By the way, I hope you find consolation that J P Gordon left Oingo Boingo before they got anywhere past being a “local party band,” and that the most fame or adventure he ever tasted was the 5 minutes on The Gong Show.

  10. It’s a great article.. What I wonder is how people get wrapped up in their racist or bigotted crap they are immune to seeing it… On the naive presumption that they are ( otherwise ?) moral normal people.. That is.. If u burn books hate on ethnic lines have your own concentration camp ( or giant wall..?) and don’t believe in free speech then maybe you ARE a NAZI be it a Jewish..Muslim..Christian..Hindi..Arab Wasp Slav Anglo.Chinese or otherwise kind.. Sorry but in my book you are STILL a NaZI..! The comforting about historical German nazis is they are ( I hope) HISTORY
    This various other kind sadly is very much here.
    How they can delude themselves into thinking they are NOT different to those other NAZIS beggars belief..
    .. What’s the difference? ( hint manifest destiny is NOT the correct answer… …really..! )
    It makes no difference to me whether u r a militant Buddhist racist in Burma or a Femonazi or Kleptocrat Ruso Nazi or a JewNazi…whatever..! you are my enemy and of all of us pitiful OTHERS which ever of us you mean THIS time.
    . The saddest of all is you in the end are your own worst enemy in every sense and of all your own people too. Freedom and truth are vital for peace.. And as once famously said.. ” peace is NOT defined as the absence of conflict”. ( conflict in the verbal sense that is ok leave your Ak47s at home ok..?
    The Inability to be fair is the most base and poisonous of human failings and one of the most damaging and ” dangerous” …
    Screw wilki and all it’s cabals.. And yes you really are creepy aren’t you JIMBO. . .? Boycott them. Free speech!

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