An Analysis of Different US Immigrant Groups By Nationality

Repost from the old site. This piece tries to look at all of the major immigrant groups that are currently immigrating to the US in large numbers in order to determine which ones are causing problems and which ones are being a net positive for society.
When I say net positive, I do not mean to be pro-immigrant. I mean that they are positive above and beyond any inherent detractions is their mere being immigrants. The question of whether huge numbers of even good immigrants are good for the country is another one altogether and goes beyond the scope of this post.
This post hopes to put across the idea of a points system for immigration. We need to quit importing low quality immigrants to the US. If they are to be imported at all (and I have no problems with say up to 400,000 immigrants a year) we should only import high-quality immigrants from the rest of the world.
Importing problem humans to a country that already has its hands full with the problem humans already residing there has to be the ultimate in insanity. This article has been praised by a famous person, who shall remain nameless.
We have quite a few folks coming to this blog who are opposed to immigration. To be honest, almost everyone in the US who is opposed to immigration is White, and to some extent, it’s associated with White nationalism.
There are also anti-immigrant sites out there like Vdare, but they are almost always on the crazy end of the spectrum. Vdare is not White nationalist, but they do want to end all immigration altogether. On the far moderate end of White nationalism, we have American Renaissance. I do like to hang out there because it’s nice to hear real, honest talk on race for once.
In general, the White nationalists on Amren want to end non-White immigration altogether.
I’d like to point out that this is a crazy and extremist point of view. Furthermore, Whites are only 65% of the US in 2006 according to this chart, and possibly less. 2% of the US is Muslim, and the overwhelming majority are not Europeans. Another .5% of the population are Indian-Americans. 1% of the population are Arabs, mostly Christians. Let us reduce the Euro-White population to 61.5%.
I suppose with a White population declining like this, we would expect to see wild and crazy proposals like this. It’s really just a sign of desperation.
Few non-Whites want to limit immigration this strictly, and even many Caucasians don’t. Keep in mind that most White nationalists call only Europeans White. Arabs, Iranians, Turks, Indians – none of them count.
So almost everyone who is not a European White in the US has recent immigrant roots and does not want to end immigration. We should feel lucky if they want to limit it at all.
Arabs, Turks, Kurds, North Africans, Africans, Hispanics of all types (even White Hispanics), Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, SE Asians, Filipinos, Polynesians, East Indians, Central Americans, Caribbeans, Iranians, Afghans, Pakistanis – none of these folks are on board for an immigration moratorium.
That leaves us the 61.5% Euro-Whites? Now, we would need over 80% of European Whites to get on board for an immigration moratorium. Not going to happen. They would be very lucky to get even 50%.
Looking around the world, we would be very hard-pressed to find even one country that has banned all immigration. Someone find me one, please!
Japan and Korea are always being brought up, but there are plenty of immigrants in both places. What may be a lot more difficult there is getting citizenship.
But that’s not unusual, nor is it the point here. Germany had race-based citizenship until recently, and may still have it. Syria and probably other Arab nations has race-based citizenship (The Kurds have not even been allowed to be citizens, because they are not Arabs!)
So White nationalists are really changing the subject here. We ask them to show us some countries who have been so crazy as to ban all immigration, and they point to Japan and Korea, who have merely made it difficult to be a citizen, while immigrants are fairly common (indeed, Jared Taylor, head of Amren, was an immigrant in Japan for years).
So the truth is that there are almost no nations that have banned immigration altogether. Why are White nationalists promoting this then? Because they are nuts.
At this point, this project isn’t going anywhere, like every White nationalist project.
So I would say it’s time for those of us on the anti-immigrant spectrum to cut our losses and do some damage control. As immigration isn’t going to be ended, sensible folks ought to focus on limiting it. Negative Population Growth advocates an end to illegal immigration to the extent possible, a removal of all illegal immigrants, and a reduction in legal immigration to 200,000. This is reasonable, and I support that organization.
Here is a good example of the White nationalist mindset from my comments section:

Why do Whites oppose massive non-White immigration?Because non-White immigration causes higher crime, declining standards in education and morality, more drugs, more economic degradation and economic inequality, more strife/suspicion/competition between ethnic groups, more welfare and big government, more overpopulation and pollution, and so on.
ALL countries and empires have eventually fallen or balkanized after being swamped by millions of ‘immigrant’ invaders, even the non-White empires and countries — and the same is now happening in America.
Those opposing massive non-White immigration to America are more opposed to the decline of America than they are against other races and ethnicities. If they are against other races or ethnicities it is because their presence hastens and is an obvious sign of this decline.

