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Although Shamir is an anti-Semite, he still has many excellent insights into the Jews and is often correct or half-correct in his analysis of them. The sad truth is that just because someone is an anti-Semite does not mean they are always wrong about the Jews. This is just a lie spread by Jews and Judeophiles to shut down all debate. Someone is an anti-Semite if they dislike Jews, but, in spite of their dislike for them, they may still have accurate insights into the folks they dislike.
Same thing with racists. Anti-racists and minorities like to shut down all debate in the same way by saying so and so is a racist so don’t listen. That’s a logical fallacy. Tragically, racists are often correct or half-correct in their critiques of the races and groups they dislike.
It’s a logical fallacy to say that animus towards a group automatically poisons reason and makes all of your conclusions about them null and void. Don’t believe me? Run it by your Logic 101 prof and get back to me.
I think Shamir probably does the best job so far in explaining the phenomenon of the Wikipedia Jews that we have been over a lot on this blog. I would like to point out that this blog was one of the first outlets to pick up on the Wikipedia Jew phenomenon and report on it.
Now, three years later, lots of others are finally starting to figure out what everyone editing Jewish-related articles on Wikipedia knows. He also goes into the nefarious “Leftist anti-racist” character known as Chip Berlet, who works as a spy for the ADL and some say for the CIA. I had some run-ins with this idiot when I edited the Israel Shamir article on Wikipedia, which is a travesty.
This is not true. Shamir is a Russian Jew who immigrated to Israel. His father was a rabbi. He served in the Israeli military and wrote for the Israeli press for a bit. He lives in Israel and owns a home in Jaffa where he entertains visitors every day.
The liars centered around Berlet and cohort of “antifas” centered around the Searchlight Magazine in the UK have launched this insane campaign against Shamir. This nonsense suggests that Shamir is not Jewish, has never lived in Israel and does not live there presently, never wrote for the Israeli press, and never lived in the USSR. Instead, he is a Swedish neo-Nazi who is pretending to be all of these other things.
The nefarious Roland Rance, mentioned in connection with the war on Gilad Atzmon, once again plays a big role here. Some pro-Palestinians, including Nigel Parry, Hussein Ibish and Ali Abunimah, have joined in. Stephen Pollard has also chimed in.
It is true that Shamir, like many authors, has maintained many fake names and has written under those names. He has even set up fake identities for his names, including addresses and histories. If you are controversial, I actually recommend that you do just this if you want to rewrite. Get yourself a nom de plume right now!
Jews are often accused of hatching or engaging in this or that conspiracy to further the interests of the Jews. Shamir does an excellent job in this piece of explaining the phenomenon of the Jewish conspiracy, what it means, and why it occurs. It’s useful to note that many so-called Jewish conspiracies are nonexistent and that any sensible group or individuals connected to power or money form cabals to further their interests.
The rich in any society are constantly conspiring. They conspired in order to obtain wealth, and they need to conspire in order to maintain wealth and not lose to competitors. The rich and the powerful conspire all the time and so do the rest of us probably. Many males have conspired to get a woman into bed; I certainly have. I could go on and on here, but I think you get the picture.
This is an excellent piece by Shamir and is mostly or wholly free of anti-Semitism.

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15 thoughts on “Israel Shamir On The Wikipedia Jews”

    1. I watched that video. Horrific. To think that these monkeys have hundreds of nukes plus missiles capable of taking them to every European capital, plus submarines capable of taking them to the US, plus spies and agents in every area of US and European life… It’s them or us!
      Shamir is a rarely talented writer. ‘Flowers of Galilee’ is one of the finest collections of essays on anything, ever – a really gifted prose stylist. Unfortunately, from ‘Pardes’ onwards he seems to be in love with his metaphors at the expense of substance, and shows an increasing lack of discrimination in what he weaves into his constructions, drawing heavily on the extremely reactionary Roman Catholic ‘theologian’ E. Michael Jones (‘ the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit), and also picking gregariously from the outpourings of the nuts that abound on the internet like Henry Makow.
      Shamir argues, for instance, that AIDS is caused by jew-inspired debauchery of gay men habitually eating shit. This isn’t helpful. It’s a pity, because Shamir is still excellent when he sticks to immediate and practical aspects of jewish power, like the above piece on Wikipedia.

