Kids Lie About Child Molestation

Repost from the old blog. I pretty much wrote this one just to make people mad too. This should be seen as a companion to my All The Young Girls Loved Teacher post, and together, they make quite a diabolical pair of nasty posts.
I mean, what kind of a maniac would actually title a post Kids Lie About Child Molesting? Except that they do, and I am now convinced that they do it all the time. I now know two guys who got accused of this, obviously falsely, both schoolteachers, both times by 10-13 yr old girl-brats.

They are also tons of molesters out there too, so the whole situation is a gigantic mess and it’s really hard to figure out what happened in any given case. Which would not be such a problem if we did not have whole armies of little lying brats (especially little girls) out there lying about adult men just to get back at them for this or that.
Like so many lousy things, I blame Radical Western Feminism for this by demonizing men as a bunch of barely controlled potential child molesters and rapists and for handing a bunch of a little brats one of the deadliest weapons one could think of to use as they please. The result, as I see it, has been an avalanche of false charges against poor innocent guys.
Way to go feminists.
Due to the Child Molester Hysteria that has taken over our society in the past 10-15 years, an awful lot of lies are flying around about child molestation. This hysteria has arguably not helped kids one bit, has turned an entire nation into an hysterical, witch-hunting bunch of crazies, and has possibly thrown a bunch of innocent men in jail or at least under suspicion on false charges of child abuse.
Malicious females now regularly make up child porn and child molesting charges against husbands they are divorcing. An older man who admits to being interested in teenage girls – science has shown us that this is an absolutely normal desire – is now accused of being a child molester or a pedophile.
First of all, it is quite impossible for a girl aged 15-17 to be “sexually abused” or “molested.” She can have sex. If the man is a certain number of years older, this is a crime on his part called statutory. I am confident that in the overwhelming majority of cases, girls aged 15-17 who have sex with older men do so quite willingly and suffer absolutely no harm whatsoever from these encounters.
Second, it is said that kids almost never make up sex abuse allegations – the number of false allegations is said to be on the order of 2% or less. This is one of the most pernicious lies that feminists are peddling these days, and probably many completely innocent men have gone down on child molestation charges as a result of some kid’s lies.
I know a 78-year-old male teacher who was accused of molesting a 13-yr-old Black girl (In the middle of class?!) when he tried to break up a fight between her and another girl. Yeah, he had to pull ’em apart. Nowadays, that’s called “molesting”.
A good friend, a teacher, was accused by an entire classroom full of 10-yr-old girls of molesting them during class in full view of all the other students. Tell me how that is even possible? The girls tried to break out of class one day and raided the door. He barred the door, because if he let them break out, he’s in big trouble. 15 girls mobbed him and tried to get the door open. He had to fight them off by pushing them away.
He showed up the next day and there was a lynch mob atmosphere in the hall full of enraged parents. Every one of those little diabolical lying bitches had accused him of molesting them. They said he was grabbing their breasts as he pushed them away from the door. He said that the thought that they had breasts had never even occurred to him as he was pushing them away – in his opinion, they didn’t even have breasts.
I assume that all of these little girls got tons of useless therapy for their hallucinated episode, and I bet some are “suffering” to this very day.
After these two episodes of kids lying about child molesting to get an adult male in trouble, if I am on a jury in a child molesting case, I will probably vote to acquit any male without priors who is accused of molestation, if the evidence is only some kid’s accusation, unless there is some other evidence.
AFAICT, kids nowadays are just little lying machines when it comes to child molestation charges. I figure possibly up to 50% of the child molesting charges out there could be totally made up lies.
I do not mean to say that there are not cases of real child molestation.
Obviously, it is a serious problem, and new evidence seems to indicate that kids are often harmed by adults doing this to them, and that the harm may be long-term. But how can we possibly tell whether a kid is lying or not? Sure, maybe they are telling the truth, but maybe they are lying too.
So, if there is no other evidence against a man (eyewitness, forensic, confession, priors), why convict him strictly on the testimony of some little brat? I’m aware that this attitude may cause some really bad guys to go free, but the other way around seems to end up sentencing a lot of innocent guys on one of the worst charges you can go down on. It’s not a pretty picture either way.
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217 thoughts on “Kids Lie About Child Molestation”

  1. I lied about something like this but I never placed blame on a single person. I made a random description of a person up. I was 13 when I made up the lie, the consequences of this lie still haunt me today. I told my family and friend it was a lie I told. How the hell do you fix something like this? I’ve been on the internet for hours, even days. Trying to figure out why exactly does a person do this. how do I get past the fuck up I made? I’m now a very anxious and depressive person because of this. I’ve slowly started to shut myself out from every person I know. I know this happens often, many children lie for attention knowing I was one myself. I came clean of course but ever sense I have I’ve changed into this shameful person. Once this happens, how the hell do you go back to a normal life? I’m so sorry to all of the people who have been blamed for something they never did.