You will find this mindset all over Amren, and probably deep down inside Vdare, too.
The problem with this is that it is in large part false. The notion that immigration leads to inevitable strife, group competition, environmental degradation in an already crowded nation, etc. is going to be true with any group of immigrants.
However, White nationalists are pro-natalists who cheer stories about White women having 18 kids, so they really shouldn’t talk about overpopulation leading to environmental degradation. Furthermore, your average White nationalist is a hard rightwinger, and at least their voting patterns suggest that they are quite hostile to environmentalism.
All of the other points are not true for non-White immigration in toto. There is no problem with “non-White” immigration per se, but there are problems, sometimes major problems, with select groups.
As a good rule, less restricted immigration from US colonies, of refugees and illegal immigration is problematic because of a lack of a rigorous selection process that winnows out many applicants. Legal immigration with a rigorous selection process has been associated with few problems, except in the odd case of Dominicans from the Dominican Republic.
Let us look at the “non-White” immigrant groups in the US:
South Americans: No problems here. They are very well-screened, and with the exception of some Colombians in New York City, pretty well behaved. It’s not a large group. There are small Peruvian, Ecuadorian and Argentine enclaves in Los Angeles, and there are Venezuelan enclaves in Florida and Texas.
Japanese: Always one of the best immigrant groups. There are enclaves in San Francisco and Gardena, California. The enclaves are safe as far as the Japanese go, but Gardena now has many Blacks. When I taught school in Los Angeles, the non-PC teachers used to joke, “Gimme a class full of Japs and Jews and I’ll never complain.”
A teacher friend of mine was asked to fill out a form that idiotically said, “Ethnic preference”. He was White, but he put, “Japanese”. The principal called him in and asked, “What do you think you’re doing? You’re not Japanese.” He answered, “It said ethnic preference. I prefer to teach Japanese students.” I was amazed that Japanese students got a little squirrelly in 8th grade.
All humans are horrible at age 13, but I thought maybe the Japanese transcended that. They didn’t, but they were the breeziest 8th graders I’ve ever taught. By 9th grade, they were back to normal, and by 7th grade, they were still ok. If all kids were like this, parenting could be done with your eyes closed.
Chinese: See Japanese. There are many new immigrants with poor English who are are adding to already existing Chinatown enclaves in many large cities, but this problem will sort itself out. There is poverty in Chinatowns, but there is little crime. For some reason, poverty in Chinatowns is not a serious societal problem.
There are also quite a few exploited Chinese illegal immigrants, but almost all are working in Chinatowns and speaking Chinese on the job. They are taking few, if any, jobs from Americans. Very low crime rate. Chinatowns are safe places in the daytime at least and generally pleasant at night.
Koreans: More or less the same as Chinese. They are probably better assimilated than Chinese. There is a vast enclave in Los Angeles (Koreatown) and a large enclave in Garden Grove, California. The enclaves are safe both night and day. Very low crime rate.
Vietnamese: Most came as refugees and got off to a rocky start. There are some gangs, but overall it appears that their crime rate is far below Whites. Their criminals generally prey on their own.
Young Vietnamese in Orange County, California are becoming a new high-achieving elite. This is the highest scoring group in the CA school system and US Irvine is full of Vietnamese students. They have formed some ethnic enclaves, but the young ones are assimilating, and even their enclaves are pleasant, non-dangerous places in both night and day. One large ethnic enclave is in Garden Grove, California.
There is an enclave in Richmond, California that has a high crime rate and is not doing well, but this seems to be anomalous.
Khmer: Not a large group, but there are some enclaves, especially in Long Beach and Santa Ana, California. There is still heavy welfare use, but a new generation is coming up. There are some youth gangs, but overall, the crime rate seems low. Khmer enclaves are pleasant and not dangerous at least in daytime.
Hmong: This group of refugees still has very heavy welfare use. There are also gangs, but the overall crime rate seems much lower than the White rate, at least here in Fresno. There are enclaves in California’s Central Valley and in Minnesota.
The new generation is coming of age, going to school and doing well. Highly intelligent; they resemble Chinese. Their enclaves are not that pleasant and tend to be poor and rundown, but don’t seem to be all that dangerous. Their criminals generally prey on their own.
Mien: There are enclaves in Northern California in Davis and Merced in the Central Valley. They are refugees that came in with the Hmong. In appearance and behavior, they are very Chinese like the Hmong.
A friend of mine worked in Social Services in Davis and said she would go to these poverty-stricken, blighted, rundown, hellhole apartment complexes and visit the Mien welfare families. The parents would be sitting on the floor eating out of a rice bowl and did not speak a word of English. They seemed like they were fresh out of the jungle of SE Asia. The walls would be covered with the kids’ report cards – all A’s. Think about it.
On balance, seems to be a good group. High welfare use is balanced by a crime rate probably way lower than Whites, and the kids seem to have a good future.
Lao: This group of refugees still has high welfare use, and there are youth gangs. The young people seem to be doing well, going to school, graduating, moving on. Despite the gangs, the crime rate seems to be much lower than the White rate, at least in Fresno. There are enclaves in Fresno and Santa Ana, California. Their enclaves are poor and run-down, but not that dangerous for non-SE Asians.
They are part of the high-crime, poorly-performing Asian enclave in Richmond, California that is so far pretty anomalous.
Khmu: Khmu from Laos are part of the poorly-performing, high-crime Asian enclave in Richmond, California, along with Vietnamese, Lao and Samoans. So far, this situation is pretty anomalous. This seems to be a case of very poor Asian refugees moving into a horrible Black ghetto and aping the worst Black behaviors.
I don’t have any data on Khmu other than the Richmond report, and on that basis, I’m inclined to mark them as a problem ethnic group, but to tell the truth, I lack good data on them, and they really are a miniscule group anyway.
