And All The Young Girls Loved Teacher

Repost from the old site. This is sort of a literary exercise, but it’s also just written to piss people off.
Of course, the fact that I used to teach school as a young man is totally irrelevant to the contents of this post. Any relationship to any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
I’m getting a lot of criticism these days and I guess a lot of people hate me. That’s ok. Hopefully, if I keep publishing posts like this, even more people will start hating me.
Teacher had fun. He had fun and fun and more fun. There were Young Girls all the time, from age 13-18, and many were beautiful. He was 26-33 years old, and he loved teenage Young Girls just like any normal man does. He never got any complaints for looking at the Young Girls or even participating in the flirting that they endlessly started.
The truth is that female students, especially aged 17-18 and in particular Hispanics, loved to flirt with Teacher. Teacher loved it! He loved it when the teenage Young Girls looked at him and flirted with him! They loved it too! Everyone was happy. Everyone but the feminists.
The Young Girls would come up to Teacher and give him their phone number and tell him to call them. He would take the #’s home and think about them at night alone in his place and dream and have wild sexual fantasies about sex with 18-yr-old Young Girls.
Teacher sat in the library one day in Compton. The seniors were Blacks and Samoans. The 18-year-old Black Young Girl kept staring at Teacher. “How old are you?” she asked. “Thirty-two”, he said. “I’ve been looking for a boyfriend right around that age,” she said, and that was that.
One day, Teacher was 27 years old and 13-year-old Young Girls still looked pretty great to him, just like Lolita. Teacher is now 50, and as he has advanced in age, 13-year-old Young Girls looked more and more like little girls with each passing year. But back at age 27, a 13-year-old Young Girls was a delicious and wonderful object of fantasy.
The class in Harbor City was yelling at Teacher. The gorgeous 13-yr-old White Young Girl in the back of the room wanted to have sex with Teacher! They were all yelling!
“Hey! She wants to have sex with you!” the students yelled. Teacher looked over at the beautiful and well-developed Lolita, and she looked at him and nodded her head enthusiastically, while still looking embarrassed and shy.
Teacher got up out of his seat and risked his very job. He walked towards the Young Girl. “Really?” he asked. “You really want to have sex with me?” She nodded her head enthusiastically with the same embarrassed look. Teacher laughed. “Where?” he asked. “Where are we going to do it?”
“The park! The park!” the kids all yelled. “She wants you to meet her in the park after school so she can have sex with you!” Teacher looked back at her and she was nodding her head once again. “Well, I don’t know,” he said, chuckling, and went back to his desk and started reading the cheap, tacky detective novel from the 1940’s.
One day Teacher taught 10th grade in Lynwood. There were mostly Hispanic Young Girls in the class. It was early in the morning. The Young Girls were all about 15. Teacher was bored and so was the class.
Suddenly Teacher looked up. There was a sea of panties flashing him in class! Around 6-7 of the 15-year-old Hispanic Young Girls had gotten together to conspire to flash Teacher. They had hiked up their skirts in a way that you could see their panties, and yes, they were all wearing panties. Teacher tried to ignore it, but he could not. He kept looking back.
Then the Young Girls all started calling Teacher a pervert! Teacher thought this was most unfair, but the mind of a female is unfathomable in the best of times.
Teacher was teaching Hispanics again, assimilated ones this time, in La Puente. He was 32. In senior class, the Young Girls kept coming up to Teacher over and over, 17 and 18-year-old Hispanic Young Girls, and asking to have their work checked or have notes written for them.
Most of the reasons were completely phony and were just ruses to get next to Teacher. The Young Girls would get right next to Teacher and violate his space totally and try to almost rub up against him with their phony requests. They especially loved to bend over and wave their tits nearly right in his face or up against his body. Teacher went along with it; he was having a blast! A great time was had by all!
Teacher was 29 years old and it was a White middle class school in Hacienda Heights. The class was freshmen – 14 year olds. Teacher walked down the aisle, and as moved by, the Young Girls reached out and tried to grab his ass as he walked by, but they would always miss on purpose, and then giggle to their friends about it. After a while, Teacher figured it out, but he just let it happen.
In Gardena one day at the end of school, Teacher, age 26, felt a hand scratching his back and turned around and see a 15 yr old Black Young Girl back there with a most peculiar expression on her face. Teacher said nothing about it and went back to his business.
In Industry again, the 18 year old Hispanic Homecoming Queen Young Girl was in love with 32 year old Teacher and everyone knew it. She had been giving him the eye for a while and he had been giving it back to her. They had had talked about a few things.
She got up from the back row and sashayed all the way up to Teacher, flirtatiously spoke to him for a bit, and wiggled her way back to her seat. The whole class ooooed and ahhhed and whoohooed. The Homecoming Queen wanted to fuck Teacher! Yay! Everyone was cheering. Teacher never did anything about it, and has been kicking himself ever since.
As you can see, female students are quite sexual and love to strut their stuff in front of an attractive male Teacher in all sorts of ways. Teacher never took any of them up on their offers, but he did give it some thought.
This experience directly contradicts the notion parroted throughout our society by the male-hate propaganda of bigoted, chauvinist, maniacal feminists and their vaginized male allies that Young Girls and young women are perennial victims, and older males are perennial abusers.
It’s quite clear that a lot of females aged 15-20 or so do “want it” with at least some males aged, say, 26-50. Now whether it’s a good idea to pursue that or not depends mostly on the laws.
For Teacher, you need to wait until she graduates, even if she is 18. If you have sex with her before she has graduated and she is 18, you won’t get arrested, but you can lose your job and you may also lose your Teacher credential. It’s considered unprofessional. If she’s 18 and she has graduated from school, I assume you can date her. If you do this a lot though, you may make people at the school or in the community mad.
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16 thoughts on “And All The Young Girls Loved Teacher”