  2. The pedophile thing seems to be the “new witch thing”. In that past, people would accuse people of being witches or Jews, now it’s pedophiles. If you don’t belong to the circle or corssed someone in some way, they can get even by accusing you of being a pedo.

    1. Jason Y? You are correct. And if you read into the American history of the 1950s, you’ll also find that back then our country was going through what was called “The Red Scare.” That is, because this one crazy Congressman named Joseph McCarthy believed that our country was being taken over by commies, people were being wrongfully blacklisted as Soviet sympathizers all over the place. This travesty was just as bad as people being put on the sex offender registry who are not really sexual predators nowadays. Here is an online article about Joseph McCarthy and the Red Scare.>>>> Click onto
      It seems as though the United States of America goes through this same nonsense every so many decades. As you said, now it is the Pedophile Panic. I’m wondering what it will be next 2 or 3 decades from now. People being falsely accused of being extraterrestrial reptilians? It’s all so mind-boggling when you think about it.

    2. Jason Y? I’m re-posting this reply, because it did not post previously. If you get the chance to read the history of the 1950s, you will find that in that time era, the “witch thing” here in America was what was called “THE RED SCARE.” People were wrongfully accused of being communists back in the 1950s and they were blacklisted, which had the same effects back then that unjust sex offender registration has on the wrongfully accused today. Here is an online article about it.>>>>Click onto
      It’s as though American society has this cycle of madness every decade or two. As you said, our country is now in a pedophile panic. I wonder what it will be two or three decades from now. People being falsely accused of being extraterrestrial reptilians? When will it ever end?

  3. I totally agree with article. My son a Corporal in the Marines was extradited from CA because his stepsister claims that she waa raped for the past 10 years. In a house full of people while they slept and others in the same room

  4. Girl 1 my surrogate daughter, I have known her since she was born and have been acting as a father to her on a regular basis since she was 4.
    Girl 2 is girl 1 friend I only met her on 3 prior occasions:
    On August 19, I picked up my surrogate daughter, to give her an early birthday present. Because of my profession, I would not be home for her birthday. When I arrived to pick her up she had a friend with her. She want to bring the other girl with us. I received permission from the mother of girl 2 to take her with us. I took girl 1 and 2 to Walmart to purchase a phone case, charger and a prepaid plan girl 2 made a comment about how she wished she had someone to do things for her. It took about 45 minutes in the store parking lot to get the phone activated. Afterwards I took both girls to Starbucks and then to chipotle which both orders were “to go” in all we were gone approximately 2.5 hours including travel time to and from the store. Because of unforeseen circumstances of my job 1.5 weeks later, I was able to pickup girl 1 and her sister up for school clothes shopping. Again girl 2 wanted to go. My wife said no because my wife didn’t know girl 2. During the shopping trip girl 2 contacted both girl 1 and myself several times throughout the day. Girl 2 wanted to know when we would be returning. Immediately After we returned to girl 1 residences girl 2 came over. My wife noticed the girl 2 was jealous of what we had bought girl 1 and sister during the shopping trip.
    2 days later girl 1 and 2 were caught doing something the were prohibited from doing. I believe to avoid punishment, girl 2 accused me of touching her, sending her explicit pictures and attempting to get her to send me explicit pictures. These accusations have been investigated by children services. The sent me letters last week saying the abuse is indicated and that I’m going to be put on some list. My lawyer said to let it go and that they are baiting me to get an “interview” Since I obtained a lawyer on September 30 this is the first time I have been contacted. The police have not tried to contact my lawyer or myself. Is it over or just beginning?

  5. If a child is really molested, there will be symptoms as well as other abuses present.
    Investigators have a protocol to follow, interviewing adults in the life of the child, home life, history etc. The qualities or lack of will emerge if that child is valued or not.
    A molester if half way smart will try to silence a child or anyone who may take the child’s side. My reading says molesters are control freaks, they are certainly apathetic and self centered. Other abuses would be present. Like isolation, rejection, exploiting, terrorizing, ignoring and depravation.
    I shall not share how an accused innocent man would react and behave.