Thai: Not a large group, but there are some enclaves in Los Angeles. They seem to be doing well and are out of poverty. Little or no gangs or crime. Professionals, owners of shops and restaurants.
Burmese: A tiny group that seems to be doing quite well, at least those I met.
Tibetans: A very small group that is active politically. No known problems. Behaviorally resemble Chinese.
Filipinos: A much-vilified group, even by other Asians. There are youth gangs. They form large enclaves in California in Carson, Wilmington, north of downtown Los Angeles and in San Fransisco. There are also a number in the Central Valley.
I have no idea what the crime rate is, but their enclaves in the Harbor area are pleasant enough at daytime. I taught them in school for a long time and felt they were well-behaved and pleasant students. Some are quite intelligent. Filipinos may undergo high selection pressure by US immigration, because they are said to be one of the highest performing immigrant groups of all, and the highest performing of the Asian groups.
Indonesians, Aborigines, Melanesians, Papuans, Malays, Mongolians, Nepalese: For all intents and purposes, these groups don’t even exist as immigrant communities in the US. I’ve never met an immigrant from most of these groups. I have met a few Indonesian and Malay students who were very well-behaved.
Micronesians (Marshall Islands): There are a few of them in the US, but not many. Some have serious diseases, because the islands are a disease haven. As immigrants, they are totally unscreened, as the islands are still pretty much US territory. Overall, little problem. Warm, friendly, pleasant, easy-going people. I do recommend completely cutting these islands off from US colonization.
Polynesians (Hawaiians, Tongans and Samoans): Samoa is still a colony of the US, so they get to come here totally unscreened. I taught them for years in LA, and I really don’t mind them too much, but some can be violent.
Easy-going, warm, friendly, pleasant people who like to laugh and party. There are gangs, but Samoans are not a large community, so it’s dubious how much of a problem they are. They are reportedly causing major problems in Salt Lake City.
There appear to be some problems with Tongan gangs, but it doesn’t seem to be serious because there are just not that many of them.
This is one immigrant group that may on balance be a problem, albeit a small one. They are an issue purely because they are unscreened. Hawaiians are not immigrants in Hawaii, but they are a serious problem there, where they form a vast and teeming underclass. They are not violent so much as thieving. This is not an immigrant issue because Hawaiians are native to the US.
Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans: This group more or less does not exist in the US. Never met one.
East Indians: This is a fairly large immigrant group here in California. H-1B scab guest workers are a problem, but they are not immigrants, so they are best dealt with elsewhere. Here in this part of California, this group is mostly Punjabis.
Punjabis are a very high-functioning ethnic group in the US who cause almost no problems at all. Punjabis in the US have surprisingly high intelligence, work extremely hard and commit almost no crime. Other Indians are not so common, but they tend to be very high-functioning also, and are often professionals. Mass immigration of this group would be a bad idea, but it’s not happening yet.
Afghans: A very small group of very high-functioning immigrants. I have met some. Many professionals. Those here tend to be quite secular and even progressive or even Leftist. There is a small enclave in Fremont, California.
Pakistanis: We have some here in California. Here again, a very high-functioning group with few to no problems. Many professionals, some shopkeepers and a few students. Tend to be seculars or even Christians.
Iranians: This group is doing very well in the US. There is an enclave in Beverly Hills, California. The ones who are here are often the rich and secular supporters of the Shah. This group causes almost no problems at all. High education attainment and professional involvement.
Kurds: A very small group that appears to cause minimal problems, but some in Tennessee have formed street gangs for some reason. Little known.
Iraqis: Those here tend to be Chaldean Christians who cause almost no problems at all. We have a few in California. There is an enclave in Michigan. A very traditional group who do not mingle much with outsiders.
Palestinians: We have some in my area. They run small stores, gas stations, bakeries, and cause no problems at all. A very high-functioning group. Most around my place seem to be pretty apolitical. Quite a few are Christians. Warm, easy-going, happy, talkative and very hard-working. A few are militant in a quiet way.
Syrians: Mostly secular, often secular Muslims or Christians. Often well-educated. A small group.
Lebanese: A small group that does quite well. A very large number are Christians. Often run small stores. An enclave in Michigan. Many have been in the US for a long time.
Yemenis: There is a small group around me who run markets. They do very well, are extremely hard-working and cause no problems at all. Tend to be apolitical religious Muslims who are very conservative and traditional.
Turks: A small group in the US who often run stores, dry cleaners, etc. Very well-behaved. Tend to be secular.
Kuwaitis: There are some students here. Tend to be very, very religious Muslims. I’m not aware of any problems though. They seem to go home after school. This is a tiny group.
Jordanians: Secular, often Palestinian, mostly students. I only met one, and she was a militant but secular Palestinian-Jordanian and was very well-to-do. A tiny group.
North Africans: Honestly, I have never met one other than Egyptians. This must be a very tiny group.
The US is not having problems with Kurds, Iraqis, Turks and North Africans like the Europeans are. Mass immigration of Turks, North Africans, Kurds and Arabs as the Europeans did would probably be a disaster – this entire whole group is extremely well-screened, and that needs to continue.
Egyptians: Run gas stations or work in the professions. Many are Coptic Christians. Absolutely zero problems at all. Most here are apolitical, secular and divorced from Middle Eastern issues altogether. Often traditional, even the Copts. Often surprisingly intelligent and educated, as is the case with many Arabs in the US.
Ethiopians: There are enclaves in California’s Central Valley and in Los Angeles down around the airport (LAX). This group seems to cause few to no problems. Many are students and are quite intelligent. They very much keep to themselves. Many are Christians. The women are often quite beautiful.