  1. “Many males have conspired to get a woman into bed; I certainly have. I could go on and on here, but I think you get the picture.”
    Don’t conspiracies require more than one conspirator? Are you saying that your male friends have conspired with you to bed women? Those are friends, indeed! Please share some of your successful plots so my friends and I can start helping each other get laid more often. We’ve been operating under the assumption that when it comes to seducing women the only thing one man can really do for another man is buy him a whore.
    Check out this Wikipedia entry for Alexander Brener:
    Then go here and listen to Israel Shamir’s and E. Michael Jones’ delicatessen wrangle in London last year, “Israel, the Catholic Church and Anti-Semitism”.
    About ten minutes into it Alexander “Sasha” Brener disrupts the proceedings by dimming the lights and urging everyone in the room to take off their clothes and have an orgy. You can here him being forcefully ejected. This performance art.

    1. Nah, conspiracies don’t require more than one conspirator. What I meant what just sheer underhanded, snaky, low-down, Machiavellian, dishonest bullshit. That’s conspiring, deviously I might add.
      My opinion is that other guys not only don’t help you get laid, they actually stand in the way and try to stop you. So do a lot of idiot females. Whenever I say, “I think this girl likes me,” I can generally count on one of my male “friends” to say, “I don’t think so! You’re imagining things!” I’ve also seen many cases of guys almost forcibly intervening to try to stop a guy from getting laid by “rescuing” the female who the guy is trying to pick up on. Women also discourage us too. If we act like we are interested in Female A and we let Female B (her friend) know, Female B’s attitude is often, “Fuck you asshole! She sure isn’t going to fuck you, that’s for sure!”
      I’ve always figured that when it comes to getting laid, not only are you completely on your own, but most of the world is going to try to stop you from getting laid for some insane, jealous, puritanical or incomprehensible reason.
      As a sexual revolutionary, of course I oppose all this nonsense. My motto is, “Do it in the streets!”

  2. By far some of the most heretical information at the Heretical Press website is Simon Sheppard’s “Proceedural Analysis” of the sexes and how they
    operate on eachother:
    Like French Structuralism, it’s too brainy for me to grasp, but it’s probably as sound as any psychology based new pseudo-science. Simon Sheppard may be a more dangerous thought criminal than Ernst Zuendel for the simple reason that Ernst Zuendel has probably never tried ibogaine.

    1. That guy’s a pretty interesting writer, but he is a fascist. I understand he is also an extreme sexist too. I love women, I don’t hate them at all, but I am very old fashioned. I feel that females should defer to proper-behaving males. The females around me are Hispanics, and they are very respectful of polite males. This is the only appropriate behavior for the human female. Feminism has encouraged females to attack and assault males and this goes against nature, hence it is will create nothing but chaos and disorder in societies.
      When a female gets uppity at me for no good reason, I immediately try to stand her down. I say, “Look woman! You are talking to a man here! Show some respect!” And I act as mean as possible. It is amazing how many women will act like your pet dog if you do this number on them. They really start to hate you, but then they sort of want to fuck you too at the same time.
      I also call them BITCH! and all sorts of evil names when they get evil and uppity with me. When I do this, they act really angry, but they also come running back like a dog with a bone. I think women really do wish to be mistreated by a cave man type guy in woolly mammoth skins. If that’s the role I have to play to get laid, so be it. It beats being a ball-kicked metrosexual and jerking off alone.