  6. I totally agree.
    I was also sexually abused as a young child (age 4-9 recurring), kept it my darkest secret for years (until I was 12, met a fried with a similar secret and she told her mom who told my parents… then the therapy began). I was also much younger so maybe I dont really count but I was embarrassed, I thought it was my fault… now I’m an adult ad accept that this happened to me and that I was manipulated. I can openly talk about it and help others come to terms and move forward.
    Back to me agreeing. Little girls these days are actually very evil, I’m 22 years old and can see things like this happening when I was in junior high.
    For example… when I was 13, one girl said the gym teacher was a perv (she was newer to the small school, telling a class of girls this who has known this same gym teacher SINCE WE WERE SIX. Guy was not a perv and we all knew this! except new chick). At first, the girls in my class all said no way! By the end of the locker room changing, she had every girl in my class except me and maybe one other classmate of mine convinced that he was creepy and “look at them weird” “looking at our boobs” “watching us when we run”… NONE OF US HAD BOOBS. I had a fairly small class I remmeber every single girl and noooone of us had tits. whats there to watch? Oh but of course someone twisted him into a pervy creep who likes little girls, told the whole class that and…. within a year the rumors curculated so much that the poor guy had to go. Spent like 20 years on that job.
    Lets not forget every 15 year old girl I’ve met who lied and said she was 18, had sex with a man who is maybe 27, gets caught by her parents and then poor dude goes to prison.
    Open your eyes people. You can tell when something is legit or just kids being well… kids, unfortunately. They can be evil..

    1. Well, you got to remember something, Carrie. The age of consent laws and the child sexual abuse laws here in the United States of America are the most Draconian of any place in the world. Fortunately, Germany and Argentina got those laws right. In Germany, once a minor reaches 14 years of age, an older sex partner can only be convicted of statutory rape with that 14- or 15-year-old youngster if sexual exploitation can be proven. The act of carnal knowledge alone will not secure a conviction. Then once the minor turns 16, that minor is fully capable of consent to anyone of any age. In Argentina, it works the same way, except that 13 years old is the age in which an adolescent can give consent to anyone of any age provided that no exploitation is taking place. 18 years old is the full age of consent in Argentina. The United States of America makes the mistake of letting its state jurisdictions impose a one-size-fits-all law for any kind of sexual conduct involving a minor. Because of it, our country now needlessly has these kinds of miscarriages of justice.>>>>Click onto
      Also, click onto
      In a nutshell, other nations have a much different perspective than the United States of America on what is age-appropriate and what isn’t concerning the sexuality of minors. It’s like the American film “Trust” that was released in 2010. That movie is similar to the Dutch film titled “Het Debuut” that came out in 1977. In both films, the female protagonist is 14 years old and she becomes sexually involved with a significantly older married man. However, “Trust” makes the relationship between its 14-year-old female protagonist and the older, married man appear as toxic and destructive, whereas “Het Debuut” tries to romanticize the relationship between the 14-year-old female protagonist and the older, married man.

  7. When my 7-year old daughter accuses someone she loves of sexual misconduct with her, I have no choice but to believe my daughter for the sake of her safety. The accused is old enough to take care of himself. If the predator had the opportunities to molest her and has repeatedly put himself in compromising situations with her when asked not to do so, at the least, no further contact should ever be allowed.

  8. My stepdaughter told her mom that I text her can I give you a bloody well how can I prove my innocence tell my wife I am deeply hurt by the situation and his cost me my relationship

  9. I myself am an almost 40 year old father, and my 18 year old daughter is saying that we have had a sexual relationship with me for three years. We recently had an argument, and she moved into her boyfriends house (whom was molested himself), and now all of a sudden she’s saying she’s been dreaming of me with her sexually, and he is telling her that she keeps waking up screaming no no no daddy stop, but at the same time he has been known to sleep rape his girlfriends. What can be done about this? It has me scared that I’m going to jail for a long time just because she’s alleging this heinous crime.
    She still contacts me through social media, and nothing seems different with her, but she also has been diagnosed as depressed, and I was told by a psychiatrist she’s seen since the age of four she is manipulative. She also just came to live with me and her real mom 3 years ago, then ended up in Foster home because her mom couldn’t deal with her. I got my own place, and she came home to live with me after being in care for 8 months. All was fine until she started living with her boyfriend. Any advice would be very helpful, and I’m sorry for the life story.