Somalis: Apparently a disaster. They are also causing terrible problems in Europe, especially Norway and Finland. Almost all are coming to the US as refugees, and refugees are typically a more or less unscreened population. In other words, almost anyone gets in. Probably 99% of these Somalis would be rejected if they applied for ordinary legal immigration, but with refugees, they pretty much all get in.
There are not many of them here, but the few that are have quickly descended into an Underclass of chaos, crime, poverty, unemployment and heavy welfare use. These refugees are not appropriate for America.
They come from Africa, and are not the sort of Africans who do well here (see the next listing). They can easily go to other African nations. It won’t be ideal, but I assume that in general, they won’t starve. There’s no reason to bring an African refugee all the way to the US.
Sub-Saharan Black Africans: There are few in the country. There are some Nigerians, but they are often extremely high-functioning professionals. There are reportedly some Nigerian criminals in the US, but the number is not large.
This group undergoes extreme screening (99.5% minimum of Nigerians trying to get in to the US are rejected), which is appropriate. As such, they are surprisingly the highest-performing immigrant group of all. I have only met Nigerians and one Cameroonian, all professionals. Mass immigration of this group would be a nightmare.
Uzbeks, Tajiks, Kazakhs, Kirghiz: Virtually nonexistent in general, yet there is now a large Uzbek community in New York City. They are mostly Bukharan Jews, but there are quite a few Uzbek Muslims moving there too. No problems to speak of.
Armenians: Some White nationalists say they are not White, so we include them (Just for the record, I strongly disagree with that – in fact, I think Armenians may be the remains of some of the most ancient Whites of them all). A very high-functioning group. There are some street gangs in Los Angeles around Hollywood and Glendale, and there is some organized crime also, but overall, they appear to not be much a problem.
There are enclaves in California in Los Angeles (East Hollywood), Glendale and vicinity and around Fresno in the Central Valley. The enclaves are quite safe. Most Armenian crime involves fighting amongst and preying on their own kind.
Here in the Valley this is a very high-performing, intelligent group that is still quite traditional and often still keeps to themselves somewhat. They are farmers and run retail stores, restaurants and repair outfits, work in sales and the professions, and in general, do all sorts of things. Can be very warm and friendly. They have actually formed an elite in this area.
Georgians, Azeris, people of the Caucasus: They barely exist in the US.
Europeans: White nationalists seem to think this group is not a problem, and indeed they are not. Some formed highly criminal and impoverished Underclasses in the US for decades in the past, but they have moved out of that now. In my area, Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese, Greeks, etc. (Mediterraneans) form a White elite and do very well, despite some White nationalists who insist they are not White.
Gypsies: Disaster. Fortunately, there are few of them in the US, and it needs to stay that way. They have adopted crime as a way of life. Very few should be allowed to enter the US. A small number are assimilated, out of crime and doing very well, but it’s not typical.
Cubans: Hard to say. They have taken over Miami, turned it into a part of Latin America and virtually torn it off from the US. Many are arrogant and refuse to learn English. Miami as a city has virtually done away with the English language. They have formed a Latin American style White reactionary elite that has seriously corrupted Miami.
Miami has one of the most extreme wealth differentials in the US, as the reactionary Cubans have transplanted semi-feudal Latin American economics to their pet city. The wet foot – dry foot policy needs to end, and this group needs to be well-screened at least. I feel that on balance this group is not positive, mostly because they are arrogantly refusing to assimilate and are recreating Batista’s Cuba in the US.
Dominicans: Reports indicate that this group is on balance a nightmare. Some are educated and intelligent and doing very well – I know one who is a clinical psychologist. Many others have transformed New York City neighborhoods into crime-ridden Underclass hellholes.
My understanding is that the vast majority of them in Washington Heights in New York came to the US as illegal aliens pretending to be Puerto Ricans, starting in the 1970’s. They gave birth to anchor babies who are now all US citizens.
This group needs to be much better screened at the very least. This group formed an Underclass quickly after they came here post-1965, and in general this scenario has continued or even gotten worse.
Puerto Ricans: Same as Dominicans – a nightmare. A colony of the US. As such, they get to immigrate unscreened. Some are highly intelligent, are doing very well and are even in the professions.
Back East, they have formed crime-ridden, gang-infested Underclass hellholes, especially in New York City. We need to cut this colony loose and let them go their own way. Like Dominicans, they have formed long-lasting Underclass wrecked zones that have lingered or even gotten worse. This is one group that is not climbing out of the Underclass.
Future immigrants need much better screening, but that will never happen as long as Puerto Rico is a US colony. As long as Puerto Rico is a colony, Puerto Ricans can go to the US the same way I can move from California to Nevada.
Jamaicans: Tough call. There are supposed to be some drug gangs around, but I’m not sure how serious of a problem this is. I’ve met a few who were very warm, pleasant, friendly, hard-working and honest. It does not seem to be a large group. Mass immigration would be a mistake.
Haitians: Although we turn most of them away, there are quite a few in the US anyway. One might think they would form Underclass hellholes, but that does not seem to be the case. I don’t know much about them. There are quite a few in New York and Florida.
Other Caribbeans (Virgin Islands, Grenada, etc.): There are not many here. Those who are here are often professionals. I met two who were schoolteachers and were doing very well.
Panamanians: Few, doing well. Very small group.
Costa Ricans: Small group that is doing well in the US.
Nicaraguans: On balance, seems to be a positive group, but little is known about them. Those that I have met were functioning well. Seems to be a small group. There is an enclave in Florida.
Hondurans: This group seems to be a problem. Many are illegals, and are caught up in the usual Mesoamerican illegal immigrant scenario. Doesn’t appear to be a really large group. Needs much better screening and needs more research to be done on them – poorly known.
Salvadorans: Disaster. Many came here in the war as refugees and eventually got legalized. Many are in street gangs, selling dope, living in barrios and ghettos, and not doing well.