    1. ‘Scary’ and ‘dangerous’ are not synonymous. Given your qualifications, you should already know that.

    1. How about one that involves Jews pretending to be victims of Nazism:

  1. I want to be a high school teacher!
    When you think about it, there is a whole lot of self-deception going on about this type of thing. I imagine most young male teachers have experienced this and society’s conventions has been the only thing holding them back.
    I was on a city bus not long ago, this big hipped school girl got on wearing her school uniform with a tiny skirt, you could tell she already knew where her power lay. She was inner-city sexy, you know the type. As she was walking down the isle to get back off, she pulled her skirt up and flashed her perfectly round bottom covered in tight, coloured knickers. Her legs were a golden brown mulatto colour, just beautiful. I wished I was seventeen again.

  2. In Hispanic or Filipino culture age doesn’t mean as much. A high school student wanting a 32 year old is nothing. They just don’t make a big deal about it. On the other hand, in white culture the whole “feminist pedo thing” is gong around and it just isn’t as accepted, even though white high school girls do like 32 year old teachers.

    1. As far as the Harbor city school teacher is concerened, I’m wondering if he kept his job after that incident. Nonetheless, I remember teachers cussing when I was in school. However, it was mostly football coach/teachers. I thought it was uncalled for though. The teacher should be settng a good example, especially to very young students, like middle school students.

      1. In university, especially among some humanities teachers, you never see it in the math or science courses, a lot of cussing and discussion of sex goes on. However, honestly, I think it’s rude cause a lot of people don’t want to hear it. It’s just not appropriate.

        1. Being a teacher at one time, I always wonder how these teachers get away with cussing on the high or middle school school level. I wonder how university teachers get away with running thier mouth without harassment lawsuits. 🙄

  3. I have always though that women aged 15-18 are, all else being equal far more attractive that women who are over age 35. Hell, even some women who are aged 13 are more attractive than women in their 30’s, Women aged 15-22 are in their prime, their glory days.

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