    1. No offense, Robert, but it seems as though a lot of you men who get married and start a family in your early twenties seem to go through this kind of nonsense once your kids hit their teens. I’m not saying that I believe your daughter, but what I’m saying is that kids born to younger fathers usually seem to do stuff like this to their parents. I never hear about a teenage girl accusing her 57-year-old father or her 68-year-old father of this sort of thing. It’s as though men in their thirties or early forties seem to fall victim to this sort of thing more often than older men do. I don’t understand why that is.

  10. I am going through this awful battle right now with my own daughter feeling pressured by an ex to continue the false accusations against my fiancé. She cried out to me after the investigation started and said she had made it up to get attention at a summer church camp she was attending and they were all gathered talking about abstinence and sexual things that were wrong including being touched by anyone. She said others were saying stories and that’s when she Told her lie not know it was gonna be reported by the directors there. Next thing she knew she was being confronted by counselors and cps case workers and worst her father which was finally giving her attention she was desiring. She told me she had no idea the consequences this would be and felt too scared to admit her lying. Mind u my lil girl is a wonderful sweet loving daughter that you would NEVER think to do such a thing. But she made the mistake and now her father won’t allow her to fix , but is now using it to get full custody like he’s always wanted.. She came to me several times throughout this investigation pleading with me to help her tell the truth because her dad won’t let her talk to anyone because he thinks I’ve manipulated her to change her mind. So not true. She cried out to me each time because I was giving strict instructions to not talk about the case with her so I held my tongue no matter how hard it was. I fee so awful for her because you can tell this is tearing her up inside and I have no way to help her. Any advice would be great. Thanks and God Bless.
    *False allegation of inappropriate touching of child.

      1. One never knows about those things, Rick. Things have a way of getting ugly during and after a divorce with respect to the kids caught in the middle of it all. Marrying into such a situation has its risks, especially for men.

  11. Adult male on child female child abuse is an underclass phenomenon that usually goes hand in hand with early parenthood, single mothers, white trash or ghetto blacks or Hispanics.
    Freddy Krueger, an alcoholic boiler room derelict, sums up the typical abuser.
    He is white, uneducated, marginally employed.
    All sexual pathology will manifest themselves to a greater degree in poor neighborhoods.

    1. I don’t know about the Freddy Krueger thing. However, it seems as though younger fathers get accused of sexually abusing their young daughters more often than older fathers do. It’s like an unexplainable pattern in American society. How do you figure that?

  12. Pattern goes hand-in-hand with young single mothers, out-of-wedlock births, rogue males who are unmarried and drift from single woman to single woman, children by multiple partners…everything that happens in the underclass as religion and tradition and marriage fall by the wayside.

    1. In those type of environments, accusations of sex crimes are rampant. You cannot trust anyone. Often it could come to a situation where the mom leads an immoral lifestyle, which obviously leads perverts into her house, yet she is utterly shocked when her children are molested.

      1. However, obviously, kids being molested, even when the mom is a stripper or something, is something that is massively wrong. People should draw the line between legit sexual stuff for adults and the exposing of kids to that world. What kind of fucking creep would cross that line? But it seems to happen all the time.

      2. JASON Y In the white-trash environment how many rogue males float around looking for a single mother to move in with?
        They may have children-3 or 4-but don’t provide for them and just drift around other women.
        If Mom IS a stripper than usually the guy is some pervert who was hanging around her club.
        OF COURSE these guys decide to bang little girls or sometimes boys.

      3. NO SURPRISE Jews and Asians have left white Christians in the dust.
        All of these things are rural white poor problems and ghetto black problems.

      4. JASON Y
        Textbook serial killers from Manson to Bundy will tell you Mom was a drunken local single-mother slut who brought males into their residence and one of these males touched their penis.
        Their children ARE BORN THROUGH SEXUAL DEVIANCE in the first place. A teenager girl of 17 who gets impregnated by a 20 year old punk. Single mothers, deadbeat Dads who might make decent money driving trucks but never pay a cent for their children, blood relative parents.
        Jewish, Asian-American and East Indian families have their fare share of deadbeats, thugs, idiots, addicts, sluts….but they cannot reproduce with anyone because community standards in their subculture prevent.
        But little Wanda Buford always spreads her legs for some thug whose bike makes her vagina throb and by the time her baby pops out the guy is long gone…one abusive man after another enters her trailer or rented house and one of them likes little girls or even little boys.