They have a vast enclave near MacArthur Park in Los Angeles that is probably quite dangerous at night. I have been there in the daytime, and even then it seems run-down, teeming, Third-Worldish, horribly overcrowded, impoverished, chaotic and somewhat Hellish, but I used to walk around there anyway, and nothing ever happened to me. The English language does not exist in this part of Los Angeles.
This group is not working out at all. Needs much better screening at the least.
Guatemalans: Nightmare. Huge numbers are illegal immigrants. Others are caught up in the gangsta thing. Many do not speak English well. This group is doing very poorly. Seem to have very high rates of criminality and gang membership. Needs much better screening at an absolute minimum.
Mexicans: A very complex group that makes up the huge majority of Hispanic immigrants to the US. A vast number of Mexicans are illegal immigrants who have destroyed towns all up and down California and all over Arizona and Texas. They are now fanning out across the US, causing crime and chaos everywhere they go.
Typically, cities with large numbers of Mexican illegals become run-down, dirty, trash-ridden (they don’t believe in trash cans), graffiti-covered, crime-ridden, drug-drenched, gang-infested, noisy, chaotic, dangerous and overcrowded wrecks. Sex crimes in particular seem to escalate. Petty thievery becomes epidemic. Spanish becomes the native language and English is sidelined.
Services are quickly overrun, hospitals close and schools are overwhelmed. Very political, and many harbor irredentist and revanchist (in particular) aims on the US Southwest, which many claim as a part of Mexico. This treasonous mindset has also been adopted by the Left and is highly disturbing.
Cities with many Mexican illegals may quickly become very corrupt. Mexican farm labor contractors utilize employer-employee relations out of the Third World. Cities taken over by Mexican illegals come to more resemble Tijuana than American cities. Many are hostile towards the US and especially towards Whites. This group, viewed as a whole, is a total catastrophe, and is the main source of immigration problems in the US today.
At the same time, many older Mexican illegals are hard-working, pleasant, polite, generous, family-oriented, religious and very well-behaved, but their children are often a horror.
There is also a large group of Mexicans who have been here a while, in some cases for over 100 years as the original residents of the US Southwest. In most cases, they are assimilated and doing very well.
Another group of Mexican legal immigrants came more recently and has assimilated well, though they continue to speak Spanish a lot. Their English is also often good to excellent, and many are lighter-skinned. This group could be classed as the White Mexicans, and they tend to form a bit of an elite in these Mexican communities, although the extreme racial stratification of Mexico seems to be breaking down in the US. They are often very well-behaved and so are their children.
There is another group of recent legal immigrants that are not necessarily White Mexicans, but are also also assimilating and doing very well.
As you can see, this is a very complex group that is split in two huge classes, one a good-functioning and assimilating group that causes few to no problems and the other a vast Underclass that is a total clusterfuck. There are also many that are floating somewhere in between these two vast sets in a transition zone, or into one set and out of another, or back and forth into the transition zone.
At the very least, illegals need to be tossed out or encouraged to leave, Mexican legal immigration must be lowered, and we urgently need to do a lot of research on which Mexican immigrants are likely to join the positive assimilating group and which are going to augment our Mexican Underclass horror.
Continued mass immigration of this group will cause a continuation and vast deepening of the gang and Underclass horrorshow in the US, along with an increasingly radical and militant Mexican politics in the US. As they get into power in some states, Mexicans will tend to promote Open Borders with Mexico.
If they ever get into power, expect to see Spanish made into an official language at the state level at least. If they get into power at the national level, expect Spanish as an official language in the US and an open border with Mexico.
Abortion may be made illegal. Women’s rights may nosedive. We may develop a much more corrupt society. Human rights and basic liberties may go out the window in favor of the usual Latin American authoritarianism and lack of respect for the individual. Gay rights will take a nosedive.
We may get a politics of either the Hard Left or Hard Right, as in Latin America. The result of open borders with Mexico would quickly be 1/2 of Mexico in the US, and the US would be transformed just another Latin American country.
This endgame must be resisted at all costs and with all of our might. This is an issue that transcends Left, Right and Center and needs to be put front and center by US patriots of all ethnicities across the spectrum.
Conclusion: There is an urgent need for more research on the immigrant groups that are performing poorly, or at least those have large sections that are performing poorly. Some of these groups, such as Mexicans, have large groups that are doing well, large groups that are doing horribly, and probably a large group drifting in between or in and out of the two main groups.
It is essential to determine the characteristics of those sections of Caribbean and Mesoamerican immigrants that are causing so many problems for our society. This research will be difficult to do because the usual suspects will scream racism at the very mention of it.
No one is talking about keeping certain ethnicities off of the immigration rolls altogether. We are only trying to determine a set of characteristics that winnows the successful from the unsuccessful and then hopefully allows us to proceed to a saner immigration policy from there.
Problems with native citizens are bad enough, but you can hardly keep them out of the country – you are more or less stuck with them. Immigrants are guests at best; they are here at our whim and can be either expelled or denied entry in the first place as we see fit.
It is sheer madness to import large numbers of persons who are bad for the nation. By that definition, America has been an insane nation for many years now. It’s time for some treatment. Time is of the essence and we have little to spare.
We also need to seriously reconsider family reunification immigration.
This research takes a lot of time, and I do not get paid anything for it. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a a contribution to support more of this valuable research.