  3. I got another couple of emails today from Sabbah and Palestine Think Tank, which brought my mind back to this piece. Sabbah is ‘at it again’ with a piece about ‘jews among the greatest murderers of the 20c’ – you know… the bolshevik secret police stuff again. And Gilad is in love with NoBananas – look it up yourself, he BELIEVES the shit NoB came out with on his Mid E. tour. The trouble with Gilad is not that he is wicked or racist, but that he is FLIPPANT – he gets into some very controversial areas without seemingly being prepared to do the groundwork. Still, he is not a spokesman for any Palestinian Solidarity organisation; he is a musician who supports the Palestinian cause, even if not often in the best-advised way – he is one of the good guys whatever.
    Like Robert Lindsay, I have sometimes wondered if Tone Sheenystein might have a point about Gilad and Mary Rizzo – well, he might, but are Sheenystein’s objectives truly honourable? The remarks I quote below from Shamir about Roland Rance (seemingly a confederate of Tone’s) and some others, could equally apply to Tone, and give a hint at the murky underworld from which the campaigns against Gilad and Shamir issue. Shamir also notes : ” … the ADL-sponsored block of “antifascist” e-zines: British Searchlight, Norwegian Monitor, Swedish Expo, American Trotskyite Socialist Viewpoint et al.”
    See excellent UK ‘journal of parapolitics’, ‘Lobster’ magazine for info on Searchlights links to the secret security services. Does Shamir (or anyone else) have evidence of ADL sponsorship of ‘Searchlight’? This is important to bear in mind in considerations of Richard Lenin Seymour; the SWP, for which he is a poster boy, did little between the miner’s strike and the Stop The War Movement but ‘fight the nazis’ in seemingly close co-operation with Searchlight. The SWP are committed anti-zionists, but they’re also committed to the idea that jews are powerless and marginal and are not the motivating force behind America’s support for Israel. Fancy that. As Shamir says: ” The Jews are engaged in the advocacy of Jews, and consequently they delegitimize Arabists, or priests, or independent historians who do not subscribe to the notion that Jews are special in a consistently beneficial way. ”
    The quotes from Shamir’s wikipedia article I referred to above ( ‘case officer’ I take as referring to the hierarchy of the secret security services):
    ” Their supporting cast includes some Jewish “antizionists” like RolandR. This is actually British Trotskyite trade union apparatchik Roland Rance, who does not mind cooperating with convinced anti-Communist, CIA and ADL agent Berlet and with zealous Zionist Jayjg. So much for his antizionism and his socialism!
    The Wiki entries on Palestine/Israel are far from “well-referenced, useful and objective” as the dupes of EI claim. On the second thought, are they dupes, or willing collaborators? The top man in EI is Electronic Ali, as Ali Abunima is nicknamed, the man who began the witch hunt against “Shamir the antisemite”. He is the Arab front for various exclusively Jewish organisations for Palestine, who rather promote the Jewish cause and fight antisemitism. Such Jewish bodies like to have a compliant shabbesgoy (as Rosa Luxemburg called these guys) for a front, and Ali fits the bill perfectly. Even this article on Wiki makes some reference to ‘evil antisemites’.
    In his attack on me, Electronic Ali acted together with the execrable Hussein Ibish, but since then, the thieves have fallen apart.[i] Another prominent EI person is, or was, Nigel Parry, a British antisemitism-fighter, their webmaster and probably also their case officer. Nigel Perry is an enforcer of Political Correctness and is Gatekeeper General of the permitted discourse on Palestine, keeping the line between hard Likud and the soft Peace Now. He proudly mentions many years of involvement with the Palestinian cause. Well, such guys are a good reason why the Palestinian cause looks the way it does. “

  4. Lafayette Sennacherib asks:
    “Does Shamir (or anyone else) have evidence of ADL sponsorship of ‘Searchlight’? ”
    Well, on the Searchlight front I suppose you’re already familiar with Alexander Baron:
    I can’t figure him out. I ordered his book about David Irving and the rent boys which was a huge disappointment. He seems to be obsessed with homosexuals. Speaking of which, my latest outsized British patriot hero is Noel Pemberton-Billing (it used to be John Hargrave). They sure don’t make real men like them anymore!
    You know those gear shops near the Camden Town tube station? I like to saunter into them and ask for a Skrewdriver T-shirt. When I’m in Foyle’s I always ask directions to their Holocaust Denial section. And when I’m on the 3rd floor of Fortum and Mason’s I know I can always get a rise from a pretty salesgirl by trying on the lady’s hats. Who buys those things, anyway?!

  5. Thanks for that, Whodares… No, I wasn’t aware of Baron, but that was a good piece and fairly in accord with what Robin Ramsay (Lobster editor) and Larry O’Hara have come up with, and thankfully easier to digest. He’s spot on about O’Hara being garbled – as Ramsay put it ” he could do with the services of a good editor”. O’Hara has his own website now at It’s not very professional or updated often, but you can read some of his older stuff there. His magazine comes out once or twice a year as stuff is ready – there’s always something interesting in it, if you have to sift for it.
    ‘Lobster’ will be free online after the current (June)issue. It’s not a patch on what it used to be, but you’ll still find info there you won’t find anywhere else.
    From what you say about Baron’s obsession with homosexuals, he sounds like he might have something to do with ‘Noncewatch’ (‘nonce’ is colloquial English for sex-offender), a subsection of the UK ‘Redwatch’ site. ‘Redwatch’ is vile and ‘Noncewatch’ is worse – they might have some valid points about the smug pricks that comprise the ‘antinazis’, but they themselves seem more interested in drumming up lynchmobs than in anything political – not uncommon in BNP types.
    Camden town seems more and more like hymietown.

  6. Lobster journal is here
    It’s of a much higher standard than Borderland. There are some samples free online, which include some really vital pieces. Watch out for future issues free online from early December ’09. You can read any of the back archives online for a price.

  7. The concept of conspiracy comes from lower IQ gentiles who cannot comprehend the very straightforward reasons of their superiors.
    That is, is you really want to be scientific about it and just admit that Jews are the master race. It’s true after all.

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