    2. One playground for molesters in the black community seems to be churches, but they only get away with it for so long. Often the molester, usually in some holiness and strict denomination, plays a double-life as very holy and puritanical, and then a demonic pervert when the Jekyll side comes out. Also, the guy is usually low IQ, massively uneducated etc..

      1. One was noted to say “Homosexuality, LAKE OF FIRE” Yes, indeed. lol. He’s the same guy who is doing all those things he’s condemning, usually via raping kids or mentally incompetent.

        1. I-5 Killer says that the poor and incompetent are exposed to such sexual attacks to a greater degree than the mentally-challenged daughter of a millionaire industrialist.
          Strippers are usually molested and their own children are molested and become strippers whose own children are molested.
          Sexual abuse goes hand in hand with poverty, low IQ, unemployed males without enough money to pay for sex who resort to a boy’s anus (Or like it like Michael Jackson), single-parenthood, declining morality among the lower-middle-class and poor, violent streets, alcoholism.
          Here’s the upshot JASON: East Indians, Asians, Nigerian immigrants and Jews will continue to leave the poor rural whites behind. Ditto ghetto blacks and Hispanics/American Indians.
          Original Americans who have been in America for 400 years-Southern whites, Blacks, Reds and Hispanics will be in poverty while Fresh Off The Boats continue to rule the country and own the economy.
          Because they are stupid, bro.

        2. Religion has lost any power over the vast white, Hispanic and black underclass males anyhow.
          When their illegitimate children are being Baptized by their forgotten fling’s tired 45 year old mother/grandmother who will once again being changing diapers and being a mother…a stripper is snorting cocaine off his erect penis at a no-tell Motel around the corner from the Glass Slipper strip joint or hangin’ wit de homies.
          Once he has gotten his penis wet, the woman is like a pay toilet you had to use badly…you run away and forget about the place.

      2. JASON Y Meanwhile the East Asians, Jews and Indian-Americans soar to new earning heights of power and influence while poor rural whites and ghetto blacks and Hispanics whose ancestors actually built the country sink into sexual perversity, dysfunction, alcoholism, poverty, ignorance…and their women suck penises on the road.
        How many Korean or Jewish or Indian-American women are sucking hogs on the street because their daddy molested them?
        How many Asians or Jews are on welfare.
        America’s founding father and Columbus’s Spanish explorers are the stupid slave peasants of the 21st century New World.

  13. My daughter aged 11 told me her father has been molesting her. This makes no sense to me. They are very close and she follows him everywhere. She has always preferred him as her parent and lavishes him with affection all the time. If a girl was being molested and hated it then why would she be so clingy and eager to spend time alone with him? Right now I’m angry and confused. It seems to me that she’s asking to have a sexual relationship with him and when he doesn’t respond then she accuses him of things. I’m at my end but I’m afraid if she continues telling lies like this someone will believe her and he will be wrongfully charged. She often tells me he molests her when they go shopping together. If that’s true then why is she always begging him to take her to the mall?? She could ask me any time but doesn’t. It’s obvious to me she’s lying so now I’m worried about what to do next. How can I stop her from trying about something so serious??

  14. My son is 38yrs old. Has his own 15yr old daughter. Who loves him with all her heart. He’s never been in any trouble except for marijuana. He was a hard worker. Home owner. And married to a woman for eight years. Her daughters accused him of touching them. They are lying. There’s no physical or DNA evidence. The youngest one took her first steps to him. He loves these girls. Treated them like his own. Now they want to give him two 10 to life’s. In Pahrump Nevada. I need help 928-201-1619 I did hire a attorney Mr Nelson. He did such a terrible job. I fired him. Then the court appointed him as free council for my son.

  15. Yeah, this certainly happened to me (not molestation, but picture taking accusations) at a local store. The girls were even going so far as to lie and say I was asking women for dates, as dorky as that sounds (a store isn’t the place really). It was just flat-out lies and why I was burning mad at the moment and also against the hick “wannabe alpha” mall cop trying to detain me.

  16. A lot of these accusations are simply persecution of people the children and/or their snotty parents don’t like.
    Basically, the only people who can survive in places full of kids – ranging from supermarkets to schools are nomal-asses (normies) who are difficult to accuse of anything. So that’s the advantage of being one.

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