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28 thoughts on “An Analysis of Different US Immigrant Groups By Nationality”

  1. “However, White nationalists are pro-natalists who cheer stories about White women having 18 kids, so they really shouldn’t talk about overpopulation leading to environmental degradation. ”
    Actually there are some of us who are opposed to Natalism.
    I cite one of my favorite Right Wing Political Theorists, Baron Julius Evola, who noted in ‘Men Among the Ruins’ that a Race only needs WILL to dominate and not numbers. Here is an example: a very small number of the British Raj managed to Control millions of Browns in India for example.

    1. Well, that’s good. You do have quite a few redeeming qualities for a White nationalist. As a Deep Ecologist, nothing pisses me off more than Natalism.
      Also, thank you very much for that excellent article you linked me to the other day by Gil Caldwell. I didn’t agree with him, of course, but it was really a great read. He’s a really smart guy. He’s kind of a tough read because he makes you think. He did have an excellent point about the WN movement moving into a new moral direction – I think he was correct on that. Even WN’s are prone to the universalist ethic sweeping the globe.

    2. Armenians not white? You idiots, we are in the Caucaus area where in the hell do you people think the word “Caucausian” comes from?
      GEEZ, for centuries the Armenians were Blond hair and blue eyed. The Mongol invasions happened and many of the women were raped by them resulting in centuries of changing appearance. To this day there are many Armenians that are light with beautiful blue or green eyes.
      BTW a modern day Turk hails from outer Mongolia, they swept through the Caucasus area (Barbarians) and settled in modern day Turkey. After overthrowing the local Byzantine Christian Capital of Constaniople (now Istanbul)

  2. You go Lisa! Armenians are some of my favorite White people. I actually have evidence that Armenians are some of the purest Whites of them all in some ways. At least they have no Black in them whatsoever.
    They are very interesting looking, and to me, I think they are like the remains of the ancient Whites, of the very first Whites. The later European types evolved from these ancient Whites into the types that we see nowadays. But I think many Whites eventually go back to these Armenid types.
    I also think some of the women are really beautiful!

  3. It is quite clear to me that White Turks, White Arabs, White Berbers, Georgians, Armenians, Persians, Azeris, Kurds, Assyrians and the people of the Caucasus are all quite White. In fact, I believe they are some of the purest Whites of them all. For instance, this group has for the most part 0% Black in them. Even Germans are 1.7% Black.
    The only reason they look different is because they are the leftovers of our most ancient and earliest White forebears. The newer models cannot possibly be the only Whites. Surely our White grandparents the Armenians are the ultimate Whites of them all.

  4. “Europeans: White nationalists seem to think this group is not a problem, and indeed they are not. Some formed highly criminal and impoverished Underclasses in the US for decades in the past, but they have moved out of that now. In my area, Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese, Greeks, etc. (Mediterraneans) form a White elite and do very well, despite some White nationalists who insist they are not White.”
    This is true as long as you omit the poor Scots-Irish “rednecks” of Eastern Kentucky, Appalachia, and other enclaves of white poverty in the U.S. Also, as I have personally witnessed, there are still enclaves of Irish underclass folk in North Philadelphia. Immigrant success stories obviously hinge largely on the degree of capital and resources that the said immigrant group has BEFORE it emigrates to the United States, or else it will generally have a tough time. South Korea is largely industrialized, so Koreans immigrating to the U.S. will obviously have less problems than, say, Cambodians, who will have less problems than, say, Hmong tribals from the South East Asian hinterlands.

    1. “Immigrant success stories obviously hinge largely on the degree of capital and resources that the said immigrant group has BEFORE it emigrates to the United States, or else it will generally have a tough time.”
      Not true at all. Obviously capital helps but it is only a small part of the picture. Through out American history people have come to the US because they didn’t have much wealth back home. Why would they come if they were doing good back home?
      Furthermore, immigrants today get a lot more help from the government that yesterdays immigrants never got.
      Armenians, Syrians, and Lebanese came to the US with almost nothing and they have done very well for themselves. Same goes for Polish and Russian Jews. Each of those groups was severely persecuted in their homeland and didn’t have much capital.
      I’m also willing to bet that a lot of new Korean immigrants are from North Korea.

  5. Armenians don’t look white to me.. they look middle eastern or East Indian..
    When I first saw Kim Kardashian on TV, I thought she was East Indian.. I was surprised to know she was Armenian…
    The black haired brown eyed Armenians tend to look Middle eastern or East Indian..
    I have never seen any blond haired blue eyed Armenians though..
    I have an Armenian friend and she gets mistaken for east Indian all the fucking time..

