US Paper Runs Ad Calling For Obama's Assassination

This is the personals ad that appeared in the Warren, Pennsylvania Times-Observer.
This is the personals ad that appeared in the Warren, Pennsylvania Times-Observer.

From a blog called SNAFU-ed …. Situation Normal, a case of a US paper that unwittingly ran an ad in the persons section that slyly called for the assassination of President Obama. The personal ad said, “May Obama follow in the footsteps of Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley & Kennedy!” It’s pretty amazing that the editors did not pick up on this, but given the knowledge base of today’s young people, it should not be surprising.
The Secret Service is investigating the case right now. No, you do not have a free speech right to say things like that. At the least, you might get 72 hour observation by the Secret Service.
I read an article a while back about Secret Service agents. In most big US cities, there are nuts who periodically threaten the President. Most of the time, they are just insane people, and they often have Paranoid Schizophrenia. The Secret Service doesn’t want to bother locking up nuts, so what they do if the President is headed to the city is find these guys and pay them a visit. They keep them under observation the whole time the President is there.
What this boils down to is a few SS agents camping out in the guy’s apartment for a while for the duration of the visit. Other than the fact that they are nuts, these guys are mostly harmless. So the SS agents just camp out in the guy’s apartment until the President takes off, ordering pizza and watching movies and whatnot.

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