  6. Oh, Armenians are White all right. They do sometimes look like the very White looking North Indians, but I consider those very White looking North Indians to be White Indians.
    Armenians are basically what’s left over of the original Whites of Europe. They look different because they are such ancient White people.

  7. With respect to East Indians, you say “mass immigration of this group would be a bad idea, but it’s not happening yet.”
    Could you elaborate a little more on this?

    1. Sure, selective immigration is fine. We have Punjabis here and they are the best immigrants you could hope for. But I assume that the Indian immigrants coming here and heavily screened and only the best are selected. Importation of the huddled masses of India to the US would simply cause mini-Calcuttas and mini-Bombays to spring up all over the US. They would just recreate Calcutta in the US, since this is what they are creating in India.

  8. In and odd/weird sort of way, I even feel flattered that you saved the analysis of my immigrant group till the very end. I agree with some statements, but not others. First of all, thank you for acknowledging the existence of those of us Mexican-born U.S. citizens who are doing very well and are quite productive in our communities. On the other hand, you can’t imagine how much it pisses me off for people to talk a bunch of crap about “Mexicans” while at the same time being completely oblivious to the fact that there many different kind of “Mexicans”. If they are talking crap about the criminal element in our immigrant group, I totally understand their rhetoric and their agenda. Shit, I would even jump on board with them. Hello Conservatives! But, when they say “Mexicans” they hardly ever give credit to those of us who have assimilated into American society and who have gone on to become professionals in our school system, judicial system, finance, international trade, commerce, and yes…even in sports (NBA’s Eduardo Najera, anyone?).
    As far as the “bad Mexicans” moving in to the U.S. and altering our policies in immigration, women’s rights, and gay rights…I would have to disagree. This type of Mexicans couldn’t give two shits about altering anything political in nature. Why do you think the PRI stood in power in Mexico for 71 years? Because there is broad base within the Mexican population that is completely apathetic to politics, needless to say education. By the way, I don’t know about you, but I constantly keep hearing that the underclasses in Mexico are declining (along with the birthrates) and that the middle class is growing. According to Goldman Sachs, Mexico is projected to position itself as the world’s 6th economy by 2050. As it already is, illegal immigration seems to be becoming Mexico’s problem. A lot of illegal Hondurans, Salvadorans, and Guatemalans are opting to stay in Mexico if they can’t make it across to the U.S. or are deported from it. And guess who this criminal Central American element is working for? Yep, you guessed it…the Cartels. Also, I’d like to point out that about half of the Hispanic illegals in the U.S. are not even Mexican. They’ll say they’re Mexican just so that immigration officials won’t deport them all the way back to their Central American homelands. Just put yourself in their shoes if you had to sneak back into Mexico (where they get treated even worse by Mexican officials than by American ones), hop on a train in Chiapas (if you manage to not get victimized/raped by criminals there), and then keep your fingers crossed that whatever money, food, or water you have left will last you until you get to the U.S. border. All these negative scenarios can and usually are evaded by just proclaiming “I’m Mexican” to U.S. immigration officials. It’s not like U.S. immigration officials can tell the poor Mexican illegals from Salvadorans, Hondurans, and Guatemalans. Why get deported to Central America when you can just get your ass kicked across to Tijuana, Nogales, Juarez, Ciudad Acuña, Piedras Negras, Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa, and Matamoros? Anyway, the next day the quest will be on to find a coyote than can cross you over again to San Ysidro, Nogales (Az), El Paso, Del Rio, Eagle Pass, Laredo, McAllen, and Brownsville.

    1. It will be a 6th place economy by 2050 only because american businesses are drunk with cheap Mexican labor. For a few dollars an hour american businesses have used workers that send on average 60 percent of their pay home to mexico. An estimated 300 million a week goes directly from the american economy into mexico while no commodity is exchanged as asset. 17 billion a year for 60 years could fuel Mexico’s economy by 2050 and make it a 6th place economy. Or maybe you are referring to the farming or factories relocated south of the border. I don’t have the figures but I estimate it to be on par with the cash for labor estimates given earlier. Oh and there is no lower class Mexicans in mexico anymore that is why there is an increase in the middle class.

  9. How did you manage to gather all of this information? I live in San Francisco, CA and it’s dominated by Chinese and Chinese Americans, who seem to be upper class and wealthy, for the most part. You could say that they aren’t thugs basically.
    I keep hearing about these Southeast Asian immigrant enclaves and I want to know how I can interact/get in with these communities. I love Southeast Asian women and I’d like to meet some recent immigrants from impoverished areas of Southeast Asia because they are much better than the rotten homegrown Asian-American girls who have iPhones and are on facebook 24/7. Apparently there are immigrants from Southeast Asia all around me and I just can’t seem to find them because I don’t know how to get involved with their communities. Can you think of any way? I can speak a few of the languages of Southeast Asia btw.

      1. No, I’m not Southeast Asian, just partially, but I’m primarily Caucasian. I prefer to talk to Southeast Asian girls that recently came from their home countries because they are more interesting and they can speak their native language better than the ones born in the USA (sometimes the US born ones dont even speak the languages) and they can tell me about their country and if we like each other she can take me back there and show me around and also they can cook the food from whatever Southeast Asian country they are from while the ones born in the USA probably just eat at fast food joints or at the mall with their friends and don’t cook and won’t cook for you and they are aggressively feminist. The ones born in America will be more fluent in English and won’t care to try and converse with me in her native language.
        Growing up in America as the child of immigrants will fuck one up culturally no matter what background their parents are, unless they spend some time in their parents’ home countries.

        1. I know a lot about them. I have been around quite a few of them, but I have only been involved with (had sex with) two of them. The FOB’s are not easy lays at all. They believe in monogamy and not being sluts. I would not say that they are repressed, but a lot of them will want marriage if you express an interest in them. If they let you screw them at all, they will want to get married afterwards. They don’t screw around; they think that is terrible. The good girl – bad girl thing.

    1. How do I know about all of these groups? I have lived around a lot of them, and the rest of them, I have just read up on a lot and talked to other people who have lived with or around them. I read a whole lot, so I learn a whole lot about a lot of different things.

      1. You know if I ever get married I’ll get married to one of those “traditional girls.” I think girls that fuck around are good for just that: fucking around with. When it’s time to get serious you don’t want to keep those types around/

  10. From the date you have written this post till today would you change any of your opinions of any of the nationalities you have listed?

  11. Brazil is starting to do affirmative action. As of now, it’s universities are nearly all white, and much racial discrimination exists in general employment.

  12. I think eventually the US will either heavily restrict or have a40-50 years immigration timeout, like from 1920 to 1965. This is essential in the longer term so we can forge 1 common/cohesive nation. Being of partial hispanic Ancestary, It is highly unlikely Spanish will ever become the dominant or even a major second language in the USA, simply because the US Born Hispanics do not retain it in high enough numbers. But you are spot on RL, that the Illegals simply Clusterfuck wherever they go, though they are still overwhelmingly around the Southwest.
    Also regarding Cubans, Miami I spoke all English a few months ago and go along just great…. But yes I know what you mean about the Cuban Expat, they are a bunch of supremacist mongrels! Hopefully their US Born kids will be better.
    However WHEN the Elites and Plutocrats are ready they will shut the border and there will be FUCK ALL the “La Raza Folks” or the ACLU Folks can/will do about it. In fact it won’t even be a political issue. People that think the USA is still a “Real Democracy” are sleeping!
    Also I disagree with you, that Non-Whites want “mass immigration”….. I know shit loads of legal and multi-generational chinese/Mexican/Hispanics and African Americans that would love a timeout. Like I said when the Elites want a Timeout (and it will eventually happen) a timeout we will have! Fuck all Mexicans can/will do about that!!!

  13. I always say there are two kinds of “Whites” in Latin America. The first: people of unmixed European descent, usually not the descendants of the original Spanish or Portuguese settlers but of more recent immigrants from other European countries. Examples: Pope Francis (Jorge Maria Bergoglio) of Italian descent and model Gisele Bundchen of German descent.
    Then there are people who consider themselves White but have Amerindian and/or African ancestry as well. In many countries, they make up a good portion of the people who describe themselves as ‘White’ on censuses.
    So moral of the story: a Latin American who claims to be ‘pure Spanish’ is probably either lying or deluded. On the other hand, Latin America has a large contingent of people (depending on the country in question) who aren’t too different racially from the large majority of Americans and Canadians.

  14. What white gangs were you referring to? Outside of some the occasional biker weekend that gets out of control or some Italians in New Jersey I cannot really think of much in the way of white organized crime.
    A few German war criminal Nazis slipped into Minnesota or Michigan but none of them ever committed a single further crime or tried to regroup-I’m not defending these monsters at all and it is good that they are dragged out of the old people’s home to face justice but I am saying that they became model citizens in America.
    If White Supremacists want to live in Idaho and read Mein Kemp who really cares? Their occasional crimes against some gay or rabbi are monstrous. But not many Jews or gays or even blacks want to live in Idaho.
    Skinheads roam the streets fighting other ethnic groups. That sort of fizzled out in the early 90’s.
    Barring white-collar stuff where they excel, Jews rarely commit street crimes. Some are mixed up in human trafficking, porn rackets or vice but so what? Unless you intend to perform in San Fernando gang bangs on film AND your a woman, they are unlikely to exploit you.
    Filipinos are Hispanic Asians so of course they have the same pathology as Mexicans. We cannot really lump them in with other Asians. In jail, other Asian gangs want nothing to do with them whatsoever.
    We read that the Yakuza or Koreans or Triads have some presence in California but who ever meets them? Somehow, someway they import the heroin from the Golden Triangle but like the Italians they seem to have been replaced by the Mexicans in the drug trade. People who want to get high will huff gasoline if nothing else is available.
    I have heard that they will sometimes murder Chinese-American punks who mug white people in Chinatown or purge their communities of undesirable elements. That is not really a white problem.
    Armenian gangs seem to be like the “Bowery Boys” of the thirties. Street-fighters. Supposedly they have a mafia as well but it is so incredibly obscure that the average white will never encounter it.
    East Indian Punjabi youth have become a problem in Canadian cities, no question about that. If we allow massive amounts of immigration from India or Indo-Canadians into America we will get some of Vancouver’s problems.
    Just a passing observation on the criminal tendencies of different groups.

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